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Peach State says: Helping Seniors…In More Ways Than One!

The welcoming hugs and sincere compliments come from a dynamic group of Seniors at my church. They are, by far, the most personality filled group I have ever known! My Minister of Music has several of us to lend a vocal hand to this group when they sing and today my “Mutual Cat Loving Friend” and I will be that vocal hand. The Seniors are taking a short trip to a local Nursing Home to usher in a bit of Holiday Cheer!

Helping Seniors…In More Ways Than One!

I am not a stranger to being in a nursing home…much less singing in them. I, as a small child, would visit my great-grandparents and sing for them. When my grandmothers were placed in nursing homes I went to visit and became aware of the overwhelming sadness surrounding this type of living. “Maybe this is why I now sing with my “Mutual Cat Loving Friend” every third Sunday at a facility of semi-shut-ins. The expressions tell the many stories…the bright and twinkling eyes….the shaky out reaching hands…the low hanging head…the attending nurse standing quietly next to a special case… “My heart-strings are tugged!”

The Seniors at my church have a tight-knit group…and support each other daily. What an incredible example they give to us as they minister to those in the nursing homes. My parents taught us to respect and love these valuable members of the church. My parents would always tell us “You will never understand what a simple touch or word can do until you are older…” I love to give hugs and take time to speak to them…even more so today! There is one sweet spirit that, though she is three years older than my dad, seems fragile and weak! She has a spunky personality and lights up a room when she walks in. She has the most beautiful and clear soprano voice and was asked to sing a solo last year at one of the nursing homes. The timid voice began to shake and I moved behind her and rested my hand on her shoulder. When she finished I leaned up and told her how beautiful her song was…she just grabbed me and said “I thought an angel was standing behind me to give me strength…it was you!” Needless to say we have a special connection!

Oh the many life lessons they have already taught me and there are many things I still have to learn. I have tried to instill this same respect and love, for this special group, in my own children and have been thrilled to see the results. My 3 sons all appreciate and help Seniors…we are still working with the youngest. He is learning from a professional though…my 20 year old has taken him under his wing and shown him how to relate and respect this valuable resource called Seniors. (Don’t tell him I have seen him do this…it would ruin his coolness!)

It is almost time for me to start getting ready to leave. Would you do me a favor today? If you see a Senior…speak to them! Offer a hand or just a moment to listen! They will love it and you will not forget it!

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

Peach State says: What A “CEB”…Clever Easter Bunny!


The Saturday before Easter…Boy, do I remember those long drawn out days of my mother putting finishing touches on the Easter outfits and preparing our hair for the perfect hairstyle. The rigorous battle with my tangled bird’s nest to part and separate then apply curling gel and curl. The afternoon excitingly standing around the table, covered with newspaper, as vinegar scented color stations appeared for coloring our allotted hard boiled eggs. Once dry these splendid artistic masterpieces, with designs specific to the creator, would be place in the fridge to magically appear in the Easter Basket the next morning with a collection of Easter confections surrounding the unique Chocolate Easter Bunny. We knew which Easter Basket was ours by the decorated eggs placed strategically in the basket. The Easter Bunny also knew our likes and needs providing just the right non-food item next to our treasure.

What A “CEB”…Clever Easter Bunny!

Little did I know that one day the empty basket would be passed to me and I would be the “CEB” for my own children. And as you know…I took it a step further! I will prepare the meal in advance today except for the baking portion. I am looking forward to a day with my family tomorrow and do not want or need the added stress of cooking and cleaning. As for the baskets…we have downsized this year. My youngest announced that there was no Easter Bunny. His brothers told him he would regret that…and I just smiled! What a cost-cutting Easter this will be. The decorating of eggs is a thing of the past and the elaborate staging of the baskets and gifts…vanished like the infamous Bunny himself. The family Easter bowl will be the centerpiece with various chocolate bunnies present for each family member.

I will begin the mixing of the casseroles and the baking of the cake today…after a meeting. The stage will be set and I will be able to enjoy my family! What A “CEB”…Clever Easter Bunny!

Whatever your traditions…I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Explanation of Actions To My Son or How To Embarrass Your Child!


For those people who have children this scenario is familiar. The sing-song time of life when the songs of cutesie-wootsie-brightly-colored-puppets fill the daylight hours and ease the eyes closed at night. The fun part about this is to remind them later…when they are older…What? Haven’t you ever done something that really embarrassed them just because you can? If not…just wait! Your children may not be old enough.

