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Peach State says: Facebook Status Updates Could Replace The Calendar


I am taking a breath this morning as I sip on my “beloved-caffeinated-breakfast-in-a-cup”. I seemed to have made quite the mess this morning sorting and gathering the old-unused-out-of-date-coupons before taking out the trash. Just a few minutes and I will get back to work…”As I hope for a temporary mind-over-matter cure to my oncoming headache!” You know what that means…FACEBOOK TIME! One of the first pics I giggled at, as I shook my head in agreement, was the above pic. Monday already! I thought time flew when you were having fun! Back to the topic…

“Facebook Status Updates Could Replace The Calendar”
What a concept…there it was for all to see! It’s Monday and I will feel cruddy and in need of a nap as soon as I wake up. The reminders eventual ending of the weekend and the return to regular-toil-filled-obligations was posted throughout the page. Then I came upon this one…

Grumpy Cat was a happy cat!

Events and birthdays fill my page and I never need to lift a finger. I do not need to pencil in or look back at last years calendar for VIP events. Parties and promotions flash onto my screen and with a press on the screen I can send the information to my personal organizer. “Does touching the screen mean I lifted a finger?” Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are hard to miss will the continuous stream of wishes flowing down the page. Countdowns to holidays appear amidst the well wishes for a safe and prosperous season. “Who needs a conventional calendar anymore?”


The strategic placement of traditional calendars around my house serve my disability…ADHD!
No…it is not because I have ADHD…some would call it Type A personality and I call it organized! “I also have my major calendar on my iPhone that floats on my little fluffy iCloud to my iPad. At the touch of the screen I can see what my day holds for me. But I depend on my Facebook to add a bit of humor to my straight-black-white-lined screen.

Personality Pics know just what we are thinking…and often say it better when we can’t say it out loud. (I Love Grumpy Cat!)

Well my reminder chime is going off telling me the next lovely task on my daily calendar…

twiddly twiddly twiddly…Don’t forget to change the TKD days and times!

As for the replacement of conventional calendars…it’s not going to happen. Facebook, however, will continue to add gentle hints of those important dates that never show up on the generic-printed-calendars I use for the fridge. And who would ever want to miss the humorous-personality-filled ways friends and family share these reminders.

Being one who generally likes reading between the lines one might assume a play-date is in order due to it being Monday! Wouldn’t you agree? Now I need to decide if I should just comment and make plans or use my trusty calendar on my phone to send me a reminder to call. (Insert chuckle here) I think I will call…this will give me a chance to pause the normal day-to-day activity I have on schedule today.

Here is one last reminder for you…Check your calendar! Then you can check your Facebook…Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: And So It Begins…


It’s Monday…the beginning of a new week and the first Monday in a new Month. Not just any month but, November! “So much to do and so little time!” These are the days when people start their “Holiday Rush” and the many countdowns take the place of “OMG…It’s Monday” complaints.

And So It Begins…

I have already begun my various forms of count-downs for the various activities. “I love the feeling of accomplishment and finding shortcuts to completion of my many lists!” But… my health does throw a Proverbial Wrench into the works this year.

Sooo…I conquer what I can before it needs to be done and find room for the “extra-out-of-the-ordinary-must-be-done” items placed on my To-Do lists! (case in point…) The Presidential Election…I, along with my hubby, went to vote this past Wednesday. With his schedule and the hour long commute there was no way he could cast his vote tomorrow. [That is one giant check mark by an item on my list!] School is out tomorrow and I will have plenty of help, hopefully, around the house as I begin my Pre-holiday clean. I will be able to follow the Election Coverage as I check other items off my list. I was thrilled to find an invitation, of sorts, to an exclusive hair salon addressed to me in the mail Saturday. It is for a FREE haircut, hair style and color! “Goody…Goody!” If I plan it right I could have a new hairstyle for the holidays. Calendar in hand…I will carefully navigate the already set-in-stone commitments and book the appointment. “It sounds like a Me-day!” That is just what the doctor ordered…well not in so many words but…with the increase of medical appointments mixed in with the standard everyday events I sure do like the sound of an almost “Spa Day”…wouldn’t you?

My day is in full swing now with the exiting of my hubby and my youngest. I will finish my chat with you as I finish my coffee and pull out my calendar of event and checklist. “I wonder if I spend to much time and energy on planning?” (insert silent giggle)

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: That Is What The Calendar Says!

This Is What The Calendar Says!

Just what I thought I might feel like…

How my youngest will be…

It is going to be a looonnng day!

I will let you know how it goes. Have a great day!

Peach State