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Today is not just another day and if you were still here we would be on the phone. I can hear you now as I run through the conversation in my head. It’s like you never left. I’ll just tell you how things are going…

Daddy…you would be so proud of grandson #5! He did real well in track this season and made it to Regionals! He broke another personal record the other night and as he was speeding toward the finish line his head tilted back ever so slightly …a smile crossed my face and I remembered “Chariots of Fire”.

Daddy…you should see this little weed! Your #1 great-grandson is so special and smart. The other night he was watching grandad drink out of his Yeti cup….the cup went up and back onto the table. He wanted that cup! Then he realized there was one sitting next to him…

imageHe immediately fell in love with the coolness of the metal sides and the smooth lid.  “Of course I had to wash the lid before I could finish my drink!”  Oh the squeaks and squeals he made as he knawed that cup.  You would have loved it!

Daddy…I thought of you today and thought I should call you…but then I remembered you weren’t there.  You know how we are doing and laughing along with us.  There are no more tears and pain for you and I am glad.  We will be alright and we are taking care of mama too!

I love you…and miss you…“HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!”

“May your cup runneth over with joy, laughter and really fabulous coffee!”


Peach State


Peach State says: Needed…Before I Explode!


Okay, so maybe I do not need a trip to the beach…. “That would be nice!”
I just need to figure out what, in the world, I am doing wrong! How can I be this big of a failure! Hot-Cold, Yes-No, Snow-Rain…I do know the difference!. “Let me explain!”
Why is it that when the weather radar shows rain and there is a definite presence of rain falling from the sky that it is not raining. “Confused?” [Short Version] The wiser-than-I-could-ever-hope-to-be-13-year-old was told several times that it would be raining later in the morning and yet chose to wait until the droplets began to fall to begin a chore. With a grand “how dumb are you look” he starred at me and said…”It’s not raining!” I could care less if he plays in the rain but do not stand there and give me that ” go suck an egg look” which resembles the previous “how dumb are you look”.

Soaked and with clothes weighed down he comes in and announces that he is finally done. He marched upstairs and took a 40 minute shower. I look out the back window and “nope…not done!”

I have no clue how to deal with a combative and disrespecting genius.
“After all…my other sons have told me asked for my help and guidance and complimented my abilities!”

This mystery will never be solved…
“Maybe I would better off counting how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop!”

With so many human emotions bouncing back and forth in my heart and life it is a good thing I can still smile! ( as I hold a cup of coffee!)

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Over-Extended Taxi Driver


This has been one of the busiest weeks in our family. “Boy…Life does seem simpler without the little interruptions cascading over the previous interruption.” The usual errands mixed with the constant roar from the 20-something’s in the peanut gallery have kept me behind the wheel running here and there. With commuter cup filled to the rim with a supply of coffee I have taken on my semi-full-time position as Taxi-driver. Example:

The oldest was trying to find an apartment…”Mom, can you take me up to the apartment?”
An hour later…”Mom I was denied and walked up the road to another apartment complex…they need my SS# and I don’t have my card…oh and can you take me to the Social Security office 30 miles away to put in my paperwork for a lost card?”

I feel like an Over-Extended Taxi Driver!!!

This continuous driving all-over-creation was mixed in with an already busy morning schedule that started unusually early. My mind has not had to work this fast for a few weeks and I found myself a little out of sorts. The merging of four hectic schedules has kept me between the lines and behind the wheel. But now…two days later I have news about the whole situation.

Breaking News: My oldest son is getting on a Greyhound bus…Sunday afternoon…and moving to Dallas, Texas for a job. He got the call Thursday night from a previous employer who has relocated in the Dallas area and after talking with my son the company sent him a bus ticket to move him out!

The plan, as it stands now, is to take him to the bus station tomorrow about 12 noon and he will depart about 1:00PM. As some of you know…this may change due to my son being the type of person he is. But…my hubby printed off the ticket last night and he said everything seemed in order.

“Between you and me…this move will lift a great load off this little family unit (my oldest included) and there will be less time in the car as well as the added inconvenience of another wacky schedule to work around in an already thriving routine.”

I have been a taxi-driver for many years now but I did something yesterday that I have never done before! As we were driving back down the interstate, for the third time in three hours, I calmly stated in a matter-of-fact-motherly-tone that I would now be collecting gas money! Amidst the usual “What?” and “You’re Kidding!” I was given $21 for gas. It was a good thing…I had 21 miles till empty. My 20 year old has been pretty good about helping out with gas but this topic seemed foreign to my oldest son. Hubby and I have been trying to make things a tad-bit difficult for him in hopes of getting him motivated to grow up and move out.

Could there be light at the end of this long dark tunnel?