Explanation of Actions To My Son or How To Best Embarrass Your Child!

The above pictured “Cookie Monster” was one of the adored heroes of my sons childhood. Their favorite song was “C is for Cooke!” and they would sing it to ask for a cookie. But, when this pic was adapted to fit my present lifestyle I could not resist. Who could not see that this was perfect for me…everyday! “C is for Coffee”…Right? So I saved it and used it for my lock-screen on my phone. Now the fun begins! My son needed something off my phone to show a friend of his and turned my phone on. The cheerful Cookie Monster filled the face of the phone. “What does that say?” asked his friend and instinctively my son replied, as he shook his head, C is for Cookie!. “Oh no it doesn’t!” said his friend. My son looked at me with the reddest face and glared. So being the mom that I am I broke into song…hehe! “Ah…the sweet moments of life!” My son was not moved by my musical rendition of the childhood favorite! His friend simply laughed and started telling about what his mom does to embarrass him. The best part is that the friends dad is a huge Starbucks lover and when he was with my son, a couple of days later, he started humming the catchy tune. Laughter broke out as the dad asked my son to have me show him the picture on Sunday.

It is universal and there is no way to escape the love of a parent. The silly-just-make-it-stop-moments, we as parents, store away for future torture of our children. I know you have stored some away! Share if you dare…but then again the children won’t read the comments will they?
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says:This Is Not For You!

There was a day when, as a child, I wanted to know why there was such a big hype about coffee. My parents called it theirs…”Could you grab my coffee?…Could you warm up my coffee?” What was so special? So I asked and was told it was for grown-ups. “But why?” I asked and each time the response was the same…”Because I said so! This Is Not For You!”

I am so glad I grew up…because I love my coffee! I repeat the same requests, when the boys are around, for a warm up or re-zap of my coffee. I smile, inside, as I channel my elders in this you-do-it-I-don’t-want-to-get-up mentality.

The other day, while packing for our trip, my youngest was sent downstairs for some baggies. (zip-lock baggies are a must when traveling.). He took a little while to return and when he came waltzing in to my room he carried with him a fragrance familiar to my sensitive nasal receptors. “What took so long Bud?” He said he could not find the baggies. “But you found them…thank you!”. The scent was lingering…and for a split second I thought I may have spilled some coffee on my shirt. “Hey Bud…come here a second.”. He slowly turned with that I-did-not-do-it look on his face. “What did you get into downstairs?” “Nothing!”. I stepped closer and the distinct aroma triggered my senses. “I smell coffee! Did you drink some coffee?” He swore up and down that no coffee passed over his lips and that he knew he was not supposed to drink it. “Do you know why you are not supposed to drink coffee?” The hamsters were furiously running on the wheel in his head. He struggled to find a suitable response. “Uh…I don’t know!” Oops! Epic Fail!

Sooo…he could not tell me why he shouldn’t drink coffee and as a loving mother I wanted to help him understand…clearly! I went downstairs, as he followed, and poured a cup of coffee and handed the cup to him. He refused it the first time but with further urging he began the steady sipping of the coffee. I began to tell him how parents try and help their children by watching what they eat and drink to keep them safe. There are just certain things that your little body cannot tolerate in any dose much less large doses. Things like candy, cokes, pastries, and caffeine. Now add in the fact that you are ADHD. “The coffee was beginning to turn his stomach and the faces he was making were filled with struggle.” I began my “Lecture #236” What Sugar and Caffeine do in the body.

When I finished he asked if he could stop drinking and I said yes. I told him that he would have to work very hard to control himself. It was at this point he turned around with a quizzical look, only a child can have, and asked me a final question. “I never knew all of that…I just wanted to see what it tasted like because you said no!” I chuckled and replied ” I never said no…I said “Because I said so!” because you should realize that there are just certain things I know that your don’t.”

Long story short…he had drank the rest of my hubby’s latte’ before returning upstairs. The over-active mind and body of this 11 year old was launched into overdrive with this stimulant coursing through his little body. He did work very hard to control himself and for the most part was well behaved the entire day. The good news is that he learned a lesson. He said he was sorry and that it would never happen again!”

Lesson Learned!

