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2015…What A Year!

IMG_2147I know it has been a while since my last post but, I really have a good excuse!

“2015…What A Year!”

Here are the stats:

Deaths2 I lost my grandmother and my dad!  Not to mention the loss of two other dear VIP friends. 

Marriages…1 My 22 year old son got married in January and they had …

(Wait for it)

Births…1 We have a precious grandson!  He was born a month early and is doing fine!  What a delight he is!

So much has happened this past year with my little family life has been a bit of a blur!

My youngest decided to try Cross Country this school year.  May I speak as a Proud Parent…he broke a record, was Rookie of the year and made Varsity!  Track season is next!

I have missed our time together and can’t wait to start writing again.  Of course I will have my cheerful cup of coffee (aka…6 shots of espresso) next to me.

“May your cup runneth over with joy, laughter and coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Imagine My “Blogging” Surprise!


I had finally escaped the paint-fume-prison all by myself. I drove directly to the gas station…
Then over to the bank as I ordered part of dinner on the phone. Once those were completed I set out to get me nails overhauled…done! Semi peace and quiet! For the next few minutes I felt a stress-relieving-calm with no complaining or griping and way-too-loud searching for tools. The door to the salon suddenly became a revolving door. One after another ladies filed in to get their mani-pedis. Two ladies were seated next to each other. At first glance you could tell one was a business professional with her perfectly styled hair and casual dress complete with iPad accessories. The other was, for lack of a better term, “frumpy” and more down to earth. They struck up a conversation…”I set up events and work in Interior Design!”…”I have a business related to eBay!” Then It Started…the competition to see who was more creative and professional! “Well I have a blog!” …”Really so do I!…I did not know anyone in our area blogged!” “I know…I just knew I was the only one who knew how to blog in our area!”

Imagine My “Blogging” Surprise!

It was not difficult to hear their conversation…however with each announcement of the executive abilities they each possessed, because of their blogging talents, the more their competitive tones amplified. They compared their jobs, skills, and blogs. Throughout the the mutual-adoration-fest subtle truths began making it to the surface…things like not being consistent with blogging, or the fact that one of them did not actually write the blog but that several of the people she works with contribute to a blog. I tried to get in on this “Ultimate Blogging Competition” but was unsuccessful. Then like a massive dust storm rising out of nowhere came this remark…”I have never met anyone who could successfully blog for more than a few months!”

Imagine My “Blogging” Surprise!

I was itching to get in on this competition but realized I was better than that and I did not need to prove it… After all I have written a children’s book and am still working on another project. (Note to self…find the manuscript and finish proofing the last chapter!) I did have questions about the money making side of blogging but my nails were done. I needed to grab a few things at the store and pick up the order at the restaurant before heading back to the painted canvas called home. I must admit that I did chuckle, to myself, quite a few times during this dramatic and informative conversation. The gentleman doing my nails heard me a couple of times and remarked that this was mild as conversations go. It really makes you think about what type of conversations the workers have overheard.

I wished I could have reassured this Elite Blogging Duo that they are not alone and that someone else blogs in the area…but then I would not have had as much fun listening in on the conversation. (Insert chuckle!)

Have a Great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: A Little Sunshine to Start My Day!

With my coffee in hand I began my morning of habitual and routine actions. I checked my Facebook and posted the numerous replies…bounced over to Swagbucks and did a search for my morning swag…then the all important checking of my Blog Stats. The notifications tab was bright and starred meaning something good waited for me. My heart was near racing when I opened the tab and found a nomination for the “Sunshine Award“. With a thick cloud cover outside I still had A Little Sunshine to Start My Day!

Let me begin by thanking indrajitpatra….written from the soul. I am very honored and thank you for the nomination. Words cannot express the appreciation I feel for this acknowledgment of my blog as well as the spontaneous outburst of dancing, on my wood floors, in my fuzzy socks. “I can mark exercise off my list of things to do for the day!”

As the rules state I am to thank the blog/blogger for the nomination…
I need to answer some questions….and nominate 10 blogger/blogs for the same honor!

Once again…Thank you indrajitpatra…written from the soul for this nomination. This blog opens the heart to seek the beauty in life.

