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Peach State says: Sharing “The Grump”…Good or Bad?


So this was posted on my Facebook today and I had a thought!

“Sharing “The Grump”…Good or Bad?”

“Well…is that coffee big enough to share? And if you share grumpy does that make you less grumpy?”

Let me consider the concept while I finish my coffee!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: Washington State State of Mind!


Okay…enough is enough! This rain has got to go! The truly sad part is that no matter how much I drink of my wonderful “breakfast brew”, throughout my day, it has no effect. The overcast skies have finally moved inside amplifying a “GRUMPY” spirit!

I know I live in Georgia but now there is a strong…”Washington State State of Mind!

I have first hand knowledge of this dreary-sunless-rainy season in Washington State since I lived there about 8-9 years. I love the area and the exquisite beauty of the primeval-rain-soaked-constantly-damp forest in the Cascade Mountains. But…it is Summer in Georgia not a monsoon season in Washington State.


I do miss the many varied area to visit and explore…not to mention picnic! We would just hop in the car and start driving toward Mount Rainier and would soon be engulfed in shades of green. Isolated picnic tables next to solitary little creeks just waiting for that special someone to enjoy the peaceful pathway to lifelong memories. Don’t get me wrong…I love my Georgia but I would have to drive almost 2 hours to find a suitable spot worthy of memory making.

So…here we are stuck at home! At least the new-shiny-microwave is up and working. The A/C And Plumbing Inspectors are here running around with their clip boards. So far…we have water in the utility room again and we don’t know why! Always a comforting thought. My peaceful drizzle-filled morning has been interrupted so I am off to be homeowner!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I’m Writing In The Blogosphere!


I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
Just sharing my thoughts and dreams.
Wishing to make a difference,
And to bring a bit of cheer.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
My life’s journey and it’s ups and downs.
Childhood antics and problem solving
The shedding and drying of tears.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
Telling about my home.
Local weather and pollinated decks,
My Precious Princess out again…I Fear!

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
About my wonderful friends.
We laugh and sing together
While holding our coffee cup near.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
My day to day routines.
Ridiculous checklists and schedules I keep,
Perhaps to keep my head clear.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
Which surprises people the most.
I like to keep people guessing
Except for the special few held near.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
While enjoying my Heavenly Brew.
Enjoying my morning espresso shots
In an oversized cup…Oh dear!

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
Things found funny through the week.
Catchy phrases, coffee and cats
Sometimes laughing through the tears.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
A bit outside the box.
Silly life of a mother of four
Challenged to face many fears.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
As so many others unknown.
Words and thoughts simple and complex
All saying…”Hello world…I’m here!”

Too many thoughts racing through my brain this morning…thanks for listening!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: A Mother’s Surgical Precision

As the darkening clouds move overhead and the stiff wind rearranges the empty pollen husks on my deck I prepare!

(Empty Pollen Husks)

Time for an update:
My 20 year old had surgery Wednesday and came home with a 7-8 in incision and a smaller incision holding a drainage tube. The larger incision was to repair a hernia and the second to remove and/or drain a hydro cell. He has never had to experience this type of healing pain before…BUT I HAVE! Being my independent son he has tried to refuse my help…yet I have stepped into the role of nurse…using stealth mode naturally!

How? A Mother’s Surgical Precision…that’s how!

The routine prescription dosing
The semi-forceful reminders to drink fluids and eat something
The occasional arm and shoulder for balance
The peeking in to check on him as he lays in bed watching TV and sleeps
The adjustment to schedules dictated by surgeons
The simple presence in his room to watch a movie with him
The running to the store when a special request of food when he finally realizes he is hungry
The providing of straws to assist in fluid intake due to lack of movement

Moms…you know the drill! The things we do for our children often go unseen. He was on the phone yesterday and I heard him say “No!…she has not had to lift a finger. I can get in and out of bed and walk down the stairs already.” ( with someone right there to maintain balance and talk softly to him as he pauses against the wall or doorframe from the pain) This morning we are going to one of the surgeons to have her check the drainage tube. “Goody!” This means I drive up to the front door and help him out…get back in the car and go park…walk through the parking deck and maneuver through the catacombs of hallways and elevators to retrieve him and help him to the surgeons office…then reverse the procedure to get him back in the car and home. “Oh! Did I mention the thunderstorms this morning?”

