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Peach State says: Chilly Facebook Funnies

Snow covered back porch…check!
Snow covered front steps…check!
Snow covered yard and sidewalk…check!
Icy streets and driveways…check!!
Not knowing Elsa personally…Boy am I in trouble!

What a week I have had! Needless to say the snow and ice were not the only problems! Let’s see if you can figure out what may have been a problem! How about some “Chilly Facebook Funnies

I’m Just Sayin’ Award:

20140130-073027.jpgUh…no one got out of their cars to look at the snowflakes! They were busy doing other things!

Straight-Jacket Award Winner:( or…The employees raised money to send you on a snow-filled vacation!)

20140130-073153.jpgWhat do bosses know anyways! (“Don’t get me started about bosses!”)

Blog Worthy Award Winner:

20140130-073306.jpgWish I had seen one of these…they would have highly appreciated!

20140130-073822.jpg“Find a place to keep warm they said…Get something to eat and wait it out!” There was a bit of a gap in that governmental suggestion!

20140130-074105.jpgCan’t make it home…the next best thing available is the Home Depot!
( sadly the above picture was taken Tuesday here in the Atlanta area…and these people were grateful to Home Depot and the other few businesses open for a shelter from the cold!)

20140130-074455.jpgThis one just makes me cold thinking about it!

How about a few Non-Weather Funnies?

20140130-074810.jpgOops! That could be a picture of my “Precious Princess” Tuesday night!

20140130-074921.jpgDang…another mention of cold!

20140130-075012.jpgSnow and ice on the right…60’s and 70’s on the left..Here I am “Stuck in Georgia with you! ( sorry just humming while I type!)

20140130-075247.jpgI would settle for barefoot… Oh wait! I am barefoot if you don’t count the fuzzy socks!

Non-Weather Award Winner:

20140130-075436.jpgNow go google the song and sing-along!

Things have definitely been different here! I will fill you in on the current events later!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State


Peach State says: Have You Checked The Weather App?


“What? A girl is trying to dream here!”

Have You Checked The Weather App?

I have and I check it most every morning. I have been a dutiful friend and have sent screen pics to another friend who craves the cooler temperatures.

Now …Take into consideration that Atlanta is south of where I live and we run a little cooler because of the lack of asphalt-covered-surfaces…
Did you see the lows…”OOO”…they are coming…Low Temps!. “M-M-M!” I can taste the Mulled Cider/ Hot Chocolate/ Espresso Mocha just thinking about it! ( please choose one of the three mentioned drinks, available in my cozy kitchen, to share when visiting!) The chill is definitely in the air this morning…The misty rain has saturated the surfaces as it gives the fallen leaves a moist shimmer. The gray filled sky adds to the ambience completing the cooling Fall day. The incredible blue skies and color-filled-trees is the perfect day for being outside…but today is a day for indoor activities.

Now that is my new favorite color…“October”…”I love that color…it’s my favorite!” (inside joke!)
My wish, in all of this, would be that my rocking chair on my porch had this view! Can you imagine seeing this picture everyday and what about with snow laden branches? I think my incredibly wonderful hubby would build me a fireplace, to rock next too, if I had this view!

Well enough dreaming for the day…time to get ready to run errands. “How’s that for getting back to reality?”

“May you cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: A Bit More Coffee Cup Mentality

We may find ourselves drawn to cups/mugs for many reasons: the decorative qualities…to remind us where we have been…or just a inexpensive souvenir. We end up with a cabinet full of “perky” personality in varied shapes and sizes. My friends often talk about their cups…so I set out to collect pictures via Facebook. Welcome to A Bit More Coffee Cup Mentality!

The pictures came from all over…and are as unique as each of the personalities of my friends!

Can you imagine the feeling of sitting at the beach drinking your morning coffee out of these?

Even though this is for Tazo…my friend says this style cup warms her hands in the morning while she sips her coffee!

A friend recently treated his family to a taste of Broadway…Les Miserables was in town!


They went to Les Mis and all I got were these pics! Hehe!

Several of my friends enjoy a cup of tea now and then…one has a special cup just for her tea time!


Last, but not least, is a cup representing something a little closer to home.

“Funny thing…this friend lives in Tennessee and was here on business.” She did not like the cups provided during the meeting…so she bought this cup in the Starbucks on the corner during their first break. She said it is one of her favorites!

I should really clean out my cabinet…”I must confess I do love my coffee cups!”
I know I have some more to share with you!

The next time you reach for a cup or mug pay attention. Do you scan the selection for a favorite or just grab one? If you pause and find the cup, perfect for that moment, you have a “Coffee Cup Mentality!” I shall end for now and finish my second cup of espresso.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I am Thankful for GPS

Turn left in .2 miles then prepare to take the next right.  You have arrived at your destination!

I was on a mission early yesterday that took me to the other side of Atlanta.  I was headed to Emory/Egleston Children’s Hospital to be with my dear friends while the first procedure was done on their 6 year old daughter.  I had familiarized myself with the directions on the map app on my phone and followed the various and sometimes confusing turns that took me from the familiar Atlanta Interstate system.  The houses and quaint businesses were lining the streets and I probably looked like a deer standing in the headlights.  Relief flooded over me when I saw a blue square sign with a capital H.  There was a hospital in here and I am going the right way.

I took the last required turn and followed the signs for parking.  After driving around and around and around to find a parking spot I met with success and parked.  I gathered my wits and the items for survival that I had brought for my friends.  Pressed the button on the key….beep, beep.  Off I went into the maze of buildings in the large Medical Complex.  I was settled in with the family, after visiting and playing countless games of Connect Four with their daughter, and found myself pondering my return trip home.  Reaching for my phone I opened the map app and reversed the directions.  “Okay” I thought, “I am ready and will be able to get back to the interstate.”  I focused on the task at hand.

Anyone who knows Atlanta traffic knows the traffic flow is worse after 4 in the afternoon, when traveling north.  I looked at my watch and cringed.  I said my goodbyes and gave my hugs after hearing the results of the first procedure.  I strolled out of the door of the waiting room and picked up the pace.  It was after 4PM.  We had been in several buildings and I had to find the parking complex first.  In my car I prepared to leave and looked up at the empty GPS holder on the windshield.  Excitement tingled through my body as I reached for the little black box and attached it to the holder.  Turning it on I pressed the little button…”Where would you like to go?”… Home!  “Calculating”.  I know what you are thinking…I did not use this GPS device to give me directions to the hospital because I did not want to mess up the settings already set by my husband.  I did know that it could get me home!  It took me out the same way I came in until “Turn right and take the very next left”  I didn’t come this way.  I followed the directions and moved at a decent pace through areas of Atlanta I have never had the chance to see.  I even drove by the Govenor’s Mansion.  I finally received the direction to turn right and merge onto Interstate 75.  Wow…I bypassed Interstate 85 completely.  I was home free!

Today I am headed to another hospital, in a different location north of Atlanta, to be with the same family during the major surgery for the same child.  I am taking my son’s big truck and he has a GPS, phone, app playing stereo unit.  He is such a techno-geek!  He will set it up for me in a little while before I head out.  I looked at the directions to this second hospital last night and it looks a lot easier than yesterday.

I was raised to read a map and to read signs.  I drove to Washington State from Georgia and felt solace in the highway and interstate signs.  I know I can get where I need to be but I am thankful for GPS….It