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Peach State says: Sorry For The Down Time!

No this is not a picture of a delivery truck supplying my coffee for the day…BUT! Just kidding!
My roller coaster ride of a life reached the crest Friday and with a jolt….raced rapidly out of control as events picked up speed. I felt as though the car I was in would fly off the tracks. Let me back up…and explain!
Sorry For The Down Time!
I have been hinting to an event in my 19 year old’s life…he in going into the Army. Thursday was the physical part of his Pre-enlistment. The doctors found a hernia which was misdiagnosed by his regular physician. Great!. After long-rigorous-strong-toned conversations with our doctor we got a referral to an Urologist on Friday. The short but not sweet news was given…Hernia. We now have an appointment with a surgeon tomorrow. That is how my Friday started…by Friday night the unending roller coaster ride was out of control. Tattered nerves shredded even more by my oldest and…well…I needed to go for a peaceful walk…

“When being treated for pain in lower back and one leg it is not advisable to walk for extended periods.”

This walk was about 4 miles up hill! Big oops! I can hardly walk now and you should have seen me Saturday morning. I was not much better yesterday but managed to still sing…even the two solos I had. Nerves are mending and plans are being rearranged. I was a bit calm under my pain meds to the point of sleeping. This explains the not blogging…I could not focus or hold my eyes open to blog.

I am off to explain to my pain doctors why I am limping again and see if we can eliminate some if not all of this current pain. “I sure hour so!” I hope I did not do something to set this process back.

“I do not misbehave just act badly!”

The situation with my oldest is still a bit unresolved…but because of the events he is not home right now. At least I know he is safe! For those of you who read my blog, and know me personally, you will understand the situation,

I apologize for leaving you hanging but I needed to relax…sadly to the point that my coffee was going in one side of my mouth and out the other. “No it wasn’t really! I just felt a tad bit woozy!” I am lucky enough to have a family that forced me to take this short break on Saturday (after choir practice) an try to let my body heal. I feel like a big bruise! Well I gotta go…time to get ready for my appointment. Talk to you soon…one more thing…speaking of luck…

A bit belated but it is the thought that counts.

Have a great day and I will keep you posted!

Peach State