I will keep you posted! As for me…I have been ordered to bed for some much needed rest. The irregular routine has knocked me on my proverbial backside and hubby is not liking the results. Number two son is preparing to leave in a few moments and I will set me alarm to wake up in about a hour to face another day of motivating my 20 year old to complete the painting and hopefully get my house back to normal…if what we have can be called normal. ( insert chuckle!) School is starting a week from Monday add to that basketball, TKD and visits with the couch doctor for the youngest. Breathe and take a sip of coffee! I count myself lucky that I only have one in school…my 20 year old is still scheduled to leave sometime in October leaving us with just the 23 year old and the youngest here. “This is going to be a crazy 3 months…I better get my rest when I can!”

Till next time…
“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Finally Here…Friday!


It’s Here! It’s Finally Here…Friday! The day we all love to dream about Monday through Thursday! This Friday is unique for several reasons…Let me explain!

There is only one more Friday left on my son’s school calendar…8 days until school is out!
This is the Friday before Mother’s Day
This is the Friday before my hubby’s birthday…and NO! He is not old!
This Friday means only 2 more Fridays until vacation…( Yipee…Joy…Yea Me…) “Oops…Sorry!”
This Friday means only 3 more Fridays until VBS (Vacation Bible School)…I will need to fit in some planning before I leave town.
And to push the proverbial envelope…10 more Fridays till my birthday. “No it is not on the 10th Friday…”

Excitement is beginning to set in as “General Mom” puts on her “strategic planning and preparation” hat and climbs in her tank with a huge-oversized-coffee-cup. “Nothing is getting in my way…so move or be run over!” I have started the various lists and have been planning a soft itinerary. My poor phone and pad are getting a real workout as I bounce back and forth as one is often on the charger while I use the other.


I am not that bad…”I don’t think!” Let’s call it “OEADHD” (Overly Excited Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

My youngest is leaving to go on his first official “Youth Retreat” with our church on the 27th. My incredible-dear-sweet-loving-hunk-of-a-husband informed me the other night of another retreat…ours! Here is the biggie!


It has been a long time since we have done this. “Did I mention it had been a long time…12 Years! Told you it had been a long time. The rest if the family…my 3 older sons will be staying home…working…manning the fort…taking care of my Precious Princess. Hopefully they will not kill each other. Hubby and I will be visiting two locations neither of us have ever been. “I have been to one location but was only on the outskirts never the tourist part of the city.” I will not spoil the surprise but reveal it while on vacation.

Spoilers! No amount of arm twisting will force this information from my lips…don’t forget I am in “General Mom” mode and am driving a tank.

What am I doing?…I have more planning to do and lists to make and errands to run! “I’m off!”

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Reality “Karate’ Kid” or How To Stain A Deck!


My hubby got an itch in the “household project” part of his brain…what does this mean?
A trip to the home improvement center for supplies and my sons doing all the work.
The “home improvement project” was originally going to be tackled and knocked out on Sunday…BUT… the weather forecast said rain. Hubby called our 20 year old son Friday afternoon and told him to pick up the supplies and get started.

This is Reality “Karate’ Kid” or How To Stain A Deck!

We, my 20 year old Black Belt and 12 year old Yellow Belt and I, rushed off to get the supplies…deck wash, a new color of stain, steel brush for cleaning the deck, and the needed paint brushes.

Home we came for the fun to begin. My two younger sons began by clearing the deck…after just getting the deck all set up from giving the furniture a fresh face lift with a new coat of spray paint last weekend. Once all the furniture and miscellaneous planters and removable lighting was cleared the deck was steamed cleaned and deck wash was applied. A follow up sanding was then performed to the railing and floor…

“Sand the floor!”:

Granted…my son did not look like this! He was listening to his music ignoring his younger brother as he worked like a maniac. (Rain is coming!) Once this is done I was called out to survey. “I think this was just an excuse to rest…yep!” I noticed a couple of things and was quickly reminded that I had no clue… Maybe he did look like this…with that OMG! You gotta be kidding! look in his eyes. “Twenty year olds!” It was time for the next step…

“Paint the fence!”:

This step was not as easy as in the movie… The railings, as you know, are waist down so one must be on the floor to properly apply the stain. Once the railings were completed around the main portion of the deck my son began staining a suspicious portion of the deck floor. Curious! I thought so! I asked and was informed that because of the oversized Bar-B-Que Grill not being moved off the deck he would apply the stain to this spot and let it dry…allowing him to place the grill there Saturday and stain the rest of the deck floor. I smiled and said “good idea” as a crowded stadium of excited fans did the wave in my head. Creative problem solving…you gotta love it!

