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You Want Me To Do What!?


I know I am not alone!  I find great relief in the fact that somewhere, right now, there is a wife being asked to do something they have never had to do before!  They’re question is the same…

“You Want Me To Do What!?

Let me back up to last night…My sweet and loving hubby called, as he does not very night on his way home, with an excitement in his voice.   “I have some fresh tomatoes for you and a zucchini!”  I don’t cook with zucchini…never have!  My hubby asked me to make him a loaf of Zucchini Bread…and one for his friend.  I thought to myself…


I googled for a recipe and made it…put the three pans in the oven and sent this picture to my hubby.   He was soooo excited!  Smelled half way decent while it cooked and I may have to try a teeny-tiny-barely visible-microscopic bite.  I will let you know!

“May your life be filled with love, laughter and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Not Just For Zapping Coffee Anymore or Learning to Work A Convection Microwave


Oh Joy…Oh Thrill…my NEW Microwave!. Let the fun begin!

Take heed brownie and muffin mixes! No use hiding refrigerator biscuits! I have a convection oven…well I have the convection oven feature on my NEW microwave.

“It’s Not Just For Zapping Coffee Anymore or Learning to Work A Convection Microwave”!!!

It’s Not Just For Zapping Coffee…can you believe it? (insert chuckle here…) You and I both know I used my microwave for many functions, all the same, I cannot wait to become a Mad Scientist again. And without all the sweltering-radiating-heat-from-the-almost-out-of-date oven I can roast and bake to my little heart’s content. “Yea Me!” (Doing the dance of joy….okay I stopped!).

Now all I need to do is locate the book…you know the one…:

Fantastic Recipes For Your Convection Oven

If it is not available I will just look for a copy of:

“Convection Cooking for Dummies”

Now is not the time to be a chicken and not experiment. “OOO…Chicken would be good for dinner!….Roasted Chicken!” Wait a minute… I have thought of one major drawback! How will I be able to know when my brownies are done…”you know!”…oooey-gooey-rich-and….WONDERUL!. This could be a BIG problem!

I am pleading with all Convection Oven Cooks…send advice, recipes, tricks of the trade and shortcuts. All will be appreciated!

Well…Precious Princess is having a spa day…(translation: the groomer is here!) and not a moment to soon. Precious Princess will be racing up the stairs in a moment while the groomer cleans up after the bath portion of the session. I will then let her run freely, in her curl free cut, before herding her out the door.

I look forward to sharing my new, highly anticipated, recipes.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Today Is For Chocolate!


Mmm…I am craving Chocolate! “Today Is For Chocolate!”

So I went to my favorite source to find the perfect recipe…Something different that would embrace every dessert craving taste bud. Rich, chewy, sweet, salty, smooth and…well you get the idea.

Here it is:


I know you will love this recipe. Just fix and enjoy!
There is a Brownie S’more recipe…but I will try it first and share later…

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: All is Calm, All is Bright

Christmas Eve is finally here and all the planning and strength training will be tested.

I know it may feel like it but not at this house. “Nope!”  The house is still quiet and will swing into full gusto in about an hour and a half.  My day was already full and since talking with you yesterday I have two guests coming over today.  2 young ladies, each one the significant other, will visit and then whisk the son, they are associated with, out the door for festivities with their families.  But for now…”All is Calm, All is Bright“.

I awoke this morning as usual and already had a list of VIP tasks to accomplish.  After waking my husband and making sure he was eating his breakfast and functioning I headed to the kitchen.  The ingredients of the various casseroles covered the counter and my body took over.  Sip of coffee, bowls, spoons for mixing, cheese and eggs from the refrigerator, sip of coffee.  A time for everything and everything in its place, including the coffee cup in my hand.  One casserole at a time was prepared and covered.  Each one placed in the refrigerator where they will stay until tomorrow for the final bake.  Coffee back in hand and sip!  “All is Calm, All is Bright

The pies and the three-layer cakes were all baked and wrapped yesterday.  The fudge was made and put away for today.  The cookies were all baked and wait for the icing and decorations.  I love making fudge for gifts….so I retrieve the fudge this morning and began cutting the slab of smooth, dark chocolate and place it on my cutting board.  The gift bags are placed out and ready for the heavenly little squares.  Once this is completed I pick up my trusted friend and finish the contents.  I need another cup!  Yet still…”All is Calm, All is Bright

You may wonder why I felt the need to prepare them all this early…Well with the visit of the girlfriends, and the fact that I have to be at my church at 12:15 for practice and sound checks, the 2 Christmas Eve Services at 2:00 and 4:00, I get tired just thinking about it.  HEHE! I like to plan ahead allowing for schedule changes.  I hear a noise from upstairs….one of my sons is up and moving around.  So much for a little more peace and quiet.  Pick up coffee cup and sip!  “All is Calm, All is Bright

I have to admit to you that the true test will come tomorrow.  I do not remember, sadly, ever going to church on Christmas when it fell on a Sunday.  Stop spitting out your coffee in unbelief and swallow.  Most of the churches either canceled services or I was out-of-town.  My husband is a little disturbed with the fact that I have the special in the morning.  I explained to him why we have never had this issue come up before and he replied…”We can go out-of-town!”  I just smiled back at him and reassured him that I would not be long and the service is early.  It is not like we have four children all getting toys from Santa.  We just have one and he is borderline “coal”.  “We can have breakfast and get ready for church, come home and baste the turkey then open presents.”  and “Don’t worry honey, you will get your Latte’ .” “All is Calm, All is Bright

The sun has been up for a little while now and it is not the only light I see.  The tree’s lights glisten giving pause to my gaze.  The time ahead is for remembering the reason for the season and spending time with my family and friends.  Take a moment to realize all that we have and don’t dwell on the regrets of our past.  We must step out on faith and take one step at a time as we head into this season and the upcoming new year.