The soul-seeking questions:

Love or Money?
Love…yep Love!
High Salary or Job Satisfaction?
Job satisfaction…that salary gets taxed and then there is nothing left.
Favorite Book?
Anything written by Nicholas Sparks…
Who is the Television Character you simply adore?
Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Anthony Dinozo…from NCIS! There are many others but alas…I have time constraints.
Favorite Music?
Most Christian music and Country music and anything by Josh Groban and Michael Buble’. “Quit shaking your head…I like some good old Rock and Roll too!”
Favorite type of movie?
Romantic Comedies or maybe Action Suspense…with some Horror thrown in.

The 10 Blogs I would like to nominate are:
Coco J. Ginger
Memories Sew Precious
No Tall Stories

Please take a few moments and explore this buffet of difference I enjoy each day. There is humor and life lessons with personality plus to be found in these blogs! As for me I am off to try and finish the decorating of my classroom for Vacation Bible School this next week. I have the beautiful Victoria Falls as one of the main scenes and will be recreating The Matterhorn Sunday after church. There will be a seating arrangement resembling an airplane facing a cockpit where another teacher will lead as the pilot… “I found out yesterday he was in the Air Force!” I will show you the pics after I finish…if the decorations are any good! HeHe! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: And The Award Goes To…Me!



And The Award Goes To…Me! The numbing realization is finally beginning to give way to a full dance of joy around my house. What an honor! I received this wonderful surprise in my little pop out comment box. “I really love this pop out box!” First things first…

I would like to thank the Academy, “wrong speech”, Just Me. I love stepping into her life through her writing. I like to believe we are cut from the same mold…but both of us would agree that we enjoy being a little different. Please make sure you check this wonderful Blog out!

The Genuine Blogger Award does not have any rules attached to it…But…The Sunshine Award has a few hoops to jump through when accepting the award! They are :

1) Link the award to the person/blog who gave it to you.
2) Answer the questions that come with the award.
3) Pass it along to 10 people and let them know the have received a nomination.

A big Thank You to Just Me.
I can’t tell you how much appreciate this extreme honor.

The Questions:

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Number: 7
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Well that’s easy…COFFEE! Isn’t it everybody’s? Just Kidding!
Facebook or Twitter: I would choose Facebook…that is where my friends hang out.
My Passion: God, Family and Friends, my church and music…Coffee and cooking! I think that is all!
Favorite Pattern: paisley
Favorite Day of the Week: I have two…sorry! Sunday and Wednesday…time with friends at church doing what we all enjoy…singing!
Favorite Flower: Gerber Daisy…any color! They are cheerful and brighten up the room.

The 10 Bloggers I would like to nominate for the Genuine Blogger and the Sunshine Awards are:

homemade delish
Leslie P.

Please take a moment to peek into these nominated blogs! They will surprise you! I will close for now and take a few moments to gaze n the two awards. Thank You! Thank You! Sorry, I just can’t seem to say thank you enough! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: For Me!…Versatile Blogger Award!!!

So there I was…doing a blog check before Praise Team practice. The band was busy getting plugged in and setting their levels. The 3 singers…well we were just hanging out playing with our phones and checking in with families. It was after 8:00 pm my time, after midnight blog time, and I just wanted to see the final tally of the day. There was a notification! “I love notifications!” I pressed the little number and out popped the announcement.

“I have nominated your awesome blog for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD!


Isn’t it funny how we are automatically drawn to capital letters…I have to admit I re-read this pop-out several times. The goosies crawled up and down my arms and I began to dance around calling several of my friends.

I would like to thank…Expert of None (Expert of None) for this honor!
I am thrilled to accept this lovely recognition! Please make sure to visit this wonderful blog where Expert of None offers advice, guidance, and a good laugh. We all need this!

I am new to this honor…and to blogging so please bear with me…I hope I do this right!
There are Rules:
Thank the person and/or blog for the nomination!…Check!
Share 7 Facts about yourself….
Nominate 15 Blogs/Bloggers that I follow…”Hmm, might have a problem because I am so new to the blogging community!”
Shall we try?

