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Peach State says: Have Chair…Need View!


The Yellow Plague still contaminates my relaxing view! Of course there is also the lack of white sand, waves crashing serenely on my buried feet and the gentle ocean breeze!

“Have Chair…Need View!”

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: And So It Begins…

And So It Begins…
With coffee in hand I will start this cloudy day. It is a busy morning that will be moving faster than the speed of sound in the next hour. Planning and practices have led up to this day with two major items on the schedule from 9-11 this morning. It starts with a planning meeting for a major Simulcast next weekend that will be held at my church. I can’t wait for this event! I will share with you next week about this! At 10 my youngest takes the court with his basketball team in their first game of the season. We will come home and have lunch and do a few chores before the college football games, scheduled for today, invade our living room. Don’t get me wrong…I live for days like this one….sports, family, weekend cleaningbut who wouldn’t want to be somewhere else…with fewer interruptions?



Alas…the proverbial chips did not fall in my favor!
I will splurge a bit and stop by my favorite watering hole, on the way to church, and pick up some energy in a cup! (Starbucks…yep, yep yep!) I will have a smile on my face and be lucky enough to spend time with friends that I typically do not see except for Sundays. I will also be able to spend a little one on one time with a dear, sweet, peas in a pod friend whose son is also playing basketball at the same time as mine. “I wonder if we will be watching the game!”

It’s the weekend…and I do love a good…sports filled weekend! “I hope I feel this way in 8 weeks!”
What do you enjoy doing on your weekends? I will be quiet now…get some rest and relaxation…we all deserve that! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Just Another Day!

That ticking clock stops for no man…
The news dishes out the headlines filled with sadness and strife.
Facebook notifications continue as those we know keep us up to date on the trips to the doctor and to the beach.
The weather brings in dark cloud cover and refreshes the browning grass and wilting plants.
Yep! It’s Just Another Day!

I guess I should be happy…
It is Friday and the weekend cometh.
There is only a week and a half until school starts back.
I am still receiving Facebook notifications.
Because of the rain I will not have to water the plants by going back and forth from the sink to the deck.

It is really all about how we look at things. Perception! It is not just another day…It is another day we are breathing and functioning. It is a day we have our family and friends around us. So enjoy yours and I will enjoy mine! Make it wonderful for those around you and it will be wonderful for you!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: “And Mom and Dad Can Hardly Wait For School To Start Again!”

My Facebook has been taken over with beach themed pictures and children clad in the glistening-sunscreen-and-sand-armor. The pails pictured in solitary state, as if posing for it’s close up, waits with it’s brightly colored accomplices…you know the shovel and rake…the occasional flip-flops. I know there are many more scenes of summer to come in the next 40-45 days.


We spend many hours planning a vacation getaway and then big $$$ is “shelled” out (excuse the pun!) just so that dreadful phrase will not be spoken. “I’m Bored!”

[insert the background music from the movie Psycho or Jaws…]

Sadly the song running through the heads of most moms and dads is a Christmas song…It is a well known and loved song…“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” It is not because the temperatures are unbearably high and no relief can be found…it has been relatively mild here!
It is because of the infamous line in the song…“And Mom and Dad Can Hardly Wait For School To Start Again!”

With school ending in May, those of us in this neck of the woods of Georgia, have already escaped for their Summer destinations. Some of my friends…you know who you are…are presently enjoying the Oceanside breezes mixed with that memory making salty spray. I may get the chance in July…(Crossing my fingers as I close my eyes tight!)…to visit my beach house. Our main destination is different this year as we will head north into the mountains.

No white sandy beaches…lots of trees.
No waves crashing…unless you count the waves made at the end of an amusement park ride.
No salty-wind-blown hair styles…wind blown hair styles after riding a new roller coaster.

You may think I am a little premature in my writing of this end-of-summer topic but, a sweet-spunky-spirit mentioned it during our chat time this morning. All I did was ask her what her schedule was like today…she ended her reply with wanting her children to go back to school! “She is the mother of three and the oldest is going into 5th grade.” I will probably feel the same way when I get back from my family vacation. “Let the countdown commence!” When we get home there will be about 20 days left before the meeting of teachers begins and the back to school shopping craze infiltrates every moment of the day…and then some. [The first day of school is August 1st 2012]

No, no, no, no, no! I am not looking forward to school yet! I am enjoying the solitude of my coffee time. No interruptions of panic-driven hustle-and-bustle looking for paperwork and shoes but, give me another 2-3 weeks and ask me again. I am a woman and we were created to change our minds quickly. My son has been enrolled in TKD and it will carry through into the school year. I take him, in his ninja t-shirt, every day.