I counted the trips up and down the stairs yesterday and…well… I stopped counting at 25 sets. After a day of walking the halls of the hospital and the stairs yesterday I figure I have walked quite a distance. “My poor legs throbbed last night!” My son is to stay virtually quiet…in one place…with no activity. This medical demand has been placed on the son who has always been on the go…a social butterfly of sorts…going to the courts to shoot hoops, helping friends move, landscaping and minor construction… “Yep! Being still is real easy for him!”

My favorite remark came from him yesterday when he told me I did not know the type of pain he was feeling… His brother quickly jumped to my rescue and said…”Hey Dude! Mom had three c-sections I think she understands.” ( Someone stands up for Mom…’bout time!). just kidding!

I hear movement upstairs and I checked my clock. I need to get myself ready so that I can quietly, behind the scenes, manipulate my son into the car. This is going to be fun! No really! “I can’t seem to convince myself of this fact.” I do know it hurts and how your body in stiff and painful all over because of trying to move without pulling the incision areas. “It ain’t easy!” I have had to hide my tears for my son as he holds his breath in painful gasps. I truly know that feeling. I am hopeful to hear some good news this morning.

So as I close my number two son has just checked in and is upstairs to help his little brother. I mentioned helping him change into a pair of shorts for the trip to the doctors. I am off to initiate stealth mode and begin my day as a practicing nurse and help my son heal using “A Mother’s Surgical Precision”!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Reality “Karate’ Kid” or How To Stain A Deck!


My hubby got an itch in the “household project” part of his brain…what does this mean?
A trip to the home improvement center for supplies and my sons doing all the work.
The “home improvement project” was originally going to be tackled and knocked out on Sunday…BUT… the weather forecast said rain. Hubby called our 20 year old son Friday afternoon and told him to pick up the supplies and get started.

This is Reality “Karate’ Kid” or How To Stain A Deck!

We, my 20 year old Black Belt and 12 year old Yellow Belt and I, rushed off to get the supplies…deck wash, a new color of stain, steel brush for cleaning the deck, and the needed paint brushes.

Home we came for the fun to begin. My two younger sons began by clearing the deck…after just getting the deck all set up from giving the furniture a fresh face lift with a new coat of spray paint last weekend. Once all the furniture and miscellaneous planters and removable lighting was cleared the deck was steamed cleaned and deck wash was applied. A follow up sanding was then performed to the railing and floor…

“Sand the floor!”:

Granted…my son did not look like this! He was listening to his music ignoring his younger brother as he worked like a maniac. (Rain is coming!) Once this is done I was called out to survey. “I think this was just an excuse to rest…yep!” I noticed a couple of things and was quickly reminded that I had no clue… Maybe he did look like this…with that OMG! You gotta be kidding! look in his eyes. “Twenty year olds!” It was time for the next step…

“Paint the fence!”:

This step was not as easy as in the movie… The railings, as you know, are waist down so one must be on the floor to properly apply the stain. Once the railings were completed around the main portion of the deck my son began staining a suspicious portion of the deck floor. Curious! I thought so! I asked and was informed that because of the oversized Bar-B-Que Grill not being moved off the deck he would apply the stain to this spot and let it dry…allowing him to place the grill there Saturday and stain the rest of the deck floor. I smiled and said “good idea” as a crowded stadium of excited fans did the wave in my head. Creative problem solving…you gotta love it!

Well here it is an overcast and moist Monday morning…I am looking out my kitchen window at a partially done deck. The deck floor is almost completed…the railing down the steps is done…and it is drizzling. Hubby and son worked on it again yesterday morning before the rain came leaving the portion right outside the door and a path leading down the steps. There are puddles on the deck and chance of more rain either today or tomorrow. “This will have to be completed by tomorrow due to 20 year old having his surgery on Wednesday morning!” We have already been informed that his activity level will be non-existent to low. Yep…this job will not be something he could do after surgery or for at least 4-6 weeks. (Time Crunch!).

Time for mom’s balancing act…I have somewhere I need to be this morning about 10:00 AM and 20 year old will be with me…if we come home about 12 and he eats before getting started…he could actually finish before TKD tonight. That is if there is no rain! I may also have to bribe 20 year old with a coffee! I think he would take that bribe which is good news…I would get one too!