Well here it is an overcast and moist Monday morning…I am looking out my kitchen window at a partially done deck. The deck floor is almost completed…the railing down the steps is done…and it is drizzling. Hubby and son worked on it again yesterday morning before the rain came leaving the portion right outside the door and a path leading down the steps. There are puddles on the deck and chance of more rain either today or tomorrow. “This will have to be completed by tomorrow due to 20 year old having his surgery on Wednesday morning!” We have already been informed that his activity level will be non-existent to low. Yep…this job will not be something he could do after surgery or for at least 4-6 weeks. (Time Crunch!).

Time for mom’s balancing act…I have somewhere I need to be this morning about 10:00 AM and 20 year old will be with me…if we come home about 12 and he eats before getting started…he could actually finish before TKD tonight. That is if there is no rain! I may also have to bribe 20 year old with a coffee! I think he would take that bribe which is good news…I would get one too!

More Coffee!!!

Coffee is always a sustaining part of my morning…who am I kidding?…daily routine!

Off to complete the few chores before “the waking of the troops”! “It is likely to be closer to a “Zombie Apocalypse” as the groans and complaints pour from the dragging bodies.” I sure hope the rain holds off!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: My Youngest’s Furrowed Brow


A mixed-match day of sorting…breaking to chat with you a moment.

My youngest asked as I began to type if I had written a poem recently…I responded “Yes” and kept trying to complete my list of tags and categories. He seemed very interested so I paused what I was doing and showed him my last poem. I told him to read it out loud. “Big mistake!”
As this 6th grader began to stumble along the unfamiliar word path he began to frown. I stopped him and began to read it for him. Once I finished he was still frowning…

My Youngest’s Furrowed Brow so deeply filled with questions and confusion. “What is that word?…I don’t know that word!…What kind of poem is that?”

I just smiled…trying to explain the answers one question at a time. Here is an excerpt from the poem I wrote in February that really Furrowed His Brow:

There is a gentle swaying
as the bare naked limbs stretch across the sky.
The tinkling tones sound
as the helpless chimes compose new melodies.
Constant and unchallenged the steady breeze blows…

But wait!

A new sound finds my ears
as the leave-less giants quiver and bend.
The melody is mashed
as the confused chimes crash together.
The fury of the Windy Howl!

I guess he is not ready for imagery! It was fun trying to explain the poem…maybe I should read him some “Poe”… Hehe…not yet!

Have a great Saturday and enjoy those around you!

Peach State

Peach State says: And Then He Said…”I Love Mondays!”

Mondays…we know the drill! We all have the exceptions but still tend to dread the first day of the week. I guess it is all in how you look at it…glass half empty/half full. Me, well I don’t dread it as much as most because I am up before the “butt-crack of dawn” everyday. But this morning I was dragging a bit when it happened. I had just finished putting the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher And Then He Said…”I Love Mondays!” I chuckled under my breath as I continued with my little routines. My youngest, a uniquely challenged 12 year old, blurts out something profound in a manner quite unlike the normal under-the-breath murmurs.
I quickly swallowed my heavenly brew to avoid spewing it across the room. “What a revelation!” As if I did not already know the truth in his statement. Down deep he longs for the routine of school…a bell driven schedule…that moves him through his day. Sundays are semi-routine with church in the morning for him but Sunday afternoons hold unknown activities and destinations. Me..well I am back at church about 4 until 7 most weeks. My youngest stays at home with his daddy and occupies himself with guy stuff.

Cleaning bedrooms
Yard work
Shooting ranges
Home improvement stores…

I am sure you have a similar list!
Yesterday was filled with fixing dinner before going back to church for the Easter Musical…when I arrived back home my 22 and 19 year old sons were in the middle of switching rooms. Now that was exciting…and quite the mess. When I went up to go to bed last last night the hall was filled with an assortment of crates and baskets holding the prized possessions of the two boys. Yet between the time I fell asleep, to the sound of drills and bumps, and the time I woke up this morning the hall was clear and the rooms were amazingly organized in true Houdini fashion. “I wish they would undertake every chore this way!” My youngest…well He Said…”What Was All The Drilling?”

Just like any child…continuous string of questions!

We the time has come…I would much rather sit here and write while I finished my coffee this morning. BUT alas! I am off to get dressed for my early errand to the imaging facility. Yep! The rescheduled CT Scan…the doctor forgot to give him the required barium for the scan and he just finished drinking the last dose. He almost threw it back up! It was a sight but kudos to him for holding it down. I want to leave you with one more thought…

HeHe! See it is Heavenly Brew!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Ask What…Indeed!

I just thought I would dream for a bit!
After all, you and I both know, children will not generally ask if there is anything they can do for you!
So..Ask What…Indeed!

