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Peach State says: Facebook Status Updates Could Replace The Calendar


I am taking a breath this morning as I sip on my “beloved-caffeinated-breakfast-in-a-cup”. I seemed to have made quite the mess this morning sorting and gathering the old-unused-out-of-date-coupons before taking out the trash. Just a few minutes and I will get back to work…”As I hope for a temporary mind-over-matter cure to my oncoming headache!” You know what that means…FACEBOOK TIME! One of the first pics I giggled at, as I shook my head in agreement, was the above pic. Monday already! I thought time flew when you were having fun! Back to the topic…

“Facebook Status Updates Could Replace The Calendar”
What a concept…there it was for all to see! It’s Monday and I will feel cruddy and in need of a nap as soon as I wake up. The reminders eventual ending of the weekend and the return to regular-toil-filled-obligations was posted throughout the page. Then I came upon this one…

Grumpy Cat was a happy cat!

Events and birthdays fill my page and I never need to lift a finger. I do not need to pencil in or look back at last years calendar for VIP events. Parties and promotions flash onto my screen and with a press on the screen I can send the information to my personal organizer. “Does touching the screen mean I lifted a finger?” Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are hard to miss will the continuous stream of wishes flowing down the page. Countdowns to holidays appear amidst the well wishes for a safe and prosperous season. “Who needs a conventional calendar anymore?”


The strategic placement of traditional calendars around my house serve my disability…ADHD!
No…it is not because I have ADHD…some would call it Type A personality and I call it organized! “I also have my major calendar on my iPhone that floats on my little fluffy iCloud to my iPad. At the touch of the screen I can see what my day holds for me. But I depend on my Facebook to add a bit of humor to my straight-black-white-lined screen.

Personality Pics know just what we are thinking…and often say it better when we can’t say it out loud. (I Love Grumpy Cat!)

Well my reminder chime is going off telling me the next lovely task on my daily calendar…

twiddly twiddly twiddly…Don’t forget to change the TKD days and times!

As for the replacement of conventional calendars…it’s not going to happen. Facebook, however, will continue to add gentle hints of those important dates that never show up on the generic-printed-calendars I use for the fridge. And who would ever want to miss the humorous-personality-filled ways friends and family share these reminders.

Being one who generally likes reading between the lines one might assume a play-date is in order due to it being Monday! Wouldn’t you agree? Now I need to decide if I should just comment and make plans or use my trusty calendar on my phone to send me a reminder to call. (Insert chuckle here) I think I will call…this will give me a chance to pause the normal day-to-day activity I have on schedule today.

Here is one last reminder for you…Check your calendar! Then you can check your Facebook…Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Trying To Focus The Bigger Picture


Plans were made and the road was laid out. Plans were made and hearts were adjusting.


Smack right up-side the head…Never saw that coming or did we?

Stop…Breath…Let’s try to understand what just happened.

Trying To Focus The Bigger Picture!

Have I lost you yet? The frustration you might be feeling is nothing compared to how my family felt yesterday. The stage was set and we were feeling the warmth radiating from the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.


Yesterday was the final weigh in and measurement of my 20 year old before going to MEPS for the final stamp. Upon reporting to the recruiter he was told to report back in October.

“OCTOBER!?” The decision had been made, according to his type of surgery falling into a category, that he would be eligible 6 months from his surgery.

WHACK! Right-smack-dab-in-the-face!

Anger, anxiousness, and fear filled the car as my son shared the events with me. Tears and mind-blowing-tornadic-spinning thoughts filled my buzzing head! “Call your daddy! He needs to know!”
The news spewed from my son’s mouth and a concerned tone came from the other end of the phone. The concerned tone then turned to a calming-everything-will-be-fine-just-listen-to-your-mother tone. The conversation ended and he turned to me…choking back the years I said “There is a reason this is happening now and we will not see the bigger picture until we are on the other side.”

(What’s this…he agreed!)

Then a statement came back from something one of the recruiters had said shortly after surgery.
“So six months from now you will be headed to BASIC…and your whole life will be changed!”
My son had scoffed at that statement repeating what he had been told by the MEPS doctor prior to having the surgery…”Get the surgery…get cleared…come back…weigh in and re-measured…take your oath.” Thinking back he made it sound like it would be a month or two…but now focusing my son understands the “get cleared” phrase could have meant 6 months.

