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Peach State says: Decolorizing of the Home!

It has begun…the annual Decolorization of the Home! This has also been named “Just put it in a box labeled Christmas”…Oops! I hope my son realizes that there are a few more decorations to add to the oversized bins this year!

“Mom bought a few new items this year…on sale!”

The simple, and often complicated, job of taking down the decorations gives the home a fresh and uncluttered feel as we usher in the New Year. The only drawback is the Diva-like-attitude that accompanies the repetitive picking up and placing in the bin motion. SO…being the loving mom, that I am, I have already begun taking down items and have made piles of similar decorations.

“Grab a bin and place the pile into the bin…move to the next pile….”

I will need to stress, once again, to please place the Fall and Halloween decorations on top of the Christmas decorations so that I can actually find them next year! “And please do not stack them to the ceiling where I can’t reach them!” That’s a fair request…I am Vertically Challenged!

This sad part about this is the fact that next year I will be decorating ALL BY MYSELF! “Remember my go-getter-I’ll-do-it-I-got-this-for-you son is leaving in 28 days…and counting…for the Army!” Maybe my hubby can pay the servants a little extra to do the decorating! “Wait a second….We don’t have any servants!” I know what you are thinking…What about the youngest son? If I want all of the Christmas Coffee Cups lined across the counter I will know who to call! Even though he has been here for 6 1/2 years he still has no concept of where things go…much less what a tree skirt is. “He was taking one of my tree skirts to the trash because it had a hole in it… “We had a quick lesson on hems and seams!”

20131228-075816.jpgI need to remember to grab a couple of ornaments off the tree before the “demolition squad” wakes up. There are two, in particular, that I will keep out all year long!

20131228-080308.jpgIf you look real close you will see an Orange and Blue ornament…I will proudly display it in hopes of a win in the upcoming BCS National Championship game! “Yep…it is my Auburn ornament and I do LOVE my Auburn.”


Well, time to make another pile…

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, no really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: A Work in Progress…Christmas Decorating

Well it finally happened…
The boxes from the great decoration abyss appeared and, in their excitement, burst…splashing red and green to every corner of my house!
A Work in Progress…Christmas Decorating!

The overshadowing and overwhelming spirit that has been with me since Thanksgiving is still here…
It just slid over allowing me to put on my Interior Design Hat and usher in the Christmas Season to this little corner of the world. It was a slow paced procedure and the participants were my 20 year old and myself. We set the tree up and preceded to decorate the almost 7 foot needle dropper. I took extra joy in this special time…this may be the last time I have my son here to decorate for a while! A wave of bittersweet emotional was evident in the silent tears that welled up in my eyes. My 20 year old stood back and looked at the tree then said…”This year we should keep it simple…you know what I mean?” We picked through the treasure trough of ornaments finding the perfect memories to fill the tree. (Note: I, in recent years, have let the boys decorate the tree together…but with two no longer living here and the youngest in school this year was an exception.) I would like to view this as my 20 year old wanting to share this time with me…alone! “It’s a MOM thing!”


Once the tree was completed I spattered the pillows, figurines, garland and stockings throughout the house. My 20 year old headed outside to set up the lights and yard decorations.





Yes…I have every musical Snowman from Hallmark! Great!…another addiction!

There are a few more things to do but like I said it is a Work in Progress! I will possible rearrange a few things as I tweak the decorations but all in all my son seemed pleased with the simple touches. I think he is trying to make this a Christmas to remember. He volunteered to help me pick out presents for the youngest…Of course he said he would do this so I would not pick out un-cool clothes for 13 year old Jr. High student. “I did not do a shabby job when I was shopping for the other boys!” I had to chuckle on the inside at this offer! This will make for some great memories for me as well. I plan on spending as much time with my 20 year old as I possible can while balancing the independent spirit of my son perched to take flight. (About 45 more days left before his departure…but who’s counting?) HEHE! I can think of a few people who are counting the days!

My coffee is almost gone and I think I will make a refill! I have a lot to do today starting with calling the vet and ending with making an early dinner. Have you decorated yet?

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Taking the Christmas Decorations Down


The fragrant scents of spices and apple fill the emptied shell called a home. The tragic end of the cozy mixture of glowing lights and shining ornaments has ushered in widened pathways and visible spaciousness. Without any prompting my sons undertook the chore of “Taking the Christmas Decorations Down!”

I dusted the large table, against the wall, and quickly lit the two candles sitting on the table. “This really helped me cope with the decoration devoid expanse. “I apologize for the slightly dramatic tone…I like cozy!” I should be able to put my house completely back together by tomorrow.

Let me explain!:
The boxes come up.
The boxes are filled.
The boxes are stacked.
The boxes are taken back to the storage room.
The bare emptiness is left for me to fill.


After supervising the packing away of the seasonal-memory-filled-treasures; I was left with changing of the tablecloths and preparing for the New Year. Greenery and color schemes have to be changed out…pictures replaced in their correct places, spring cleaning in December…I have my work cut out for me today. The good news is that it is almost done, no thanks to the deserters who seemed to vanished once the last box was taken downstairs. (typical) I deserve a break…a good movie should do nicely! After all…I need to get ready to make dinner in a little while. “MAN oh MAN…I need a vacation!” Suggestions?

I hope you get everything accomplished you have to do today…Have a great day!

Peach State