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Peach State says: School Vacation…Welcome To Fall Break!

As much as I would live to write about the cooler temps and colorful foliage we will encounter on our Fall Break getaway…I can’t! One reason is the fact that although the temperatures are cooler…they are not as cool as I would like them to be. The second is with a lack of seasonal change the color is lessened…Wow! I will just continue to dream of the vibrant reds and oranges painted throughout the trees just before they shower down to the ground. I do love walking in the woods amongst the crunching leaves on a beautiful Fall Day! Nope…due to the vicious circle of routine, we are home for this the official first School Vacation…Welcome To Fall Break!

I think I will incorporate a bit of Spring Cleaning into the mix this week! My 19 year old began the sorting of his life…(cleaning of his room)…this past week. “If I could just get him to remove the piles, he has created, from his room we would see actual progress.” We still have the normal activities to fill our afternoon with TKD and Basketball practice but the rest of the day with be filled with spontaneous, relaxing, organization! “Doesn’t that sound fun?”

Hubby has work this week and will be off as usual on Wednesday. The good news is that I am also off Wednesday…well there is no church activities due to the school break…so no choir or praise team practice. This means I will get to sleep in…till whenever I wake up! “If past experiences are the norm I will be up about 7:30-8:00…Golly Gee!” I will probably be awakened by the colorful crunching leaves as I hike through the welcoming woods on a perfect, picturesque and dreamlike crisp Fall Day!

“Maybe we will go pick apples at one of the many Apple Orchards!”

Have a great day!


Peach State