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Peach State says: Chick-Flickathon!

Today was the perfect day for staying indoors…and for a little me time. “Well me time mixed in with a bit of tidying here and there!” What does that really mean for me?


All by myself in an empty house and a DVR filling up with holiday-Kleenex-holding-eye-wiping-chick-flicks needing to be watched. Of course the Kleenex was also helpful in wiping my runny nose due to the weather change. “Did I mention the arctic shift in temperatures?” Maybe that is why I served good old fashioned Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese…a little comfort food is just what my mother would have ordered for a itchy throat.

Time for the next movie and this time with my youngest! Maybe a nice cup of hot chocolate later!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: The Waiting Game!

My hubby was supposed to get off today at 5PM but as of three minutes ago he was still at work! So…We are watching one of my family’s favorite movies…”Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”! We have every set to record and will wait until he gets home! So here we are just hanging out with a wonderful movie as we play The Waiting Game!
It is time for the big battle…
Back to the show!

See you all tomorrow for some Facebook Funnies…

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies…Giggle Giggle


What a way to start off the morning…I know what you are saying…
“Great now that song is stuck in my head!”
Don’t worry! I have just the cure!

Welcome to Facebook Funnies…Giggle Giggle!

How about a little “Iron Maiden”?

Not quite what you were thinking of…okay,

Simon and Garfunkel perhaps…

I always loved this song…but after seeing this it really speaks to me!

Scary thing is I have been singing along since I was old enough to walk beside my mom…music was always a part of my life!

Animal Parade:

End of the school year…yeah right! Sounds like the type of book my sons would read except the title would be “Dad said…”!

It is hard enough with one spoiled rotten Princess but multiple cats…

Oops…they forgot to spell!


Speaking of back-up…

They are sooo busted!

My youngest favorite line!

How about some Coffee?


LOL! Sorry I just had to post this one!

This weeks Blog Worthy Award Winners:

They must Samuel’s kids!

Yummy Bacon!

I hope you have a great day and this it not the day for…


Have a great one!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Wednesday…While Waiting For Package Delivery

Cup refilled and ready.
I drove up behind the Fed-ex truck yesterday about 11:10 am and he would not stop. So I am now stuck at home for a delivery instead of going with my hubby and 19 year old son to the recruiter station. “Oh…goody!” Yeah right! Anyone want to make a bet that the delivery is later this afternoon? Anyway…welcome to Facebook Funnies Wednesday…While Waiting For Package Delivery!

My friends have been actively posting the funnies this week…

To quote a commercial…”There’s an app for everything…It was on the Internet and the Internet does not lie!”

I had to translate for my hubby…I was fine!

This one was a little off the cuff…but sadly you will laugh!


Preach it mama!

Boy…no truer statement!

Not Spring yet! That was a close one!

Wine…coffee…Coke Zero…I am not picky!

I understand it…but have mastered the art of Turning a Deaf Ear!

Dang it…I sang it again!

Wow! I feel like an outcast…the only thing I was doing that day was washing my hair!

How about the Time Change?


(Gotta love Grumpy Cat!)

Let’s go to Oz…:

Sang this one too…dang it!

Worse yet…I read this in the voice from the original “Wizard of Oz

Toto is under the influence of the poppies…we’ll move him when he falls asleep!

This week’s Blog Worthy Award Winners are:
(Drum Roll…….)

Poor Samuel…he wants to give her the moon and gave her fleas instead…

Show of hands…who sang that one?

There were some laugh out loud Funnies in this group…see!

Delivery update…nothing…no show…still waiting…this is getting old…

Share the humor…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: My Hubby’s Annoyance With My Tastes!

I am one of the people who watch every Christmas movie from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. Unfortunately…my hubby is not a fan of these chick-flick-Christmas-romance-Santa-spirited-all-lived-happily-ever-after type of movies. From the beginning of our relationship, some 27 1/2 years ago, he has made it known…

My Hubby’s Annoyance With My Tastes!

The funny thing, as I sit here this morning watching a new Christmas movie I TiVoed, this has been a year of change in my hubby. His dislike for sports, namely college and NFL football, has pretty much done a 180…we would find him watching the beloved football team fight for a win with us and as the NFL season began and the Falcons won he changed. We now watch most NFL games and he has picked his favorites. My 19 year old son is blown away and told his daddy that this was definitely the way to live. He explained that having his dad yell, in true sport-fanatic-hoot-and-hollering style, at the players and coaches made his game-day-experience complete.

All of this to say…yesterday, after the game, he dozed off and I changed the channel. He woke to find himself watching the last half of a Christmas movie called “Hitched for The Holidays”. He enjoyed it…but as it ended I gave him the remote. I went to fix dinner and he relaxed in the role of his control in button pushing. He watched 2 shows and paid no attention to the 8:00 movie coming up next.

Help For The Holidays
Are you sitting down? He watched it…all the way through…he even asked me to pause the movie when he ran upstairs. “That was not as bad as I thought!” he said. I will not force him into chick-flick-mania BUT…if he happens to get caught up in the story I will not change the channel.

