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Peach State says: Dawn’s Early Noise!

We each have those cheerful morning sounds that begin as the sun creeps up chasing the darkness away. The parade of vehicles moving up and down the road, carrying people into a route of traffic and slug like movements, before reaching various destinations and places of employment. The occasional siren and large truck cast their unique sounds into the mix only to fade as they move farther down the set routes. The songs of the early birds greeting the sun…singing at the top of their tiny little lungs. All of these and more are Dawn’s Early Noise!

Yesterday, however, the world was calm and still as I moved through my set path. Into the kitchen and straight to the coffee pot. My second nature I-can-do-it-with-my-eyes-closed routine was well underway as my Precious Princess came slowly into view. I ceased what I was doing and walked to the front door to let her out. I was then bombarded with the incredible sound of a cornfield. It was a loud, screechy call of the wild giving the hearer the feeling of being in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The only thing missing was the cornfield and the ground covered by birds. I looked closer and saw more crows than I would like to see in the trees across the street. “I must confess that the presence of more than one crow gives me the willies and the movie “The Birds” did scare the daylights out of me!” The moments, like sap moving down the outside of a tree, passed slowly as the dark birds cawed and crowed. I did not care to know what they were saying but, from the sound of it they were a little put-out that the sun had shown up. Once back in the door…safe and sound…the fingernail-scraping continued. Slowly the other birds joined the morning wake-up call and the crows moved to another location.

This morning was back to normal with the fragile chirps and whistles from various types of birds. There were no dark shadows plaguing the trees and the volume was kinder and gentler on my waking ears. I am ready to finish my coffee and start my day filled with meeting teachers and a 6th grade schedule Walk Through and Welcome! Yep…really looking forward to the traffic jam and parking nightmare for this activity. “You would think that the County would have figured out there was a deficiency and would have added a few more parking spots.” Oh well! It has been this way since my first child was there…

I hope you are able to greet the day quietly. Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Patriotic Goose Bumps!

My family recently viewed the alien invasion movie called Battleship. I knew, going into this movie, I would be bored. “I am not a fan of alien based movies!” The special effects for the aliens is too fantasy filled for me and the cookie-cutter-alien-invasion-as-mere-humans-fight-for-to-save-planet-earth is well…overdone. I yawned through the first almost 3/4’s of the movie. But then the movie took a turn and I knew exactly where it was going.

With all possibilities gone…the only course of action is to use a retired Battleship. But it only gets better from this point. Upon the majestic deck of this floating museum the crew begins to contemplate their actions…but way off in the distance I see the twist. My heart began to jump and beat wildly as a increasing tingle swept over my body. Patriotic Goose Bumps!
The appearance of the recently honored veterans gave this movie the heart-tugging twist it needed. “Well, for me it did!” The spirit in which these men returned to the call of duty may have been staged for the movie…but, I see them differently. Pride and desire course through them everyday. The body may be wrinkled but their hearts beat strongly with love and duty. “I will not go any further with my movie description. You will need to see it for yourself!”

I will probably view this movie over and over…”The boys loved it!”…and I will try and watch the part of the movie I missed while yawning. [Note to self: Make sure it is not past my bedtime when I start watching it…the next time!]

I love, honor and respect the military veterans. They are a special group of men and women who deserve more than my straight-from-the-heart-Patriotic Goose Bump-thank-you!
If you meet a veteran…tell them how much you appreciate all they did. It will mean a lot! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Facebook Funnies Wednesday!

Knowing when and how to do certain bodily functions is always an advantage.

Welcome…It’s Facebook Funnies Wednesday! Today we explore the should-be-medicated mind of the beloved family cat. We will finally find out what makes a mother! We will peek into high finance and health and be visited by famous personalities…well at least the costume! Are you ready?

Let’s Begin with Finance and Health!. These two topics fit so well together…it takes a lot of money to pay for your Heath care, Right?

I have never considered that method when taking medications…I wonder if it works well!

I don’t know about this technique of weight loss…I am such a picky eater!

This is a side effect to taking to many prescription drugs and having 1 to many doctors.

All these years and the diagnosis has finally been made!


How about some feline therapy?

What a way to start off!
Maybe I should have started with this one!


The next big thing in game entertainment…


I guess it is because of:
<br /20120523-070913.jpg

Isn’t he precious?


Don’t Ask…Don’t Tell Shipping!