I’ve got to earn some money! I need a job between now and the end of September. I will need to work out and it will give me a chance to get back to where I was before the surgery. A smile came over his face…”I can lead that Basketball Camp now!” He was finally relaxing and the Bigger Picture was making sense to him.

Don’t get me wrong…we are still upset but are dealing with it and understanding that a bigger hand may have been in the mix. There is always a reason for the way things happen and as we work through the miry-muck faith turns the light on to guide the way.

My son was contacted by one of the recruiters with pieces of information key to his enlistment. Going in October means every job will be open…and more flexibility in his military path. There will also be a lack of young-high-school-aged recruits at this time of the year and more people my son’s age. The recruiter continued to give him the up-side and his tension lessened even more.

A new frustration sat upon his shoulders now…”I need a temporary job!” Time for me to step in again and give him ideas about possible jobs. I mentioned the names of four people, two of which his know very well from basketball at church, that could possible hire him for that short period of time. I am praying that something will fall into his lap…quickly!

“Crud…Mom’s Taxi Service needs to put more gas in the tank…again!”

I hope today is calmer!
Keep your eyes open…you never know when those strong-well-built-brick-walls will pop up!

To all you Father’s out there…Happy Father’s Day!
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Guess What Day It Is!


Guess What Day It Is!
Can you?
IT’S FRIDAY! The day when everyone races through the day trying to solve the week’s piled-up-problems before 5 PM so they can enjoy Saturday. We really don’t do that do we?


Everyday is the same with the exception of Sunday! Schedules remain the same and chores are ever present and that is just fine by me!

I have been normally multi-tasking this morning.

Closing out a party…
Picking out pieces to purchase at an upcoming Jewelry party…
Washing clothes…
Minor household straightening…
Talking to my sons as they wake up in shifts…
Letting Precious Princess in and out and in and out…
Chatting on Facebook with friends far and near…
And…drinking my Heavenly Brew!

What a typical day! It is quite the relief from the exciting adventure experienced by many in my area last night. What a storm…lights flickering and wind howling. Oh and how about those lovely-storm-piercing sirens? Tornado Warnings are always a plus in any storm. The lightning was quite severe and very active. The weather man said he had not seen the much lightning in a long time. The radar pic was almost solid lightning…and it was really a spectacle to behold as it popped here and there violently. I need a typical day…would you?

Well as Forest Gump would say….


Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Doors, Guns, Basketball and Random Acts of Kindness

Today the name at the top of my list was boldly-unusual-and-not-meant-for-me


“Excuse me! You want me to go where and do what?”

Doors, Guns, Basketball and Random Acts of Kindness all have something in common…Oh yeah…most of the items were on my HONEY-DO LIST! I laid my plans out to best utilize my time and allowed me to visit a store having a close-out sale. (Insert evil chuckle)

Here is how it unfolded…

The needed items were gathered and placed into the car.

❇The old-malfunctioning-in-need-of-a-polish storm door handles that have driven us crazy by falling off in our hands or onto the front porch without warning…

❇The military-style-boy-toy that needed to be sighted in…

❇Oh…and the two youngest boys.

We headed over to the close-out sale and then to the oversized Home Improvement Store. While paying for the new-bright-shiny door handles (OOO…shiny things!) my 20 year old turns around to see a familiar face from our church. long story short… They were picking something up for the Random Acts Of Kindness being performed by the youth…”Guess who joined the group?” My youngest was sent with them after I wrote a note giving permission to the young driver. As we left the parking lot my 20 year old proceeded to discuss lunch options.

We were then off to the gun-supply-repair-shooting-range to have the military-style-boy-toy sighted in. DONE…
That did not take long and off towards the house.

The bottomless-pit finally broke me down by saying “Mom…I would like to spend some time with you…just you and me…before I leave!” I know what you’re thinking…Sucker!. Yeah…me too but I just could not resist that cute little face and my stomach had reached the painful growl stage.

We finally arrived home and my son installed the shiny things and then practiced taking the military-style-boy-toy apart and putting it back together. Success…he had a great time and beat the previous times from yesterday.

We then headed to the church to rescue the youth leaders (my bad)… pick up my youngest after Random Acts Of Kindness. After chatting with the leader we drove across the street to the church offices to pay for and register my youngest for Upwards Basketball starting next month.