7 Facts about me:
1) I love to sing! I am involved in many aspects of the Music Ministry at my church…everything from solos to working in the Music Library.
2) I had, about 17 years ago, a Recording Contract in my hot little hands waiting for my signature.
Due to the Record Label’s date requirements for travel and studio session and the conflict I had with a speaking engagement….”Well! I chose the speaking engagement!”
3) I have been married for 26 years and am the mother of four boys. Their ages ranges from 11-23.
The 11 year old was adopted four years ago.
4) I am considered a G.R.I.T.S. (Girls Raised In The South)
5) I do NOT have a southern drawl or twang…BUT…I can sure put one on for you! “Bless Your Heart!…I have a dawg!…Mo’ Tea?”
6) I love Coffee! “Well anyone who reads my blog would probably figure that out quickly.”
Drum roll!
7) I love to write! I have written a Children’s Book and am still proofing a book I started 3 years ago.
I write poetry and lyrics…my son’s Research Paper( please ignore that last statement!)

Wow! I was just getting started…there is really more about me but you can see that in my writing!

Nomination of 15 Blogs/Bloggers:
I hope I have that many!
1) 7 Days Time. I found this blog when I saw a tag for Fort Benning.
2) Sweet Pea’s Kitchen. I do love to cook and tips and hints can be found here!
3) The Year of the Mommy. She is a stay at home mom too!
4)The Laughing Housewife. A delight collection of humor and reality.
5)Spirited Mama1. Life and how to get through the daily trip.
6)Childhood Relived. Life reflected through a love for writing.
7)Rantings of an Amateur Chef. Realistic views of cooking and creative recipes.
8)Katherine’s Daughter. Writer at heart with a love for her family and job.
9)The Linen Sash. We are Peas in a Pod!
10)Musings of a Southern Mama. Too much in common between us Southern Girls!
11)everythingyoualwayswantedtosaybutwereafraid. Life when retired…”What? I was just dreaming!”
12)Just Me. A spin on Middle Aged Motherhood.
13)cooksploratrice. A humorous and adventurous spirit in and out of the kitchen.
14)Attendance Please. How to find grace everyday…even when we may not see it!
15)the newlywed wife. She was looking for advice…I gave it!

I did it…all 15! Please check out these wonderful bloggers! As for those I Nominated…thank you for inspiring me and I hope you accept your nomination.

Thank you again to “Expert of None”…I appreciate the nomination! I am off to a Grand Opening…I hope there is parking! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Me Focused; You Must Be Kidding!

Remain calm, breathe, breathe again....I love lists!

I asked a dear friend what I should write about this morning and her response was this: “I have so many things going through my mind everyday that I’d never be able to focus on one…must be nice to be able to FOCUS!”  I responded with “Where is the fun in that?…“Me Focused… you must be kidding?” She responded “You seem to be…that should tell you how bad off I am…”  Thank you, my dear friend, for my topic today!

I gain points, with those around me, everyday when it comes to multitasking.  I have an incredible ability to do many things at once, while scheduling others and running around with my head cut off, with grace and focus.  I may function as the Ringmaster in a 3-ring Circus but sometimes feel like the ridiculous group of clowns.  All of the clowns are going in different directions and never seem stop the action they find themselves involved in.  One is trying to get another dressed and another is washing dishes with a hose pipe and sprays everything in its path.  Another is trying to drive a car while others can’t decide if they are getting in or out of the car.  MASS CHAOS!

“Me Focused…you must be kidding?”  I do love ordered chaos and thrive in it…I have spoken about that before.  To be seen as successful and focused means that I may have actually been able to pull the proverbial wool over someone else’s  eyes.  Enough of the flag waving and banner raising.  I only do what I can daily with a unique prospective.  I clean, and do the laundry, plan and prepare dinner, coordinate schedules and transportation requirements, while nurturing the family I love.  “See that is not that much!”  I also find myself in the unpaid assistant role for a friend of mine to keep him focused.  [Those of you reading this that know who I am referring to can stop laughing now!] I am one of the Music Librarians for our music program at church and on the Music Leadership Committee.  I am the Alto alternate for Praise Teams which means I am singing 3 out  four weeks a month with the practices thrown in to the schedule.  Thank goodness I love to make lists.

