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Peach State says: I Said Goodbye To The Beautiful Spring Snow!


Do you remember my beautiful fragile pink blooming tree that snowed each time the wind whispered through the blossoms?

Now look at it…


I Said Goodbye To The Beautiful Spring Snow!

Long story short…
Landscapers were told, yesterday, to trim the tree back so that the branches were not over the sidewalk…and to round up the branches reaching for the sky. They were then supposed to trim the bushes back throughout the front yard and get the branches off the house in the backyard. The landscapers agreed and named their price. They arrived this morning about five minutes late and preceded to work on the tree. My 20 year old was watching from the window and saw a larger than life branch as it slammed against the ground. “Uh…mom…that doesn’t look right!” I came to look and then feverishly opened the front door and stepped out to get a better look. “Why are they cutting down the tree?” My son began to wave his arms in protest and they stopped the tree eating machinery. He explained that they were just to trim the tree not take it down. I went into override called a Community Board Member and then the HOA Management Company. Once they hear this story…they were sympathetic and there will be no fines connected to the taking down of the blooming giant.

It breaks my heart to loose my Spring Snow…

The bad news is that it is after 4:30 and the landscapers left over an hour ago to get another saw…they still have not touched the bushes. So much for having it done quickly and professionally!
I will resume my station when they return in case there are any questions!

I sincerely hope your day was better…

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State