My HONEY-DO LIST was completed!

Back at home I began to straighten up a bit before heading to TKD. I grabbed a cold-lite-mocha-Frapp in a bottle and started cutting up the peaches for a cobbler. (I just had to mention coffee…)

I am now sitting at the TKD studio watching the storm clouds darken and build. Class is almost done and I will head home and prepare dinner…and get my PJ’s on. I wonder what my HONEY-DO LIST will look like tomorrow?

Do you ever have one of these strange-not-up-your-alley HONEY-DO LISTS?
What’s on yours?

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies LOL!


Blasts from the past…well maybe not blasts but at least memories!

Here we are again…Facebook Funnies LOL!

Wait a minute…I thought this was normally called Bad Hair Day!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have had my share of coffee already…well my share plus! Lol

Well that explains that unique rumbling sound I heard when I called a friend the other day.

This Reminds Me Of Someone Pic Award:

Cute and sweet…but seriously happened to Our Mutual Cat Loving Friend when she was packing last week. I hope the cat survived!

I bet that I times a similar famine at my house it would not last that long…but they are grown boys and can make their own sandwich…

I hope the chicks name is Forest…RUN Forest RUN!

In some countries this would be called abuse.

The ugly truth that the cat thinks all of your shoes are ugly…

Things not to do when living with a cat!


So if the kitten said “I see dead people!” Grumpy Cat would say..”Because You’re Dead!”

Well…yesterday I did!

Umm…is that like the Force?

Straight Jacket Award:


Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:

But who has money to go to the dollar store?

Blog Worthy Award #2:

Reality Barbies…Yep!

Enjoy the rest of your day and see you tomorrow! Share a smile!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Timing Tuesday!


My trusty-oversized-espresso-cup is filled-to-the-rim with a second-freshly-brewed-portion of my favorite morning libation. Why? Because I can…Because I am mom…Because it’s good…WELL…

All of the above!

It just felt like the thing to do this morning instead of flying stealthily to my cozy-fluffy covers for a shut-eye-session as soon as my hubby backed out of the driveway. Precious Princess seems to be experiencing the same inability to rest as she is presently pacing and scratching at the door…BRB! Footsteps upstairs, belonging to my 20 year old, shock my solitude as my heart drops a bit hoping this is not a reflection of a looming chaotic schedule.

…sipping espresso…

It’s not that our family schedule is crazy and over-packed with activity…it is just TUESDAY! Hubby gets off early on Tuesdays as well as a new TKD schedule to sort through and put into our ever-changing-never-clear-drop-of-a-hat-shoot-from-the-hip everyday routine. That will be the tricky part…so I guess I am thinking out loud in my post today as I am…

Timing Tuesday!

Hubby is scheduled to get off at 5 this evening and the TKD class starts at 6 ending 45 minutes later. Now…typically my hubby will not leave work until closer to 6 and it takes him roughly 50 minutes to get home. If the spin of the earth on it’s axis and the creeks don’t rise my family may actually be home before 7… BUT…I have not control over the spinning of the earth much less on it’s axis and with all the rain we have had…WELL! You know what has to be done!

…sipping espresso…

TKD classes are different for my youngest now that he has been promoted to his next belt. No more 5:15 to 6:00PM classes. The average time is after 7 and who in their right mind wants to be out that late at night. (Note to self…You sound like your mother!) Tuesdays and Thursdays have the earliest times and with the added activity of basketball practices and games starting in August I need to plan ahead as best I can. I only hope the basketball practices are on Mondays before 8 PM…and the games are no problem as they will be on Saturday mornings.

[Before going any further…you must understand the family time is very important to us…and we have always tried to be home when daddy is home. I work very hard not to plan anything after a certain time or on his days off so that we can spend time together as a family!]

There is also the added task of my 20 year old and a workout with Future Soldiers later this afternoon till I don’t know when and I have no clue how he will get home…(translation: we have not talked about that yet!) He will not be with us much longer…I know this! This will help with schedules bit there will be a larger-unfillable-gap when he leaves. (According to the Recruiter my 20 year old should be off to BASIC in about 2-3 weeks) Enough about that…I should just focus on what I can control.

What’s for dinner?

…sipping espresso…

Timing Tuesday!