I know what Dog thinks…


(drum roll) This weeks Blog Worth Award Winner came from “Our Mutual Cat Lover Friend:


Reality TV and Movies:
These will speak for themselves!




It is time for a little Mom Time!

Mom just needs a little love instead of the constant repeated phrases echoing through her day!


Maybe if she had just done things correctly…


How about that perfect TV mom…they loved being a mom!


I had a lot of fun gathering these wonderful and humorous morsels this week. I hope you enjoyed reading them. My hope is that a tiny little grin might creep into your day. I said tiny grin because you don’t want to be sitting in a crowded area and burst out laughing…people might …well it would not be good! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Time To Put the Feet Up!

I am finally home from a day long trip to my home town. My niece graduated from High School today and for the first time in many years I drove beyond my parents house. It was fun to see all the changes and even more…what had stayed familiar and unchanged. Looking down the list of graduates was like looking at an old church roll.

After walking across my old college campus, where the high school graduation was held, I finally found all of my siblings and their spouses. We endured an hour of introductions and special music and finally started the handling out of the diplomas. BUT WAIT! Instructions were given 3 times on how to clap…when to clap…no noise makers!

“Please contain you clapping and cheering for your graduate until the entire row is complete.”
The third graduate stepped over to receive her diploma as cheers and horns sounded!
I am glad my parents decided to leave after my niece walked across the stage.

We gathered to have lunch together and celebrate the day…then we all went our own ways and headed home. I picked up a couple of things for dinner and a movie!

Who wants to cook? Not me!
And the movie called Joyful Noise that no one in my family wants to see…except for me!

So I will close…with comfy clothes now on…and my Almond Joy Mocha beside my chair…the movie is starting. Enjoy your evening!

Peach State

Peach State says: My Facebook Funnies!


What a fun week with my Facebook friends. I cannot wait to share with you today! Grab yourself a cup of coffee and prepare to smile. One word of warning…please do not drink while reading…spewing may occur! Drink after you finished laughing!

There has been a serious use of the “Force” this past week so we will start with the Star Wars inspired Facebook Funnies.

Are we sure this is not “Darth Vader”? He could have not had any of his regular black robes clean!


Even the wise Gandelf is no match for the “Force”!

The cat pics were intense this week…let me share a few of the best…

That darn “Force” has invaded my cat pics!

Don’t you want to hold that cat and tell it everything will be okay? I was thinking “RUN!”

The next couple of cat pics were sent to my wall…well..because I am a dog person! “Don’t get me wrong I love cats…just not in my house…I love my precious princess(English Cocker Spaniel)!



The next pic is my favorite for the week and it is this week’s “Blog Worthy Award Winner”

This one just cracked me up…I called my “Mutual Cat Lover Friend” when she placed this on Facebook and we laughed and laughed.

The next group…well…”Here’s a sign!”






I do enjoy sharing this tidbits of humor with you…I wish I could share them all but with friends like mine the post would never end. “I do have other things to do!”
Have a great day and don’t forget to share some a little humor with your friends and find your own Facebook Funnies! We all need to smile.

Peach State

That’s Harvey, the invisible rabbit…could you tell him to come home.

Peach State says: Just One More Cup of Coffee!

I looked like a two-fisted drinker this morning. With cup in hand I continued to drink the leftover brew as I fixed the two steaming lattes to start the day. I don’t know why I had my first cup with me…perhaps it was my Asthma relief…it was odd when I realized what I must have looked like. Just One More Cup of Coffee!

For some reason the cup seemed part of me. You may be thinking…she has an addiction problem. If that’s the case…so be it! I will continue to enjoy this “Heavenly Brew” as long as I can. I recently watched the movie “The Bucket List” which had many coffee related references. I laughed again at the description of the preferred coffee bean and the true source of the blend. I reminded myself to buy a can of Chock Full O’Nuts…because of the logo!

“The Heavenly Coffee”…it sounds wonderful! I may have to try some!

I must confess, that with the economic downturn, I have been buying the coffee that was on sale…you know…CHEAP!. I miss buying my Starbucks blend for my coffee pot. “I still buy my espresso beans from the local Starbucks and have them ground in the store.” I will let you know what my taste buds think of the Chock Full o’Nuts brand.

