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Peach State says: A Day of Farewells


Today was supposed to be a day to drive 2 hours and retrieve my 20 year old. But, like sands in the hour glass, plans change. I will be dropping off my youngest and a friend at the Back To School Bash for a day of sun and fun at the lake. I will then head over to the local watering hole and wait for about 20 minutes before heading back over toward the church to pick up a bulletin board ( secret project ) and then turn my car around and head to my very dear friend’s house.. This is a tough weekend for the mom in this family…She is saying goodbye to her college bound son!

A Day Of Farewells!

I will help her get the house ready and prepare some finger foods for a cast-off of sorts for this incredible young man. Things will be very different around their house without this young man. I have so much to do before heading out early this morning so I must go…

Coffee to drink…not to mention a shower, loading of the dishwasher and waking of the troops. What a way to start the weekend!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State


Peach State says: Stepping Into Adulthood


The experience is unlike any other. Another year of school has come to an end creating a new set of graduates…each of them eager to take the chances and paths ahead of them…leaving their childhood behind and Stepping Into Adulthood!

Pomp and Circumstance plays over and over again, in a vicious circle, until it echoes in your head. Young men and women dressed in ceremonial cap and gowns as tassels bounce and sway with each choreographed step. Family and friends gather to watch with memories tearfully filling their head.

“I remember when..”.

“My baby is all grown up….”

“It happened so fast…”

If they don’t hear these statements they’re thinking them.

The speakers stand nervously to motivate and encourage this new collection of excited minds. The world is the limit and nothing is out of reach for this collective. Finally the roll call of names begins and your heart begins to beat furiously inside your chest. It seems to drown out the announcer but robotically you stand as those around you stand and wait, walk, wait, walk and wait…

That’s my name…walk…smile…shake with right…reach with the left…turn…walk off stage…BREATHE!

Somewhere in the distance you can hear well wishes and cheers…and then it hits you!

I need a job! A good one…and college…and MONEY!

Welcome to Adulthood!.

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2013…Well Done!

(In honor of my dearest friends and their graduating son!)

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Mr. Moon Hiding Behind that Tree!

Made me smile!

“Oh Mr. Moon, Moon bright and shinning Moon.  Won’t you please shine down on me.  Oh Mr. Moon, Moon hiding behind that tree…”  You probably have not heard the song!  I know it from “The Singings” on my college steps.  We would gather and sing old songs of friendship and courtship.  “It was a college deep in tradition and beliefs.”

This morning, as I prepared to send my youngest off to school, I stepped out on the front steps to allow my spoiled, little princess the opportunity to take care of business.  “She was begging in a cute leg-crossed way!”  There was the most perfect crescent moon shinning from behind our “Pom-Pom Tree”.  “I have always called it this because of the spiky little dangling pom-poms.”  The sun was just about to rise giving a  painted brush-stroked look across the sky.  The bare tree stood proudly in the cold morning air hiding the buds that will soon burst with lush green leaves.

I love looking at the moon in its different phases.  There is a mystery about it and yet, I feel like it is a friend.  “Yes, I was one of those.”  I can see a full moon and instantly see the “Man in the Moon”.  I told Mr. Moon everything and laughed and cried with him.  Sometimes he was happy and sometimes he was sad.  He has emotion and understood my deepest thoughts and desires.  “I am really a sappy soul.”  Mr. Moon has a warm and loving glow to light my nighttime darkness.  The gentle caress of this glow cradles the earth as we sleep.  This same glow guides sailors and pilots using the beautiful landscape of the heavens.

Mr. Moon has been with me during the best and worst of times.  He peeks in and I am at peace for a moment.  Life may be swirling around me, like a whirlpool, but Mr. Moon seems motionless.  A constant light reminding me that another day is coming.  “I apologize for the flowery imagery…I tend to look for anything positive during the hard times so that I do not fall into the snare of despair.”

The sun is shinning fully now as dark clouds begin moving in.  Mr. Moon has gone for now and will return to guard over the night.  Have a great day and remember to smile back at the “Man in the Moon” when you see him.

Peach State