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Peach State says: Death By Chocolate…Recipe

Well today is the day! I finally bought the ingredients and set aside time to bake this yummy sounding-chocolate explosion.

“Death By Chocolate…Recipe!”
1-5oz box of Cook and Serve Chocolate Pudding
1-Chocolate Cake Mix
2 cups of chocolate chips
2 1/3 cup of milk

Cook the pudding using all of the milk
Dump the cake mix into the pudding
Spread the pudding-cake mixture into the 9×13 pan
Spread the chocolate chips evenly over the top
Bake in a Pre-heated 350 degree over for 40-45 minutes.

First of all: I may have made a minor oops…I picked up instant pudding instead of you-cook-it pudding. I adjusted the preparation and followed the directions on the pudding box…using a little less than 3 cups of milk. As for the recipe I altered the ingredients and used a sugar free pudding…a sugar free cake mix, non-fat milk…and the whole bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Here is the original recipe I used!

After preparing the 9×13 pan I mixed up the pudding:


I then mixed in the dry cake mix:


It is very thick! I placed it evenly into my prepared 9×13 pan and topped it with the chocolate chips


Well…this is before baking…


It has 20 more minutes to cook and already the chocolaty scent is wafting into the living room. I will show you what it looks like and let you know how it tastes. After all…taste definitely matters. If it is half as good as it smells it will be delicious. This is a good thing because I planned on taking this dessert to a friend who just got out the hospital.

“Our mutual-cat-loving-friend and I are providing the meal tonight.”

Back in a few!
It is done! It looks yummy…


It tastes…wow…the pudding and the cake mix are merged and provide a scrumptious gooey-cake texture. I must confess. This will be added to my family’s favorites list! “I know it is on mine!”


Try this one it is great! Now off to start the Easter Cake! Here is a hint:


Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Today Is For Chocolate!


Mmm…I am craving Chocolate! “Today Is For Chocolate!”

So I went to my favorite source to find the perfect recipe…Something different that would embrace every dessert craving taste bud. Rich, chewy, sweet, salty, smooth and…well you get the idea.

Here it is:


I know you will love this recipe. Just fix and enjoy!
There is a Brownie S’more recipe…but I will try it first and share later…

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

The anticipation of choosing the right box of chocolates, to give, is filled with decisions. Milk or Dark…Truffles or just plain old assortment…We might even pick the box based on the way the package is designed. So many choices…just like the individual pieces in the box!


The box is opened and the sight is laid out before you as a buffet. Each piece, decorated and detailed, in little chocolate cradles. There are dangers and hazards to avoid in this collection of cavities waiting to be devoured. Eyes widen as big as the teeth exposed smile and you reach in…
You bite into it and “YUM”!

The pleasure filled experience is…well…”YUM!” Relishing the first piece and closing the box is the next hurdle to jump. “Exercise is always a good activity to enjoy while holding a box of chocolates!” Moderation is key when receiving a box of chocolates. How long can you make it last? We had competitions, as children, to see who could have their candy the longest. The pleasure from the first selection has faded and we quickly open the box again to replace the feeling. Do you find yourself going from experience to experience in hopes of having another “YUM!” That is no way to live. We have to experience good and bad to appreciate the good as well as learn how to maneuver the bad.

The uncharted delicacies laid out are tempting but…what about that piece? The one filled with chewy caramel…”OUCH!” Broken tooth or your filling is pulled out are two of my not so fond memories of the delicious treat. Just because it looks good it may cost you in the long run. You know the painful trip to the dentist and the painful experience at the desk as you pay for the visit. The decision is made and the memory is stored…”No more of that piece!” The lessons we learn are needed…to guide us in the future.

So no caramel pieces anymore…What about this piece? We bite into it, cautiously, and “YUCK!”
Spitting the chocolate buttercream out quickly and rush to get the taste out of our mouths. Okay…so I am not a fan of this flavor but you may be…The point is there are those issues that give us a bad taste and we find ourselves searching in haste as we spit and sputter at the situation. My advice..if you don’t like buttercream then don’t eat it.

Our delight in the box starts to fade and a decision must be made. Throw caution to the wind and just eat them all, throw the remains away to avoid the temptation, or share. You could end up disappointed in yourself if you inhale the tidbits of joy but you don’t want to seem ungrateful and throw the unwanted treasure away. I say share! We are all different and that maple or buttercream delicacy is just the piece someone else is looking for. You will be helping someone and yourself when you share what you have with others. Those little pick me ups during our day or week strengthen our resolve to complete the tasks ahead. “Nod your head…you know what I mean…don’t you?” Whether a distraction or interaction between friends, these times of sharing with another give us the chance to breath and recharge. Sometimes the best things come in small packages. Just a smile or chuckle is all it takes!

