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Peach State says: It Must Be Saturday!


The alarm sounded…sharply crushing any pleasant dreams I may have been dreaming. The overcast sky has not given way to the gentle sunbeams, instead the rain threatening clouds teasingly whisper “Want to go back to sleep?” Yep…

“It Must Be A Saturday!”

I must confess that I felt a bit of track this morning! No usual rush to drink down my Heavenly Brew before hitting the showers. VBS successfully ended yesterday and with it the week-long-smile-glued-on-my-face-way-too-early-no-pajamas-allowed-shoes-must-worn-at-all-times-lack-of-hot-coffee-when-needed-event finally came to a close.

“Hold on…sipping my latte’!”

All in all it was a wonderful week…my class (with only a couple of minor interruptions) was great!
The Motherly Teacher/Administrator did surface on Friday. There were some teen-helpers who saw their duties as not part of their daily schedule. Rolling of the eyes and smart mouthing other peer-volunteers as well as adults had finally reached exploding pressure cooker intensity. The lead staff mentioned concerns and wishes these teens would go home…NOW! I stepped in to smooth things over and long story short….one of the mothers came to me and was not very happy with me. I simply shared that her wonderful-can-do-nothing-wrong-son ( NO I DID NOT REFER TO HER SON THIS WAY…)had disrespected several leadership personnel and a peer volunteer in front of small children and non-church members. One of the main VBS Leaders thanked, me after this confrontation…conversation, for handling it so nicely…sweetly…quietly. UNFORTUNATELY…I guess the mother was not convinced or settled about the matter and rushed off complaining, to anyone who would listen, and even managed to confide in our pastor. “So much for my working in any capacity with the youth/children at our church. I guess I will not be be connected with VBS next year either.”

MY HUBBY WILL LIKE THAT!. Of course now that this stuff may hit the proverbial fan my hubby will have added incentive not to further consider becoming active in his attendance.

I keep forgetting that my sons are the only non-angels away from home” (insert chuckle). “Of course they are not always angels here at home either…”

Funny thing is…by the time all my kiddies (16 active and wonderful upcoming 6-7 graders) left I had been hugged by parents telling me how much their kids loved having me as their teacher this year.

“Great…I Am So Confused!” Am I a wonderful teacher or a spawn of satan that has no business being around kids?

Only my hairdresser knows…no that’s not it…
Let’s find out…1-2-3…3…that’s not it either…
“oh yea…” The jury is still out! ”

I guess I will find out tomorrow. Until then I will continue to finish my wonderful latte’ as I enjoy the peaceful silence. (For the next 30 minutes) I will traveling down to meet my parents for lunch with two of my four sons in about an hour and a half and then back home for…”great!”…some cleaning. I need to play catch up after being gone from my usual routines for two weeks.

Speaking of coffee…(HEHE!) Look what I found and brought home with me from Charleston:


Several of my friends are either returning from vacation or leaving for vacation. The ins and outs of schedules and routines put on hold for a week here and there has begun. Thank goodness for Facebook. It will keep me connected while they are gone!

What are your plans for the next couple of months? May I suggest that you avoid talking to any teenagers? Lol…sorry, it just slipped out! Whatever your plans I only ask one thing…send pics and…

Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: I’m Back and I’m Gone Again!


I got back in town late Thursday and began the final preparations for VBS. YEP! I am off again…but I should be able to blog later in the day. My strong brew is accompanying me everyday and I am ready to face 5-6 graders…

I’m Back and I’m Gone Again!

I promise I will catch you up…in the meantime catch a glimpse of one of my souvenirs…

This week will challenge this statement…I gotta run!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Is It Nap Time Yet?


The weekend is finally here…a time where normal schedules include sleeping in. (Extra sleep is often needed after dancing “the dance of joy”!) Is It Nap Time Yet? For some…it is late to bed and early to rise! Some have no opportunity to soak in the comfy covers, like a snuggling baby, with no fear of the musical interruption coming from clock-radio on the bedside table. But…as one of the group unable to rest peacefully I will enjoy my brief quiet time before the chaos of the morning begins. The children are sleeping snug in their beds…at least for the moment. (Insert evil laughter…)
I will have to disturb their morning and gather the troops so I can attend an early practice. (Yep…they are going to be thrilled!)