He doesn’t like having the shakes and the coffee made him really shake. He was hesitant to even re-fill my cup. At least I know he won’t be drinking coffee again for a while. As for me…it is Coffee Time!

Take out the word “Hammer” and put in the word “Coffee”! Sadly the tune is stuck in my head….doot..doot..doot..doot. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Mothers Speak “Kid”

Mothers are instinctively apt when it comes to understanding their children. The words flow from the immature spirit and mothers respond using the language of Dr. Seuss. The saying “The words are written all over your face.” serves as a guideline and insightfully shines on the emotion behind the words. Mothers Speak Kid!

My 19 year old has this desire to be funny and avoid doing what has been asked. He is forever telling different members of the family to “Pound Sand!” I have finally figured out how to respond to this statement. I know what he is sayin…

What does “go pound sand mean”? – Yahoo! Answers

Best Answer: “Get lost” or “go away”…”no way”

Son: Pound Sand!
Mom: There you go again…we are not at the beach!

He stops and does what he is asked. “Well…usually!” My youngest is the worse with the speaking technique that requires us to fill-in-the-blank-with-missing-syllables. “I am really glad I like word puzzles!”

Son: wuh, yeh, w, bu my frien don ha to do hi
translation: what, yes, why, but my friend doesn’t have to do his!

I know part of this is stemming from his learning disability…but the teacher part of me sees laziness.

We have tried the confused response: I am sorry…What did you say?
We have tried the logical response: When you can ask correctly…
We have used same language response: wuh u wan? Sow-ee u Cana unnertand wuh we seh!
And my favorite…Dr. Seuss: Could You, Would You please refrain , This lack of letters is such a pain!

He gets frustrated and I explain how to use the letters in the words…I realize that some of this is very normal and that mothers, all over the world, are shaking their heads. You know what I mean….that typical short-cut slang that each age group transitions through, just to irritate the parents and society as a whole. The funny thing is…Our kids will have to translate what their kids are saying…payback! Sadly…the spoken language is sounding more like texting lingo and there is a possibility that our grandchildren and great grandchildren will only have to think the response not speak. Most of us understand texting shorthand and can read through it with lightning speed. “Maybe that is what my 11 year old speaks!” ( Pause…with a intellectual pondering gaze!) “No…he doesn’t understand text!”

Phrasing and terminology have left behind many masterpieces in decades past…For example:

The scary thing is the fact that as I wrote those words I channeled a surfer dude voice!

We smile when retro-phrases sneak out…instead of thank you it is “peace” and I actually heard “far-out” after I paid for my coffee the other day! “She did have a brightly colored bloom decorating her apron!.

Well…It is time to wake the rest of the house…choir practice at 10 this morning. With my translation skills well rested and my Dr. Seuss mentality I am ready to face the day.

So…off we go,
we won’t be slow,
to tackle what lies ahead.
Ham or spam
with a guy named Sam…
or maybe a nap in bed.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Mema’s Chairs

Almost 20 years ago my grandmother…Mema…came to visit me in Washington State. I was always excited to see her. “She is a light to my sometimes gray and dingy world.” While sitting at dinner one night she told me she was beginning to mark Items in her house to give members of the family when she passed away. I loved the idea of having my name on certain items…my little claim to those precious memories of my Mema. She asked me what items I would like and why. A smiled filled my heart as I reached into my memories of her house. “There are a few things I would love to have to remind me of you…I would love to have my “Mema’s Chairs”!”

Her expression covered a small range of emotion as I began to describe the chairs.
I would love to have the White chair that sits at the writing desk in the living room…I have a fond memory of you Mema…sitting at the desk taking care of your daily bills and your correspondence. You instilled in each of us the importance of writing a letter or short note to those who were important to us. You would lay your heart upon the page as you kept those dear to you current with the aspects of your life. “People need to know they are loved and a short note can brighten anyone’s day!”.

The Princess Chair that sits in your bedroom in front of the window. I remember watching you as you sat in that chair to put on your shoes. This was also the chair I sat in while you put on your make-up. I would sit there…with my ankles crossed like a little lady. I felt like such a grown up because it sat low to the ground and my feet could actually touch the ground. My grandmother had a puzzled look in her face…”Princess Chair?” “Yes ma’am…the little pinkish chair…that looks like a small throne.” “I always felt like a princess when I sat in that chair.”
She smiled and said she knew exactly which chair I was talking about.

