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Peach State says: Monday That Needs More Coffee

I stretch and pull the good muscles I have as I reach for the coffee…it’s right there calling to me in a teasing manner.
Sipping the wonderful-warming-brew I regain stability and stand. “Ah…strength to continue on with the typical daily routine.” At least I know what to do…this is going to be one of those days…it is definitely a Monday That Needs More Coffee!

A bit scary I know but we all have those trying-tedious-time consuming-schedule riveting-days that seem to never end. The funny thing about these complicating days is the fact that they, in hindsight, resemble a camera flash…over in a split second.
So I will continue in this whirlwind of uncertainty and chaotic calendar event…with my trusted friend and diet companion…Coffee!. I will get through this and I will be pleasantly surprised once everything is over.

Another comforting concept is the fact that I am not alone in this quest…the above pic was posted on my Facebook timeline by a friend of mine. “Birds of a feather, Peas in a pod…well you get the idea!”

Time to cut-clip-stack-and-sort the coupons. I hope you can function today…if not just call…we can meet for coffee!

Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Saturday Fun…

Bummed…there is no snow on the ground. It’s March so we should have snow! “Just a little would have nice!” We we have all month…Keep Calm and do the Snoopy Dance!
Okay…So instead of playing outside in the snow we will stay warm and dry inside out of the nose-blowing-sniffle-creating dreary day. What to do to have some Saturday Fun…!

I started the chili beans soaking and cooking this morning. HOMEMADE CHILI…Yummy!
With that done I can do a couple of errands out and about then settle in with movies for the rest of the days. “What? I can fold clothes and sort the ridiculous stack of leftover mail while watching a movie.” I have already gone over my music for tomorrow and will probably go over it again. Whatever I do will be relaxing and not strenuous. (Doctor’s and hubby’s orders)

What would you do on a day like today? Me…it is a Fuzzy Sock Day!

Have a great day!

Peach State