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Peach State says: The Beginning of the Christmas Party Season!

I will be attending the first of several Christmas Parties tonight. Hydrate…Hydrate! I, along with 2 of our 4 sons, will be driving over to the area close to my hubby’s work tonight. With my hubby being #2 boss…I will be the perfect big-smile-hand-shake-of-course-I-know-you-chatty-bubbly-personality-filled wife. I will be dressed in black velvet pants and holiday colors with 3-inch heels while the wives and girlfriends of the other employees will be in jeans and a various assortment of tops. Wait a second…had to Hydrate! I have many things to do today before I head out for the hour commute to the party location. Tis the season…The Beginning of the Christmas Party Season!

My day started early this morning…my Precious Princess needed to sniff every piece of bark and every leaf about 4:50 am. I let her out and got to say goodbye to my 19 year old son before he left this morning. “He should have already arrived at an Army Base, close by, for a duty station tour and he said he would be getting the “recruit haircut” while he is there…good thing he likes short haircuts! He will meet up with my 22 year old son at my parent’s house for a visit tonight.” They have not said when they will be coming home! “I hope it is before Saturday…my mom is sending me some cute shoes (for Christmas…) and I would love to wear a pair for the party Saturday night!”


I don’t have that many parties to attend but…I plan on being prepared. You must understand, by now, that I love to sip-slurp-drink-down-guzzle-swig-enjoy-appreciate my over abundant amounts of COFFEE daily! “I wonder if I really need to add more to my routine!”. Thinking about it…I had better not. I don’t want to be know as the “Wife who could not stay out of the Ladies Room!

How many Christmas Parties do you have on your schedule? This “Social Butterfly” wishes she had a few more…but my hubby is a home-body and prefers to avoid the party circuit.

Have a great day!

Peach State