There is another chair…well 2…they sit in the dinning room in front of the window. The extra captains chairs that you recently had recovered. (The one in the picture above!) They are so elegant and embody your grace and style. I would love to have them so I could have you with me at dinner time. Manners and conversation, each taught while sharing the simplest meal or full family dinner. Those memories should be passed down to my children and having these chairs would preserve your influences in my life daily.

A graceful chuckle escaped as she reached out to give me a hug. “Thank you for being able to share those wonderful memories with me…What a lovely explanation of why you wanted these items.”. She asked if there was anything else and I quickly shared with her about two sets of dishes and the biscuit tin and a glass set that sat on top of her refrigerator as we completed our meal. That was the last of that discussion and we never talked about this topic again.

My mother told me a couple of years later how much my explanation had meant to her. She had been surprised a bit by the items I had asked for. She related the stories and told my mother that she could see, after my explanation, why I must receive these particular items.

Within the past few years my Mema could no longer live in her wonderful home without assistance. Her health had become an issue and she was being moved to an assisted living complex. Needless to say…she needed to begin the division of her property. “I went over to help with the move!” My aunt and uncle, as well as my parents, told me to make sure I packed up the items I wanted and take them home with me. Sticky notes had been put on certain items by others in the family and anything not marked was far game. “What a lovely thought!…She was still sitting in her long time home and people were sweeping in and taking her belongings right in front of her.”

I went up to her bedroom, where she and my sisters were going through her clothes. She immediately motioned for me. “I want you to take that chair with you today…I will be taking the other chairs with me to the apartment.” Mema was pointing to the Princess Chair still sitting next to the window in her room. “I would not let anyone take it…it is for you!” We both fought back the tears. I did not like seeing her like this…

She told me of a few other items she had put aside for me as we went through her clothes. “I will share those items with you another time!”

Mema was not in her apartment for long due to her health growing increasingly worse. She has since been moved two other times. My presence was again called for and I drove from my home in Georgia to Birmingham, Alabama. It was at this time I was given the other chairs. The set from the dinning room were used in the apartment’s living room. One had been clawed and torn beyond repair by her always invisible cat. Finicky does not describe this well loved member of the family who remained hidden away from visitors. “He did not like large groups!” I retrieved the chair left unmarked by the cat and took it to my car…I went back in and began the sorting of items for storage and those being moved to her new home. In the corner of the small room which held her desk was sitting the White Chair covered in books and photos needing to be boxed. My aunt walked into the room as I was running my hand along the back of the chair…

You should take it now…she wanted you to have it. My son, who was with me, came in and I gave him instructions for the chair.

Long story short…these 3 chairs are all in my home now. The Captain’s Chair, with the elegant blue and white pattern, sits in the corner of my living room giving me the feeling that Mema is with me. The White Chair sits next to my desk in my office/sitting room and has inspired me in my writings on many occasions. The little pink pillow was in the chair when I picked it up and still accents the bright white chair. The Princess Chair came home with me that first visit and is in my bedroom…by the window sitting next to a slender chest she wanted me to have. My Mema has touched my heart and now fills my home with loving memories. It gives a comfortable, at home, feeling to extended family when they visit my home. To have these pieces brings a familiar tug to the heart and anyone who loves my Mema are drawn to “Mema’s Chairs!”

Do you have things that belonged to your parents or grandparents that have been passed down? Do they hold a special place in your heart and home? “They do in mine…I love my Mema and I hold on to those memories everyday when I see “Mema’s Chairs”!“. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: The Sounds of My Morning!

Fortunately my ears woke up this morning. My “Sounds of Nature” had faded giving way to the sounds of light snoring coming from the other side of the bed and from my Precious Princess on her oversized pillow. I peeked over at the large numbers, lighting the side table with a blue glow, and squinted…”Crap!” I had forgot to push the always set alarm…and would have overslept. My body woke up right on time…well 2 minutes late…but who is counting? Thankfully I got up without the numbing and stirring tones of my shuffled song list that usually start “The Sounds of My Morning!”