Holding this concept to my heart I will close….family is moving around me and I want to be with them for as long as I can.  I pause with tears in my eyes for those I have lost dear to me and smile because I will see them again.  I hope you can have the same feeling and enjoy your Christmas and New Years.  Try to find the place in your season where “All is Calm, All is Bright” and you will have a Merry Christmas.


Peach State says: Today is the Day!

Cinderella would feel at home with my list of “Must Do’s” scheduled for today.  It has finally arrived, “Today is the Day!”

You know, by now, that I am one of those that prepares big meals in advance to lessen my kitchen time.  The casseroles will be made today along with the baking of most of the pies and cakes.  I already have the cookies for Santa made, and in the freezer, awaiting the decorations tomorrow.  I have an extra practice tomorrow, Christmas Eve, before the rest of the musicians arrive.  We are meeting at 12:30 pm and everyone else shows up at 1:30.  The first Christmas Eve Services will begin at 2:00 and the second one starts at 4:00.

I will arrive with gifts and the sweets ordered and deliver them to the appropriate parties.  On the list today I have 1 pie, orders of fudge and a Red Velvet Cake.  “Today is the Day!”  I think it would be wise to start with the cake first and make one for our family as well.just before taking them out to cool I will prepare the pies and have them ready to put in the oven when the cakes come out.  Then I will have the cooling and icing to do while the pies are cooking.  The fudge will be the last to do.  I will have to put it in the refrigerator and cut it later.

“I can’t help but think about the line from the movie “The Wedding Date” when the main characters arrive at the first of many parties and the mother tells her daughter to hydrate”.  So yes, the espresso will be made at the needed times.

In between the previous processes I will be preparing the various casseroles and fruit salads.  “I should hang a sign waring those here in the house to stay clear of the kitchen.  Which on should I use?” “Work Zone Ahead”, “Under Construction”, or “Expect Delays”.  I know it seems like I might be overwhelmed but quite the opposite.  I have the uncanny ability to function under chaos and find organization.   I have reminders on my phone for just this reason.  I am always making list to give me heads up for upcoming calendar events and to keep track of those close to me.  I cheerfully mark the item off when completed with a smile of accomplishment.  “Well done and no time for a pat on the back just yet”, “What is next on the list?”

Being this type of person I should let you know that I have already begun working on the items to be baked.  The crust is made and all ready for the pan, the cake pans are out and the cake boxes are made and ready to be filled.  The icing is prepared and in the refrigerator, “I need to pull it out and let is soften”, Wow, “Today is the Day!”  I sit here, giving you a peek into my little corner of the world, sipping on my Quad Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte’ and wait for my husband to leave.  I am hoping that I will be able to complete my shopping today which means I will have to receive something in the mail today.  “Please let it come today!”  I will need several more items for the snack for Christmas Eve.  I would really rather be at home, instead of at the store,  for the short time I have free tomorrow.

So, in the spirit of schedules I will proceed to the next item on my list.  LOL!  It is time to move the laundry!  Don’t forget I have

One down two to go!

all the other things I typically do in a day as well…. Have a great day and just in case I do not get the chance tomorrow…

Merry Christmas!


Peach State says . . Busy Day Decorations and Baking

Well the day is here and I should hopefully be done with the Christmas Decorations.  I finally got the furniture moved and the tree up in it’s place.  I put a few ornaments on the tree and may add a few more today.  I should be able to make the pie a friend bought and have it ready to deliver tomorrow and complete the decorating in time for the 3:15 deadline.  I finished the Thanksgiving pie and cake orders with 12 pie orders and 4 fruitcake orders.


You can't eat just one piece!

I love my Fruitcake recipe and so do the customers.  I only had one funny , age related, joke from a church friend.  I set him straight with a sample.  HEHE! Want the recipe?

"Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie"

To good to eat...Yeah right!

I made a decent percentage but will have to sit down and really add things up.  My orders started a week ago for the Christmas season.  I also added a Red Velvet Cake for people to order.  The Red Velvet Cake will be $28.   The Chocolate Chip Pie was the big hit.  With all of that said I hope to have snacks on the table, dinner cooking and the Game on by 3:15pm today.  Iron Bowl Day!!!  I am a little apprehensive about this game and it’s outcome.  I am hoping that I will not have to run from the room in tears or turn off the TV and busy myself with another activity.  I would love to wear my orange sweater with my blue shirt tomorrow but have a black outfit just in case we lose.  War Eagle!