“Me Focused…you must be kidding?”  I make list everyday and am fortunate to have “The Cloud” which copies a list on one of my devices to the others as well.  I can make a list on my iPhone and it will show up on my iPad.  “I love technology.”  Reminders are set to remind me and the dings and various chimes go off all day long.  Print words…find this song….this is for dinner…thaw the meat….bake the bread…move the laundry…pick up the dry cleaning… All day long!!!  I love being busy…REALLY!  It makes me feel like I am actually a part of something and needed…”Did I say that out loud?”  Yes that is my weakness…I need to be needed and I can be very insecure.  The unsaid appreciation and the quiet moan during dinner are my thanks.  The fact that I know where things are located before someone needs them and receive a verbal thanks is high praise.  This is the way I survive…quietly buzzing like a hive of worker bees…weaving in and out through my mundane, love filled existence.  “I am needed and wanted!”  I am SECURE!!!

“Me Focused…you must be kidding?” So, to my friend,  I say thank you for saying that I am focused.  I appreciate all you do and the time you spend with me during my scheduled filled days.  This gives me a chance to visit and plan at the same time.  “I do love my iPhone.”  Texting and messaging in two different locations while checking my e-mails and planning my day; all while talking with a friend.  “Who would not want to do this?”  I really enjoy my fast, activity filled, frantic, schedule driven, life!!!!  I will take this compliment and smile as I complete another task on the reminder list.  What is next…make another coffee!  “I had to sneak that in!”  See you the next time!


Heart of Dixie says . . . “A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.”

Richard III meets his death with that line.  No one is sad to see him go, really. Not much of a good guy, that one.  But still, I wonder.

Taken out of context, what does the Bard have to say to us today?  I guess this started with the priest’s question on Sunday of “What’s in a name?  Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?”  If we take Shakespeare out of context at church, where else do we take him out of context?

The other day my chiropractor said to me, “Tell me something brilliant.”  Well, who can think of something brilliant at a time like that?  So, I responded, “Methought I was enamored of an ass.”  He looked at me like I had lost my marbles.  So I elaborated, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Shakespeare.”  He said, “No one has ever quoted Shakespeare to me before.”

That got me to thinking about not only Shakespeare out of context but also of other literary masters from Toni Morrison to Peanuts.  Then today at work, I had to use some horsey quotes for what I was writing, and this one came to me. “A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.”  Ergo, the first “Out of Context” post.

My question is this:  What would you give everything for – vainly hoping it would bring you all of the magic? Would I give it all up for a size six?  No, but I probably would have once.  Would I give it up to have the big house on the hill?  No.  Been there, done that.  Would I give it up for a man.  Little dicey there.  But no.  I wouldn’t give it all up for a man. I haven’t found my thing yet, but maybe you are on your way to finding yours.

This is my other question:  What literary characters gave up everything in hopes of a better life?  What historical characters did the same.  I’d say Alex from A Clockwork Orange gave it all up to get out of jail.  So did the creeper Humbert Humbert in Lolita. Huck gave it up to travel with Jim, but then he didn’t have much to leave either.  Jim left everything for a chance at freedom when he lost his family.

The Joads gave it up in The Grapes of Wrath and moved to California only to suffer a worse fate.  Or did they give it up? They kept each other.  Even Rose of Sharon learned how to give life instead of take in the end.  I guess the list could go on and even be better researched (or researched at all for that matter).

I don’t think Shakespeare meant all of this with the evil king’s stab at a valiant ending any more than I believe Lord Farquad loves Fiona, but Shakespeare’s words are enduring and they are often worth thinking about.

Heart of Dixie says . . . Miss Piggy, you have been annoying today.

Ah, the joy of learning how to work a new computer program.  I’m sure once I get the hang of it, I will wonder what took me so long.  But I got a little frustrated today trying to figure out WordPress.

For one thing, I put Miss Piggy as a Gavatar just for kicks and grins.  I didn’t bother to find out if my cuz would like her, but I feel sure by her choices of Christmas movies, Miss Piggy wouldn’t be top on her list things which could represent us.  Alas . . . Miss Piggy wouldn’t leave.  Only after about three hours was I able to get her to go away.

