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Peach State says: Wait! I’m Not Ready For A New Year!


I have some good news and some bad news…
The good news:

Tomorrow is a new day and a New Year!

The bad news:

Today is Monday “OMG it’s Monday!” Could someone please stop this ever-spinning-hamster-wheel and let me do the things I need to do first. I need to finish my oversized cup of espresso, move the laundry, clean out the dishwasher, prepare and inhale another cup of coffee (espresso), and take my 19 year old to the dentist. “Sadly…these are just the items on my To-Do List before 8:30 this morning. You should see my continuous-stream-of-activities left on the handy-dandy-iPhone-yellow-pad. There is to much to be completed in the short 24 hour day! Wait…I am not ready to face what lies ahead. “Wait! I’m Not Ready For A New Year!

Time ticks very quickly by…as the excited yet annoying crowd counts down. The only problem is the fact that it is still early. I sit here trying to stuff these numerous thoughts into a sensical pattern while keeping my eye on the clock. Movement upstairs is a good sign but warns me that I need to get ready too. Today is starting out in the typical Monday blur which somehow feels comforting. Unusual stresses have attacked the sane front this week…death of a friends child, hospitalization of sweet member of the church, car accident last night of a dear couple in the church as they were going home from the child’s funeral visitation…

These tolls of life weigh heavy on many. These things mixed with the world events multiply the tension and stress in normal everyday life.

One thing at a time…breathe…sip…breathe…sip!

Time for me to face the next item on my list…I need to get ready to leave. I promise I will continue this espresso-driven-event-filled day. Until then…start working on your resolutions…

Resolutions…I need to do that!


Once I return home and settle in with another cup of coffee…espresso…I will delve into this topic…using as much humor as I can.

resolutions…really?” I will deal with that tomorrow!

Talk soon!

What is this? My 22 year old is taking my 19 year old to the dentist and the garbage is already out…call me giddy! I have some extra time….TIME!… ( Excuse me…I am doing the dance of joy!)
Moving a few things around and changing of the To-Do List is one of my specialities. My Shoot-from-the-hip-ADHD-mentality is a definite plus and one that I enjoy using. “Keep ’em guessing or as I like to call it…Amazing my hubby with my incredible abilities!”

I can leisurely finish my duties this morning and head out to buy the last needed items for the celebration tonight and the important re-supplying of the coffee pods for hubby. I can then return home and begin the mixing, rolling, stirring, baking and storing of the individual snacks for tonight and tomorrow.

Thought…Everything returns to normal on Wednesday…including choir practice and praise team practice which we have not had since November! I am so ready for that. Sorry! My ADHD is working overtime with lack of schedule.

The shortened check list is putting a smile on my face, for a split second, as my 12 year old begins to clean out the dishwasher. ( This is one of his chores which he has NOT done in many days…and he only started to clean it out after I, reading/proofing this post out loud, read the part about the dishwasher.) “I may have to re-think his chore list…but that can wait for another day!”

I will relax once these tasks are completed and the table of goodies is set out. Our little family celebration will include a movie and the traditional Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve. We will enjoy each other as we usher in this New Year of 2013 all while hoping for a better year. I hope you have a wonderful time tonight with your family and friends! Make a good and lasting memory! We will!

With love and hope in my heart…Happy New Year and Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Happy New Year! Really?

                                                                Here it is, December 31, 2011 and tomorrow will be a whole New Year.  2012!!!!

With all the promises we make to ourselves to lose weight, be kind to others, get a better job, find a job…it is amazing we have time to focus on the real issues at hand.   Our family, friends, church, and community need to be visualized in every New Year’s Resolution.  Don’t get me wrong….the resolutions listed, previously, could all be focused on those around us everyday.

My approach to life changed when I dropped over 100 pounds and I was told I had a different personality.  It was a good change for the most part and I was excited to be with people and found myself walking more.  I do get aggravated with myself because I have not lost anymore and have found that, even though I have plateaued, I did gain a few pounds back.  In my defense, I was sick and then I fell, both kept me from walking.  I recovered and the city was renovating the walking track where I walk.  I got depressed by these situations, and others that plagued my mere existence,  and the weight slowly crept back.  I do not have a vehicle to get to the track now because my husband uses it to drive back and forth to work.  I know what you are thinking,  walk when he gets home…. “I can’t!”  He leaves at 7:30 every morning and comes home about 8:00 every night.  Sometimes he doesn’t get home until closer to 10:00!  The friends that I have who walk live to far away or are unable to keep up with my pace.  I walked three times with a friend who was training for a 5K and participates in a exercise class twice a week.  I could not force myself to slow down to her pace.  I find a rhythm and move not socialize.  The strolling type of walking is not for me!  I love to put my headphones on and select the beat driven songs on my iTunes play-list.  I even downloaded some military cadences that I had started using to shuffle jog instead of just walking.  I know that I will start walking this next year and the weight will come off again.  I can’t wait!!!!

Facing our reality and making the best of it should be the universal New Year’s Resolution.  We would all win in the long-term!  We should be thankful for what we have and not regret what we never received or had.  I speak from experience when I say “My husband deserves more money from his employer!”  but…I can say “Yea! my husband is employed!!!! We went for close to four years with no income and insurance.  We are a stronger family unit because of this experience and have had many obstacles invade our ranks.  Baby steps, One Day at a Time, Put One Foot in Front of the Other….all good advice for the upcoming year.

We really have been very lucky and fortunate to have managed this trial the way we did.  Things could have been a lot worse.  People suffer daily and lose their homes and livelihood.  Sickness and death break families financially and emotionally.  We have stayed in our home and have managed to pay the bills.  My husband creatively paid off credit cards and lowered our monthly expenditures.  Needless to say, we will head into this New Year with less going out of our pocket and lessons learned on surviving with less $$$.  This is a very good start to our New Year.  We have had a few regrets and wish things could have been resolved quicker.  They had to be placed on the back burner to keep warm while constantly stirring the pot up front to stay afloat.  These decisions influence those around us in ways we may never know.  I have been fortunate to see and hear how my life had influenced those around me in a positive manner.  I strive daily to help others as they face their walk on hot coals.  Only by not focusing on ourselves do we see what life altering events are happening to those around us.  We can offer support and help in many ways.

Tonight we will countdown to a New Year and celebrate the possibilities that lie ahead of us.  Make this a year to remember!  Take time to help others and you will be helping yourself.  Celebrate time with family and friends and make memories to last a lifetime.  Time really does fly and this New Year will quickly be replaced by another New Year.  This New Year will be what we make it….so…..

Happy New Year!  REALLY!!!