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Peach State says: I’m Back In The Peach State!

Last night hubby and I drove across the bridge to our hotel and were lucky enough to catch this “Sunset” over the Ashley River in Charleston, South Carolina. We had a wonderful day together touring the southern coastal themed shops and visiting Fort Sumter. We headed back into the city early this morning to shop one more strip…”There is more to do so I guess we will have to come back and visit Charleston another time.”

After this last shopping trip we headed south…back across the bridge…



Following this highway…SOUTH…to…SAVANNAH!

I’m Back In The Peach State!

Tomorrow hubby and I will tour the city by Trolley! “River Street here I come!”
I regret to inform you that, as it looks now, we are leaving early in the morning and I probably will not be posting Facebook Funnies… (stop whining!)
Can you believe it…I am in Savannah…Pics to follow…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: We’re Here!


Just checking in as promised! We are back in the room for a few before heading back out.

Destination #1:Charleston, South Carolina

We’re Here! This is the view from our room…I just love it…here are a few more!




As we were driving in yesterday I was greeted by the relatively new and hard to miss landmark…




We also found a wonderful seat in the shade…after our been-walking-too-long-in-the-sun excursion. There was a delicious Barbeque for us to enjoy! Granted we did have to pay for it!


We have explored Fort Sumter today and walked through a section of Market Street. “Time was not my friend…only part of Market Street…bit we are going back out in a little while!” So, until then I better put my feet up and relax. I will share more pics later!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Stepping Into Adulthood


The experience is unlike any other. Another year of school has come to an end creating a new set of graduates…each of them eager to take the chances and paths ahead of them…leaving their childhood behind and Stepping Into Adulthood!

Pomp and Circumstance plays over and over again, in a vicious circle, until it echoes in your head. Young men and women dressed in ceremonial cap and gowns as tassels bounce and sway with each choreographed step. Family and friends gather to watch with memories tearfully filling their head.

“I remember when..”.

“My baby is all grown up….”

“It happened so fast…”

If they don’t hear these statements they’re thinking them.

The speakers stand nervously to motivate and encourage this new collection of excited minds. The world is the limit and nothing is out of reach for this collective. Finally the roll call of names begins and your heart begins to beat furiously inside your chest. It seems to drown out the announcer but robotically you stand as those around you stand and wait, walk, wait, walk and wait…

That’s my name…walk…smile…shake with right…reach with the left…turn…walk off stage…BREATHE!

Somewhere in the distance you can hear well wishes and cheers…and then it hits you!

I need a job! A good one…and college…and MONEY!

Welcome to Adulthood!.

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2013…Well Done!

(In honor of my dearest friends and their graduating son!)

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: “I’m So Excited!…I Just Can’t Hide It!”


“I’m So Excited!…I Just Can’t Hide It!”
Do you know the next line?

“I’m about to lose my mind and I think I like it!”

Losing my mind…yep that sounds like what I am experiencing. I am so excited and cannot wait to finally be on the road. My hubby did make an announcement the other day about his hopes for the trip. “No electronics!” Well that won’t happen! I told him I would be more than happy to cut back my usage if he would not watch “Fox News” 24/7. (Well at least while we were in the room…)

I have just about finished packing my youngest’s bag complete with snacks and treats. “His swimsuit has not been packed due to going to the pool with one of my other sons.” The dinning room table has the organized bottles of water, juices and bottled Mocha Frapps awaiting their placement in the car tomorrow. I started sorting through my make-up yesterday to find the perfect “vacation look”. One of my “silly routines” for a trip is to wash out my make-up brushes. They are now clean and dry…ready for the application of those oh-so-natural-and-needed facial colorings. “My grandmother would have called it “war paint”!”

Medicines have been gathered, skin-care assembled in a cute carrying bag and my specialty fragranced bronzing foam that shimmers. “And yes…I have the rest of the fragranced set.”
(Shower gel and lotion) The need to travel with same scented set is another “silly routine” but understandable when it comes to packing light and souvenir storage. I have my cute little socks for each outfit and my clothes are all hanging in the closet anticipating the final transfer into the suitcase. “Well I am anticipating the transfer!”

