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Peach State says: My Youngest’s Furrowed Brow


A mixed-match day of sorting…breaking to chat with you a moment.

My youngest asked as I began to type if I had written a poem recently…I responded “Yes” and kept trying to complete my list of tags and categories. He seemed very interested so I paused what I was doing and showed him my last poem. I told him to read it out loud. “Big mistake!”
As this 6th grader began to stumble along the unfamiliar word path he began to frown. I stopped him and began to read it for him. Once I finished he was still frowning…

My Youngest’s Furrowed Brow so deeply filled with questions and confusion. “What is that word?…I don’t know that word!…What kind of poem is that?”

I just smiled…trying to explain the answers one question at a time. Here is an excerpt from the poem I wrote in February that really Furrowed His Brow:

There is a gentle swaying
as the bare naked limbs stretch across the sky.
The tinkling tones sound
as the helpless chimes compose new melodies.
Constant and unchallenged the steady breeze blows…

But wait!

A new sound finds my ears
as the leave-less giants quiver and bend.
The melody is mashed
as the confused chimes crash together.
The fury of the Windy Howl!

I guess he is not ready for imagery! It was fun trying to explain the poem…maybe I should read him some “Poe”… Hehe…not yet!

Have a great Saturday and enjoy those around you!

Peach State


Peach State says: Time To Celebrate…Pollen-less Morning!


It has sure felt like this amount of pollen covered every exposed surface outside our windows. Now imagine walking out in the evil-yellow-cloud-of-sneezing-watery-eyes-death! The good news came from the weather forecaster…stormy weather headed our way.

Time To Celebrate…Pollen-less Morning!

Okay…the forecaster did not say that but I know many who did…me included! I got up this morning and let Precious Princess out for her morning duties…no paw prints on the porch or down the steps…no yellow dusting on her furry jet-black back…and no sneezing dog as she came back into the house. “I know what you are thinking….Poor Baby has allergies too!…oh? You weren’t thinking that?”

The crisp cool morning was light and refreshing. As the sun came up I was drawn out onto the back porch to begin the reassembling of the furniture. Well maybe just putting things back where they belong after taking precautions the night before a major storm hits.

Take the umbrella down and secure it
Remove planters and set behind heavier furniture
Cover the grill…

I do not want to clean up the mess of glassy debris caused from an umbrella being blown through the windows on the deck. Would you?

Left over clouds are moving at a fast pace over the bright sunshine. A new and fresh green pallet paints the back yard as new growth bursts forth in every shade of green. A crisp blue sky peeks through the greening branches as billowing white clouds float by. The sun glistens on the damp leaves as the birds sing a pollen free song. “Poor birds have not sounded so sweet…must have been allergies!” Just kidding!

My youngest is sitting at the kitchen table with me this morning…he is bored!
I could sure think of a few things he could do… He let me know the reason he is sooo bored…go outside! He decided to stay inside and read. “I am so glad it is the last day of Spring Break!”

I am looking forward to being outside later today…but for now I must turn my attention to a few house-hold duties and errands. Hopefully by the time I get back the furniture will be dry enough to sit on.

I hope those of you, who had stormy weather last night and yesterday suffered no major damage.
Enjoy being outside today…if you can! I am sure the evil-yellow-cloud-of-sneezing-watery-eyes-death will rear it’s unsightly head soon enough. Just thinking about it makes my eyes water. Seriously!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Just Because it is Thursday

Instead of talking…why don’t you find something constructive to do!
Wise words from mom this bright-yellow-hazed-morning. I had the cleaning bug attack this morning. I think the nasty little bugs did this Just Because It Is Thursday! Zac Brown Band is playing in the background as I move to the rhythm around the kitchen. The good thing is that I have to leave in a few… Timing is everything!
So, for the short time this morning I have been the pure definition of “Mother”.

I am soooo good!

Just wanted to drop in and say hello…and good morning!


