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Peach State says: Onward and Upwards!


With coffee in hand I will arrive for the Basketball Assessments scheduled at 8:00-9:30 this morning. My youngest has earned the chance to play Basketball with the new league forming at our church. It is called Upward! His behavior has been a miraculous turn around in the past three weeks. Don’t ask me why…because I just don’t know. It has been a really nice change.


After the assessments we will head over to the Youth Building where I will drop him off for a full day of Back To School Partying with the youth group at our church. This will be an adventure in itself, as it is his first activity with the church youth group. I will then head, in a mad rush, to do a little banking and complete my birthday shopping. These birthday presents, for my youngest, will be wrapped and hidden before going to pick him up at 5 PM this evening. I am hoping for a nap sometime in this time period. Wish me luck! Maybe I can even work on my fingernails and give them a fresh coat before tomorrow.

Off I go…Onward and Upwards!


Have a great day!

Peach State