I like Miss Piggy, though.  Actually, I believe my personality is somewhere between Miss Piggy and Hermione Granger.  Anyway, sometimes I feel like my legs look like Miss Piggy’s (not a good thing).  Often I wish I were as glamorous as she.  Mema is glamorous.  Or at least she was.  Sometimes I wonder if her rather plain grandkids are ever a disappointment to her.  The lookers are clearly her step grandchildren.  Oh well. At least I can pretend to be glamorous.

I’ve been known to bat my eyes like Miss Piggy and to swish my hair like she does.  I am not exactly delusional that Kermit is in love with me like she is.  (But then I don’t know Kermit, do I?) I know I’m not the kind to karate chop those who tick me off.  In fact, I’m way more likely to pout and cry and (now) blog.  I think it’s wonderful that both my cuz and I were able to vent some frustrations on the same day.  I’m not that I want this to be a place where you need to have some cheese with that whine; however, I’m pretty sure no one got karate chopped last night.

I’ve stopped trying to understand this program.  It’s time for me to fold some laundry (1.75 hours).  I need to quit using this time-sucking device for a bit.  However, I admit, that the novel trying to get out of me is thankful for WordPress.  This is fun and finally getting  me into the habit of writing.  Thank you.

Miss Piggy, I thank you, too.  I appreciate your finally leaving the upper corner of my page. Aloha!

Heart of Dixie says . . . Blackened Bloom

It’s been that sort of day.  The kind you don’t want to write about because you don’t want people to think you are a whiner.  So I won’t give you the details of my day, only that I was tired and cranky and probably PMS-ing.

So I g0t home and remembered that there was a used blooming onion in the fridge.  I was starving – which only added to my cloudy mood.  I proposed to put it in the toaster oven and eat it as a pupu (or appetizer as you haolis say).  (I’ll explain the Hawaiian thing later.)  I log on to facebook and BOOM!  I have a blackened blooming onion.  Time flies when you open that facebook page.

“Is something burning?”

“Oh, yeah.  I guess it is.  Good thing you like things burned.”

But now I feel better.  I was hungry, so at least that part of my crankiness is gone.  I still rather feel like whining, however.  Until last year I was an at-home mom like my cuz.  I tended to complain that moms didn’t get a lot of at-a-boys from working at home, which is true.  Ah, but now I’ve been through a couple of jobs while trying to find my way in the world.  I’ve decided that I “sho” don’t like teaching high school, or even middle school.  Not really sure how I feel about community college, except that I don’t particularly like grading papers (but that’s not really news).  Now I have this job that would give me huge at-a-boys if I would just stop working long enough to write reports about what I am working on.

Now, as a wife and mother, I don’t think spending time on a report rather than . . . say . . .picking up the kids from school  . . . would have gone over really big.  I’m sure no one wanted a report that said, “Today I spent 3.75 hours making sure you had clean, folded, ironed clothes.  I think they were more interested in the clothes (when they weren’t complaining that I mixed up whose was whose).  In fact, I think if had known that I could have wasted as much time on reports at home as I wasted at work this week, I could have watched “The Biggest Loser” without guilt (that I was wasting time).  I am, alas, just used to doing the work, not quantifying it.

Even as a teacher, I never said, “I graded 30 sucky paper for 8.5 hours this weekend.”  They were more interested in getting them back from me, really.  I never said, “Prepared lecture on ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ and ‘Barn Burning’ for 6.25 hours.”  It would have been excruciating to stand in front of a class and say, “Well, I really have no idea why the Snopes are so messed up. Y’all are dismissed early.” Reporting on the work seems a whole lot less important than doing it in that world.

Nope, I haven’t done much quantifying in my life, and I will admit that I don’t like it.  To me it seems like a waste of time.  But then I’m not the one who decides who should stay and who should go if the money should dry up.  They need numbers to crunch to make those decisions.  The thing that disturbs me is that there is no way t0 quantify revision, but that’s another blog.

So, the bloom as blackened (and soggy and not-quite-right), but it was food.  It was spicy (like a good life – the one I have now), it was paid for (like my car), and it was about 48% complete.  It took about .25 hours to eat, and this post took about .50 hours to write.  I will now, enjoy my “family” for the next 2.75 hours when I will take off my make-up and get ready for bed.  I will prepare Thanksgiving left-overs for about .30 hours, eat them for about the same (no credit for eating), and finish off that hour with washing up.  Good night and happy calculating. 🙂