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Peach State says: I Feel So Crafty!


Boy, this has truly been a day for coffee!
This morning started 30 minutes early due to another monthly meeting at hubby’s work. Yea!
Then I was a chicken-with-my-head-cut-off cleaning before the bug-guy came to get ride of the pesky pests. Unfortunately the company, we signed up with Thursday, forgot to communicate with the head office and the appointment was never made. So being the mother, that I am, I called Saturday and sweetly complained in my best Bless-your-heart tone. I believe the words I used were “We just signed up and my husband is not pleased, AT ALL, with the lack of commitment to your words.” The voice on the other end of the phone reassured me that I would have a technician here first thing Monday morning between 8-9 am. Soooo…this morning, at 9:05, I called the office and let them know no one had showed. I was immediately placed with a manager and told him the entire story again. Guess what? The manager said he would be at my house about 10:30 am to take care of the issue/job. He was!

More coffee made and enjoyed…I began to work on the bulletin board craft for my youngest’s birthday.

Plain old bulletin board…

Start in the corner and tuck the material in between the frame and the cork…

More coffee!

And tuck…

Ta-Da!. I Feel So Crafty!

What do you think?
Do you think my son will like it?

The only thing left to do is size the curtains tomorrow and then hang them on Wednesday. I hope he cleans his room between now and then!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Ageless Progression


This past Saturday I celebrated my ? birthday. You didn’t think I was going to tell you how old young I turned…did you? I was the recipient of many wonderful texts and Facebook wishes…and old fashioned phone calls. The humorous personality was EPIC… and I wanted to share the cards I received from my little group…Peas in a Pod!

Our Mutual Cat Loving Friend…did you already figure that out…yep NINJA CAT!

I was warned, with the next card from one of the husband and wife tag teams, of loss of hearing and eyesight when I get older…”Good thing I am NOT there yet! (Quit pointing that finger as you laugh!)

(Inside in very, very, did I say very small print…)
…so, what did you think of your musical card?
FYI…it was not a musical card giving the recipient a preview of sorts to vision and hearing problems. I did not have any problems reading the cards and laughing at the joke! Good One!

The next card…well, I may have to pass this card to other members of the “POD”… (You have been warned!) This one came from an avid coffee drinker…decaf!


…and included a pop-up!

Question…Why would the card limit you to just a Double-shot?

The BFF tag team gave me a musical card…

I cautiously opened the card, aware that it was musical, to read “…and You’re Hotter Than Ever…” as “Ring of Fire” played. (Gee Thanks… But just so you will know…911 was not called due to the number of lit candles on my cake!)

I want to mention one more…this sender of wishes is known by all of the “Pod” but chooses to serve in another part of our church… She has often participated in reading and contributing to my blog and is the party responsible for the “Straight-Jacket Award” connected with my “Facebook Funnies”…

See What I Mean!

I don’t want to leave my family out of this…

My loving family gave my an inflatable walker! “Bless Their Hearts!

I was asked to check out a bracelet, for the past week, that had been brought in for repairs…but got the news last night…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It replaces the one that disappeared about a year ago!

Needless to say I was a bit surprised! Hubby also gave me another present about 3 weeks ago…A Tower of speakers…

It is Bluetooth compatible as well as AM/FM. I hope my hubby learns to like all my music!

All in all it was a very “Happy Birthday”! A big, big thank you to all of my well-wishers!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Time To Breathe!


A cloudy-overcast day helps to set the tone for the day….rest, relax, and more important
Time To Breathe!

A slight return to normal with the vacation mentality safely put away until April. I will bake a cake today for my oldest, who is turning 24, and hope that I have all of the ingredients for his favorite home-cooked dinner. “I hate this time of the month…no money!”

My number 2 son is running between 3 jobs and working out…“I told him to complain when he was responsibly keeping up with and managing schedules much less doing as much as I do a day!”

My number three son will head off to the final step of enlistment Monday morning…“I think I am ready!”

AND… The youngest…will he will be back at school Monday! “Can I get an AMEN!”

The starving masses are gathering. So until Monday…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: ’twas the Day Before Easter


’twas the Day Before Easter and all through this house…not a creature was stirring…”Well that’s not true!” 3 of us are up…not functioning well…but up! There is a lot to do today so I can enjoy my time with family tomorrow. Where shall I begin?

Haircuts….check…did that yesterday!

Easter candy…check…did that yesterday!

Eggs boiled…check
Now I have the eggs ready for the egg coloring and Easter Egg Hunt at a friend’s house later this morning. I will put some in the fridge for later…Deviled Eggs…”Yummy!”

The Spiral Ham is in the fridge already…just waiting for a re-heat.

Potatoes diced and boiled…check
I cheated a bit…OreIda Red Potatoes in the freezer section…just zap and cool…add the mayonnaise mixture for the Potato Salad.

The rest of the dinner is easy and already bought…check

Bake the Carrot Cake…I will do that later today!

Yeah! That won’t be to much for the day…”Will it?”
I have the Easter Egg Hunt about 10 and the trick will be balancing the time with shopping for two more Easter Shirts… I also need to pick up a Birthday Card for my third son…he turns 19 tomorrow!
There may be a Praise Team and band practice this afternoon but I have to wait to hear from our director.