I am going to settle in and watch this movie…Do you like holiday movies? If so…what are your favorites? Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Aging Gracefully…I Hope!

We hate to be reminded of our age…

Actors on TV we grew up watching are old and gray
Political figures, no longer in office, are seen in wheelchairs or using canes
Children we knew when we were in our teens are…complaining of their age
Personalities, such as politicians and news anchors are looking younger
Senior Citizens discounts are applied at the grocery store without asking for ID

Sadly, I have finally reached an age I hate. “I am not a Senior Citizen…yet!” I have my Grandmother’s genes and I am Aging Gracefully…I Hope! “I know I don’t look my age…well I don’t act it either!” I am careful with how I look…and try to look natural with my layers of age-defying make-up on. Okay…I don’t look like a clown but, I have two types of moisturizer and then a foundation…the colors are a coordinating ensemble matching my mood and clothing.

This renewed fear desire to look younger came about the other day when a young mother, I used to babysit, was complaining about her age (38). My poor hubby about fell out of his chair. “She can’t be that old…That makes me…Old!” I must admit…I laughed!
Then…this morning, as my hubby and I were watching the news during breakfast, a familiar face came on the screen. This gentleman played a doctor on the TV show MASH…and seeing him now blew our minds. He had a shake as he walked…and elderly shake usually seen in people in their 80’s with health issues.

Sometimes we laugh at the way we see the world and relate to the world. “Oh…we must be getting older!” 2012…2013…Good grief, we never thought about this time…it was too far off! My 19 year old son recently ran into a child who actually seemed surprised to find out that he was born in the 90’s. (The child was 10 years old.) I hope he doesn’t find out that his parents were born in the 70’s!

I have also come to the realization that if the grocery store cashier wants to give me the Senior Citizen Discount I will not argue. The first time it happened I was destroyed and told the cashier I was not in that age bracket. Now…I save money where I can! (insert major laughter and smirk) It has only happened about five times and no one asked for my ID. Three of the five times I was not even aware until looking over the register receipt. Does this make me a bad person for not taking this matter to a manager? “Well I hate to bother the poor manager…he seemed really, really busy.”

But!…I do feel a little bit better about going to my youngest’s school. I went for orientation and there were mothers who looked older than me. Two of them were awkwardly insulted when the teacher confused them as the students grandmother. “I can understand making that mistake once…but twice within two hours…not good!” I have since learned that only one of them is older than I am and the other mother is…to be polite…not aging gracefully. . I have a warm, fuzzy feeling when I visit the school.

What makes you feel old…”ER”? I would love to hear! I must run and get a few things done before the day gets away from me. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Friendly Facebook Funnies


My friends have been busy this week…shopping, cleaning up from Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas, returning to work and, of course, filling their free time with Facebook…and adding loads of new Funnies.

Welcome to this week’s Friendly Facebook Funnies!

Let’s start with Thanksgiving Leftovers:

…just 10?…



The cat may be watching the turkey…but who is watching the cat?

And we move past Thanksgiving…


(drum roll)… This weeks Blog Worthy Award Winner Part 1:

This sweet little cat is between the ages of 18-25…I know because of the familiar glazed expression and sarcastic tone.

Aww…a little sibling challenge.



If my grandmother knew anything about text messaging I would need the following for translation!

# 6 and #12 are my favorites.

Creative juices just stalled due to lack of Internet connection…I am hoping this will load and save…maybe publish! Have a Humor filled day!

Peach State

Peach State says: A Little Bit Of Everything


Clean a little bit
Do a few errands
And then…a special movie time with two of my sons…

Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2

“I can’t wait!”

Then we race home for the school bus…and the official beginning of Thanksgiving Break.
Planning dinner
And…cutting out more leaves for the Tree of Thanksgiving.
“My hubby really liked the idea and wants the boys to participate….I was surprised!”

Yep…Today is going to be a great day filled with A Little Bit Of Everything!

I hope you have your own great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Rainy Day=Family Movie Day!

I could let the dark and rainy day influence my mood…but not today! My 22 year old greeted me this morning with one of my favorite movies and plugged it in. We enjoyed watching it together before my other two sons woke up. We then began the ever present chore list and are preparing to watch another movie together. Rainy Day=Family Movie Day!

What would you do and can you really blame me? So I will not stay here today and chat…I will spend a little time laughing and giggling, as we repeat the memorable movie quotes, with my boys!



Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Just Whistle While You Work


I have tried and tried to keep up with the daily routine. Oh, well…some things will just have to be placed on the back burner. “Good thing I don’t need all four burners to cook dinner.” What is a girl to do when she can’t do it all and there is no happy tune that can help the situation much less strong and willing bodies. Just Whistle While You Work!
I guess I need to wake up and realize I am not living that “Fairy Tale”!


So what should I dream about now? What would you dream about?

Have a great day!

Peach State