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Peach State says: 4 More Days

Gone are the days of consistency in schedules. Gone are the days doing homework at the kitchen table and the endless questions from a 5th Grader fishing for the easy solution. It is the last week of school in our county and the anticipation, mixed with fevered chaos, has spread from the youngest to the oldest of students. Countdowns are on every calendar…4 More Days!

Last week, while working with my teacher friend in her classroom, I was witness to the changing of the numbers. A school staff member walked into a lively cafeteria and stood in front of the over-sized countdown on the wall. Taking down the old number…10… and replacing it with the first single digit…9 day left. The whispers began to change quickly as he stepped away revealing the remaining days of school. The children’s excitement grew as the staff in the cafeteria began trying to quiet the to-be-expected emotion.

My neighbor is a teacher and I enjoy the countdown conversations we have…he is as excited as the kids are at the end of school…but the tiny black storm cloud of impending doom will soon hang over his head as he, and every other teacher, start the Back To School countdown.

Anyway…I received an email from my youngest’s teacher yesterday about his behavior. “This is a daily occurrence and is often filled with bad choices and conduct reports!” She tried to be a positive as she could be…This is the email:

As expected…he had a rough morning but was quick to tell everyone he had not had his medicine. By the afternoon he began to level out in his behavior. This will be a hard week for him with the anxious chaos filling the school. He will be re-taking the Math Test on Wednesday! “I love this next statement!” 4 More Days!

I am not sure if she is counting down till Summer or days until my son is gone. Let us hope that it anticipation of Summer!

For those of you who may not be avid followers of my blog…my son is a unique spirit that chooses to bounce like a Tigger instead of controlling himself. He gets frustrated very easily and his anger will explode into shouting matches and desk throwing. “The throwing of desks happened in third grade…and all parties involved had never seen a child act this way in school.” Having this young boy in our home for the past 4 almost 5 years has been like a test…with no Study Guide available.

With 4 More Days till Summer my husband and I have started considering some-type of vacation during the summer. “This is the first time, in almost 4 years, that we could entertain the thought of leaving the house.” So with my husband working and his desire to not sit at home doing nothing we will make some plans. It will be a new experience for us with 2 of our sons working full time and our oldest living across the state. We opened the floor for suggestions…”Hey Bud…where would you like to go this Summer?”

Here is the list:
Snow Boarding
White Water Rafting
Rock Climbing
Sky Diving
Scuba Diving and
Lego Land

My husband and I looked at each other and asked him why he chose these activities. He responded very quickly with…”I thought I should have my own Bucket List.” There was no mention of Six Flags or Disney and Universal Studios…no desire to visit any amusement type park…We were blown away!

So I sit here writing as the house is quietly beginning it’s day. The school buses hum through the neighborhood and deliver the huddled masses yearning to be free! My husband has left for his short day leading up to his day off tomorrow. One son is off today and will fill his time with yard work…”I hate weeds!” I am waiting to hear from my teacher friend to see if she needs help today…4More Days! Sleeping in…relaxed schedules…

If it sounds to good to be true…It Is! Vacation Bible School planning and decorating next week leading up to a week of deliberate chaos. So for now I will hold closely the activity coming on the horizon…a family trip to the movies…Men In Black 3…and cherish the thought that I may actually get to my beloved Beach House this summer. Well…a beach trip is being planned!

What will fill your days of summer? Will you find time with family and friends…days at the beach and amusement parks? Let me know…I may need some more suggestions to replace the sky diving! Till then..4 More Days!. Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says:Today is a Day Of Firsts!

The day is as calm as it will get…the schedule for today is complex and filled with new endeavors.
Today is a Day of Firsts!

With it being a Monday I am up, as a friend call it, at the “butt-crack of dawn”. I begin my normal routine and know that several extra tasks have been added. My husband had several bad experiences with lunch last week and asked for items that he could take instead of eating out. So… am cutting up celery and carrots.

After I fixed his breakfast and our lattes’ I set upon the task of chop…chop…chop! I also cut up some pineapple and strawberries. Hopefully he will not eat all of it and have some left for tomorrow. Yep…you guessed it…he is trying to diet!

He announced Saturday that he was going to quit smoking! “That’s wonderful!…when?”

