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Peach State says: Explanation of Actions To My Son or How To Embarrass Your Child!


For those people who have children this scenario is familiar. The sing-song time of life when the songs of cutesie-wootsie-brightly-colored-puppets fill the daylight hours and ease the eyes closed at night. The fun part about this is to remind them later…when they are older…What? Haven’t you ever done something that really embarrassed them just because you can? If not…just wait! Your children may not be old enough.

Explanation of Actions To My Son or How To Best Embarrass Your Child!

The above pictured “Cookie Monster” was one of the adored heroes of my sons childhood. Their favorite song was “C is for Cooke!” and they would sing it to ask for a cookie. But, when this pic was adapted to fit my present lifestyle I could not resist. Who could not see that this was perfect for me…everyday! “C is for Coffee”…Right? So I saved it and used it for my lock-screen on my phone. Now the fun begins! My son needed something off my phone to show a friend of his and turned my phone on. The cheerful Cookie Monster filled the face of the phone. “What does that say?” asked his friend and instinctively my son replied, as he shook his head, C is for Cookie!. “Oh no it doesn’t!” said his friend. My son looked at me with the reddest face and glared. So being the mom that I am I broke into song…hehe! “Ah…the sweet moments of life!” My son was not moved by my musical rendition of the childhood favorite! His friend simply laughed and started telling about what his mom does to embarrass him. The best part is that the friends dad is a huge Starbucks lover and when he was with my son, a couple of days later, he started humming the catchy tune. Laughter broke out as the dad asked my son to have me show him the picture on Sunday.

It is universal and there is no way to escape the love of a parent. The silly-just-make-it-stop-moments, we as parents, store away for future torture of our children. I know you have stored some away! Share if you dare…but then again the children won’t read the comments will they?
Have a great day!

Peach State