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Peach State says: Catching Up With American Idol!

I am really a sight right now! Let me open the blinds and give you a peek!

I am sitting in my recliner with my green-overly-fuzzy-socked feet resting up in the air. My comfortable baggy-paint-splattered pants and oversized sweatshirt finish the ensemble. By my side, in the cup holder, is my commuter cup now empty and desiring more coffee! What am doing?

“I have been Catching Up With American Idol!

I refill my Coffee and resumed the viewing. I finished the last day of the guys in Hollywood and have settled in to watch the girls. I am thrilled to see the amount of talent among the “Idol Hopefuls” and am anxious to see how many of the talented will get to move through to the final judging. I like to keep count of all the notes sang when these “hopefuls” play “find the note” or what some call..doing runs?

“I am one of those viewers that judge from the couch, or in my case the recliner, and was seriously blown away last season when the true talent was sent packing.”

Have you heard the American Idol sing without any voice and recording manipulation? Well…I was not a fan! I know there are fans who adore this “American Idol” but, I am not one of them!

Well the show is back on…gotta go!

Oh! How I love group day!!! HARMONY!!! Yea!

Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: “You’ve Got To Be Kidding!”

What?…No Way!…“You’ve Got To Be Kidding!” I am going to start ignoring American Idol.. This season only had, in my opinion, three good singers make the cuts from Hollywood Week. I have been voting for two the last couple of weeks. The so-called “tremendous talent” I just don’t see it. I see growlers and screamers…jazzy mumbles all who can sing…but tremendous talent…No Way! Last nights elimination of Colton Dixon, one of my favorites, was not a surprise. The Judges have their favorites…the gushing sentiments and standing ovations for these performers leave me shaking my head. “Did they hear the same performance I did?” “You’ve Got To Be Kidding!”

For those of you who may be shaking your heads at my ignorance…let me explain my background.
I was raised in a musical home. We all sing…and lead in our music ministries. My father was trained and performed in many venues just like my youngest sister and myself. My brother is an incredibly talented singer and instrumentalist. My other sister is involved with the music program at her church. My family have never been just choir singers, not that there is anything wrong with being a singer in a choir, we are used in other ways musically. I know there is more to this American Idol business than singing…but these judges did not pick the best and brightest this season at all, with the exception of three of them, out of the original singers that made it to Hollywood.

Maybe I have gotten old…”No..that can’t be…based on the type of music I listen to!” I was raised with a love for good music…no matter the type. I enjoy many different types of music…even instrumental classical. I feel sorry for the American Idol show and realize that this will probably be the last year, or season, that I will watch. My husband gets a kick out of me every week! I hold my phone in my hand with finger ready to dial and vote, like a mad dog, for my favorites. I have chosen the winner, early on, every season! One of my favorites is still in the mix…I will not mention her name…but, she has a spunky personality and incredibly big voice.

My husband, who does not have a musical bone in his body but thinks he does, cannot understand the judges either. My husband will spin and look at me, with that eyebrow raised, and say…”Eeww did you hear that?” “What did you think about that performance?” If my husband hears bad notes and questions the judges favorites there’s a problem. Maybe the melodious dragging of fingernails on a chalkboard is responsible for the “goosies” the judges experience. Most of the hopeful’s performances leave my eyes glazed over like a “deer in the headlights” with my mouth open wide as I think “You’ve Got To Be Kidding!”

Sorry for the rambling on…back to Colton! Kudos on the graceful exit! Colton has touched many with his belief based performances. Last night’s performance was an uplifting experience as he fell to his knees and sang from his heart. He knew! He was at peace! I cried as I watched this young man, full of spirit, sing the last note. “I will buy his CD!” My son, who does the audio/visual for a band, agreed! He could not believe Colton Dixon was eliminated. We will miss this young man and his creative versatility. The music business is not finished with him!

I know I may sound a bit picky…but we all have our likes and dislikes. I like melody…not note seeking growls. What do you like? Let me know! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: When All Else Fails!