Back to my coffee refill and the next cleaning activity.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Wednesday

Still morning here…barely! Up early at the dentist office with my youngest…let’s not go there!
On our way home my son asked if it was raining in the distance…”Nope…that is a pollen cloud…isn’t that wonderful?” I have taken extra sinus meds today to combat the effects…they are not helping. Maybe some humor will help take my mind off of the bombarding pollen particles attacking my poor defenseless sinuses. Oh…and another coffee…YUM!

Speaking Of Pollen:

Reality…maybe not but boy does it feel like it!

I’m Just Saying:

Everybody sing along…

How true…

New word alert…

Finally someone has correctly diagnosed my disability.

Happiness in all circumstances…

And if you don’t agree…Bless your heart!

I have been forced to experienced this liquid induced behavior in others.

The joys of motherhood!

Here comes the animals:

I remember getting paid far less for babysitting…

Dun Dun Dun…

So this is where my boys learned this technique.

Oh! So teenagers have feline tendencies.


( drum roll….)
Today’s Blog Worthy Award Winners…:

True frustration…the same thing happened to me after getting my nails done.

And my favorite…

For my fellow NCIS fans…we call this getting a “DiNozzo”.

Well the temporary mind over sinuses is over…it helped…kinda!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: How To Ruin A Child’s Birthday OR The Best Birthday Surprise!


What a plan…if it could be pulled off!

The plan was set in motion the moment my “birthday boy” finally thought of something he wanted for a birthday present. “I know what you are thinking…how can a 20 year old not have a list of wants and desires stretching the length of a football field?” When it comes to my son, at this time in his life, it is easy to understand his lack of list. Remember…this is the son planning on a life in the military as soon as he is cleared by the surgeon.

So…to the plan! How To Ruin A Child’s Birthday OR The Best Birthday Surprise!

My “birthday boy” finally decided he wanted a new pair of sunglasses. Not just any type or pair…a specific type of “Oakley’s” worn by entertainers and sports icons. I was shown pics and told my son I would let his daddy know. I texted my hubby and my 22 year old son letting them know what the “birthday boy” had decided on… Thus the wheels were put in motion as phone calls between my hubby and other son solidified the amount to spend and not be exceeded. (Birthday Boy will now be abbreviated to “BB”) “BB” was talking and sharing with his older brother clueless to the behind the scenes conspiracy. My 22 year old son called me and filled me in on the rest of the plan and said “BB” was going to need to be dropped off at his work so they could go look at sunglasses after he got off. I quietly got off the phone as “BB” came my way and asked if I had heard from his daddy. I told him I had not heard anything but that worst case scenario would be going to look at sunglasses on Wednesday. “At this point his facial expression saddened!” His phone rang and he walked off…upon returning he informed me that he was going to need to be dropped off over at his older brother’s work and they would go look later. “BB” seemed excited to just go tire-kicking with his brother. (Tire-kicking is a term used for just price shopping.) I also found out that “BB” was going to get a birthday lunch at his favorite Mexican restaurant as his gift from his brother. Needless to say…”BB” was side-swiped and drawn into the plan…Hook, Line and Sinker!

Long story shorter…”BB” and his older brother went several places…and then the walls came tumbling down. “BB’s” older brother decided he wanted and new pair of “Oakely’s” too and found a pair similar to the desired type. “Do you see what is going on?” A pair was bought and paid for…and they were not the cheapest pair seen in their tire-kicking excursion. “BB” was…fit to be tied as his brother sported the glasses he wanted. He had done his best pleading with his older brother to buy the glasses for him…even tired to find out how much his daddy was planning on spending for a gift to put with a lesser amount from his brother. “BB” was hitting the proverbial “brick wall”! When the two of them returned home last night…it was quiet! Except for the grumpy-no-one-loves-me-under-the-breath speech spewing from “BB”. It was…hehe…kinda fun to watch.