Dinner should be ready to serve or pretty close to it when I leave this evening for TKD…that way I will not be slaving in the kitchen for hours and hours preparing a wonderful meal for my family when I get back home. “Hours and Hours… Did I doze off?” (insert chuckle!) I am thinking today is a crock-pot type of day! Ooooo….I wonder if the Turkey Breast is thawed yet? I have some sweet taters and string beans. “YEP! Dinner is planned!” Boy, that was hard work…

…sipping espresso…

The organizational side of my personality kicked in yesterday and I want to finish doing a couple of thins in my office/sitting room. Who knows I may actually find my desk! Okay it’s not that bad but I definitely need to work in this room. After all…it is the first thing seen when people walk in the front door.

Sort through leftover schools supplies
Sort through the various craft projects and supplies
and the biggie
Throw stuff away!

I need to check on the Turkey Breast and then get my youngest up…
“He can’t sleep the Summer away…” (Dang it…sounding like my mother again!) Will I ever run out of things to change about myself? NEH! Besides…being like my mom is not a bad thing! Back to task…

…sipping espresso…

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Before The Rooster Crowed


I was fully aware of my ticking clock as I tried to close my oh-so-heavy-eyes. The too early morning schedule continuously played over and over in my head instead of a dream about a day at the beach. It was one of the worst restless nights in quite a while. I finally rolled over an turned off the alarm before the melodic blaring drowned out the soothing whisper of the ceiling fan. “I was up…Before The Rooster Crowed!

My oldest was to report to his new job at 6 o’clock, which is extremely early for him, which meant leaving the house before 5:30 am. I was the only, logical, choice to take him. “I know what you are thinking…he had a car but it needed a lot of costly work to run…he got rid of it and could not buy a replacement.

MOM’S TAXI SERVICE to the rescue.

I was driving through our little town before any signs of life existed. Oh wait…there was that one car that pulled into the McDonalds. My favorite place, Starbucks, was silently showing it’s first morning stretches with one car waiting patiently at the drive-thru until the coffee was brewed and ready to serve. “Yep…I was out on the road before Starbucks was even functioning! Scary… and No! I was not the car waiting…I had my espresso to fix when I got back home.

After dropping my son off at his new employer I raced home through the darkness. A cascading string of pearls…headlights met me as I drove home and I was thrilled not to be stuck in the midst of this slow moving chain. (I hate driving when it’s dark!) The drivers were all headed toward Atlanta or at least they were headed in that general direction. I pulled into the driveway and came inside to quickly begin the breakfast oatmeal and espressos. Hubby has to leave early today…Monthly Sales Meeting!

Success!!! Hubby is off to work a little early.

The sun is finally lighting the morning sky behind the overcast and dreary gray clouds. I know it’s there but there will be no sunbeams breaking through the leave filled trees anytime this morning. Now if I could just get those loud tweets to stop for a few minutes I could possible close my eyes for a few before continuing on with the rest of my day. “Like that would ever happen!” The garbage needed to be out front due to the already present roar of area garbage trucks moving in the neighborhood next to ours. But before I could do that there was a quick cleansing of a few not so choice items in the refrigerator. No time to be picky…(hazmat suit on…) I dive into the shelves of the unknown! “OMG…I told them to throw this away!” I will need more than this Hazmat Suit to finish this job. Out to the garage and open the door…It’s Raining! No recycling today…
Alright…start wagging that proverbial oh-no-you-didn’t-finger…I put the recycling in the garbage can and dragged the can to the street and now I am almost drenched.

The good news is this morning went rather smoothly…except for the running of the red light. (No Ticket) The bad news is the fact that I will probably be doing this for a while.

Confession…I sure hope my son can hold on to this job! If he can, well he could get a mode of transportation and also MOVE OUT!


Sipping coffee…Ahhh!
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It Must Be Saturday!


The alarm sounded…sharply crushing any pleasant dreams I may have been dreaming. The overcast sky has not given way to the gentle sunbeams, instead the rain threatening clouds teasingly whisper “Want to go back to sleep?” Yep…

“It Must Be A Saturday!”

I must confess that I felt a bit of track this morning! No usual rush to drink down my Heavenly Brew before hitting the showers. VBS successfully ended yesterday and with it the week-long-smile-glued-on-my-face-way-too-early-no-pajamas-allowed-shoes-must-worn-at-all-times-lack-of-hot-coffee-when-needed-event finally came to a close.

