Peach State says: Ridiculous Medical Answer


It is sad when we call someone we are supposed to trust with our health and well-being and get nothing but a Ridiculous Medical Answer!

I have been asked to get the Flu Shot this year by my hubby! The timing was essential and I knew I needed a target date sometime next week. So I called my doctor’s office this morning to get the ball rolling and this is what happened!

The offices open at 8 AM M-F so at 8:04 this morning I called. I pressed the number for the appointment line, when prompted, and waited…and waited…and waited. 4.24 minutes later a voice came on the line. I gave my name and the greeting of “Good morning…how are you?” With the greetings out of the way I asked my question.

Do I need an appointment for the Flu Shot?

The response was yes…so I quickly asked if there were any appointments for next week. She told me that ( are you sitting down?) “The doctors are not in the office this week and you will have to come in next week to see a doctor!” I chuckled to myself….”so can I make an appointment for next week?” “I believe I just told you there are no doctors in the office this week…why don’t you go to a Minute-Clinic or something!”

Before I go any further I would like to state for the record that my doctor has been my doctor for almost 14 years! The fact that the last Flu Shot put me in the emergency room on a breathing machine and almost killed me is in my file. Also on my file is the fact that I called before Christmas and inquired about getting the shot this year after expressing my concerns. The nurse in the office told me to make sure I reminded the doctor of my concerns and that they would monitor my vitals for about 30 minutes post-Flu Shot. I felt comforted by this thought knowing that my 20 year old would be there with me should anything happen at the doctor’s office.

Now…if I could not make an appointment then why answer the appointment line! I do not understand the idiotic response much less the feeling of being shooed, like a fly, to go to a Minute-Clinic. What happened to the semi-personal replies and the semi-caring nature of the medical professionals? I think I will visit the office next week…in person…and ask that question! Maybe then I can get appointment…If The Doctors Are In The Office!

I am still stunned by this! Maybe I should just do something calming…laundry maybe?

“May your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter oh, and really fabulous coffee!”

Peach State

About justbetweencousins

We are first cousins who live farther apart from each other than we would like. We thought this blog would give us a chance to visit with each other as well as maybe share a few insights about life. We are both middle aged and until recently both of us had kids the same age (nearly grown). But then the Peach State cuz adopted a son, so she has four now. Heart of Dixie cuz has two daughters. We have a couple of things which are prominently in common (although I'm sure there are actually more): We vacation at our Mema's beach house in Panama City Beach, Florida - until recently, we did so with all of our kids. We both sing - although Heart of Dixie cuz is not currently singing anywhere right now. We both write. We are both Christians, although Peach State cuz is Baptist, and Heart of Dixie is currently floating about between the Anglican church, the Methodist church, and the Episcopalian church. Long story.

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  1. Ack! I’d be mad too. How unorganized.

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