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Peach State says: But I Don’t Really Like Lemonade! Part One


Ever have one of those days…I know!…stupid question. We all have those days where everything just goes downhill…faster than a speeding bullet! I just wanted your average run to the mill day but Life was not going to let me. When life gives you lemons…make lemonade! But I Don’t Really Like Lemonade!

Here is just a peek at my day yesterday. It started out normal…if you don’t count the waking up early due to a nagging-all-night-will-not-go-away-cough from a Summer Cold. Only one of my sons had to work yesterday and he began to get ready about 10:30am. My youngest has been bitten by the sleep bug and does not rise from his dream-filled-peaceful-sleep until 11:00 am the past few mornings. [back to the story] So the day was running it’s set course of varied departures and schedules. “The world is as it should be…for this home!”

My youngest missed breakfast and ate the cereal bar that replaced his bowl of cereal in the table. I sent him outside to play and he just sat on the steps. I told him to come in when he was hungry. “Who knew he had never heard that and did not understand that meant in about 45 minutes to and hour!” He just sat there looking like he was the last human in existence. The proverbial lemons were starting to fall from the sky. He walked in, with his shoulders raised almost equal to his ears, and ate something all the while looking as if he was trying to balance the world n his back. I decided to keep him home from TKD with that non-to-favorable attitude. His temperament spirals out of control all day. The day was turning to evening as I looked at the clock and saw it was 5:45 pm.

My 19 year old son plays softball on a church league and prepared to leave. Within 40 minutes of his departure I got a phone call from my working son…”Mom have you seen my brother?…he will not answer his phone!” I told him about the ball game and asked, in true loving mother style, if he was on his way home from work. “No! My brakes gave out and I am sitting in the auto-parts store parking lot.” I convinced him that I could help and I would bring the tools he needed. “Remember…these are the two sons that replaced the brakes n this truck before!” I gathered the jack and the tire-iron along with the attachments in a slender tool box and placed them in the car. Off I went, mom to the rescue. I drove down the road, just under the radar, and reached my destination in no time. The tire was removed and upon closer observation it was not the brakes…it was the lack of a bolt. “Of course the bolt holds the brake pad against the shiny disk…”. I don’t know the name of that part…I am just a mom! My 19 year old showed up and told us about the home run he hit before he left…and tensions rose…”This is not about a game but my truck!” bellowed from my 21 year old. Long story short…the store did not have the bolt and the boys have just left to run to the local Ford Store to get the part and try and fix the brakes before my 21 year old needs to go to work.

The 21 year old had taken a watch cleaner, a large bulky machine, to be repaired and it was brought home last night. Yep! It works so now those three watches can be fixed and returned to the customers. They went to clean one of the watches last night, after I had gone to bed and were given a shock when the machine decided to spark as they turned it on. If I had know this I would probably dream about fires all night instead of coughing all night.

I know you probably are laughing at the insignificance of my lemon-filled day but these inconveniences all occurred while the unsatisfactory-behavior continued spewing from my 11 year old as well as just not feeling like myself. I have taken something for the cold this morning and the effects are kicking in. I can hardly keep my eyes open…as soon as I hear something about the brakes I will let you know.

I guess I will drink the proverbial lemonade and be glad it is not mud, I will sit back and close my eyes until the youngest comes down for breakfast and/or the boys need my help. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Middle Class Humor and Current Events


My husband and I went to do a few errands, yesterday, on his day off. Fox News had been talking about the overnight jump in gas prices in Ohio…we did not know it was here in Georgia too! We drove into the gas station and the price had jumped 15 cents. He laughed and said “I guess I should have filled up last night when it was $3.63 a gallon!” The numbers began to spin around as if possessed! Click! My husband got back into the car…”Well at least I am no longer driving the truck!” It would be way over $75 to fill up and he uses almost two tanks per week. At least we have Middle Class Humor and Current Events!

I guess his stomach was growling because he asked where I would like to eat. We decided on trying out the new Panera Bread restaurant. We ordered conservatively: 2 sandwiches with chips, 1 orange juice and one water, and 2 cinnamon rolls. One of the cinnamon rolls was 99 cents! “They were for his dessert later that night.” The red flashing lights streaming from the register should have told us to run…”That will be $21….” My husband handed the girl, behind the register, the money as he choked back his shock and surprise. As we found a seat he looked at me and said $21…!” We were offered a free pastry due to slow service and my husband told me to select a pastry. “If we are going to pay this much for a meal we might as well get all we can!” We enjoyed our meal and time together.

