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Peach State says: What A Sweet Friend!

It was the cutest thing…I just had to share!

So I went to meet my friend this morning and as she walked in…she grinned and said…

“In honor of your blog!”

She had not only read this morning’s post but she had worn a hat! It was an “Aww!” moment.


I just had to share! Enjoy your evening and we’ll talk tomorrow!

Peach State


Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Are Here!

What a way to workout those hips and thighs!

Welcome to this weeks Facebook Funnies! I have surveyed and perused the status updates of my friends and found some definite rib-ticklers!
Are you ready? Facebook Funnies Are Here!

Animal parade:

Perhaps it is time for separate crates for the pets!

Quick…everybody call…my phone is on vibrate!

I hope I don’t look like this when fish brush my legs in the ocean!

Sorry…I have to agree!

FYI: I am a real person and NO! I do not have a cat writing my blog!

Just plain funny:


Great! Now I really have to watch where I am going. Maybe I should see if they want my son to cut their grass…or my youngest (the TKD student) could “Paint the Fence”!


And the redness will fade!

(drum roll…..)
This weeks Blog Worthy Award Winner is:

Dang…it was the only wish I had left!

Pass the humor around today…and smile!
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: A Little Bit of Everything

There is nothing quite like the company of good friends to take you from the routine-run-of-the-mill-day-to-day activities and transport you to a place of uncontrolled silliness. “Well not uncontrolled… We were practicing our special music and polishing the harmonic blends…” This mixture of a fast-paced-giggle-fest and singing thrills me to the core. “I am at home!” The only thing that could have made it any better would have been the presence of coffee in my hand…but alas…time constraints prohibited the preparation of my Heavenly Brew! There were many different topics which had ties to family, children, life, music, church….well the list goes on. Last night was a renewal of sorts and a loving warmth spread to A Little Bit of Everything important to me.

Please do not think I want to be the center of attention. I was merely the social butterfly fluttering about the different personalities. My friends at church seem to fit neatly in the different areas of my life. Many overlap and we use these connections to build each other up when life interrupts.

Topics covered last night:
Outreach to the Seniors
Death of a pet yesterday
Stupid things our kids do
Funny things our kids do
House repairs and painting
Did I say music…

Well there was more…but maybe you get the idea. The special thing about my friends is that we wear so many hats and have the ability to relate and help each other in every facet of our intricate existence. “Okay, those of you that may see yourself, in any way, just relax…and remember the laughter shared and the pats on the back…and let it ease the struggles you may come across today.” Oh…except for the one who went to whack me in the head with a microphone! You know who you are…LOL!

My weight loss accountability friend came in last night and grilled me over my caloric intake. Mmm…grilled! “Sorry I grabbed an apple…my stomach is beginning to growl.” I was able to say I have lost weight…over a pound a day. “As of this morning I have lost four pounds since starting this diet on Monday.”

One of my BFFs (the one married to my BFF minister of music) was home with sickies. I so missed her but what can I say…”BTDT”

I have told you before about the Peas in a Pod group of friends …well most were present and accounted for last night. There are many topics of conversation weaving in and out, when this group is together, and just about every topic on the above list was discussed. This is the group that has given me the nickname “Trouble” which is not a very fitting name…if I do say so myself. I have never done anything to merit this personality stamp…except for that one time and they don’t know about that. Hehe! The shoulders of comfort and strength, we share in this group, are held up and supported by the love and joy as our friendship grows. Even when we do not share our deepest pain…we know and understand and are there for each other.

I need coffee…especially when talking about this group!

A friendly spunky spirit came back to choir last night. She works with the Children’s Ministry and we worked together during Vacation Bible School. We have many common life factors starting with my home town. Her mom worked with my husband…her family went to church where my brother was Minister of Music…all in my hometown and now we have connected. She always shares her warmth in her smile and even her frown. “Her frown is not on her face long…she is just tooo….spunky and it is contagious. We talk about her love of photography and her traveling hubby, who is back in town, and her recent bout with sick children. She wants to get together and do lunch…as long as salads are served I will be fine. Mmmm!…salads.