He bought the Nicorette Patches yesterday. Boy…Today is a Day of Firsts

My 19 year old went to work out early this morning and will come home and clean up only to return to the same gym…he starts teaching his first class, Self Defense and Boxing, today!
Early day for my 21 year old…instead of the 11:00 starting time he opens today.

And what will I be doing today…I am also experiencing a first today!
I will be going to Curves this morning…

I need to get motivated and find some accountability!
I did try on a pair of my old pants yesterday and almost got them buttoned. “That’s better than the last time!”
When I finish at Curves I will run home (drive) and clean up before heading up to help a friend in her classroom. “It’s that time of year again…time for the sorting and reorganizing of games and books…time to pack her personal teaching aids…did I mention she is moving to a new school in the fall?”

“I better take some Tylenol and see if I can keep this migraine from starting! I am already feeling it in my neck and forehead…Not Good!”

After helping my friend for about three hours I will return home and…
“I wish!” I will begin the everyday cleaning and preparation of dinner. “Mom’s job is never done…and if it is then no ones tells mom!” Fortunately I don’t have a whole lot to do on my daily chore list. “Now there is a First!

What is on your list of things to do today? You might be surprised and find that Today is a Day of Firsts for you as well! As for me…i will finish my latte and then go get ready…I will be leaving in about 35 minutes. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: The Sounds of My Morning!

Fortunately my ears woke up this morning. My “Sounds of Nature” had faded giving way to the sounds of light snoring coming from the other side of the bed and from my Precious Princess on her oversized pillow. I peeked over at the large numbers, lighting the side table with a blue glow, and squinted…”Crap!” I had forgot to push the always set alarm…and would have overslept. My body woke up right on time…well 2 minutes late…but who is counting? Thankfully I got up without the numbing and stirring tones of my shuffled song list that usually start “The Sounds of My Morning!”

I traveled the pre-set path to the front door as my body began it’s auto piloted routine. The sound of the front door opening followed by the Beep…Beep…Beep, of the door sensor, brake the silence. My precious princess came down with me this morning and needed to tend to her duties…”Out you go!” I step out onto the front porch and take in the waking morning. There is the sound of large trucks rumbling through the darkness as the birds begin to sing. A Rooster stirred from his sleep and gives his “Cockle doodle do” wake up call. I turned the handle with a squeak, as the frame of the heavy glass door opened, and let my precious princess back inside. I lock the front door and head off to the kitchen…open the treat jar with a gentle snap and wait for the clicking of nails against the wood floor to stop. “Good girl!” “The Sounds of My Morning!”

The refilling of the various machines begins…water flows in and out of my container as I refill the water kettle and espresso maker. The rattling sound of the Oatmeal packets as I set them in a bowl next to the water kettle. The microwave chimes…”Ahh! Coffee!” The refrigerator hums quietly as it cycles on…I turn to fill my youngest’s cereal bowl. The ping-pong sounds of Cap’n Crunch and Crunch-berries against the plastic bowl lessen as the bowl fills. I set it at his place on the table and take another sip of my coffee. The laundry room…I check the washer, with a click of the vacuum sealed door, and notice my 21 year olds blue jeans lying wet in the drum. “He will need these today!” I reach over to the dryer door and click…pressure released and door swings open…my 19 year olds clothes are all dry. I reach in and remove his clothes placing them on the dinning room table, presently known as his closet, in hopes he will take them to his room later. The jeans and a couple of shirts are put into the dryer as the buttons clank against the drum. I set the desired temperature with chimes and clicks as the tumbling and clicking begins.The house is filling with“The Sounds of My Morning”!

Checking the time…”I have plenty of time!” I go over to the recliner and sit with my coffee…the tags on my precious princess’ collar tinkle and clank as she shuffles over the wood floor behind me. She stretches and yawns…up in the other chair she jumps. She will be snoring soon! I follow my routine and read through various places…My Bible app, Facebook, Swagbucks, Blog stats….and play one card game! Releasing the latch from the difficult recliner…I am back in the kitchen for the swirling and swishing sound of the espresso maker. The boiling water in the kettle begins only to fade as I click the switch off. The stirring of the spoon against the bowl, grainy at first, as I mix the two packets of oatmeal. Up the squeaky stairs to the office door…a gently series of beeps as I punch in the code for the lock…and in I go. “Little hands loved seeking and finding things that did not belong to him in my husband’s office…thus the lock!” I retrace my steps back down the hall and turn on the light for my youngest. He greets the day with a crinkled face and moans as he rolls over. I move quietly to the door at the end of the hall as the threshold creaks…flip n the light in the bathroom and gently tell my husband “Your breakfast is in the office!” I head back down the squeaky steps to enjoy my latte’ and listen to the series of knocks and creaks as the two begin to move around upstairs. “Good…they are up!” I think to myself as I hear “The Sounds of My Morning!”