What? I will not hear him say those doom-filled words!

I have vacations pics coming my way and I will share…just in case you are in the same boat I have been in for the past several years. Then again…no one wants to be reminded of places they cannot go. It does get easier as the kids get older. “I can leave the house and disappear and they can fin-4.” (fin for yourself) I do take the youngest with me now that the older boys are working.

What will your summer hold? Have you made plans or are you already contemplating the return to school? Let me know! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Rain! What Do You Mean Rain?

There I was…walking along the warm sandy beach…the gentle cascading waves rolling across my feet and my ankles. What time is it? My alarm…NOOOO! I was dreaming! I woke up and came downstairs with my eyes half closed and walked into the kitchen for my coffee. Rain! What Do You Mean Rain!

Yep…can I go back to bed and back to my beachy dream?

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Spring Break!

Well it’s finally here…the last vacation from school before the summer…woo hoo! (sarcasm…sorry!)
Reasons I am glad It’s Spring Break!

Less time on the road!
Most people have left town and there is no traffic!

Shopping is easier and quicker!
Most people have left town and there are no long lines

Can get gas at the gas station!
Most people have left town and no waiting to get gas…just have to have lots of $$$!

Sleeping in!
Who am I kidding…hubby still going to work!

Laid back schedule!
No practices at church…but practices will be at a friends house…one one doctor’s appointment, family haircuts before Easter…shopping for Easter clothes…I need shoes! maybe it is not the ideal stay at home vacation! I will be able to spend time outside today…pulling weeds! What a nice way to have quality family time…no son that is not a weed! I will start my vegetable garden this week and maybe buy a few more flowers for color. Reminder…make nail appointment for later in the week! “I do love playing in the dirt…without gloves!” I will have help from two sons as I clean out the old dead plants and replace the soil…I can taste the fresh tomato sandwiches already!

I have several friends who stayed in town…and we will be getting together this week. Time with friends and family is what a vacation is all about…we are just not near a beach…so…

(breath in…breath out…ahhh!)

Sorry..I just had to have something beachy to look at! I will be content to enjoy my quiet unscheduled days at home. No son! Stop running in the house! Calm down! Leave your brother alone! Quiet, relaxing days at home! “What is that?” It’s Spring Break!

I will be able to get a lot accomplished and enjoy my week! “Sounds like a mantra.”
How will you spend your time off? Will you spend it with friends and family? Mine will be good…with friends and family you can’t go wrong! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: A Girl Can Dream…Can’t She?

The waves gently caressing the shoreline as a breeze whispers in my ear…”Wake Up!”…What?
“A Girl Can Dream…Can’t She?”

Why is it that we dream of exotic locales with a beach or beautiful city like Paris ? Most of us have been to a beach…”I have been fortunate to visit many different types of beaches.” I have experienced the varied beaches in Hawaii, the beaches of the Washington State coastline, the small strip in New York City, and the various beaches connected with three cruises. I love beaches but only dream about one…the one I grew up loving…our beach house ( home away from home ). The brilliant white sand that seems to melt as you walk to the water’s edge. The vibrant shades of blues and greens that stretch to the horizon and beyond. ( breathe ) The ebb and flow of the crashing waves and the scent of relaxation in the salty breeze. What? A Girl Can Dream…Can’t She?

Everything we need just appears and we have no worries. There is a peaceful atmosphere filled with all the warmth and love a person could ask for. No lists of daily labors or loads of laundry to be completed and folded. Meals are laid out with only a cloudy wisp of thought. Everything, just when we desire it, appears and floats away into the dream mists. What? “A Girl Can Dream…Can’t She?