I will manipulate the schedule to allow the errands to be completed quickly after the completion of practice. Thus…we will be home and possibly get the chance for a (dare I say it out loud?)…cat-nap! Maybe!

This time next week the packing will be almost completed. The car will be packed and my youngest will be preparing for his first extended-week-long-out-of-state-trip-without-mom-and-dad. I can honestly say that I will probably pack a few times during the week. Practice packing… ( Yep, not excited in the least!)

Well I am off to disturb some sleepy heads. Wish me luck!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Slowing Down For The Weekend…NOT!


I am Slowing Down For The WeekendNOT!

I have a busy weekend including:

Time with friends
Scentsy party
Trio practice…and
Regular household Chores

No use listing the “Regular Household Chores”…we all have them! I really would rather ignore them and hope they just go the other way! “Well at least this weekend.” The Ladies Trio has the special Sunday morning…the fun part is the fact that we only got the song Wednesday night and went over it one time together. Here’s hoping we can arrange a time to meet tomorrow!

Wow! The Multitasking Monster has taken over my body. I had literally left the table and started a new task I preparation for the Scentsy Party tomorrow. I guess this is a signal to close and take care of what needs to be done.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend….and to those of you I will see this weekend; I can’t wait to see you! It is time for more coffee!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Pick Me Mentality!

First of the month…first day of the week…
“Me…I’m not busy!…”


I am sitting here at my kitchen table looking out over my backyard. The rain soaked ground looks a little greener and the yellow haze is gone…for the moment. The bare leave-less branches are beginning to show signs of new life as the fresh green splashes resemble a paint brush dipped into paint. Puffed blossoms of white and pink fill the flowering trees as the signs of Spring complete this picturesque scene. Me…well I will enjoy what I can because my lists are yelling at me. Can you hear them or are you busy tuning your own list out?

Pick Me Mentality!

Each list craving to be completed…begging to be number one. It is so bad that I have started a Master List in my head this morning. “Scary…I know!” ADHD ALERT!
I had placed a piece of paper and a pen next to my latte’ containing cup before deciding to write my blog. I need to go grocery shopping, pick up medicine, drop of medicine for my son at school, drop off dry cleaning and pick up dry cleaning, PT, Chiropractor…( Wait! The last two are not today but Tuesday and Thursday.) I need to re-schedule the one Thursday to accommodate my previously made plans.

(squealing air-brakes from the racing garbage trucks break through interrupting my train of thought)

These far-from-unusual items/duties are nothing compared to the list I am working around. I have penciled in time with a dear friend for lunch this week…time in the music library at church (boy is that needed!)…shopping for some pants to fit a 12 year old who has once again grown out of his jeans and shorts just bought at Christmas. My entire schedule pivots on one certain phone call…

“This the _______ from the surgeon’s office. We have scheduled your surgery for _______.”

We should know something today or tomorrow. The surgeon, my son was sent to, is off this week…soooo…my son asked if one of the other surgeons in the same practice would be able to proceed in a rapid/timely manner. If not we will have to wait till next week to find out a date. “Great…that is Spring Break!” The good news is the fact that we would not have to worry about my youngest’s schedule at school.

Can you hear them? The lists have begun jumping around in true “Donkey” fashion. “Pick me…Pick me!” I have got to work on my menu for the month and from that list make a grocery list…taking into consideration an easy meal for the day of surgery.

Crock-pot meal!

Just thought of another list…things I need to buy not available at the grocery store. Why could I not have a list containing:
Spa day.
Shopping trip with friends.
Trip to the beach.
Maids coming.
Hire a decorator?

I should count myself lucky…I did get my nails done last week and I will be having a maids day ( everyday…I am the maid) and I will be spending quality time with friends even though it won’t be a spoil-me-rotten day of shopping. Time to zap my coffee…Ah! Now that’s better! The constant calling from the jumping-bean lists has been slowed by the flowing warmth from my oversized cup.
Precious Princess is snoring at my feet, content lay curled up in a furry ball.