Coming in 3rd the “silly routine” of adding the vacation destinations to my weather app. I check it daily! I even added the destination of my youngest…he was relieved to see the lack of rain the week he will be gone.

Silly routine” number 4 falls into the category of primping-prep and will be completed today…Haircut!…slightly excited about this too!
My hair has gotten a bit out of control. “In other words long and thick!” The time-management part of me dreads the amount of time it takes to dry and style this mop sitting on top of my head. Short and sweet…Quick and easy…This haircut means less time in front of a mirror more time with hubby.
I have never been one to use a curling iron…my hair is too thick and will not hold the curl. Styling products…I use a couple to smooth my coarse hair and add a little definition. But nothing major!

My mother taught me the best way to travel and this is “silly routine” number 5. Always be prepared! (Books, word searches, music, small coolers filled with drinks and snacks and a small supply of gum.) My husband thought it was a “silly routine” until he realized the savings on the road. He is the one who suggested the Mocha Frapp (Starbucks bottled mochas) for the trip. I suggested the apple juices for him and the bottles of water. I have a Mio and some Starbucks “Cool Lime Refreshers” to add to my water and if my hubby is sweet I may share. HeHe!

I hope I have not bored you with this topic. You have to know how excited I am. As for the “ban on electronic devices” I will be blogging…but they may be short and sweet. Being an early riser I will use that time in the morning, before my hubby wakes up, to touch base with you.
I hope to catch a few sunrises and sunsets to share…scenic beauty…and of course the revealing my vacation destinations. For those of you sitting on “pins and needles” just today and tomorrow…can you hang on that long? Well if can…you can!

See you there…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: No! I Am Not An Addict!


No! I Am Not An Addict!

Well…maybe just a bit of an addict.

I have been sitting here surfing the web and making lists this morning. I have refilled my oversized latte’ cup twice and working on number three, but whose counting? “ME!” I blame the virtual lists running rampant in my head. If I listen closely a familiar tune can be heard…”Hi Ho Hi Ho”…it is a bit scary!

Last minute preparations to take care of….so I will exit for now!
I hope to drop back by later!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Wednesday!

Welcome…What a way to start Facebook Funnies Wednesday!

Let’s dive in and see what I have found on my Facebook this past week!

Is this the parents point of view or the kids?
Parents have to be creative and find some fun!

My youngest would say he loves to rake leaves….”And No! My parents did not want me to do this…I had to sneak out of the house and break into the garage to get the rake.” JK

The adults snickered as the child watched the scary movie…

This one…well I laughed and laughed!

The spider may be gone…but look at the roaches! RUN!

Animal Parade:


“This is a great deal…termites gone for the price of an All You Can Eat Buffet

That cat could be Grumpy Cat’s grandmother!

New Award…”This Reminds Me Of Somebody”…when a pic reminds me of a person even me!:


If M. Night had taken this picture the cats would have had Tinfoil on their heads…signs…get it?

What…no cheeseburger?

And look at the mess you have made!


(Drum roll…)Blog Worthy Award #1:

Great…now I am hungry!

“I was going to say…Ball of no fun!”



(Drum roll) Blog Worthy Award #2:


And a inspired award….The Straight-Jacket Award:


I hope you can share the humor today…Have a great day and “oh yeah…smile”!


Peach State

Peach State says: A Pause For Remembrance And Prayer


I wanted to take a moment and Pause!

“A Pause For Remembrance And Prayer!”

Once again a massive tornadic fury has devastated parts of the Midwest and prayers and thoughts are filling my Facebook wall. The hearts and minds of Americans are focused on various news outlets as pictures and stories fill the airwaves. Loss of life, loss of property, fear and shock pull this vast country together. Stories of heroism and sacrifice as passers-by turn into lifesavers.

As I watch these events unfold I am reminded of the tornadoes I have experienced. Some with uneventful interruption and some with devastation and loss of life. The fear and respect I now have for these twirling-vacuums continues to grow with each passing picture and story.
As you look at the following pictures PLEASE… join me in lifting a prayer or thought for those suffering due to loss of a loved one and/or in loss of property.