I traveled the pre-set path to the front door as my body began it’s auto piloted routine. The sound of the front door opening followed by the Beep…Beep…Beep, of the door sensor, brake the silence. My precious princess came down with me this morning and needed to tend to her duties…”Out you go!” I step out onto the front porch and take in the waking morning. There is the sound of large trucks rumbling through the darkness as the birds begin to sing. A Rooster stirred from his sleep and gives his “Cockle doodle do” wake up call. I turned the handle with a squeak, as the frame of the heavy glass door opened, and let my precious princess back inside. I lock the front door and head off to the kitchen…open the treat jar with a gentle snap and wait for the clicking of nails against the wood floor to stop. “Good girl!” “The Sounds of My Morning!”

The refilling of the various machines begins…water flows in and out of my container as I refill the water kettle and espresso maker. The rattling sound of the Oatmeal packets as I set them in a bowl next to the water kettle. The microwave chimes…”Ahh! Coffee!” The refrigerator hums quietly as it cycles on…I turn to fill my youngest’s cereal bowl. The ping-pong sounds of Cap’n Crunch and Crunch-berries against the plastic bowl lessen as the bowl fills. I set it at his place on the table and take another sip of my coffee. The laundry room…I check the washer, with a click of the vacuum sealed door, and notice my 21 year olds blue jeans lying wet in the drum. “He will need these today!” I reach over to the dryer door and click…pressure released and door swings open…my 19 year olds clothes are all dry. I reach in and remove his clothes placing them on the dinning room table, presently known as his closet, in hopes he will take them to his room later. The jeans and a couple of shirts are put into the dryer as the buttons clank against the drum. I set the desired temperature with chimes and clicks as the tumbling and clicking begins.The house is filling with“The Sounds of My Morning”!

Checking the time…”I have plenty of time!” I go over to the recliner and sit with my coffee…the tags on my precious princess’ collar tinkle and clank as she shuffles over the wood floor behind me. She stretches and yawns…up in the other chair she jumps. She will be snoring soon! I follow my routine and read through various places…My Bible app, Facebook, Swagbucks, Blog stats….and play one card game! Releasing the latch from the difficult recliner…I am back in the kitchen for the swirling and swishing sound of the espresso maker. The boiling water in the kettle begins only to fade as I click the switch off. The stirring of the spoon against the bowl, grainy at first, as I mix the two packets of oatmeal. Up the squeaky stairs to the office door…a gently series of beeps as I punch in the code for the lock…and in I go. “Little hands loved seeking and finding things that did not belong to him in my husband’s office…thus the lock!” I retrace my steps back down the hall and turn on the light for my youngest. He greets the day with a crinkled face and moans as he rolls over. I move quietly to the door at the end of the hall as the threshold creaks…flip n the light in the bathroom and gently tell my husband “Your breakfast is in the office!” I head back down the squeaky steps to enjoy my latte’ and listen to the series of knocks and creaks as the two begin to move around upstairs. “Good…they are up!” I think to myself as I hear “The Sounds of My Morning!”

Here is the point where the noises increase in full combat mode. I do not understand how so much noise can come from one little boy…”The fact is…I had 3 small children, close in age, eating and getting ready for the day, at the same time, all quieter than this one little boy!” The cascading stomps down the stairs hide the squeak as he moves into the kitchen. The milk is poured over his cereal in a rush…”Sorry!…overflow!” The crunches and slurping mix with conversations and unique tones and pitches, unknown to man, as he eats his breakfast. He finishes and throws his bowl in the sink. He begins his lunch preparation and fills the kitchen with sounds of shaking potato chip bags and digging in the large, almost empty, cookie container. The lid to the peanut butter jar is flopped onto the counter so that it spins like a top. He comments about that sound and does it again. Off to the refrigerator for the jam. Mumbling comments as he removes the lid from the jam. Clink…onto the counter! Laughter as the lid performs it’s “top maneuver”. The quick snap from the plastic bags, as he closes them, lets me know he is done. He is off again with the stomping up the stairs to brush his teeth and then the return stomping down the stairs. The multitude of zips and clips as he readies his book bag and the continuous pleading for candy to take to school fill the remaining minutes till he walks out the door. “Like I am going to send a child to school with candy after all the noise and flurry of activity I have experienced!” He moans and groans, questioning my parenting nature…but the No’s have it! He heads out the door. “The Sounds of My Morning” are reflecting the peaceful calm now that the “tropical storm” is waiting for his bus!