The European Vacation has eluded my simple life. I hope one day to be able to see the sights only seen in the movies. Until then…I will stroll, across the bridges, viewing the brush stokes of the artists. I will breathe in the fragrance of fresh bread and espresso floating on the air. The mere blinking of my eyes will transport me to another scene filled with visions of a culture rich in beauty. The culmination of this dream leads to one fantastic place. The final opening of my eyes brings me to The Eiffel Tower in Paris! There is just something about the Eiffel Tower. “I know there are many who feel the same way!” I close my eyes in hopes of seeing the city from the Eiffel Tower only to wake up and turn off the blaring alarm. What? “A Girl Can Dream…Can’t She?

I wish that I could dream about how my sons could all have wonderful jobs and successful lives. I wish I could dream about my youngest finally realizing what we have been trying to teach him…and follow through. I wish I could dream about how not to have the financial strife that is presently plaguing our family. There would be no need to diet and I would live contently in a peaceful and good life! If I could…I would! Wouldn’t you? What? “A Girl Can Dream…Can’t She?

What do you see and try to hold on to in your dreams? We just need a little escape from our routines and stresses…yes we do!

Peach State

Peach State says: I am missing my solitary yellow pail!

My Solitary Yellow Pail

The waves meeting the shore…the breeze gently moving the clouds in the sky.  The sun beaming proudly down on the white sand and the tanning crowds…”I am missing my solitary yellow pail!

This is a memory from one of our trips to the beach house.  I love going to the beach house!  Just opening the door to the house and breathing in the fragrance, of this quaint little cottage by the sea, causes an explosion of memories to flood into my heart and head.  The remnants of Coppertone and Sea and Ski lotions mixed with salty air have imprinted deeply throughout every corner of the house.  I just have to pick up a bottle of Coppertone and breathe in to visualize the house wherever I am.  The contrast of the little house against the typically blue sky is a sight to behold.  The moving of the porch furniture, from the back room, through the doors to the porch is a priority.  We remember fondly the old creaks and sounds associated with our childhood.  The refrigerator, called Bertha, shaking wildly with each cycle that shook the house and the old rusty fan that squeaked as it oscillated.  “Good Times!”  The fashion parade of beach hats and the line of flip-flops just out the back door…”Good Times!”

It is rainy and cold here in my neck of the woods today…I was looking for a picture when I came across one of my favorites.  The little yellow pail sitting alone on the brilliant white sand against the beautiful, ever-changing backdrop, of our beach.  We have been trying for the past several years to escape our city life, without the children, and flee together to our home away from home.  “One day!”  We keep promising each other it will happen soon but our lives have changed so much that retreating is not an option.  “Can’t decide if the word “retreating” has a meaning of falling back or a pleasant getaway.”  Both definitions work, sadly, causing me a heavy heart.  I yearn for the obvious getaway and refreshing of mind from schedules and obligations.  The walks, with a scenic view, and laughter, over filled coffee cups, are just the start to a glorious day at the beach.  Items for the time at the beach are stowed into bags and gather up and taken in hand.  Set up on the sand…. Breathe in…Breathe out….Relax!  The naming of the seagulls is part of the trip…Jonathon and Livingston are regular seagulls that visit every year.  “I know it is probably not the same ones…”  My parents once pointed out that Jonathon and Livingston were hungry.  “It was a trap to see who was paying attention and remembered their literature.”  The names stuck!  Some of the other names were Monty, Python, Harry, Ron, and a group of seagulls were the “Knights Who Say Ni“.  “Good Times!”

The solitary little pail sitting in the picture was a afterthought.  I had been taking pictures of the cousins playing and we were getting ready to head back to the house.  I looked around and saw the lonely little pail, abandoned by my youngest in search for the perfect shell.  I snapped the picture and continued with the whisking of the towels.  After a lazy lunch, and a minimal cleanup, I found my place on the front porch and grabbed my camera.  We compared the scenes frozen in time and chose the ones to print.  I reached the little pail…”Remember?”…We both loved everything the picture embodied.  Everything from solitude to childhood beach time was connected with this picture.    I want another chance to make a memory like this one.  I want to find another scene to freeze in time.  I want….”Sounding needy..sorry!” “I am missing my solitary yellow pail!

What do you say?  Do you want to try again?  I will try my best to be flexible and not fill up my calendar.  I will bring the Coppertone!

Peach State