Back to work!
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Wait! I’m Not Ready For A New Year!


I have some good news and some bad news…
The good news:

Tomorrow is a new day and a New Year!

The bad news:

Today is Monday “OMG it’s Monday!” Could someone please stop this ever-spinning-hamster-wheel and let me do the things I need to do first. I need to finish my oversized cup of espresso, move the laundry, clean out the dishwasher, prepare and inhale another cup of coffee (espresso), and take my 19 year old to the dentist. “Sadly…these are just the items on my To-Do List before 8:30 this morning. You should see my continuous-stream-of-activities left on the handy-dandy-iPhone-yellow-pad. There is to much to be completed in the short 24 hour day! Wait…I am not ready to face what lies ahead. “Wait! I’m Not Ready For A New Year!

Time ticks very quickly by…as the excited yet annoying crowd counts down. The only problem is the fact that it is still early. I sit here trying to stuff these numerous thoughts into a sensical pattern while keeping my eye on the clock. Movement upstairs is a good sign but warns me that I need to get ready too. Today is starting out in the typical Monday blur which somehow feels comforting. Unusual stresses have attacked the sane front this week…death of a friends child, hospitalization of sweet member of the church, car accident last night of a dear couple in the church as they were going home from the child’s funeral visitation…

These tolls of life weigh heavy on many. These things mixed with the world events multiply the tension and stress in normal everyday life.

One thing at a time…breathe…sip…breathe…sip!

Time for me to face the next item on my list…I need to get ready to leave. I promise I will continue this espresso-driven-event-filled day. Until then…start working on your resolutions…

Resolutions…I need to do that!


Once I return home and settle in with another cup of coffee…espresso…I will delve into this topic…using as much humor as I can.

resolutions…really?” I will deal with that tomorrow!

Talk soon!

What is this? My 22 year old is taking my 19 year old to the dentist and the garbage is already out…call me giddy! I have some extra time….TIME!… ( Excuse me…I am doing the dance of joy!)
Moving a few things around and changing of the To-Do List is one of my specialities. My Shoot-from-the-hip-ADHD-mentality is a definite plus and one that I enjoy using. “Keep ’em guessing or as I like to call it…Amazing my hubby with my incredible abilities!”

I can leisurely finish my duties this morning and head out to buy the last needed items for the celebration tonight and the important re-supplying of the coffee pods for hubby. I can then return home and begin the mixing, rolling, stirring, baking and storing of the individual snacks for tonight and tomorrow.

Thought…Everything returns to normal on Wednesday…including choir practice and praise team practice which we have not had since November! I am so ready for that. Sorry! My ADHD is working overtime with lack of schedule.

The shortened check list is putting a smile on my face, for a split second, as my 12 year old begins to clean out the dishwasher. ( This is one of his chores which he has NOT done in many days…and he only started to clean it out after I, reading/proofing this post out loud, read the part about the dishwasher.) “I may have to re-think his chore list…but that can wait for another day!”

I will relax once these tasks are completed and the table of goodies is set out. Our little family celebration will include a movie and the traditional Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve. We will enjoy each other as we usher in this New Year of 2013 all while hoping for a better year. I hope you have a wonderful time tonight with your family and friends! Make a good and lasting memory! We will!

With love and hope in my heart…Happy New Year and Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: New Years On My Mind


If only that were a true statement! I enjoy my coffee, as you well know, and have the Heavenly Brew in my handy-dandy-oversized-cup most of my waking day. “I know…the statement refers to my personal world…family, home, children.” (uh huh!)
Posters and pictures like this have really circulated on my Facebook this past week as we prepare for the New Year. Habits, traditions, hopes and dreams…are being brought up and suggested…it is time to take a moment and reflect…Yes! New Years On My Mind!

This year will be different…Right?

Soo…All I have to do is not be a mess and I won’t be exhausted!
Well that would make for some interesting blogs.
I have plenty of areas that need my attention…“Quit agreeing with me!” Priorities need to be shuffled and that may mean letting somethings go. “Don’t panic…it won’t be my music or friends!” A different order to life, including the children and what they are responsible for, may come into play. I can tell you now…they will not like the changes.

This will take some thought and a little idea gathering. Goody! I love idea gathering…it means time with my dear friends. “Do I have any takers?” Great minds do tend to think alike…hehe…but they also come up with some of the best solutions to life’s little problems.

Speaking of those problems…it is time for me to head out the door and and begin my trek of duties. All is done inside…laundry, dishwasher, counter tops, even dinner has been started. I hope this does not take to long!

Please send your suggestions in for how to approach this New Year! Have a great day!

Peach State