Thank you so much!

Peach State

Peach State says: Where’s Peach State?


So there we were…sitting in our local Starbucks after our small group finished singing yesterday. One of my dear friends and “Peas in a pod” commented on how she was not going to read my blog anymore. Let me explain!

My upcoming trip has not been publicized…I have kept it a secret from my friends just to have a bit of fun. BUT…They know me too well! “I am willing to bet there will be a Starbucks close by…you could not go that long without a Starbucks Fix! She is sooo right…”I gotta have it!” I do love my coffee or Heavenly Brew as I often refer to my daily grind. ( hehe…I just couldn’t resist! )

SO… In true “Where’s Waldo” style I have decided to give a few hints!


(Hint #1) I don’t like dark green! Well except on the Starbucks logo on my cup!
The darker the color green the more Starbucks available.

(Hint #2) I know for a fact that there are four not shown on this map…“C”!
That hint will either give it away or totally confuse her!

(Hint #3) The Starbucks are within driving distance…and NO! They are not in Atlanta!

I guess I will have to insert a certain tourist spot into my pictures. Until then I will continue the countdown of days to this historic trip!

Countdown:(not counting today)
6 days till Hubby and I leave for vacation
6 days till my youngest leaves for his Youth Trip
5 days until I pack the car
4 days till my haircut
2 days till school is out for the summer
1 day until I get my pedicure…stop laughing…”A girl has got to have pretty toes on vacation”
And last but not least…tonight is when my hubby will “lay down the law” to the three older boys about their staying home and how to treat each other. “That will be a long conversation!”

My mind has been working overtime on blogs during my vacation. I can’t wait to share with you all the sights and sounds.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Is It Nap Time Yet?


The weekend is finally here…a time where normal schedules include sleeping in. (Extra sleep is often needed after dancing “the dance of joy”!) Is It Nap Time Yet? For some…it is late to bed and early to rise! Some have no opportunity to soak in the comfy covers, like a snuggling baby, with no fear of the musical interruption coming from clock-radio on the bedside table. But…as one of the group unable to rest peacefully I will enjoy my brief quiet time before the chaos of the morning begins. The children are sleeping snug in their beds…at least for the moment. (Insert evil laughter…)
I will have to disturb their morning and gather the troops so I can attend an early practice. (Yep…they are going to be thrilled!)

I will manipulate the schedule to allow the errands to be completed quickly after the completion of practice. Thus…we will be home and possibly get the chance for a (dare I say it out loud?)…cat-nap! Maybe!

This time next week the packing will be almost completed. The car will be packed and my youngest will be preparing for his first extended-week-long-out-of-state-trip-without-mom-and-dad. I can honestly say that I will probably pack a few times during the week. Practice packing… ( Yep, not excited in the least!)

Well I am off to disturb some sleepy heads. Wish me luck!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I’m Writing In The Blogosphere!


I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
Just sharing my thoughts and dreams.
Wishing to make a difference,
And to bring a bit of cheer.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
My life’s journey and it’s ups and downs.
Childhood antics and problem solving
The shedding and drying of tears.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
Telling about my home.
Local weather and pollinated decks,
My Precious Princess out again…I Fear!

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
About my wonderful friends.
We laugh and sing together
While holding our coffee cup near.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
My day to day routines.
Ridiculous checklists and schedules I keep,
Perhaps to keep my head clear.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
Which surprises people the most.
I like to keep people guessing
Except for the special few held near.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
While enjoying my Heavenly Brew.
Enjoying my morning espresso shots
In an oversized cup…Oh dear!

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
Things found funny through the week.
Catchy phrases, coffee and cats
Sometimes laughing through the tears.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
A bit outside the box.
Silly life of a mother of four
Challenged to face many fears.

I’m Writing In The Blogosphere
As so many others unknown.
Words and thoughts simple and complex
All saying…”Hello world…I’m here!”

Too many thoughts racing through my brain this morning…thanks for listening!

Have a great day!

Peach State