My husband is almost done as his shoes sound across the tile on the bathroom floor. Off to the kitchen to fill his commuter mug. The glass against the metal on the base clink as I pull the coffee pot out and replace it on the base. Beep…Beep…Beep! I open the door going into the garage and open the car door. Back into the house I go! The closing of the office door and mechanical locking let me know my husband is coming down. The creaks and squeaks of the stairs and our normal series of hugs and goodbyes. The garage door rises as the metal panels move and shake like a large roller-coaster slowly clicking it’s way up the first hill. The car is started and the seat belt alert chimes…he leaves! I return to my coffee!. A few moments of solitary silence…

It won’t be long and the other two, still snoring upstairs, will start their day. My 19 year old has an interview this morning at a very large exercise chain facility. “Keep him in your prayers or keep you fingers crossed!” The 21 year old works late today at his Jewelry Store job. It will be almost noon by that time and the morning, which was packed with sounds, will give way to a slower pace of normal activity. I will settle back in my chair, with my cup of non-package oatmeal, next to my snoring princess and finish my latte’! I have a list of things to do today…I will be walking plenty today and lifting heavier than normal objects. “OOO…exercise!” I will not hear these sounds again…not until tomorrow…then once again I will hear “The Sounds of My Morning!”

Think about it…what sounds are you hearing everyday? I bet they are the same as mine! Have a great day!

Just in the time I took to proof and eat my breakfast my 19 year old left for his interview. This was his third interview and he just called…He got the job! PARTY! Whoop…Whoop…Whoop! Sorry…he has been looking for a job for quite a while!

Peach State

Peach State says: Soap Box Topics


I have reached the “End of the Rope” and I am slipping! The knot has come undone and the rope is beginning to loosen. It is time to get a few things off my chest! So I will take the chance right now and step up onto my Soap Box and share…“Soap Box Topics!”

Late e-mails from teacher
The bells and whistles sound every night! E-mails from my youngest’s teachers reach my inbox between 10:00-12:00 midnight. I am sorry I can not follow through with my son as he is in bed.

Pocket Collections
I know what little boys are made of and the treasures they store in their pockets…I just need a garbage truck available for my youngest.

School Parking
The parking lot is so small…Come on! Can we not think first when planning the parking lot. This school has three schools that feed into it. Each of them have parking lots the size of a standard shopping center.

Okay…to be fair…it is the lack of money. Not only does the $$$Money$$$ I have not buy what it bought a year ago but now the monthly installment has been decreased. Grocery prices and fuel prices continue to rise and the money coming in gets cut. “What’s a mom to do?” Arrrrgh!

Picky Eaters
I have been fortunate, until now, to be able to put a meal in the table and have no leftovers. If there were leftovers they were frozen and used later that week. When did Dinner Dictator move in and when can he move out?

Dinning Room Laundry Mat
Why must every article of clothing owned by my son sit in my Dinning Room? Wash and dry…take to your room and fold and put away. Worked before…will work now!

Empty Nester Tease
Quit acting like you are not living here! I plan for 5 for dinner…you don’t eat here! I plan for three for dinner…What can I eat?

Puppy Dog Eyes
I am sick and tired of the Puppy Dog Eyes that fill my 11year old’s face when he doesn’t get what others get. Your behavior is not consistent and your chores are done by others in the house…”Usually Mom!” What is this “I deserve it all” mentality? My husband and I never had to deal with this issue with our older three boys.

Pick A Box
As parents we know that each of our 4 children are unique. They have their own proverbial box they think outside of. Our youngest just keeps switching boxes and if one cannot be found in the house he will bring one home that we have never seen….much less experienced!

Wedding Invitations
Why is it that I receive a beautiful Wedding Invitation complete with directions and hotel information from friends yet…four days before a family members wedding get a phone call and no formal invitation? “Sadly…the grandparents of the bride received a similar phone call invitation!”
Better not say anything else!

Broken Toes
Just had to vent…I fell last week and thought I just jammed my big toe…Nope!
Long story short…I just moved my foot knocking my toe and the pain…
Well as daddy always said…”If you are going to make a mistake…make it a good one!”
I really need to wear more flat shoes!

Grocery Prices
I know it fell under the $$$Money$$$ topic but it really deserved to be mentioned again….”Right!” I might as well throw Gas Prices into the mix too!

Hubby Economics
He has always felt there should be plenty of money left over to play with after buying the groceries and filling up the car. I guess he forgot about the Orthodontist and the field trips and school supplies….picking up his dry cleaning and the last minute snack requests for his office. Hmmm!