“Hold on…sipping my latte’!”

All in all it was a wonderful week…my class (with only a couple of minor interruptions) was great!
The Motherly Teacher/Administrator did surface on Friday. There were some teen-helpers who saw their duties as not part of their daily schedule. Rolling of the eyes and smart mouthing other peer-volunteers as well as adults had finally reached exploding pressure cooker intensity. The lead staff mentioned concerns and wishes these teens would go home…NOW! I stepped in to smooth things over and long story short….one of the mothers came to me and was not very happy with me. I simply shared that her wonderful-can-do-nothing-wrong-son ( NO I DID NOT REFER TO HER SON THIS WAY…)had disrespected several leadership personnel and a peer volunteer in front of small children and non-church members. One of the main VBS Leaders thanked, me after this confrontation…conversation, for handling it so nicely…sweetly…quietly. UNFORTUNATELY…I guess the mother was not convinced or settled about the matter and rushed off complaining, to anyone who would listen, and even managed to confide in our pastor. “So much for my working in any capacity with the youth/children at our church. I guess I will not be be connected with VBS next year either.”

MY HUBBY WILL LIKE THAT!. Of course now that this stuff may hit the proverbial fan my hubby will have added incentive not to further consider becoming active in his attendance.

I keep forgetting that my sons are the only non-angels away from home” (insert chuckle). “Of course they are not always angels here at home either…”

Funny thing is…by the time all my kiddies (16 active and wonderful upcoming 6-7 graders) left I had been hugged by parents telling me how much their kids loved having me as their teacher this year.

“Great…I Am So Confused!” Am I a wonderful teacher or a spawn of satan that has no business being around kids?

Only my hairdresser knows…no that’s not it…
Let’s find out…1-2-3…3…that’s not it either…
“oh yea…” The jury is still out! ”

I guess I will find out tomorrow. Until then I will continue to finish my wonderful latte’ as I enjoy the peaceful silence. (For the next 30 minutes) I will traveling down to meet my parents for lunch with two of my four sons in about an hour and a half and then back home for…”great!”…some cleaning. I need to play catch up after being gone from my usual routines for two weeks.

Speaking of coffee…(HEHE!) Look what I found and brought home with me from Charleston:


Several of my friends are either returning from vacation or leaving for vacation. The ins and outs of schedules and routines put on hold for a week here and there has begun. Thank goodness for Facebook. It will keep me connected while they are gone!

What are your plans for the next couple of months? May I suggest that you avoid talking to any teenagers? Lol…sorry, it just slipped out! Whatever your plans I only ask one thing…send pics and…

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Finally Facebook Funnies!


It has been a very long day…I am in definite need of a laugh…How ’bout you?

Finally Facebook Funnies!

Once again there are three very sweet-and-very-humorous cats…Hummm?

So I gladly tried this method today…and it was, in fact, very refreshing!

Funny thing…I did this with my VBS class this week. It Really Works!

Trust me…I am a mom! Now take the medicine!

So what are you implying?

This pic reminds me of someone…”Oh yeah…me this morning!”

And with my morning came a bunch of strong coffee!

“Uh…it’s been 25, (insert chuckle) my bad!”

Whoa…Catnip Crash!

Just another example of a human thinking they are in control.

It is a fact that TV adds about 10 pounds.

Some things are just too scary!

Grumpy Time!:

“Hehe…and I put it there!”

We all walk a chosen path!

Any questions?

I guess pink is not your color!

Once more with feeling!

Well…I know you have probably wondered where I have been…Vacation and now working in Vacation Bible School at my church. It feels like forever since I have posted yet, in reality, it was just Monday. I am looking forward to finding my normal! “Yeah…normal…What’s that?”
The last one is in honor of teachers everywhere…

Blog Worthy Award Winner:

True story!

Blog Worthy Award Winner:


Back to normal soon…until then…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I’m Back and I’m Gone Again!


I got back in town late Thursday and began the final preparations for VBS. YEP! I am off again…but I should be able to blog later in the day. My strong brew is accompanying me everyday and I am ready to face 5-6 graders…

I’m Back and I’m Gone Again!

I promise I will catch you up…in the meantime catch a glimpse of one of my souvenirs…

This week will challenge this statement…I gotta run!

Have a great day!

Peach State