Peach State says: Close..But No Cigar!

Are you done yet? How much longer? Are you going to start painting SOON? These are just a few of the lovely questions coming out of my mouth this past week…even though my son has done a lot of the work I still feel out of sorts. So the answer to the above questions…

Close…But No Cigar!

Now if we could just get the 20 year old to finish the edging!

Previous ceiling paint giving away to a brighter-room-opening color.

Okay…the previous yellow does look a bit _(baby-poo-meets-squash-baby-food)_ and the new color is growing on me!


What do you think?


I just wish The painting was finished and I could clean my house. Oh…and has anyone seem my iPad charger? I hope I can locate it so I can post tomorrow.

Relax! I will charge it on my hubby’s charger! I would not want to deprive you of some funny…funny…Facebook..humor!.

Have a great day!

Peach State


About justbetweencousins

We are first cousins who live farther apart from each other than we would like. We thought this blog would give us a chance to visit with each other as well as maybe share a few insights about life. We are both middle aged and until recently both of us had kids the same age (nearly grown). But then the Peach State cuz adopted a son, so she has four now. Heart of Dixie cuz has two daughters. We have a couple of things which are prominently in common (although I'm sure there are actually more): We vacation at our Mema's beach house in Panama City Beach, Florida - until recently, we did so with all of our kids. We both sing - although Heart of Dixie cuz is not currently singing anywhere right now. We both write. We are both Christians, although Peach State cuz is Baptist, and Heart of Dixie is currently floating about between the Anglican church, the Methodist church, and the Episcopalian church. Long story.

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  1. Looks great! Over here, there is still a lot of dirt in the road, and straw on newly planted grass in the very front of the yard. This is after almost two weeks of digging and working in my front yard by the county. Turns out that not only do the water pipes in front of my house run along side the road, but they also run across the street to connect to another road. Also, the fire hydrant is in my front yard, and for some reason they put a second fire hydrant in my yard on the other side. Hmmm… Anyway, the roll off dumpster is almost filled; can’t wait until it’s picked up. The best thing is our new roof. Four days of work repairing and replacing everything on top of our house. Those guys arrived at sun up every morning! The roof looks great! They replaced some boards, and repaired the chimney. They also installed ten vents on the back side of the roof. Two more trees need to come down, and then I get to start on the inside of the house. Gotta pace it with the funds…it’s getting tricky, LOL!

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