We left and were headed to the local home improvement store to buy lightbulbs. We were driving down the road and headlines became the topic of conversation. They were not just any headlines…well you will see.

*In Lieu of a Summer Trip We Bought a Tank of Gas and Lunch at Panera Bread!

*Cost of Gas and Lunch Bankrupt Family!

*Who Needs Lightbulbs Anyway?

*Family Vacations at Local Gas Station!

*Vacation Destinations Now Include Gas and Grocery Stores!

I see families taking vacations and talking about their vacations on Facebook. They are going camping or visiting Disney and the some head to the beach. I would love to go to the beach house. It is relatively inexpensive except for the gas. I guess we just prioritize differently. A friend posted a picture on Facebook and well it gives us a good laugh…but could it be a true statement?


Our boys are learning how to repair their vehicles themselves…they shop around for the best prices and replace the brakes and most recently an alternator. My 21 year old saved over $150 by replacing the brakes on his truck with his brother. “I think my husband may have supervised!”
My 18 year old had to replace his alternator this week and was immediately on the phone to the auto parts stores comparing prices. “I must have done something right!” I came home from church that night to see my sons under the hood with grease ridden faces and hands…and they were googling the how to guide. It took them several hours but they did it…and saved more money. After cleaning up they collapsed, proud in their accomplishment, and still had greasy faces.

I am old enough to remember my parents complaining about gas prices…I remember complaining about higher gas prices and the cost of living…and now…well we try not complain. We just make jokes! If we can’t laugh about our situation we will get more upset and stress out. We have enough stress today without fighting over the cost of gas. Cut back on trips…combines errands…do it yourself repairs…and don’t forget the lightbulbs while you’re out! Middle Class Humor and Current Events!

The politicians of our nation don’t feel the pinch in the wallet. They do not see the soaring prices the way we do. They campaign on the issues and against each other. If one comes up with a plan another will tear it down. Campaign promises are made and forgotten. They get back on their fancy buses and planes and move on to the next campaign stop. Maybe they do feel the pinch…with all the money they are spending for fuel they can’t afford the commercial air time!

Creative spending not splurging is the norm in our house. Oh..wait…I do splurge! I got a coffee at Starbucks the other day…with a free e-card! “I was worried for a second!” I have found that when I buy my “ginormous” (giant and enormous smashed together) bag of espresso beans I will get a free coffee…I earn Swagbucks and get e-gift cards for Starbucks…I love free Starbucks! Shopping wisely, cutting back, and finding deals are the way we live now. We sacrifice in ways to make ends meet! “Soap is soap…right?” I no longer get my specialty hand soaps with fragrances and colors for each sink in the house. Refillable soap decanters and over-sized containers of plain liquid soap will have to suffice. We all do our part!

Have your and your family made changes in how you spend? Have you changed the way you drive or the number of trips you make? Do you cut out coupons and pay attention to the prices? Do you get excited when you save money? Do you have or find Middle Class Humor in today’s Current Events? Please send me your money saving ideas and techniques! We need to help each other…after all…we all will need lightbulbs eventually!
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Facebook Funnies Time!

It is that time again! I have found some thought provoking Facebook pictures from this past week to share…yep! We all need a laugh now and then…Right? So, here it is…It’s Facebook Funnies Time!

Some friends of mine have been shopping for a house…

I hope the inspector doesn’t find anything wrong with this one…

Things have been hard all over…a friend recently got a job and wanted to buy something special…


It is important to read signs…



Traffic flow must follow certain guidelines for the safety of those on the road. Please remember to use your turn signals. This picture came from the Vegas area…


My cat lover friends have been hard at work this week…
This is how my page looked Monday…




With pics like these you would hope the week got better…but…

Coffee…you can’t drink just one cup!

This last pic lets us know the economy is beginning to turn around… They finally got the car repaired!


We have to find ways to get through this hard time…I am glad my friends have a sense of humor!
Check your page and laugh a little. Then forward me your Facebook Funnies! Have a great Wednesday!

Peach State