Call the groomer!

The sun is trying to peek through the overcast morning sky. The dancing shimmers from the wet leaves brighten up the yard. Wow! My ADHD is working overtime this morning. My mind must look like a corporate mail room. Each list is zooming back and forth in to vacuum tubes. As I sit here clicking away each list is growing. Phone calls have been answered adding to the tasks on hand. Fortunately this last call was something my hubby will have to take care of…I had to call and leave a message Friday about changing our landscaping and the possibility of needing approval. The sad thing is we are just making the existing flower beds smaller and leveling out and putting in more grass. You would think we were considering taking down the trees and cementing the front yard. “HeHe!”

This has been fun…just relaxing with you as I tried to organize my thoughts. But I know it is time to face the music and attack the composing of the lists. Have a great day!



Peach State

Peach State says: What A “CEB”…Clever Easter Bunny!


The Saturday before Easter…Boy, do I remember those long drawn out days of my mother putting finishing touches on the Easter outfits and preparing our hair for the perfect hairstyle. The rigorous battle with my tangled bird’s nest to part and separate then apply curling gel and curl. The afternoon excitingly standing around the table, covered with newspaper, as vinegar scented color stations appeared for coloring our allotted hard boiled eggs. Once dry these splendid artistic masterpieces, with designs specific to the creator, would be place in the fridge to magically appear in the Easter Basket the next morning with a collection of Easter confections surrounding the unique Chocolate Easter Bunny. We knew which Easter Basket was ours by the decorated eggs placed strategically in the basket. The Easter Bunny also knew our likes and needs providing just the right non-food item next to our treasure.

What A “CEB”…Clever Easter Bunny!

Little did I know that one day the empty basket would be passed to me and I would be the “CEB” for my own children. And as you know…I took it a step further! I will prepare the meal in advance today except for the baking portion. I am looking forward to a day with my family tomorrow and do not want or need the added stress of cooking and cleaning. As for the baskets…we have downsized this year. My youngest announced that there was no Easter Bunny. His brothers told him he would regret that…and I just smiled! What a cost-cutting Easter this will be. The decorating of eggs is a thing of the past and the elaborate staging of the baskets and gifts…vanished like the infamous Bunny himself. The family Easter bowl will be the centerpiece with various chocolate bunnies present for each family member.

I will begin the mixing of the casseroles and the baking of the cake today…after a meeting. The stage will be set and I will be able to enjoy my family! What A “CEB”…Clever Easter Bunny!

Whatever your traditions…I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Sorry For The Down Time!

No this is not a picture of a delivery truck supplying my coffee for the day…BUT! Just kidding!
My roller coaster ride of a life reached the crest Friday and with a jolt….raced rapidly out of control as events picked up speed. I felt as though the car I was in would fly off the tracks. Let me back up…and explain!
Sorry For The Down Time!
I have been hinting to an event in my 19 year old’s life…he in going into the Army. Thursday was the physical part of his Pre-enlistment. The doctors found a hernia which was misdiagnosed by his regular physician. Great!. After long-rigorous-strong-toned conversations with our doctor we got a referral to an Urologist on Friday. The short but not sweet news was given…Hernia. We now have an appointment with a surgeon tomorrow. That is how my Friday started…by Friday night the unending roller coaster ride was out of control. Tattered nerves shredded even more by my oldest and…well…I needed to go for a peaceful walk…

“When being treated for pain in lower back and one leg it is not advisable to walk for extended periods.”

This walk was about 4 miles up hill! Big oops! I can hardly walk now and you should have seen me Saturday morning. I was not much better yesterday but managed to still sing…even the two solos I had. Nerves are mending and plans are being rearranged. I was a bit calm under my pain meds to the point of sleeping. This explains the not blogging…I could not focus or hold my eyes open to blog.

I am off to explain to my pain doctors why I am limping again and see if we can eliminate some if not all of this current pain. “I sure hour so!” I hope I did not do something to set this process back.

