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Peach State says: Gotta Love the Super Bowl!


Super Bowl time has come once again. The game will be viewed all across the nation in a variety of ways. Families and friends will gather clothed in team colors and eat game day snacks. They will cheer for their team and coach from this side of the screen. “To bad the coach and players cannot hear our suggestions…HeHe!”. They have enough on their mind without having every American telling them what to do. “Gotta Love the Super Bowl

My family will gather together after preparing the Hot Wings and JoJos. I will make the Pigs&Blankets today and complete the snack table with Meat and Cheese Tray and Queso Dip and Brownie Bites. This feast of party goodies will replace the typical dinner. “Let the grazing begin!”

The boys are excited about the game and the line has been drawn in the sand. We are divided this year and both teams are being cheered for. Competitive in nature but not aggressive…these are not who we hoped would play in the Super Bowl. “There is always next year!”

We also look forward to the commercials…the boys will load their plates during the game and watch the commercials. We will pick our favorites and boo the bad ones. “Gotta Love the Super Bowl” The Half-Time Show will be watched, unless it reminds us of the past several years, and enjoyed as we prepare for the second half of the game. The fierce warriors will find their places and fall in line. The “I Dare You” glances bounce between the armor girded men. The coded speech mixed with grunts and groans will progress up and down the field.

What color will you be wearing? Who are you pulling for? Are you watching with family and/or friends? What snacks will you enjoy during the game? I hope your game day experience is a good one! “Gotta Love the Super Bowl”

Peach State