Skip to the arrival of hubby…it was my turn to take the plan into the next phase. I sharply told my hubby that our 22 year old had purchased an expensive pair of sunglasses and may have used some $$$ from him without knowing it. Hubby then picked up the story and ran…”I told him I owed him a certain amount and that he could use my card” (Short Pause)… “How much did he spend?” “BB” told his daddy how much they were and the stuff hit the fan. Our 22 year old argued with his daddy finally breaking down to almost tears. He went and retrieved the sunglasses and brought them into the office where all of the family had gathered. The glasses were placed on the desk and my hubby said “I can’t believe you did this without talking with me first and you need to be taught a lesson!” Hubby took the glasses and handed them to the “BB” and said “Here!…Enjoy!” The stunned look on “BB’s” face spoke volumes. He tried to give them back and suggested we could return them today and get a refund for his daddy. Hubby turned around and said…”Happy Birthday!” I looked at my 22 year old and said…”We did it!” Still stunned and in shock we began the laughter filled well wishes.

I can honestly say he is thrilled to have gotten just what he wanted…after everything!

Have you ever done anything like this?

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: The Music In The Air!

No! I did not forget…I have had quite the day!

It started by getting my hubby up and out the door…then back to working on that growing pile of clothes. I put on my “Pandora Radio” and sang along with talented favorites as I boogied-down-with-the-soulful-sounds. “Yep I was dancing around!” I was almost done when one of my favorites came on..”Over The Rainbow”….and it just fit the day!

Music In The Air!


Later in the morning I was invited, rather my youngest son was invited, to an afternoon of wet-wild-water-gun-fun.

The gentle winds blew through the greening branches…( the yellow dusty pollen covered surfaces )
The temperature was a pleasant 70+…( no jackets needed while sitting in the sun )
Neighborhood kids running around the corner lot with guns…( water guns and water balloons!…REALLY! )
The perfect time to sit back a relax with friends…postponing the baking a birthday cake (now sitting on the counter cooling!)

We were sitting on the back porch watching the drenched-kids chase each other around the house.
Across the yards..through the trees…carried on the breeze…songs for the singing…including the favorite of the day…”Over the Rainbow”! Music In The Air!


I am looking forward to spending some time with my “now 20 year old son” as we celebrate with a cookout and cake later. Who knows…maybe the song of the day will be playing again so we can enjoy some Music In The Air!

I hope those of you, able to enjoy a little time off, lots of good weather and time with good friends. Listen closely…and you may just hear a little Music In The Air
What song would you like to hear? What song fits your day?
Please let me know…I am compiling a new list of favorites…

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: This Is My Friday Face!

The Friday before Spring Break…oh joy! “Sorry…did my sarcasm escape?” My days are a blur of traffic lights and brake lights as I drive down the road of life in the rain. Irritating glare interrupted by the back and forth motion of the wipers on the windshield. “Nah…it’s not that bad!” But we all have those days and TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY!


It is a light day in comparison to this previous days this week. I will leave the house about 1:25 to check my youngest out of school for a doctor’s appointment and then back home. “Can you believe it?” The circling buzzards, waiting for me to keel over from exhaustion, are gone with the overcast and rainy skies…leaving the skies clear and full of bright and warming sunshine.

Note to self…sit outside sometime today!

My Precious Princess is stirring from her morning nap on the couch and looks my way. Back down goes her head as she is reassured of my presence…and there goes the snoring.

The nice thing about today is the lack of a schedule-balancing-list which resembles a badly planned transit roadway system. Today is a great day to do nothing… “Nah!” I will have to do something because I just can’t sit around all day! I guess I could make a list of things to do…that could take a while…HeHe! No need to make a list when there are always things that go left undone around here.
But really…who wants to sort through a stack of clean clothes and organize a closet. So the next best thing is to play catch-up with friends. That is sure to put a smile on my face!

So I called one friend while texting with two others. Now that was fun! Silliness and laughter did ensue…let me share one particular conversation with you.

Me: Hey girl…missed your sweet self at practice…understand the kiddos were not happy.
Friend: yep…They fell out of the grumpy tree and hit EVERY branch at least twice! Omgosh! ….with the mood they were in I would not have wished them on my worst enemy.
Me: I love the Omgosh…
Friend: thx 4 missing me:-) trust me, I would’ve rather been anywhere but w/the grump troop!
Me: understand…can I quote you…definitely Blog Worthy!
Friend: sure thang!

