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Heart of Dixie says . . . I need an overhaul

Pensive Girl has a new-ish car.  She totaled her new Civic about six months ago and used the money to buy an Audi TT with nearly 200,000 miles on it.  The train of logic ran something like this: we’ll save the difference in the insurance pay-out and use it for repairs.

Let’s just say that the money is gone and Pensive Girl’s boyfriend now has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Audi TTs.

On the up side, the car has brand new insides.  I want to know how to get that.  How do I get a brain that resolves to do things (like lose weight) with the strength mentioned in the chiropractor’s sign?

All my grumpies went away yesterday when I finally saw Southern Man.  So, I also need a model that doesn’t depend on others for happiness

I need a model that doesn’t bite the hand that feeds it, too.  (My apologies for the mixed metaphor as well as the italics…I have no idea what I did there!) The more my mom wants to take care of me while I’m hurting, the madder I get.  I guess it makes me just feel guilty to have my mom, who is spending all her spare time taking care of Mema, take care of me.

My brain has knocks – the kind cars used to get back in the day.  Only my brain grumbles.  About the size of the closet, the cabinets, the table, the rooms.  About the amount of gas my car uses (realize that my car was a gift – talk about looking a gift horse in the tank). I need to get rid of the knocks.

I need more than a weight-loss resolution this year.  I need a brain overhaul.

I have thought for about a year that the answer is a church with a choir.  I visited one for a while, but I never joined the choir because it conflicted with my Bible study.  Still, though, I think that is really more of a new paint job, when what I really need is a new engine.