I am getting a headache thinking about all these (Sarcastically picturing floating flowers and hearts to ease my reality!) normal, life altering, tedious situations. I know I am not alone and that many are suffering with devastating burdens thrust upon them daily. Please note as you read the above Soap Box Topics that I tried to keep them light and that I have left room for contemplation. The bigger picture is filled with disrespect, decaying families and economic downward spirals…”I’m just sayin’!”. Have a great day and thank you for stopping by and letting me rant! Time to ice my toe!

Peach State

Peach State says: Where are the “Subtitles”?


Can’t we skip this awful day known as Monday? I feel like I am living between the lines of a book of Murphy’s Laws! Everything that could possibly cause a problem has been squeezed into the first hour of my day….with the exceptions of my coffee! “My coffee is wonderfully warm and friendly and doesn’t make a sound!” The continuous stream of nonsensical mumblings and sound effects have begun early today! To make matters worse…it sounds like there is a group of people in the kitchen trying to redefine “Pi”! Help! “Where are the “Subtitles”?”

No lie…my youngest, who went to brush his teeth, just came downstairs and turned on the faucet at the kitchen sink and started to sing the Hallelujah Chorus! He was turning the water on and off as he said each syllable of the word. Once he finished at the sink he begins moving around the kitchen preparing the rest of his lunch. Anything that can make noise…does…as he begins the daily conversations with himself. I really cannot understand any of the sentences coming from his mouth. “Wait…nope the noisy ramblings and tapping have continued.” The topic has changed from scientific problem solving to fruit trees and blowing his stuffed morning nose. My mind does not function this fast and I have not had the chance to wake up properly this morning. Imaginary phrases put to song…well imaginary songs that he argues are real songs. “Funny…I thought I had a better understanding of music!”

A frightening raised tone interrupts the tonal tunes in the kitchen as he sees a spider on the floor. “Oh My God!…Is it alive…I don’t know…yep, it’s alive…gross…it’s crawling!” I told him to step on it! Now he is dancing…telling the spider how dead he is going to be. “At least I could understand that conversation!” Time to go to the bus stop…so with the garbage bag from the kitchen and his book bag he shuffles to the front door filling every tick of the clock with sound. The door opens and he begins wrestling his way out the door…the door closes! “Wait for it….Ahhh!” Silence! I watch him as he takes the garbage bag and waves it through the air like a flag in a battle. I then notice one of my sons left their car parked behind my husband’s car…”I wish I could send him a virtual text that would blink into his medicated dream state asking him to Pls mooove ur car!” I grab his keys off the counter and move his car.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a bold string of words appear to translate confusing babble into a language you can understand. Better yet…and explanation bubble could appear giving you insight to the mystifying actions and sound effects. I know his mind works at the pace of a Race Car flying around the curve to the finish line. He is going so fast that the answers I give him or comments I make cannot be heard. Maybe he is wondering the same thing…“Where Are the “Subtitles”?”

It would look something like a comic strip wouldn’t it? I must now try to slow my mind down…Coffee…more coffee! Maybe I will check Facebook and see if any go my friends are up!

There is a down side to the “Subtitles” concept…if these wonderful little bubbles of translations appeared people would know what we were really thinking. “Ouch!” I hate to burst the proverbial bubble but that could cause a real sticky situation. So I guess it is back to the drawing board…maybe I should write a book…”Babble Translation for Dummies!” There is only one problem…I have to understand what my son is saying. Great! I am back to where I started!

Do you have those times when you cannot understand a thing coming out of someone’s mouth?
Do you ever wonder what someone is thinking? You are not alone! Thank you for understanding and allowing me to vent! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: “I Have Kids…You Don’t Scare Me!”

So there I was…walking through the church halls with a friend and her children. She was holding her newborn in her arms and I was holding the hand of her, then just learning to walk, toddler. Needless to say we were not moving that fast. With diaper bags on shoulders and purses falling to the crook of my elbow I guided the blond headed toddler through the thickening crowd. Suddenly a burst of movement and major shuffle of bodies caught my eye. Three boys were running and horse playing in the hall ahead…a hallway filled with older people and mothers with small children. People began shaking their heads and small children were being swept up into their mother’s arms…as these boys continued their out of control state. ““I Have Kids…You Don’t Scare Me!”

