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Peach State says: Isn’t That Grand!?

What an incredible view I was able to share with my hubby and youngest!  It was our first time at the Grand Canyon and I have to admit I was in awe!  Pictures don’t do it justice!  “Isn’t That Grand!?”  Every nook and cranny was a revolving door of shadow and light.  The flow of the clouds danced along the peaks and layers providing photographers multiple chances to catch the perfect shot.  “If I may state for the record…There is no way a person can take a bad picture of the Grand Canyon.

It is important to share with you that you may need to have a designated non-photographer in your group.  This way you can move around and not worry about running into others taking the same picture.  Small groups of visitors moved around in the same familiar state…Phones and tripods with multiple lenses all focused on the amazing sight.  Selfies and groups with an ever changing backdrop scattered along the rocky and uneven edge of the South Rim.  There were a few photo enthusiasts who dared to attempt the best phot on the edge. I spoke with them…the title of their picture was “Giving Birth to the World!”  I won’t tell you what the pose was…you have already let your mind run with the thought.  “You should probably stop before you embarrass me as well as yourself.”

The weather on this beautiful day was chilly-windy-glad-I-had-my-thermal-shirt-and-sweatshirt day.  The wind was sustained winds between 25-30 mph with temperatures in the lower to mid 50’s.  “BURR!!!”
I had seen documentaries about the Grand Canyon and knew about the clouds flowing over the edge.  I have a few others with the varied depth of flow.  But, I knew there was a chance of wintry mix and with the cloudy overcast skies moving in we decided to leave this overwhelming and heart fluttering place.  I am, as you know, a weather watcher and a prepared mama…just wait!

As we were strolling along the path, toward the car, a wonder sentiment burst in my direction …”War Eagle!” I smiled and replied “War Eagle” and kept moving.  My hubby asked how he knew I was an Auburn fan…I just laughed and said “Honey I do have my Auburn strap on my glasses and a perfect shade of orange sweatshirt.  We recognize each other!”  He simply shook his head.  Auburn fans are everywhere!

As we said goodbye to the Grand Canyon and drove out of the park, with the heat on, we were privileged to see a group of elk.Sorry for the blur…hubby was driving a bit over the speed limit.  

I have more to share but don’t want to overload you with my unedited pictures.  I will do my best to give you a beautiful insight into our vacation!  Till then…

Coffee is my _______! Fill it in!

Peach State

Peach State says: Long Time No Breathe

Between the wonderful-bipolar-pollen-coating-bloom-bursting-southern-seasonal-change and track season I can’t breath! The tightness and raspy vocalizing are beginning to irritate me in more ways than one.  “Of course my hubby started it with his need for the NyQuil and Daquil regiment!”  I love my hubby more than he knows..BUT…I wish he would get better quickly.  I’m feeling yucky.  

Peach State

Peach State says: Quit Shaking My Snow Globe!


Quit Shaking My Snow Globe! I am trying to be organized and with all of this stuff flying around I am a bit discombobulated. Everything is up in the air…and I am busy trying to grip the proverbial handle on what needs to be done. So let these darting concepts and unsettled chores find a resting place and give me the information so I can finalize my plans. Every time you shake the SNOW GLOBE everything falls in a different place! Quit Shaking My Snow Globe! If you stop…I will be able to organize my thoughts and plans. I have managed to complete most of tasks put before me…BUT!…the tiniest details have still been put-on-the-back-burner. “Not by me but those in charge of the bigger picture.” I, along with a dedicated few, have gone over-and-beyond to bring this project together. The good news is that I am NOT the only one feeling this way and this will be over in a week!

I can overcome…I will just need a lot more COFFEE and a good NAP everyday! Well at least I can have my morning coffee…Ahhh!…right now!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Time for Some Facebook Funnies!

Never to late to laugh on Wednesday! Here is a sampling of the humor my friends shared this past week…It’s Time For Some Facebook Funnies!

Take a moment a glimpse backward…read carefully!