Well you may have realized I am a poker! I poke every piece of chocolate to see if it is one I want. At least I used to be this person. I have finally reached a place in my life that I know my limitations. The beautifully displayed assortment of joy is not for me. I am a simple girl with simple wants. Dark chocolate, sugar free, on sale! Yep..that is simple! Dark chocolate keeps my husband out of my stash as well as sugar free. He needs his to be sugar free but complains of aftertaste. “He is too picky!”. On sale…if you can’t afford it you don’t buy it! That is a blog title if ever I heard one!
Knowing our limitations while still reaching for the dream is an asset to hold on to. Remain strong and capable in your choices. Charging into a dream could land you in Buttercream and, if you don’t test it first, you may end up trying to get the bad taste out of your mouth. This could cause you to draw back and recoil from the dream. Don’t let this happen…poke it first…to see if it is Buttercream or something worth eating.


Life is to be experienced…the full spectrum of emotion! Every piece of candy must be tried once to have the full experience. There will be those pieces you search for and love and those you really want nothing to do with but deal with. Families are like a box of chocolates!</em. That makes sense! We are unique in many ways but look for those who share the same likes and dislikes. Friendships are built on similarities with the occasional Buttercream thrown in for fun. Don’t throw your box away…share the life experience with others. You may be giving yourself that needed break without even knowing it.

Have a great day and may you find all your favorite tidbits of joy today!

Peach State

Peach State says: Happy Valentines Day!


Happy Valentines Day! This day is not a day used for the showering of elaborate gifts in our house…it is a day of simple reminders. I may get roses and chocolate like many others but, that is not all it is to us. Valentines Day is not just for sweethearts….it is for all those we love. I am not saying to give expensive tokens trying to prove how important they are to you. You should not have to place a value on a relationship. Just a simple thought or e-card…just wanted to say “I love you!”…nothing fancy.

It is the little ways we say “I love you” and in the little things we do. For years we did not have the ability to buy gifts much less a store bought card. We had to be creative in our gift giving. I would cook a special dinner and light some candles, after putting the boys to bed early, for a romantic setting. Sticky notes along the normal path, from the car to the closet, giving my husband a view of my heart through little thoughts. Just being together and sharing that time are priceless compared to a gift that could break or collect dust.

Valentines Day should be about the heart and from the heart!

You can not buy love, affection, and friendship. It won’t be real! Being ourselves and choosing a creative gift will let the ones we love catch a peek at our heart. I know that most men do not have the creative gene and struggle with thinking outside the box. My husband is finally getting there…he just had to be trained! HeHe! I want to know he actually thought about me while searching for a gift. Color and pattern…scent…dark chocolate over milk chocolate…well you get the idea. My husband knows there are certain places I would love to go and things that I collect. He has that as a base and inspiration and creativity takes over. He has also incorporated help from two of our sons. They are very sneaky minds with a romantic streak. The are like his eyes and ears in a manner of speaking. This has been good for them…they will need to nurture this ability for that special someone soon.

As my husband prepares for his typical day at work….I will set myself to preparing dinner…baking a special Valentines cake and find the perfect placement of the chocolates. My husband sees love in the things I do around the house. I keep that in mind as I plan celebrations of any kind. So I will KISS [Keep It Simple Sweetie] and make our time together a pleasant memory not a battle over how much was spent. I love roses…but I love other flowers more. Tulips and Daffodils top the list followed by Gerber Daisies and Irises.

My husband will call the boys when he gets close to home and tell them what to do…for instance!
Last night…he timed the arrival of a dozen roses as he walked in the door. He had my sons do his shopping which explains all his conversations with them. One son keeps me preoccupied as the other leaves…hmmm…and suddenly appears behind his flower toting daddy. Cute little smiles like a wolf in the sheep’s clothing.

It is not just for my sweetheart as I was gently reminded about the little heart shaped box of chocolates for the boys yesterday. “Mom did you remember to get the treats for us?” I had to chuckle on the inside…he knows I did! It is a little $1 box…a small thought and gesture just for them.

Whatever the relationships you have in your life…let them know you are thinking about them. Conversation hearts on a homemade card to say e-mail you or BFF are day makers. In making it special for someone else your day will be special too. So…Happy Valentines Day! Have a great day!

P.S. coffee on Sunday…you know who you are! LOL!

Peach State