I picked up my friend’s little girl and moved…stealthily maneuvering the crowd I came up behind one of the boys. Laying my hand on his shoulder caused him to jump out of his skin. He spun around and gave me a look….I smiled and said…”I know that look and you can put that thought away!” His friends came to his rescue…well they actually came to his side! The shocked faces of these boys reminded me of my own three after they were caught doing something they were not supposed to be doing! I smiled and said…”Please stay right here and let me take this child to her class…I will be right back!” I caught up with my friend and she just smiled with that nod of “I know what your going to do!” and appreciation. I returned to the hallway and there stood the boys…I walked over to them and stood tall…okay as tall as the vertically challenged woman that I am can. “I just want to say that you three are very fast and can maneuver through a obstacle course very well!”. They beamed..and nodded I agreement at this compliment. “But I know you would agree with me that small children and older people with canes and walkers to assist them may not be the best obstacle course…I know you would not want to see anyone get hurt…Right?” Their faces dropped as they looked down at the floor. “I may not know your names but I can find out who your parents are…but we do not need to go we?” Smiles returned to their faces…and high fives were exchanged…One of the boys thought we were done and made his move…WHAM! He ran into someone…and he fell back. One of my favorite teenagers had come to say good morning and this boy had run smack dab into him. The teen, smiling at his feat of strength, reached over and helped the young man up. The teen then turned and gave me a hug…and then whispered…”I got this!”

I looked at the group still somewhat stunned…and smiled. I walked into the next hallway and watched.

The boys were escorted by this teen to their room and the teen said…”Boy you guys are lucky…she is the mother of four boys and three of them are Black Belts . The TKD Master made sure that she knew how to take them down…even though they were Black Belts. She must see something in you to cut you such a break!” One of the young boys spoke up…”Who is she?” The teen told them and turned to go to church. I went another way to my class…“I Have Kids…You Don’t Scare Me!”

The group had also been seen by their Jr. High teacher and he spoke with them and told them pretty much the same thing I did. After church I was walking with the same friend to help her retrieve her 2 youngest. These same boys were walking out of the building and one gave me a hug…”I’m sorry…accidents can happen and I do not want to be the cause!” I smiled and continued on. The smiles from other adults in the hallway and from the boys teacher just warmed my heart. They knew and the appreciation showed in every twinkle of their eyes and smiles. “Hey Peach State…If your ever want to work with the Jr. High group you would be truly an asset!” I turned and saw the Director of the Jr. High giving me the nod…”We are always looking for people who have a heart for this age group!” The laughter flooded silently inside me…”All you need is a group of mothers…that’s all!”. Several people chuckled at the statement. I continued on with my friend. She agreed with the Director…”Even though I am a mother…I don’t think I would have handled that situation as well as you did!”. We both have teaching backgrounds and I told her she would have.

Okay…long story short! These three young men now walk in the hallways…their parents have all shared their appreciation in my handling the situation. One parent has asked my advice on several other situations. I continue to serve in only one ministry…Music…and do not work with the Children or Youth programs. This was not the first time I have had to deal with unruly or active personalities and it will probably not be the last! “At least this group were close to my eye level!” I had dealt with High School Sophomores who were, needless to say, much taller than I was. “I found out later that day this group of over-grown giants were in fact the Varsity Basketball Team.” Fortunately there was a young man in the class, who turned out to be the Class President, that knew who I was…and that “I Have Kids…You Don’t Scare Me!” He pretty much said the same thing to those boys that the teen at church said. “Hey guys…her sons are Black Belts…and she can take them down!” Those Sophomores are in their early 20’s now and a few are married. We have remained close and they have come to my home on many occasions.

The funny thing is I do love working with kids..but love serving in the Music Ministry more. I help with the Vacation Bible School and usually it is with the older kids. I enjoy working with the older kids now that mine are older. Maybe it is because I am a Mother!. Mothers of older children have this uncanny ability to read the looks and body language. The mischievous glint in the eyes, the devilish grin…yep I have seen it all. Snipping the bud…is a talent that is acquired in motherhood. This group of young men are really good boys…they just needed someone to say “Whoa!” and yes, they still have that wild mischievous glint in their eyes…

Sometimes kids need to be told to slow down…Have you ever had the chance to behave this way as an adult? Do you shy away thinking someone else will take care of the situation? Well not this mom! “I Have Kids…You Don’t Scare Me!”. Have a great day!

Peach State