Good to know we can have a never-ending supply of water.

All in how you say it.

Now that settles that!

No truer statement!


This one was just toooo sweet….I had to include it!

No words can describe this…

Been there done that!

Boy do I know that feeling….

Everybody sing!


Blog Worthy Award Winner!

I just live watching the movie Forest Gump!

Just have to laugh…



Coffee laughs of the day…



The lone dog…


Join me next Wednesday with another day brightening glimpse of humor from my Facebook Funnies!. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Sometimes You Just Need To Scream!

20120529-074325.jpg. Ever have one of those days…NOTHING GOES RIGHT! I have no more words of wisdom and I ran out of straws to break the strongest of camel backs a few months ago. One thing after another! Why did the publishing company stop printing the parenting book called “Tricks of the Trade…How to Successfully Raise a Responsible Teenager!” Perhaps I should write a book and title it…”Sometimes You Just Need To Scream!”

The proverbial carpet has been pulled out from under our feet. Typically parents have the luxury of speaking their mind as the child/teen is forced to listen. The parental words bounce around, like a award winning play on a pinball machine, popping and pinging against the different areas of their brain. BUT…this time the words went flying straight through…in one ear and out the other…not one word was left behind!

I worry about the loss of communication surrounding this series of events. The good news is that the child/teen involved is trying, through humor, to stay connected with the family. “I think the whole concept of borderline adult scares the pants off him!” He is so overwhelmed and cannot make sense of what to do next. His independent spirit, whispering in his ear, resembles the devil complete with pitchfork. He is telling him one thing which is the complete opposite of what we have suggested. “Why is it kids just don’t realize how parents really do know something about making it in the world?” “Did I say that out loud?” I have long been aware of the vicious relationship circle between parents and kids…but now I sound like a parent from a bad 50’s movie.

Now when my husband calls, on his way home from work, and wants to know about my day with the boys…I respond…”I do not want to talk about ______!” I do not need to frustrate either of us. Avoidance is essential to sanity right now. But just below the surface it is waiting….”Sometimes You Just Need To Scream!

However…other issues have come not play. Stress is causing problems with our health. The underlying pain, ranging from sore muscles to migraines, and stomach aches have begun to plagues us daily. On the flip side…at least my husband and I know the reason for the bickering and have put blame where it belongs.

I apologize for the vagueness but just needed to vent. It really helps! I can see all of you agreeing with everything I say as all of your heads nod up and down. Your sympathetic understanding of my position helps me feel like I am not alone…but if you know what I am going through…I am sorry and can identify with you! Do you want to share a scream? 1-2-3 SCREEAAMM! “Sometimes You Just Need To Scream!

Well I feel better…so now it is time to get ready for the next thing on my agenda…room decoration!
I am teaching the 4th Grade Class in VBS (Vacation Bible School) next week and this is decoration week. Time to put on my creative hat and see what I can do…I hope the hat still fits!

Thank you for your help today! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Taste…Step by Step

This is the dessert I spoke about Saturday. It was easy…really! I started by baking the angel food cake and sliced and cubed it…


I then sliced the strawberries and placed the next layer on top of the cake…


Keeping with the Red…White…and Blue theme the whipped topping was placed on top of the strawberries.


Then the blueberries …


Repeat the layers…





The finished product was a light and refreshing summer dessert! My family loved it! How do I know…because there was no leftovers. Enjoy!


Have a great evening!

Peach State

Peach State says: Memorial Day Remembrance

I was raised to hold certain truths close to my heart and love of country is one of those things. I get teary eyed during the playing and/or singing of the National Anthem! I admire and respect Veterans of past and present wars! I am very Patriotic…so on this day I will reflect, a little more than usual, about those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country…Memorial Day Remembrance !

Conflicts and wars take so much from us…a willingness to serve and examples of loyalty and belief.
Those of us, not in the battlefield, go about our lives and sometimes forget the sacrifices being made daily. We must remember that we can continue our way of life because of these men and women and what they have given.