“I do not misbehave just act badly!”

The situation with my oldest is still a bit unresolved…but because of the events he is not home right now. At least I know he is safe! For those of you who read my blog, and know me personally, you will understand the situation,

I apologize for leaving you hanging but I needed to relax…sadly to the point that my coffee was going in one side of my mouth and out the other. “No it wasn’t really! I just felt a tad bit woozy!” I am lucky enough to have a family that forced me to take this short break on Saturday (after choir practice) an try to let my body heal. I feel like a big bruise! Well I gotta go…time to get ready for my appointment. Talk to you soon…one more thing…speaking of luck…

A bit belated but it is the thought that counts.

Have a great day and I will keep you posted!

Peach State

Peach State says: Coaching the Game of Life

Whistle around my neck…Extra coffee ready…Players all ready for the game…
“What play will I call first?”

Today is one of those days that life throws in just to keep you guessing. No use planning your schedule because it could change at the drop of the hat. Seriously!
Okay so my mind is moving way to fast for me today…Coffee Break!…I sat down to relax after my hubby and youngest left this morning and could only run scenarios ,of my day, in my mind. I felt like I was Coaching the Game of Life!


You go to work…run the ball
You go to school…flank right
Okay, your working too…flank left
That one is gone till sometime in the fourth quarter…in the locker room
Oldest son…defend that ball

I watch the play unfold and the quarterback runs the ball…
As long as we don’t fumble we will be fine. I have two cakes to bake…a three-layer and a two-layer
and realized this morning I am 2 eggs short. A store run is added to the day’s errands thanks to the magic of dry erase markers and dry erase board. “Tragedy averted!”
I am drawing from my previous experiences to plan my day. I may have to skip taking my youngest to TKD in order to pick up my 19 year old in the fourth quarter. He is across the state in the final stages of recruitment. Last time he was there for a test he arrived back about 5:45-6:15….that will not do tonight.

Mom has to be at a quartet practice about 6 pm with an extra Easter Practice at 6:30!

Come on guys…don’t fumble! We need to move the ball…we are almost there! I sure hope I don’t go down in history as the worst coach to ever play the game.

Flag on the play! PERSONAL FOUL!
“Mom…there are three packages upstairs that need to be sealed up and then taken to UPS!”

“Time out!” Back to the dry erase board….leave earlier and combine the UPS store and grocery store together before heading to the doctor’s office. Wiping the sweat from my brow I remind myself to smile…oh and breathe! No time to give up now guys…push through everything thrown at us.

My head is swimming and I need to focus. Next on the list is getting ready to leave. Timing is crucial so I can get back and bake the cakes and still have time for the to cool and decorate before fixing dinner. Oh crud!. Dinner! Sorry to cut this short…I am headed back to the dry erase board. Wish me luck!…I know I am strongest on days like this… Say it with me! I can do this!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Can Name That Tune…


So there we were…gathered and ready to sing. But wait! This song won’t do…
What about ______? slow
What about ______? so-and-so is working and won’t be here
“I got it!” What about “Mirey Clay”?

That’s was the one…everyone agreed…and the nod was given to retrieve it from the Choir Room.

“The only problem was the fact that there is no song, called “Mirey Clay” in the filing cabinet.”

We had a momentary lapse in song titles and had sent someone to pull the song with the wrong information. I ran to help and the only thing to do was sing the song, over and over, as I looked through every title in the filing cabinet. Give me a chance…I will get this…I Can Name That Tune…

Shortly after I arrived and began sorting through the files of music another member of the praise team appeared to offer her help. The wafting music came through the door as the instrumentalists and our fearless leader continued, completely abandoned and neglected by our three voices. We giggled in giddy, boisterous laughter as we combed through the files of music. We found a couple of other songs that might work when…what to my wondering eyes did appearFound It!

“That’s it!” How could we have forgotten?”