More Coffee!!!

Coffee is always a sustaining part of my morning…who am I kidding?…daily routine!

Off to complete the few chores before “the waking of the troops”! “It is likely to be closer to a “Zombie Apocalypse” as the groans and complaints pour from the dragging bodies.” I sure hope the rain holds off!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Grumpy Cat Facebook Funnies

It’s not that I am Grumpy…I just love the sweet-thought-provoking-smack-you-in-the-face humor that accompanies the little face. A friend of mine knew of my unique love for this Grumpy Cat and sent me a few…I would like to share a few. Lets get started with
Grumpy Cat Facebook Funnies!



My family calls this type of humor normal!

Well…uh…next pic.



Hazy-eye-squinting-pain…yep know that pain!


On that note…lets see Grumpy Cat interacting with celebrities:



I am beginning to see a pattern…

Let me guess…Declined!

Grumpy Cat is just to sophisticated.

I guess the idea of not being with Taylor Swift makes Grumpy Cat happy…but don’t tell him.

There are people who understand…and we are funny too! Right?

Well here are the two Blog Worthy Award Wi

I am rushing to the store for new toothbrushes right now…
(I also thought of a mutual cat-loving friend….yuck!)

Carrot…get it! I could not breath….wait, I will share that one later.

Okay…regain your breath! Don’t worry I have more for another time. Share some humor and smile!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Being Deleted


As life zooms past my obvious existence is questioned. Am I “Being Deleted?”

Older children want me gone…(absent and out of view)
Pain slows me down…(now I walk the same speed as everyone else)
Hubby’s job keeps him busy…(even on days off)

I should learn a foreign language so that I can fully envelope my new job title…
taxi driver/maid

I seem to be fading right before my eyes!!!!

Guess I will start the dishwasher and grab a yogurt!

Everything is done and now I can wait!
Wait until time to fix dinner.
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!”

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!”
Kinda says it all…Right?

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Wednesday!

This week was a Catch-up week for a friend of mine. I believe she posted everyone of these Facebook Funnies after getting her hubby home from the hospital.
She was in need of two things…her bed and her coffee!
Let’s start with the coffee!



This is not a happy face!

Sadly I must confess that I remember this song when it was cookies but love it with coffee! I also used this pic as a screensaver for my phone. “What? Haven’t you ever used a historical and heart-stirring picture as your screensaver?”

This quote has been used this week…no lie!…but laughter was included!

Don’t mess with her… She needed coffee bad!

Ther are two reasons I don’t drink Decaf Coffee:

And #2:

(I found this one on another friend’s Facebook page and had to include the Decaf because of a mutual friend! I know she is shaking her head and sipping on her coffee!


And this concludes the coffee portion! I told you! She missed her beloved coffee and the descriptive terms for the “hospital brew” were hilarious.

I want to share a few more with you and I will save the other for another time. “There were so many…I guess my friend was computer deprived too!”

Musical pics are often circulated in my group of friends….(quit shaking your head!) Cookie Monster could have been in this group too!



Which brings us to the final two:

And drum roll please:

This weeks Blog Worthy Award Winner is:

This wonderful and stirring saying has also been quoted. I am sure that when we are together tonight it will be used again. LOL!

Well what did you think? Did you find something that reminded you of a friend or two? Maybe you saw yourself and can’t wait to use it as a screensaver. Whatever the case…let me know! Share a smile!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: OMG It’s Monday!

It has come again…that dreaded day of the week. My friends have struggled to gain their footing this past weekend to no avail. Sleep deprivation occurs and the alarm begins it startling Zombie Wake-Up call. The dragging of feet and puffy eyes tell the tale. OMG It’s Monday!

Here is a sample of sentiments on the auspicious occasion:


Understanding is one thing…sharing the symptoms is another. “I guess it is a good thing we are close friends.”

This pic offers hope…hope for a nap sometime today!

I think sleeping in those huge curlers caused those baggy eyes and droopy face…not Monday!




And of course!

What a waste!


Off we go…to face another Monday. Tip for the day: Hydrate!
You know what this means for me…right? COFFEE! Busy day ahead but I will not bore you with the details. I know your Monday is just filled to the brim with activity.
Have a great day!

Peach State