We should stand together and offer support to those who have suffered loss of a loved one. The families have sacrificed for this country too!


Let us proudly remember them today…and not just celebrate a day off!

We Will Remember! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Memorial Day Recipes

20120526-080314.jpg Memorial Day is Monday and most people will have a long weekend to remember and celebrate with family and friends. Our little family has always celebrated quietly together on Sunday…”My husband does not usually have the entire weekend off and will be working Monday!” We will venture out, together, and see a movie (Men In Black 3) and then return home for our cookout. The menu has been planned and the food has been bought. Here are a few of my new Memorial Day Recipes!

Hamburgers with the standard lettuce, tomato, and pickle toppers are the main course with Grilled Corn on the Cob and a Bacon and Ranch Pasta Salad.

Bacon and Ranch Pasta Salad
Small Shells cooked and cooled
1 small diced onion
10 cooked slices of bacon…crumbled
Ranch Dressing…pour over the above ingredients and mix. I don’t use a lot just enough to flavor!

Dessert this year will be a layered Angel Food Cake with berries!

I will be making my angel food cake today but a store bought cake can be used.

Layered Patriotic Dessert
Angel Food Cake…cut into bite sized pieces
Whipped topping

Starting with the cake begin to layer…
Cake, Blueberries, Strawberries, whipped topping and repeat…
Place the whipped topping on top and sprinkle with decorative toppings or a few berries!

Something new to our menu is a icy drink…I saw this in a store ad and have included the recipe.
(other brands may be used)


I will share a wonderful tip with you…most meat and seafood departments use a wonderful type of ice in their displays. You can take a cooler to them and they will fill it…FREE! I will be doing this today…it is much easier to use in blended ice drinks. “Can you say Mocha Frapps?”

I know this may seem like a average cookout dinner…but there will only be four of us this year. I hope you try one or all of these recipes…if you do…please let me know what you think of these Memorial Day Recipes! For those of you celebrating Memorial Day…Please take a moment to remember those who have fallen while serving and those who are presently serving. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: School’s Out For the Summer!

20120525-174816.jpg Well…we made it…the last day of school is now over and we are all still breathing! My Facebook is filled will “Well Done!” and “Way to go!” and “Finally done!” I think the parents are as excited as the kids. I was up at the school about 10:40 this morning and witness the evacuation of the masses. It seemed as if every child in the three schools was checking out…at the same time! “Mine stayed at school…he did not want to come home early!”

It will be a short summer with school starting back the first week of August! Until then, we will try and full the hours with stimulating activity. Unfortunately, I will be hearing that scary phrase sometime next week…I can guarantee that! You know the one…”I’m Bored!


Maybe we can experiment all Summer…How about some cool homemade Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt,or Slushies…any suggestions?

We are considering buying this cute little machine!

It is time for me to get back to the kitchen and finish dinner…Spicy Citrus Chicken….Yummy!
My youngest asked for it…but sadly is feeling the agony of over-eating ice cream and snacks at the party today! Have a great evening and please leave any great ice cream and frozen yogurt recipes.

Peach State

Peach State says: Redneck Humor to Start Your Day!

20120525-070744.jpg It is the last day of school and I am really looking forward to a relaxing…I guess we need a few more wheelbarrows!

We tend to do things a little different here in the South…and are typically made fun of for this reason. I would like to think that maybe we make the best of the situation at hand. Humor steps in when non-average folks use silly, but creative, methods to do the simplest of things. Here is just a taste of Redneck Humor to Start Your Day!

The hunters in my family swear the deer do this!

Single family dwelling or cliff dwellers…the world may never know!

That may explain some of the Southern differences! HeHe!

Welcome to Wal-Mart!


Saw this and just had to include it…This is not just for Rednecks!


It is Saturday and you know what that means…


I hope you found a little something to smile about in these examples of Redneck Humor to Start Your Day! I am off to do the last of my daily errands alone. It is the last day of school and well…you know what that means! Have a great day!

Peach State