Here is the point where the noises increase in full combat mode. I do not understand how so much noise can come from one little boy…”The fact is…I had 3 small children, close in age, eating and getting ready for the day, at the same time, all quieter than this one little boy!” The cascading stomps down the stairs hide the squeak as he moves into the kitchen. The milk is poured over his cereal in a rush…”Sorry!…overflow!” The crunches and slurping mix with conversations and unique tones and pitches, unknown to man, as he eats his breakfast. He finishes and throws his bowl in the sink. He begins his lunch preparation and fills the kitchen with sounds of shaking potato chip bags and digging in the large, almost empty, cookie container. The lid to the peanut butter jar is flopped onto the counter so that it spins like a top. He comments about that sound and does it again. Off to the refrigerator for the jam. Mumbling comments as he removes the lid from the jam. Clink…onto the counter! Laughter as the lid performs it’s “top maneuver”. The quick snap from the plastic bags, as he closes them, lets me know he is done. He is off again with the stomping up the stairs to brush his teeth and then the return stomping down the stairs. The multitude of zips and clips as he readies his book bag and the continuous pleading for candy to take to school fill the remaining minutes till he walks out the door. “Like I am going to send a child to school with candy after all the noise and flurry of activity I have experienced!” He moans and groans, questioning my parenting nature…but the No’s have it! He heads out the door. “The Sounds of My Morning” are reflecting the peaceful calm now that the “tropical storm” is waiting for his bus!

My husband is almost done as his shoes sound across the tile on the bathroom floor. Off to the kitchen to fill his commuter mug. The glass against the metal on the base clink as I pull the coffee pot out and replace it on the base. Beep…Beep…Beep! I open the door going into the garage and open the car door. Back into the house I go! The closing of the office door and mechanical locking let me know my husband is coming down. The creaks and squeaks of the stairs and our normal series of hugs and goodbyes. The garage door rises as the metal panels move and shake like a large roller-coaster slowly clicking it’s way up the first hill. The car is started and the seat belt alert chimes…he leaves! I return to my coffee!. A few moments of solitary silence…

It won’t be long and the other two, still snoring upstairs, will start their day. My 19 year old has an interview this morning at a very large exercise chain facility. “Keep him in your prayers or keep you fingers crossed!” The 21 year old works late today at his Jewelry Store job. It will be almost noon by that time and the morning, which was packed with sounds, will give way to a slower pace of normal activity. I will settle back in my chair, with my cup of non-package oatmeal, next to my snoring princess and finish my latte’! I have a list of things to do today…I will be walking plenty today and lifting heavier than normal objects. “OOO…exercise!” I will not hear these sounds again…not until tomorrow…then once again I will hear “The Sounds of My Morning!”

Think about it…what sounds are you hearing everyday? I bet they are the same as mine! Have a great day!

Just in the time I took to proof and eat my breakfast my 19 year old left for his interview. This was his third interview and he just called…He got the job! PARTY! Whoop…Whoop…Whoop! Sorry…he has been looking for a job for quite a while!

Peach State

Peach State says: It Is Current Event Friday!


Dozens of thought entered my head when I saw this image. Everything from pride in my country to is that the last of the money left in Washington! What went through your head when you saw this image? It is time for a “tip of the iceberg” look at our Government SpendingIt Is Current Event Friday!

With this nation’s economy in a downward spiral we have seen the difficulties trickle down from Washington to our overflowing pot on the average American level. There are some who don’t have 2 pennies to rub together, as my grandmother would say, and depend on the government to take care of them. I say…the Federal Government needs to take care of the financial issues plaguing this country with a large eraser. Start trimming the fat…and realizing the needs of the country instead of playing a game of political “Pong”. You remember this Atari game with the little white square was bounced between to player controlled lines. There was a spot you could set the paddles and the ball would bounce back and forth in the same, boring pattern.