Maybe the reason I find myself reaching for “Just One More Cup of Coffee” is so I don’t have to drink water. 8 glasses of water a day…well I do drink a lot of water throughout the day on top of the coffee…so that is not the reason. My sons are accustomed to seeing a cup either filled or being used throughout the day. “That’s mom’s cup…leave it alone!” I have started using my big 20 ounce commuter cup instead of personality designed mugs. “The coffee stays hotter longer.”

My friends are the same way…whether a commuter style cup or personality mug…leaded or unleaded (regular or decaf)…a cup is never far from their hand. I would love to see a picture of their favorite mug or coffee cup…it really says a lot about a person. I have several favorites…one being from Margaritaville. It is brightly painted with these words…”The weather is here…wish you were beautiful!” maybe it was not meant for coffee… I should get my friends to send me a pic of their favorite cups and include mine…I would definitely show off those pics.

Well it is looking like a busy day ahead…I have time for “Just One More Cup of Coffee” before I am thrust into the full gale force winds of my Easter preparations. What are your plans for the day…weekend? Why not take a few minutes and ponder that question over “Just One More Cup of Coffee!”. Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Anchors of Friendship

I wish you could meet me friends…they are the best! They are there when I call and there when I don’t. They lift me up whether I need it or not. They give me a reason to laugh and smile and share in my times of tears. I love my friends…they are my Anchors in Friendship!

First let me say that I have a group of within a group! Don’t shake your head…I have mentioned before that I have a strong core group of friends. With the love of cooking and sharing recipes to cleaning tips and hints to help in the raising of children…we all input guidance and knowledge. Isn’t this what friends do…no matter the situation. We share the funny and important stuff with those we care about because they may have a future need for the information we gave them. So let me break it down for you!

There is the group that I talk to occasionally. These are the ones I may talk to once in a blue moon because of distance. We talk and there is an automatic pick up where we left off mentality. We were close when we lived close to each other but…living across the country from each other can cause a few problems. Facebook has been wonderful with keeping the lines of communication open. Before we only had snail mail and phone calls.

There is the group that I still talk to from churches in the area. They are few in number and seem to evaporate after time. I have one I still see and talk to but…it just isn’t the same. (I have only been at three churches in the area…two of which were never really a fit)

This next group is the group with a group! Some of them have been there for the past 10+ years, since moving to this area, and have grown into the deepest, family replacing, type of friends. I could not go through my day without talking to them at least once. This little group has increased in the past few years to include new personalities that, to me, feel like they were meant just for me. “You know who you are!” (take a moment to give yourself a hug and know that I love each of you very dearly and keep reading)

There are days that the phone is attached to my ear…if we are not together in person. This is the group that we are talking on the phone with them as we walk across the parking lot or church building to see them. This group is centered around my church and my faith. We sing together…often break out into silly laughter together. ( Oh Where is My Hairbrush?) Sorry…I was just thinking about our recent time together and it brought a warmth to my heart. This group is consistent and supportive. They are my Anchors of Friendship!

The bonds this group shares is not an isolated occurrence. This type of friendship happens at churches and schools around the world. You may have a similar group that anchor you. When you feel like things could not be worse…they are right there for you…holding you hand and picking you up. They don’t ask for explanations…they just give you support and love! They are quiet when you are quiet and rowdy when you are rowdy. “We tend to be rowdy a lot lately!” The interesting thing about my wonderful group is the differing personalities. We are not of the same age group…they have not clue who my husband is but, would love him if he would give the opportunity to them. Backgrounds and life experiences are packed full of delights and tragic events. We are more alike than we may realize.

I am really a very blessed person to have this group of God given friends. I wish I could tell them how I feel…but…we are always to busy singing and laughing! The joy that flows from my heart when I think about them fills my day and eases the struggles that I encounter on a daily basis. “Some of this group understand the intricacies of my life.”

Through this group we have other friends with whom we associate with even outside church activities. We are really an interesting bunch of ….delinquents…no! That seems a little young and harsh…grapes. “I like that!”. I used to not understand that concept when I first heard my Aunt and Uncle talk about their group this way. Think about it for a second…always in a bunch…there may be some that are bruised and some not fully ripened and some that are just right…all together they are wonderful. They continue to grow and multiply and become a hardy, rooted plant just like friends. Anchors in Friendship are long lasting and true!

