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Peach State says: My Facebook Funnies!


What a fun week with my Facebook friends. I cannot wait to share with you today! Grab yourself a cup of coffee and prepare to smile. One word of warning…please do not drink while reading…spewing may occur! Drink after you finished laughing!

There has been a serious use of the “Force” this past week so we will start with the Star Wars inspired Facebook Funnies.

Are we sure this is not “Darth Vader”? He could have not had any of his regular black robes clean!


Even the wise Gandelf is no match for the “Force”!

The cat pics were intense this week…let me share a few of the best…

That darn “Force” has invaded my cat pics!

Don’t you want to hold that cat and tell it everything will be okay? I was thinking “RUN!”

The next couple of cat pics were sent to my wall…well..because I am a dog person! “Don’t get me wrong I love cats…just not in my house…I love my precious princess(English Cocker Spaniel)!



The next pic is my favorite for the week and it is this week’s “Blog Worthy Award Winner”

This one just cracked me up…I called my “Mutual Cat Lover Friend” when she placed this on Facebook and we laughed and laughed.

The next group…well…”Here’s a sign!”






I do enjoy sharing this tidbits of humor with you…I wish I could share them all but with friends like mine the post would never end. “I do have other things to do!”
Have a great day and don’t forget to share some a little humor with your friends and find your own Facebook Funnies! We all need to smile.

Peach State

That’s Harvey, the invisible rabbit…could you tell him to come home.


Peach State says: More Facebook Funnies!

Of course not!
It’s Wednesday and you know what that means…More Facebook Funnies!

This has been a great week for Facebook Funnies!. My friends have been very busy this week and couple of them have started competing with each other everyday. Let the battle begin!

With all of the allergy and sinus problems my friends have been visiting their doctors looking for any relief…sometimes the diagnosis is not what we think…


This week’s cat pictures have overflowed…here are the best!

Diva Cat!

This is not a self portrait!

I am guilty of saying this statement way to much!! But how true it is!

This may be a self portrait….
Sometimes we face trials…how we go through them gives us strength to face anything! I would not want to face this trial!


The next section will speak for itself…

That is a true…dream..wish…statement! I can really relate!

This next one…well let’s just say these words may have actually come out of my mouth a few times!


I will close today’s Facebook Funnies with my favorite topic. COFFEE!


This is what our choir used to look like on Wednesday nights…so we all started bring our own coffee in…now we are real lively bunch!
I hope you have enjoyed today’s Facebook Funnies! I wanted to announce the undisputed winner in this weeks Blog Worthy Award is (drum roll please)“Our Mutual Cat Loving Friend!”I have not put all of the saved funnies on today….just in case next week is a slow humor week! So until next Wednesday have a great day and come back for More Facebook Funnies!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Facebook Funnies Wednesday

Good morning and welcome to Facebook Funnies Wednesday! For those of you that send me cartoons and newspaper clippings during the week…here are my favorites. Please keep them coming…you never know when you might see them again.

There are some of us that struggle with dieting…who wants to talk about dieting when you can laugh about it!



The newspaper is packed with information. Some of these stories don’t make it to the nightly televised news. Here are a few:



I am relieved to know that scientists have finally made the connection between action and results as shown in the above two headlines!


Animals bring us so many things emotionally including laughter…this is for the dog and cat people!





Regaining composure! The next section, for whatever reason, is dedicated to two of our favorite movies! Can you name them? Of course you can!




Well that concludes this portion of Facebook Funnies Wednesday!
I hope you found something that tickled your funny bone and brought a smile to your face. Keep those funny pictures coming! Have a great day and share some humor today!

I just had to add this one…

Peach State

Peach State says: I Just Love Facebook Funnies!

It is Wednesday and once again time for a little laughing and possible reflective humor!
It has been an interesting week and daily chores and major cleaning seem to be on everyone’s mind…Spring Cleaning…goody! I Just Love Facebook Funnies!



The animal pics this week have been unique…okay…uplifting and maybe side-splitting!



I am glad tags were left off a couple of those…I resemble a couple of those! “Okay…time for some Facebook Funnies and relationships!


I just love Betty White…and the Star Wars concept made my 11 year old wonder who the old ladies were. No lie…he saw the pic and was excited with the reference…”Where’s Yoda?” We had a short history lesson as I told him who the people in the picture were.

With the economy being the way it is…we find ourselves having to make ourselves laugh…even at the gas pump!



I know things are tough all over but maybe we should take a moment and re-prioritize…


Sorry! I just had to sneak in food somewhere and what a great movie quote. Well I will stop for now…I want to make sure I have some for next week just in case. I hope this has helped you smile today! Have a great day…

Coffee…I just had too!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Love Sharing Humor on FaceBook!

Saw this and had to post it…This reminds me of you…What was I thinking?
Those little thoughts that accompany the unique peek into our deepest essence of humor….We have seen them on our Status Updates and have put them on our own Update…

True statements that make us smile as we go through our day are just a part of this culture. My page is filled with inspirational thoughts and quotes from friends along with coffee pics and favorite song videos. Family gatherings recently attended and bragging sessions keep us connected no matter the distance.

The virtual scrapbook of our lives, complete with cartoon characters and journal entries, deepens the understanding of our individuality. These personal tidbits allow those with similar personalities to be drawn into a closer knitted group. This is, at times, a scary scenario!

“Confession!”. I try to be positive everyday when updating my Status.” I would rather cause a smile and have someone LOL than reply “What’s wrong?”. My friends and family deserve to start their day with a smile…”Don’t you agree?”

I have thought provoking and Kleenex grabbing Status Updates on my wall too! We, as a group, have recently lost a little saint to cancer. His life, through this devastating disease, was journaled on FaceBook.

Remember the movie “You’ve Got Mail”? “Those three little words changed our lives forever….at least until the iPhone. Every time someone updates their FaceBook or replies to one of your comments notifications chime their way into your day. Annoying and inconvenient at times but a wonderful source of positive communication. The assortment of notification tones are as humorous as the personalities posting on my wall. “It is a good thing we, for the most part, turn off the sound during practices and church.”. (Mahna Mahna).

Search for a cartoon or picture that speaks to you and makes you smile…post it…and share the ROFLOL with those close to you.

Peach State