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Peach State says: I Forgot To Press The “Easy” Button!

We all have those mornings when we get side-swiped and knocked-up-the-side-of-the-head.
But…I am willing to bet you never had this happen…“I Forgot To Press The “Easy” Button!”

It was a normal morning…I had finished my coffee with my hubby and headed downstairs. One of the many duties a mother has, in the morning, is to check the weather for the day. The temperature this morning was a brisk 34 degrees which felt like 30 and the high is going to rocket into the upper 50’s.. I walked into the kitchen to see my youngest still in his short-sleeved T-shirt putting his backpack on his shoulder. “Are you sure you have everything…what about your…”
I was cut off!. “It is not cold outside…I know what I need!” (I keep forgetting I am a mom…not a Meteorologist!) I simply responded “Well if you feel sure”…and told him to have a wonderful day! I put the coffee cups on the counter and headed to the front window to watch over him…like always, except that he was not in sight. Where was he? I opened the front door and stepped out onto the steps calling his name. This was not a comforting feeling…the bus stop is our driveway and he was nowhere to be found. I continued to call his name as I searched around the front of the house. I looked down the street to the other bus stop…nothing. “He would not have left his backpack in the driveway if he had gone to another bus stop.” I looked up the street still calling his name…louder now as I was beginning to feel my heart trying to get out of my chest. I called my hubby and told him our youngest was nowhere to be found. He rushed down stairs and came to the door. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this child cross the street at the top of the hill. I yelled his name and…no response. He came back to our side of the street and came down about four house and prepared to cross the street to his friends house. I yelled again and caught his eye. He strolled…yes he S-T-R-O-L-L-E-D…down to the driveway. Why did you cross the street? “Are you blind?” he said. “You may want to lose that tone! Your daddy would like to see you inside.”

Long story short!. He denied crossing the street…and denied stopping and almost crossing over to his friend’s house. My hubby reminded him that mom is not blind and could see what he was doing up the hill…he then said he went for a run…”Then why we’re you not running?” “What?…You didn’t see me running?”

Quick…press the “Easy” button!

Good news: He did get on the school bus.
Bad news: He is grounded again and cannot leave the driveway unless he is in my car or daddy’s car.

I really need more coffee…(PRESSING THE EASY BUTTON!)…now that helps me calm down. The sad thing is he did not seem to be concerned that I was scared and frantically searching for him much less, his daddy who unfortunately will be late for work now. What a way to start my glorious-doctor-appointment-filled-day! My “Easy” button will get used a lot today. BTW…they are on sale…but I have to let you know that sometimes it is not convenient to press and that is does not work all the time.

Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Where are the “Subtitles”?


Can’t we skip this awful day known as Monday? I feel like I am living between the lines of a book of Murphy’s Laws! Everything that could possibly cause a problem has been squeezed into the first hour of my day….with the exceptions of my coffee! “My coffee is wonderfully warm and friendly and doesn’t make a sound!” The continuous stream of nonsensical mumblings and sound effects have begun early today! To make matters worse…it sounds like there is a group of people in the kitchen trying to redefine “Pi”! Help! “Where are the “Subtitles”?”

No lie…my youngest, who went to brush his teeth, just came downstairs and turned on the faucet at the kitchen sink and started to sing the Hallelujah Chorus! He was turning the water on and off as he said each syllable of the word. Once he finished at the sink he begins moving around the kitchen preparing the rest of his lunch. Anything that can make noise…does…as he begins the daily conversations with himself. I really cannot understand any of the sentences coming from his mouth. “Wait…nope the noisy ramblings and tapping have continued.” The topic has changed from scientific problem solving to fruit trees and blowing his stuffed morning nose. My mind does not function this fast and I have not had the chance to wake up properly this morning. Imaginary phrases put to song…well imaginary songs that he argues are real songs. “Funny…I thought I had a better understanding of music!”

A frightening raised tone interrupts the tonal tunes in the kitchen as he sees a spider on the floor. “Oh My God!…Is it alive…I don’t know…yep, it’s alive…gross…it’s crawling!” I told him to step on it! Now he is dancing…telling the spider how dead he is going to be. “At least I could understand that conversation!” Time to go to the bus stop…so with the garbage bag from the kitchen and his book bag he shuffles to the front door filling every tick of the clock with sound. The door opens and he begins wrestling his way out the door…the door closes! “Wait for it….Ahhh!” Silence! I watch him as he takes the garbage bag and waves it through the air like a flag in a battle. I then notice one of my sons left their car parked behind my husband’s car…”I wish I could send him a virtual text that would blink into his medicated dream state asking him to Pls mooove ur car!” I grab his keys off the counter and move his car.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a bold string of words appear to translate confusing babble into a language you can understand. Better yet…and explanation bubble could appear giving you insight to the mystifying actions and sound effects. I know his mind works at the pace of a Race Car flying around the curve to the finish line. He is going so fast that the answers I give him or comments I make cannot be heard. Maybe he is wondering the same thing…“Where Are the “Subtitles”?”

It would look something like a comic strip wouldn’t it? I must now try to slow my mind down…Coffee…more coffee! Maybe I will check Facebook and see if any go my friends are up!

There is a down side to the “Subtitles” concept…if these wonderful little bubbles of translations appeared people would know what we were really thinking. “Ouch!” I hate to burst the proverbial bubble but that could cause a real sticky situation. So I guess it is back to the drawing board…maybe I should write a book…”Babble Translation for Dummies!” There is only one problem…I have to understand what my son is saying. Great! I am back to where I started!

Do you have those times when you cannot understand a thing coming out of someone’s mouth?
Do you ever wonder what someone is thinking? You are not alone! Thank you for understanding and allowing me to vent! Have a great day!

Peach State