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Peach State says: How I Update Myself

I found myself leaning heavily on my continuous flowing java fountain for a better part of my day. Why? Well…I have been bombarded by a pesky-pop-up message notifying me of the need to back up my iPhone and iPad. In a cruel boasting tone the same message communicated the excessive length of time that had elapsed since the last update. “Before you pass judgement on my lack of skills to press a button please realize that I have followed the directions and failed many times.”

How I Updated Myself!

I jolted my PC with a push of the power button as well as putting fresh batteries in the keyboard and mouse. “It’s Alive!” My 20 year old son, curious in my actions, asked if he could help. Being the sweet son that he tends to be he grabbed my phone. Can you guess what he found? All the apps that I had deleted were connected to “the cloud” and were set to be back up. “No Room!” We, as a tag-team, preceded to delete and update.

SUCCESS!!! My iPhone, iPad and personal computer are backed up and updated. The sad thing it did take a majority of the day! Now I need to fix dinner!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State