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Peach State says: Seasonal Menu Changes

Bacon and Coffee French Toast…I want some now! All I have had today is a Fiber One 90 Calorie bar.. I am soooo hungry!

Can you feel the change in the weather? Is your stomach beginning to crave some of those seasonal favorites? I have been watching my different mailboxes for new and improved menu ideas and here is a taste of two of my favorite Seasonal Menu Changes!

This chicken looks good enough to eat! ( excuse the pun!)

Here is the recipe:


The next one may be served this weekend…and it seems easy enough. The only problem is the fact that football season starts tomorrow and we know what that means…Chili!
Anyway, here is the next recipe:


[Thanks goes out to a friend on Facebook and the above listed blog she frequents.]

Okay…did I peak your interest with my mention of Chili?
Here is my Chili recipe:

Brown your ground beef and toss in 1 medium onion.
“I use two pounds because we like our chili meaty plus a secret ingredient!”
Here’s where it gets difficult…hehe!
Two large cans of tomato sauce
3-4 cans of chili or pinto beans
And chili seasoning to taste.

I serve it with sour cream, cheddar cheese and finely diced onion.
Oh…are you curious about the secret ingredient? Let me know…I just don’t give out that information! A great cook has to have some secrets!

I hope something tickles your tastebuds!

“May your cup runneth over with my, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Saturday Fun…

Bummed…there is no snow on the ground. It’s March so we should have snow! “Just a little would have nice!” We we have all month…Keep Calm and do the Snoopy Dance!
Okay…So instead of playing outside in the snow we will stay warm and dry inside out of the nose-blowing-sniffle-creating dreary day. What to do to have some Saturday Fun…!

I started the chili beans soaking and cooking this morning. HOMEMADE CHILI…Yummy!
With that done I can do a couple of errands out and about then settle in with movies for the rest of the days. “What? I can fold clothes and sort the ridiculous stack of leftover mail while watching a movie.” I have already gone over my music for tomorrow and will probably go over it again. Whatever I do will be relaxing and not strenuous. (Doctor’s and hubby’s orders)

What would you do on a day like today? Me…it is a Fuzzy Sock Day!

Have a great day!

Peach State