She was at work and needless to say…had to work. Off to the next smile filled activity…making another coffee. Then I promise I will go and work on that stack of clothes.
Well it is A wonderful day and I am in such a good mood I made you a coffee too…

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Good Morning Facebook Funnies!

Sounds like something my son wanted to do recently with all the tests he has gone through.

Hello and Good Morning Facebook Funnies!
Grab yourself a cup of coffee and see what my friends have been up to this past week.

Is this feeling contagious?

So drinking coffe is “Cool”… Knew that!

I, being a southern girl, do like sweet tea…but wouldn’t it be better if this was “Coffee”!

So I can tell people, I don’t want to talk to, that I have not had my third cup of coffee yet…therefore not hearing a word coming out of their mouth. What? It’s just a thought!

The Trouble with Texts:



Reality checks…each one!




All in how you look at it!

Animal Parade:

Now I know what happened to The Easter Bunny.

Where have I seen that look recently…lol…the mirror! Who needs a refill?

Yep…ran into a few of these the other day.

Purr-sonality tags are so much fun to read…it offers the reader true insight.

…with a song in your heart…

The cats I know spell a different word…C H E E S E B U R G E R!

“Grumpy Cat Style”:




This week’s Blog Worthy Award Winners are:
(drum roll please…..)

Come on…raise your hands…you know you are guilty!

That would explain the recent increase in the cat population.

I have one last category…Maxine’s Place:

I refuse to qualify for this club this year…no Peeps!

Don’t forget “Let Out!” constantly.


And my favorite…


I wish you a day worthy of smiling. Have a great one!

Peach State

Peach State says: Save The Date

While my hubby and I deal with our emotional and anxious 19 year son we can at least breathe a little easier. The schedule has been set…plans have been made…time set aside and we have two weeks. Two weeks of the joking and fearful anxiousness…

Save The Date!

You must understand that we have been fortunate to have raised our sons and never had anything like this occur. We had the trips to the emergency room…too many to count! Broken this and fractured that…slipping on the iced basketball court while shooting hoops…stitches just below the eye from a friend showing his Black Belt skills…practicing the TKD forms while the other brother was holding food processor blades…Yep! Normal trips to the emergency room; our little ninja/sports enthusiast has typically been our now 19 year old. (He will be 20 next week…no more teenager!) Always on the go and fearless this son of mine has lived through a mild and normal existence.

I admit to a raised anxiousness knowing my son will be under the knife. This spunky son of mine has always strived to outdo his brothers in all aspects of life. Uniquely, they each have strengths independent of each other. This is a wonderful thing…I don’t think I could have handled four of my 19 year old! “I would have to own a hospital just to keep my head above water!” Another good/bad thing is the fact that my 19 year old will be turning 20 next week. No more teenager….until the youngest turns 13 in August. We will get to celebrate this special time with him before his surgery the following week. The day of his surgery he will actually have two surgeons doing two different procedures on him one after the other. BUT…as soon as the surgery is completed he will report to the recruiter and the paperwork will be put into motion while he recoups. After 4-6 weeks he will be cleared and prepare to leave for BASIC Training. “See why we are happy/sad about his birthday?”
He, originally, was going to already be in BASIC but the doctor found the mass.

Have the required surgery and then you’re cleared!

I have been, in a motherly way, guiding him on handling fear.

This is just another step in life…there will be many things along your pathway…growth doesn’t come when nothing happens….

I need to keep reminding myself he is 19…motherly advice zooms right over his head like a jet breaking the sound barrier.

Another good piece of news…my son wanted his daddy at the surgery. The surgeon’s scheduler offered two dates. My son took the earliest and then asked me what day it was on…I looked and it is on hubby’s day off. No conflict! I did see my son’s shoulders relax a bit! It will be fun, to say the least, to sit for that period of time with my hubby. He does not do hospitals well at all…he has a very, very, very strange and light hearted bed-side manner. “Did I say he had a bed-side manner?” My hubby is a closet-red-neck-hospital-comedian. Bad jokes…ridiculous humor…medically challenged……In other words, hospitals make him very nervous! He wants to protect us and feels helpless. It took me a few years to realize this fact about him…fortunately I realized it before our second child was born. Lol!