I can remember, as a child, the seeking of the lost eggs. I don’t think I really enjoyed this activity but, would participate because of the younger siblings. I did love the Easter Basket! My mother changed the type of Easter Basket as we go older. One year I got a cute trash can with items for my room…I was 14 years old. I will not have any baskets to prepare this year…our youngest told us this past week that he knew there was no Easter Bunny. “Big Mistake!” Sooo…I will have a large bowl filled with grass…”The Easter Nest”…which will be filled with an assortment of family favorites along with a Chocolate Easter Bunny for all family members.

Having four boys I have been fortunate not to have to deal with fancy dresses and hairstyles much less the ribbons and bows to coordinate. I remember the Easter my mother curled my hair and my little sister’s hair…in true matching style! I don’t think she ever did it again! Pink Velvet Ribbons, from the ribbon on the matching dresses she made, were placed in our hair among the large curls.
We were quite the picture of perfection…until my little sister ran outside to check for eggs. The curls fell out in the humidity!

There was never an Easter without our celebration at church. My father would often go to the Sunrise Service and we stayed home with mama…joining daddy at church for the Sunday School hour and the major Easter Service. Easter is my favorite time of the year not for the chocolate but for our beliefs.

It will be a lovely day, with family and friends, filled with celebration at church and at home. The only bad thing about tomorrow is not living real close to my parents and other family members…Oh! and the lack of sugar free chocolate available. I grabbed what I could…

How will you spend your Easter? What activities will fill your day? Whatever your traditions I wish you a wonderful Easter…Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Solitary Reflections


This week has been a blur of movement and activity. Things have been accomplished and others have been added to the growing stack for this next week. Oh the joys of motherhood! For the first time, in my life as a mother, I find that my schedule does not revolve around the boys! WOW! When did this happen? They come and go as they respond to my well wishes for the day. I smile and proceed with my day…the ever present chores…conversations with friends…planning of dinner.
The head count for dinner seems to float between 3-5 instead of the original 6 mouths to feed. Thinking and reacting on my feet with a “shoot from the hip” mentality! Solitary Reflections!

I have been gone several nights, myself, this week. Of course this is due to our Easter Musical practices. Today is the last practice…what will I do next week? “Trio practices!” One of the trios that I am on has been asked to sing at a type of civic meeting. They meet throughout the month and would like to have music as a part of their meetings. This means the learning of new music and practices to organize. But that is next week and I don’t need to worry about that right now. My life is a consistent symphony, of sorts, with dramatic emotional transitions. I find contentment in my small corner of the world.

My grandmother celebrated another birthday yesterday and some members of the family will gather with her today. I wish I could have been able to attend…I did not know about it in time to try and make arrangements. But I do have practice today! I will miss spending this special day with my grandmother. She is in her mid-nineties and may not even know I am not there. I still miss her! She is one of my greatest inspirations and examples in my life. Her grace and wisdom overflowed into my life and for this I will be eternally thankful. I find myself thinking of her as statements and movements surface through me. The simple pleasures in life…beauty in the garden…love of the beach…walking…picnics… We are really alike in so many ways! I miss our talks and time together!

This next week begins a flurry of review for my youngest. They are getting ready for the series of standardized tests. I put him in a Saturday program to assist in this preparation. The school promptly cancelled one session because of two county-wide required furlough days for teachers. They got Thursday and Friday off and did not want to come back for a 3 hour session on Saturday. Can you really blame them? My son will not be able to attend today’s session because I cannot guarantee the availability of a ride home at the needed time. Sooo…he goes with me!

I was used to taking the boys with me to my extra practices. It was our way of life. It was the way I was raised and what I was used to! I guess I am thankful for the extra practices for the main fact that it gets me out of the house. I find myself a home-body of sorts. Not by choice but by necessity. I have accepted this flaw in my life and even embrace it from time to time. I have been invited to participate in group functions and had to turn them down for several reasons. No one to watch our youngest, economic deficiencies, and the wishes of my husband. I guess I am a unique and complicated person! Everyone else finds a way and seems to do whatever they want to do! They gather at peoples houses and share meals or go out together. I am never invited to those activities. “I resolve to do for my family and be there even when not needed.” Now that is a mouth full!

I have been able to see the change in seasons in dramatic ways this week. If you have watched the news our state reached record high levels in pollen counts this week. With pollen comes new growth…blooms of color and explosions of green fill the landscape. We had some rain which washed some of the yellow haze away…but another burst of spring followed the rain. The fluffy white blossoms have blown away in the breezes, creating a flurry of petals. Green leaves appeared as the trees begin to take on their full refreshed appearance.

It has been a good week all in all. I count myself blessed and look forward to what this next week will bring. You know…grocery shopping, loading and unloading of the groceries, normal daily activities with an assortment of daily challenges to overcome. I am ready! “Are you?”

I look forward to sharing the funny and humorous parts of my life this next week. For now I will close and start getting ready for practice. I will drink in the morning…what I have left of it…as I finish my coffee. I should text a friend of mine to pick up a coffee for me as he goes thought he drive thru at Starbucks. “He owes me!” I will get to see my dearest of friends and spend the good part of the morning with them and most of the day tomorrow. What a way to spend the weekend!

What are your plans for the weekend? Did you have a fulfilling week? Take a moment and consider your Solitary Reflections!

Peach State