The government says they are working to improve the countries financial crisis…How? Oh, it must be all the jobs funded by the government. The average American is still waiting for those jobs…but don’t worry…the government is on top of this snag. An interview recently aired about the increase in jobs in America that could not be filled due to retraining. We have to go to school and re-educate ourselves for these new jobs. “Just a thought…who is paying for this re-education and with what money?”

Americans are having a hard enough time making ends meet without being told you need more education to work. Don’t get me started on that concept! That is a whole other current event topic. With inflation climbing and salaries being trimmed in this economy it is difficult to find anyone doing well. If you ask they same question to a wealthy person and an average person they will tell you the same thing. I was better off before and have had to made compensations to adapt to this economy. The Federal Government needs to understand this concept of adapting and cutting back not just compensating themselves.

In this political election season we are bombarded with the doubt ridden media blitz. The candidates are played against each other…not against the situations damaging our wonderful country. They are too busy trying to better each other in this power struggle leaving the voters shaking their head in bewilderment.

I wish I held the answers to solve the national problems…but I am just a passenger in this life-raft that seems to be floating away. I hear the suggestions from the left and the right leading me to believe they may even know. Can’t we just call a time-out and start over? You want to eat…get a job! You want to drive a car…get a job! You want to own a home…get a job! Take care of yourself and your family…the government needs to get back to the basics and tighten their belt like the rest of us have.

What do you think? Do you have the solution to any of these problems? We need to work together…and not expect anything in return except a thank you. Now there is a concept!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Too Early for Changes

Different time set on the alarm clock this morning and my schedule is already off…

I go to blog and my label is changed and throws me for a loop….

Enough Said!

It is “Too Early for Changes”

Welcome to Monday morning’s new schedule!  “I do not like it Sam I Am!”  I have accomplished all that needed to be done even though everything was out-of-order.  It leaves one feeling “discombobulated”!!!  Who likes feeling this way?  “I do not like Green Eggs and Ham!”  Chaos and extra complications thrown into the mix…taking our normal way of doing things and tossing it out the window.  “I need more coffee!”

Okay!  It is a new day and, at least for the time being, I am back on track…  I can go about my day knowing that this will not happen for another week and prepare myself.  I will have one of my sons take the trash out Sunday night, instead of my dragging it out to the street in my PJ’s and fuzzy socks.  “I got rain-soaked fuzzy socks today!…Yuck!”  It is an Act of Congress to attempt this feat but I am up to the challenge.  They usually do this, but have slacked off the past several weeks.

How was your morning?  I am fighting the urge to lay down with Benadryl and Vick’s Mentholatum and will press on. I will make this quick today and hope this finds you having a pleasant day ahead of you.  If you have any ideas for battling the feeling of “discombobulation” let me know!  Quit laughing…I know I will get through this…I always do! “I do like Green Eggs and Ham!…I do like the Sam I Am!”


Mahna Mahna

Peach State

Heart of Dixie says . . . I decided not to post this on facebook…but I wanted to say it anyway.

I was so excited this morning, and now I’m just full of disdain for all those perfect little cheerful posts out

there.  I’m pretty sure the inner grumpiness is caused by the physical pain, but still.  How can all of y’all be so perfect all the time?  I don’t believe you.  I used to pretend to be perfect, too.

Heart of Dixie says . . . Miss Piggy, you have been annoying today.

Ah, the joy of learning how to work a new computer program.  I’m sure once I get the hang of it, I will wonder what took me so long.  But I got a little frustrated today trying to figure out WordPress.

For one thing, I put Miss Piggy as a Gavatar just for kicks and grins.  I didn’t bother to find out if my cuz would like her, but I feel sure by her choices of Christmas movies, Miss Piggy wouldn’t be top on her list things which could represent us.  Alas . . . Miss Piggy wouldn’t leave.  Only after about three hours was I able to get her to go away.