Well now you know the dirt…eh…some of it. We have not shared a lot about this publicly due to waiting for the final diagnosis. I hope you will forgive me if I forget to write that day…there is no telling how I will be the day of surgery. I will more than likely have my iPad with me…screening the texts and update seekers.

“May I just say that I would not look down upon anyone bearing coffee/ Diet Dr. Pepper or Cheeseburgers…” ( she said with a smile…) Just kidding!

So between now and then I will return to somewhat of a normal life. “Who am I kidding? Life Normal?

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Pick Me Mentality!

First of the month…first day of the week…
“Me…I’m not busy!…”


I am sitting here at my kitchen table looking out over my backyard. The rain soaked ground looks a little greener and the yellow haze is gone…for the moment. The bare leave-less branches are beginning to show signs of new life as the fresh green splashes resemble a paint brush dipped into paint. Puffed blossoms of white and pink fill the flowering trees as the signs of Spring complete this picturesque scene. Me…well I will enjoy what I can because my lists are yelling at me. Can you hear them or are you busy tuning your own list out?

Pick Me Mentality!

Each list craving to be completed…begging to be number one. It is so bad that I have started a Master List in my head this morning. “Scary…I know!” ADHD ALERT!
I had placed a piece of paper and a pen next to my latte’ containing cup before deciding to write my blog. I need to go grocery shopping, pick up medicine, drop of medicine for my son at school, drop off dry cleaning and pick up dry cleaning, PT, Chiropractor…( Wait! The last two are not today but Tuesday and Thursday.) I need to re-schedule the one Thursday to accommodate my previously made plans.

(squealing air-brakes from the racing garbage trucks break through interrupting my train of thought)

These far-from-unusual items/duties are nothing compared to the list I am working around. I have penciled in time with a dear friend for lunch this week…time in the music library at church (boy is that needed!)…shopping for some pants to fit a 12 year old who has once again grown out of his jeans and shorts just bought at Christmas. My entire schedule pivots on one certain phone call…

“This the _______ from the surgeon’s office. We have scheduled your surgery for _______.”

We should know something today or tomorrow. The surgeon, my son was sent to, is off this week…soooo…my son asked if one of the other surgeons in the same practice would be able to proceed in a rapid/timely manner. If not we will have to wait till next week to find out a date. “Great…that is Spring Break!” The good news is the fact that we would not have to worry about my youngest’s schedule at school.

Can you hear them? The lists have begun jumping around in true “Donkey” fashion. “Pick me…Pick me!” I have got to work on my menu for the month and from that list make a grocery list…taking into consideration an easy meal for the day of surgery.

Crock-pot meal!

Just thought of another list…things I need to buy not available at the grocery store. Why could I not have a list containing:
Spa day.
Shopping trip with friends.
Trip to the beach.
Maids coming.
Hire a decorator?

I should count myself lucky…I did get my nails done last week and I will be having a maids day ( everyday…I am the maid) and I will be spending quality time with friends even though it won’t be a spoil-me-rotten day of shopping. Time to zap my coffee…Ah! Now that’s better! The constant calling from the jumping-bean lists has been slowed by the flowing warmth from my oversized cup.
Precious Princess is snoring at my feet, content lay curled up in a furry ball.

Call the groomer!

The sun is trying to peek through the overcast morning sky. The dancing shimmers from the wet leaves brighten up the yard. Wow! My ADHD is working overtime this morning. My mind must look like a corporate mail room. Each list is zooming back and forth in to vacuum tubes. As I sit here clicking away each list is growing. Phone calls have been answered adding to the tasks on hand. Fortunately this last call was something my hubby will have to take care of…I had to call and leave a message Friday about changing our landscaping and the possibility of needing approval. The sad thing is we are just making the existing flower beds smaller and leveling out and putting in more grass. You would think we were considering taking down the trees and cementing the front yard. “HeHe!”

This has been fun…just relaxing with you as I tried to organize my thoughts. But I know it is time to face the music and attack the composing of the lists. Have a great day!



Peach State