I hope you can take an opportunity to tell your friends how much you appreciate them today! Everyone needs to smile at least once a day! Until the next time…have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: After a Very Long Day


It had been a very long morning of practices that ended after 1:00. I had gotten home to find my check had come and rushed off to the bank. My youngest and I spent the rest of the day getting the espresso beans ground, a stop at the Nail Salon, then off to the grocery store. We were finishing up at the store when he saw the Muppet Movie was on display for sale. I have to confess, I LOVE the Muppets. We paid for the groceries and darted over to the RedBox. I found the movie and pulled up a promo code off my phone and got the movie. We headed home and put the groceries away and the two us prepared for the movie After a Very Long Day.

What a delight! There were old favorites I could sing along with mixed in with the new songs. The story was very cute. Just as the movie reached the end, in true romantic fashion, there it was. My song filled the screen and the room. “Mahna Mahna”! My 18 year old had watched a little of the movie and said he would bet me I would cry during the movie….and I did! I love this song and sang along through the smiling tears. I called a friend of mine and told her she had to get the movie…just for this song… “I know what she will be doing this week!”

After dinner…bedtime for the youngest…the Blind Side came on. Another of my favorites! I sat back and watched while I waited for my husband to come downstairs. The other boys were not home sooo the TV remote was mine! When my husband finally came down he said “Oh…I have seen this before!” He does not like to watch things more than once…”If that is the case…why does his watch the news channels…all day?” (insert a chuckle)

The next thing I knew he was involved in the movie…we watched the entire movie with interruptions and paused TiVo. I did not nap as usual and when the movie ended it was 11:40. Well worth it!
It was a good day with some not so good things thrown in…but that will be for another day. I headed for bed After a Very Long Day!

Have a wonderful day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Facebook Funnies Wednesday

Good morning and welcome to Facebook Funnies Wednesday! For those of you that send me cartoons and newspaper clippings during the week…here are my favorites. Please keep them coming…you never know when you might see them again.

There are some of us that struggle with dieting…who wants to talk about dieting when you can laugh about it!



The newspaper is packed with information. Some of these stories don’t make it to the nightly televised news. Here are a few:



I am relieved to know that scientists have finally made the connection between action and results as shown in the above two headlines!


Animals bring us so many things emotionally including laughter…this is for the dog and cat people!





Regaining composure! The next section, for whatever reason, is dedicated to two of our favorite movies! Can you name them? Of course you can!




Well that concludes this portion of Facebook Funnies Wednesday!
I hope you found something that tickled your funny bone and brought a smile to your face. Keep those funny pictures coming! Have a great day and share some humor today!

I just had to add this one…

Peach State

Peach State says: These are a Few of my Favorite Things!

The sun has silently started to glow behind the trees in my back yard. The birds have been waking the day with song for a little while. The day is off to an altered start with there being no school today or tomorrow. My husband is getting ready for work as I type to you this morning. Today is going to be busy…I will be getting ready to leave, as soon as my husband leaves, and heading to my church.
It is going to be fun…These are a Few of my Favorite Things!

While drinking my latte’ this morning, and contemplating what to write, I received a panic ridden text…”What do I order…it’s cold outside!” It brought a smile to the dark room and I picked up my phone and called my friend in need. We laughed about her plea for help…it’s just too early to think!
We will be working at our church, in a little while, trying to organize the choir room and music library. Later we will practice with the Senior Adults for their songs on Sunday afternoon. There are about five of us who stand behind the seniors whenever they sing to help them with their part. They are a sweet bunch of special souls.

The time spent working on the choir room and music library will be filled with laughter and humor. We will clean and rearrange the choir room, which has not been done since the building was first completed. “Alright, it may have been cleaned before…we just don’t know when that was!”
I recently worked in the choir room moving music to the new music library in the newly constructed building of our church. There is so much to do…and very little time to do it! As my friend and I were leaving Praise Team practice last night we were both looking forward to working together. “Maybe we can solve the world’s problems while we work.”. We will both have our specialty drinks from the local Starbucks and sip our way through the dusty stacks of old music. These are a Few of my Favorite Things!/em>

The clock will not stop it’s progressive march forward. “I need to get ready!” So…favorite things…

Good friends
Coffee (you know me…always plenty of coffee)

The sad thing is my son has a dentist appointment today…I do not like the dentist and that is another list. Have a great day and I hope you can fill it with some of your Favorite Things!

Peach State