I like Miss Piggy, though.  Actually, I believe my personality is somewhere between Miss Piggy and Hermione Granger.  Anyway, sometimes I feel like my legs look like Miss Piggy’s (not a good thing).  Often I wish I were as glamorous as she.  Mema is glamorous.  Or at least she was.  Sometimes I wonder if her rather plain grandkids are ever a disappointment to her.  The lookers are clearly her step grandchildren.  Oh well. At least I can pretend to be glamorous.

I’ve been known to bat my eyes like Miss Piggy and to swish my hair like she does.  I am not exactly delusional that Kermit is in love with me like she is.  (But then I don’t know Kermit, do I?) I know I’m not the kind to karate chop those who tick me off.  In fact, I’m way more likely to pout and cry and (now) blog.  I think it’s wonderful that both my cuz and I were able to vent some frustrations on the same day.  I’m not that I want this to be a place where you need to have some cheese with that whine; however, I’m pretty sure no one got karate chopped last night.

I’ve stopped trying to understand this program.  It’s time for me to fold some laundry (1.75 hours).  I need to quit using this time-sucking device for a bit.  However, I admit, that the novel trying to get out of me is thankful for WordPress.  This is fun and finally getting  me into the habit of writing.  Thank you.

Miss Piggy, I thank you, too.  I appreciate your finally leaving the upper corner of my page. Aloha!

Heart of Dixie says . . . Blackened Bloom

It’s been that sort of day.  The kind you don’t want to write about because you don’t want people to think you are a whiner.  So I won’t give you the details of my day, only that I was tired and cranky and probably PMS-ing.

So I g0t home and remembered that there was a used blooming onion in the fridge.  I was starving – which only added to my cloudy mood.  I proposed to put it in the toaster oven and eat it as a pupu (or appetizer as you haolis say).  (I’ll explain the Hawaiian thing later.)  I log on to facebook and BOOM!  I have a blackened blooming onion.  Time flies when you open that facebook page.

“Is something burning?”

“Oh, yeah.  I guess it is.  Good thing you like things burned.”

But now I feel better.  I was hungry, so at least that part of my crankiness is gone.  I still rather feel like whining, however.  Until last year I was an at-home mom like my cuz.  I tended to complain that moms didn’t get a lot of at-a-boys from working at home, which is true.  Ah, but now I’ve been through a couple of jobs while trying to find my way in the world.  I’ve decided that I “sho” don’t like teaching high school, or even middle school.  Not really sure how I feel about community college, except that I don’t particularly like grading papers (but that’s not really news).  Now I have this job that would give me huge at-a-boys if I would just stop working long enough to write reports about what I am working on.

Now, as a wife and mother, I don’t think spending time on a report rather than . . . say . . .picking up the kids from school  . . . would have gone over really big.  I’m sure no one wanted a report that said, “Today I spent 3.75 hours making sure you had clean, folded, ironed clothes.  I think they were more interested in the clothes (when they weren’t complaining that I mixed up whose was whose).  In fact, I think if had known that I could have wasted as much time on reports at home as I wasted at work this week, I could have watched “The Biggest Loser” without guilt (that I was wasting time).  I am, alas, just used to doing the work, not quantifying it.

Even as a teacher, I never said, “I graded 30 sucky paper for 8.5 hours this weekend.”  They were more interested in getting them back from me, really.  I never said, “Prepared lecture on ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ and ‘Barn Burning’ for 6.25 hours.”  It would have been excruciating to stand in front of a class and say, “Well, I really have no idea why the Snopes are so messed up. Y’all are dismissed early.” Reporting on the work seems a whole lot less important than doing it in that world.

Nope, I haven’t done much quantifying in my life, and I will admit that I don’t like it.  To me it seems like a waste of time.  But then I’m not the one who decides who should stay and who should go if the money should dry up.  They need numbers to crunch to make those decisions.  The thing that disturbs me is that there is no way t0 quantify revision, but that’s another blog.

So, the bloom as blackened (and soggy and not-quite-right), but it was food.  It was spicy (like a good life – the one I have now), it was paid for (like my car), and it was about 48% complete.  It took about .25 hours to eat, and this post took about .50 hours to write.  I will now, enjoy my “family” for the next 2.75 hours when I will take off my make-up and get ready for bed.  I will prepare Thanksgiving left-overs for about .30 hours, eat them for about the same (no credit for eating), and finish off that hour with washing up.  Good night and happy calculating. 🙂