Don’t laugh…I am really trying to be good and watch what I eat. Everything is listed and counted on that My Fitness Pal app and I need to maintain the levels. Those unseen calories add up so quickly.

The creaking floors are sounding above my head as the rest of the family begin to start their day. Work lies ahead of them along with a tune-up for the 22 year old’s truck and on-the-job-training for the 19 year old. TKD for the youngest later this afternoon and …


Tonight for dinner we will have something….good! At least my hubby works until 8 and will get home about 9 tonight. I have a few hours to plan dinner. I do need to do a little cleaning so maybe I will do that before leaving for lunch. You know the dusting and vacuuming and laundry…giggle, giggle…my last load is in the washer already. I have been busy this morning while writing this.

Well the entire family is up and the day is in full swing. I have multi-tasked too much this morning and I need to close. I cannot write with my youngest in the room. I will move on to another activity…maybe the dusting…and try to fit everything in today. I hope you can find time to do A Little Bit of Everything in you day. Take a moment to think about those special people in your life and the areas they touch…then smile and continue knowing they probably thought about you too! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: For Me!…Versatile Blogger Award!!!

So there I was…doing a blog check before Praise Team practice. The band was busy getting plugged in and setting their levels. The 3 singers…well we were just hanging out playing with our phones and checking in with families. It was after 8:00 pm my time, after midnight blog time, and I just wanted to see the final tally of the day. There was a notification! “I love notifications!” I pressed the little number and out popped the announcement.

“I have nominated your awesome blog for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD!


Isn’t it funny how we are automatically drawn to capital letters…I have to admit I re-read this pop-out several times. The goosies crawled up and down my arms and I began to dance around calling several of my friends.

I would like to thank…Expert of None (Expert of None) for this honor!
I am thrilled to accept this lovely recognition! Please make sure to visit this wonderful blog where Expert of None offers advice, guidance, and a good laugh. We all need this!

I am new to this honor…and to blogging so please bear with me…I hope I do this right!
There are Rules:
Thank the person and/or blog for the nomination!…Check!
Share 7 Facts about yourself….
Nominate 15 Blogs/Bloggers that I follow…”Hmm, might have a problem because I am so new to the blogging community!”
Shall we try?

7 Facts about me:
1) I love to sing! I am involved in many aspects of the Music Ministry at my church…everything from solos to working in the Music Library.
2) I had, about 17 years ago, a Recording Contract in my hot little hands waiting for my signature.
Due to the Record Label’s date requirements for travel and studio session and the conflict I had with a speaking engagement….”Well! I chose the speaking engagement!”
3) I have been married for 26 years and am the mother of four boys. Their ages ranges from 11-23.
The 11 year old was adopted four years ago.
4) I am considered a G.R.I.T.S. (Girls Raised In The South)
5) I do NOT have a southern drawl or twang…BUT…I can sure put one on for you! “Bless Your Heart!…I have a dawg!…Mo’ Tea?”
6) I love Coffee! “Well anyone who reads my blog would probably figure that out quickly.”
Drum roll!
7) I love to write! I have written a Children’s Book and am still proofing a book I started 3 years ago.
I write poetry and lyrics…my son’s Research Paper( please ignore that last statement!)

Wow! I was just getting started…there is really more about me but you can see that in my writing!

Nomination of 15 Blogs/Bloggers:
I hope I have that many!
1) 7 Days Time. I found this blog when I saw a tag for Fort Benning.
2) Sweet Pea’s Kitchen. I do love to cook and tips and hints can be found here!
3) The Year of the Mommy. She is a stay at home mom too!
4)The Laughing Housewife. A delight collection of humor and reality.
5)Spirited Mama1. Life and how to get through the daily trip.
6)Childhood Relived. Life reflected through a love for writing.
7)Rantings of an Amateur Chef. Realistic views of cooking and creative recipes.
8)Katherine’s Daughter. Writer at heart with a love for her family and job.
9)The Linen Sash. We are Peas in a Pod!
10)Musings of a Southern Mama. Too much in common between us Southern Girls!
11)everythingyoualwayswantedtosaybutwereafraid. Life when retired…”What? I was just dreaming!”
12)Just Me. A spin on Middle Aged Motherhood.
13)cooksploratrice. A humorous and adventurous spirit in and out of the kitchen.
14)Attendance Please. How to find grace everyday…even when we may not see it!
15)the newlywed wife. She was looking for advice…I gave it!