The final preparations were being made for dinner and the local news makes a statement…
“This is set to be the final GOP Debate…” My husband starts looking for the channel and time as the boys cringe with anticipation. “Found it but can’t record it!” “Who is recording 2012?” Never-mind I will record upstairs.” 8:00 arrives and everyone gathers for the nightly TiVo programming.
Quietly I reached for the remote and pressed list…”Suggestions?” American Idol will do. I started saying who was staying and who was leaving before the judges announced it…and had to admit to spoilers. The top 24 were leaked and so far I knew them all…”Then why watch?” If not Idol then what…The GOP Debate? “When All Else Fails!” A Movie!

We had a movie we all wanted to see and anything was better that politics. I have had enough politics to last a lifetime. We could have caught up on TiVo after fast forwarding through American Idol and cleaned off our list of recordings. The consensus spoke their minds and the decision was made…Tower Heist it is! The cast of this movie made it worth the watching. What an ensemble of personality quirks! Ben Stiller is one of our favorites as well as Matthew Broderick, who was recognized by my sons as Ferris. And Alan Alda, well liked since MASH days, was the icing on the cake. The premise of the movie was current and the unlikely collection of comrades unfolded.

“Don’t worry…I am not one of those people that tell you how it ends.”. The comic action unfolds and trust issues come into view. Wrenches are thrown into the plan and the cast must adapt.
All in all I give it two thumbs up and enjoyed the movie. It is past 11:00 by this time and the TV goes dark. Conversation lingers as we prepare to go upstairs for bed. “I am glad we watched the movie.” says one of my sons. “Anything is better than a debate!” says the other son. “When All Else Fails!” Movie time!

We will watch the debate later this week with the boys and will try and finalize our decision on which candidate to vote for in March. The constant barrage of commercials and interviews show each candidate trying to one-up the others by throwing the others under the proverbial bus. You can only handle so much of this sport. I would rather watch wrestling. “Nope…not even wrestling!” It is fake and staged too! The TV Series seasons are changing and most of our shows are showing their Season Finales. Only a few of our seasonal favorites are returning due to schedule upheavals and television politics. You know…do away with the good shows and keep the bad ones! We have more movies that we have not seen and may have to save them for another time. I am sure we will face another crisis of what to watch and “When All Else Fails!</em …well you understand!

Until then I will rest assured, knowing the majority will always make the decision, and TV viewing will continue on as a family activity. As I close..I have opened the window on the back door. The sounds of morning have begun. The birds each chirping their greetings as the dogs bark at passing walkers. The wind chimes tinkle and clank as the slight breeze stirs them gently. Life seems so easy and calm with these sounds flowing through the window. Maybe instead of “debating” what to watch we should just turn the TV off and open a window. “Yea..I know the boys would like that idea!” But “When All Else Fails!” they will want a movie…loud and full of action not nature singing to them mixed with life. The TV does not usually come on till about 7:00 so until then the house can be filled with bird songs and wind chimes and my music…”They really love that!”

What do you do “When All Else Fails”? When there is absolutely nothing to do and the natives, children, are restless. Pass on suggestions or advice! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Silence is Golden!

Clear Sailing far!

It is 7:30 in the evening and all I hear is the click of the keyboard as I type, the hum of the dryer with the occasional click and clack from the zippers, and the television.  The boys are all away from home….except for the youngest who is in his bed reading or doing a Word Search instead of going to sleep.  This is pretty quiet for a Thursday night!  There is usually the sound huddling masses running up and down the stairs and laughter and disagreements between siblings.  “Turn the bass down!…it is vibrating the pictures on the walls..”  I guess they are a little deaf.

“That would explain a few things around here.”  “Silence is Golden!

My husband is on his way home and then the boys will come home, shortly after that, as we settle in for the nightly TV shows.  Tonight is a good night and I am excited that American Idol is back on.  “I do love a good comedy!!!”  Just thought I would let you know how normal my life has become.  Have a great night.

Peach State