We headed, victoriously, back into practice with the file in hand. Rehearsal paused…as the song was passed out. Our fearless leader looked at the title and laughed. “There is nothing about “mirey clay” in the title…but that is what we call it…” He just shook his head. The funny thing about this renaming of a song is this is not the only one. You see…we find a phrase or word from our favorite songs that sticks in our heads and that is the way we refer to the title. “I do love the way our unique personalities find everyday truths in the words and phrases of the songs and hold them in our hearts.” It makes these songs sing…HeHe!

Why didn’t we just Google the song? Well…we are a techno-geeky savvy group and truth be told…the signal was too slow to wait and I have no battery left!

I do love singing…and singing with my dear friends…well it’s Priceless!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: The Christmas Hug!


Yesterday was the third Sunday of the month…which means several things. I have told you about my group of friends and the trouble delightful circumstances surrounding our friendship.
Every 3rd Sunday my friends and I, em>Peas in a Pod, sing at a local Retirement Facility. The faces of the regulars light up as we walk in and mingle. We sing, interact with them and wish them well. But…yesterday was special…The Senior Adult Choir, from our church, presented their Christmas program. The “Peas” + 4 of the males from the regular choir joined in with Senior Adult Choir offering moral support. This is one of the best Senior Choirs I have ever heard and what a joy they are to be around. They misbehave almost as much as we do in the regular Adult Choir. As our excited and active Minister of Music finished speaking we began to gather the hymn books, used for the sing-along carols, and began saying goodbye.

You can’t just say goodbye! “Actions speak louder than words!” I always try to give a hug or personal touch when leaving…but…yesterday was different! These hugs were filled with grateful thanks and warm wishes for a wonderful Christmas. More interaction, stinging of the eyes, increase in heartbeats… These hugs were “The Christmas Hug!”

We were recipients of blessings and love filled thanks. A new comer from my old church recognized me and said she could not wait to tell her friends she heard me sing. To put it mildly…she was thrilled to know I was still singing and could not wait to hear me again. I really wanted to stay longer but, as I said earlier, yesterday was different. The Senior Adult Choir was scheduled to sing at a Nursing Home about 20 minutes away an hour later…so the Peas headed to our quaint-out of way-off the beaten track-coffee junkie-routine gathering place. ( Starbucks! ) With only a short time to spare we used every minute…laughing and celebrating our time together. The swapping of gifts made an appearance and appreciation of the season as we sat around the square table. Time checked and off we went…

It was dinner time and the dining room was filled with wheel-chairs and walkers. Elderly people with little or no light in their eyes sat in silent groups of three or four. Passing interaction, with those sitting long the route, as I and my friends went to where the Senior Adult Choir was gathering.

There were three gentlemen seated at three individual tables behind us as we sang. I turned several times to offer a face with the music instead of my backside.
After we finished singing I turned to give “The Christmas Hug” and was surprised to see tears in the eyes of one of the men. He returned the hug and told of his appreciation in my turning around. He is going deaf and has learned to read lips. He said “With the words I could read and the smile in your eyes my heart was filled.” Whose eyes had tears in them now?

One of the nurses asked our Minister of Music if we could sing to those in the locked ward. “These are those elderly who cannot feed themselves or need special assistance beyond regular Nursing Home standards.” Our group walked the corridors and into the Locked Ward and gathered to sing. The blank faces stared off into the unknown spaces…devoid of recognition that we were there. As we began to sing a table of three ladies and one man came to life. One by one each person joined in as much as they could. They hit the table, clapped along, sang along (even if it was a different song) and smiled. We finished the first song and the electricity I felt was so stirring. As we prepared to leave I circulated once again to pass along my simple Christmas wishes. I heard similar wishes and “Don’t go!, I want to sing more, I will sing louder, and…Thank you!

All this time I thought I was giving them “The Christmas Hug” and in reality they were giving “The Christmas Hug” to me. What a gift! I cannot tell you how much it meant to this struggling and humble wife and mother. I have to realize that we all need to give…

Love is not love till it’s given away!

These sweet souls want so much to give and all they ask is for a smile and a hug. I can do that…can’t you? Give a smile away and share “The Christmas Hug“… The gift you share will come back to you in ways you will never expect. Have a great day!

Peach State