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Heart of Dixie says . . . War Eagle anyway


That was a whole new level of pain.  And I’m not talking about the football game or the forthcoming year of torture among a sea of rabid recknecks.

My very good friend is a massage theapist.  She worked on my neck last night until the knots just melted away.  I could move without pain.  I cried I was so happy.

Then the pain came back.  With a vengeance.  I cried again.  To top it off my roomie had invited Alabama fans (Alabama fans!) to watch the game at our house.

It become unbearable – the pain, I mean.  Well, the football, too.  So I left.  Came to a quiet place.  The serenity felt better, but the pain was only worse.

Ever notice how pain gets worse when you feel safe to show it?  When you take the happy friendly face off and let your guard down?  Of maybe that doesn’t happen to you.

I’ve had pain before.  Goodness knows.  But this neck thing is nearly intolerable.  Knees and ankles just cannot compare.  I think I understand how people get hooked on drugs.

Well anyway, I was wondering if sometimes things get worse before they get better.  I was wondering if I should keep at the massage.  At least there was a change.  Lord knows our bodies don’t like change.  Maybe it’s rebelling against something that is good for it.

For now, I hope I can hold it together enough today to think clearly and write quickly about stuff I simply do not understand.

War Eagle anyway (yes, I know Auburn didn’t play, but I’m also for anybody who plays Alabama, especially in a championship game).  War Eagle, and here’s to a new day.