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Peach State says: “Please Sir…May I Have More?”

Wishing I could crawl back into…mumble, mumble, slurp, slurp…bed!
For whatever reason the eyes in my head do not want to cooperate this morning. My brain is preparing for battle as it thrusts the “Things To Do” on the calendar today to the forefront of my thoughts. My eyes simply close ever so slightly then teasingly open allowing me to finish filling the commuter cup for my hubby and loading the dishwasher. A Coffee IV is not conducive to my schedule today and who really wants to deal with that blasted plastic tube when getting in and out of the car; much less when getting dressed. I will fight the good fight with my 16 oz Heavenly Brew receptacle. I have almost finished one and need another…

“Please Sir…May I Have More?”

These words flow, in rapid repetition, reminding me to use my gross motor skills. Lift the cup, open the cup, sip from the cup, put the cup down, breathe, lift the cup, open the cup, sip from the cup, put the cup down, breathe…clean something…anything…keep moving!

The warm comfort flowing down my throat is relaxing. The aroma carries my senses away…Stop! Keep Typing! Make Sense!. Sorry! Let me start some laundry!
And that is done…the water is cascading into the machine and the gentle motion of the twisting-churning laundry is…”What a thought! Water is the most essential element of life!”


“Told you!” Who wants to over-think the eternal question of “Life” when we already know the answer to the important, life changing and sustaining, question of How to make more coffee?

Time to look at the old daily checklist and see what is left to do and make sure nothing has been left off. Remember…Where there is water…coffee is within reach!

Have a great day!

Peach State