I did it…all 15! Please check out these wonderful bloggers! As for those I Nominated…thank you for inspiring me and I hope you accept your nomination.

Thank you again to “Expert of None”…I appreciate the nomination! I am off to a Grand Opening…I hope there is parking! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: My Recurring Patterns?


Today is Friday and I found myself not thinking about Current Events. Instead I found myself going through a preset, habit formed, group of functions. I find it curiously comforting as I take a closer look at this routine. There are differences…but only slight ones…with interruptions thrown in!
The endless spiral of events, that connect my actions as I flow through the daily motions, are structurally needed. You will probably notice a similar pattern in your own life. So…here is My Recurring Patterns!

Alarm off
Put on fuzzy socks
Head for the coffee pot
Check Facebook
Check Chat
Check email
Check Swagbucks
Check Blog
Respond to early risers on Facebook messenger or text
Fix lattes and breakfast
Training of 11 year old on correct behavior
Check blog
Check Facebook
Start laundry
Load or unload dishwasher
11 year old to bus stop
Start the daily blog
Pour coffee in travel cup for husband
Continue blogging
Respond to messages and text
Complete blog post for the day
Check Facebook
Conversations with friends
Move laundry
General cleaning
Check blog stats
Get other two sons out the door for the day
Fix another latte
Check Facebook
Play music (sometimes to learn music)
Focused cleaning
Move laundry and fold clothes
Respond to texts
Check blog stats
Plan dinner
Move or fold laundry
Check blog
Check email
Help with homework as I cook dinner…

By now you are sitting there shaking your head…don’t be to quick to judge! You have your patterns too! This list would be far shorter and would not be filled with check blog and Facebook if it weren’t for convenience of my type of phone and iPad. They are always with me and I can quickly maneuver the familiar apps and pages with little time spent. The delightfully unique and personalized chimes and tones associated with each notification add music to my day and keep me updated as I move through the average housekeeping duties. At the push of a button I can be instantly aware of Facebook changes and texts as well any calls I may have not been able to answer. “I am actually doing things that cause me to miss phone calls…or texts!”

I must confess that the act of checking my blog stats has been filled with excitement and anticipation. I was thrilled this past week to find my daily blog post listed as a “Featured Post”! I surpassed the previous records this week and just can’t help but watch the numbers increase each time I check the stats.

“I would like to thank each of you for your likes and views…and those of you who now follow this Blog…you put a smile on my face and brighten my day!”

My daily life, as average as it is, contains many out of the ordinary tasks. The adoption of a Special Needs child, the economic upheaval with our family owned small business, the activities surrounding my singing in various groups as well as the continued ups and downs of life, as experienced by my three older sons, are the center of my structurally routine existence. I may not conquer the business world or find a cure for disease but, I am happy! “I have my low points just like everyone…yet…I am at peace in my little corner of the world!”

We each have those habits and ways of doing things as we go through our day. From the morning wake up call to the setting of the alarm at bedtime we are engaging in the same routines as we care for our families. The order may be different but there is a pattern…a general consistent flow…that is the basis of you daily scheduled life. We may not consider the little routines as important but we would be wrong! These little connections with family and friends keep us current and offer us an emotional boost as we continue through our pre-set day. This satisfies the basic need of belonging…we all want to be part of something!

Consider your day to the smallest activity. What do you find yourself doing when there is a pause in your schedule? I would make a guess you are just like me! It is now time to recheck my Facebook and catch up with those who are now starting their day. I hope all of the status updates are good for you and yours today! I am off to follow My Recurring Pattern!

Have a great day!

Peach State