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Peach State says: Hehe…Haha…Facebook Funnies!


Still moving a little faster than a turtle’s pace but at least I am moving…well enough to fix my coffee and do some laundry and clean out the dishwasher… “You get the idea!”

Are you ready for some Hehe…Haha…Facebook Funnies!?

I need to let you in on a secret! our “Mutual Cat Loving Friend” has been under the weather this week and has not posted any funnies! “I know how she feels and wish her a speedy recovery…oh, and we need some more funnies!”

Let’s jump right in with the Straight-Jacket Award Winner:

Hmmm…Maybe that one should have been the Remind of Anyone Award Winner!

Nope…The Remind You of Anyone Award Winner is:

“How many times has my hubby told our sons he was going to do this?…Too many!” ( no lie…)

Speaking of no lie…

Who can relate?

I showed this to a teenager (18 year old) and he agreed with it whole-heartedly…of course he has three sisters under the age of 7!

Great!…Now I am hungry!

Time for the Cat Parade:

Personally…I have found that if my problem is that bad I can’t sing through the tears…So I guess this statement is true!

Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:

Aww…he’s speaking French to me!

Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:

Instructional Poster from the HSPSD…(Holiday Shipping Problems and Solutions Department)

“OOO! OOO! Pick me! I know this one!”

Just a tad-bit scary!

Wait a minute…How did this cool cat get in the mix? ( I love my Aubie!)

This one is a EMG Award Winner:

Now tell me you didn’t laugh!

I hope you found something to make you smile today! Remember to share the humor!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State