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Peach State says: All Clear…Well Almost!


The good news is that my son is not “road kill” and seems to have passed the balloon age.

Seriously…after the wait in the lovely Greco-Roman vacation postcard-ed room…my son was called back to meet with the surgeon. The short story is how pleased the surgeon was. He was not expecting my son to be healing as well as he had; much less standing tall and walking.

All Clear…Well Almost! Needless to say we have been told that he will be cleared about a week earlier than originally told.

This is great news!

I just had to share…now I need to go fix dinner!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Is It Really Monday…Again?


Is It Really Monday…Again? It can’t be…I didn’t get my naps this weekend! HeHe! Naps exist in a dream world and I live a vividly-family-involving-change-of-plans-at-the-drop-of-a-hat type of life. Don’t we all?

The “Hamster Wheel of Life” took me for a spin last week! Trips to one of my son’s surgeons for 4 post-op visits(Yes…I said 4!), back to back trips to the big city…Atlanta… and an unexpected trip to ER with my #2 son who had a reaction to his prescription similar to a heart attack. “That lasted all day Saturday!” Yet somehow I managed to buy some groceries, which is a good thing, because the boys were famished! I felt glued to my steering wheel. The up side is everything set out for me to do was accomplished. The down side is the level on my car’s fuel gauge.

I was side-swiped a couple of times, by unexpected events, but (to use an “80’s” slogan) “I KEPT ON TRUCKIN'”! There was no use in breaking down or freaking out. I left that to the people around me! I just went on about my business like a good “Boy Scout” prepared for whatever came my way.

I will take my 20 year old to his post-op visit with surgeon #2 tomorrow. We should find out the timeline and possible date my son will be cleared for regular activity…including continuing his pathway into the military.

And what about today?

I am glad you asked…I have a me day! Well kinda a me day! I have an appointment at a large department store make-up counter. You know the counters with over-aggressive-arm-grabbing-perfume-spraying women who can make all of your dreams come true. Well I saw the cutest bag with FREE STUFF…and the kicker…NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! “I do love these types of offers!”

Just a moment…it is a little after 8 AM and 3 of the 4 members of my family have left for work and school! Including my oldest! Deep breath in and slowly breathe out… I sip of my coffee as the creaks from upstairs let me know #4 is moving around getting ready to leave. My heart is doing cartwheels…can this be? There could be a day, in the very near future, where I will be alone-all-by-myself-able-to-do-what-I-need-and-want-to-to-when-I-want-to-do-it!

Back to the present!
I had to take the garbage from the kitchen to the can on the street…Due to the roar of the garbage trucks making their way through the neighborhood. In my routine this morning I disposed of my anniversary flowers as well as some sweet Daffodils picked by a sweet little angel while I visited her mother. Well enough said about the garbage. I must finish a few things around here before heading out… I hope you find some time for a “Me Day” of your own.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Welcome To My Table


“Welcome To My Table!”
I start my quiet morning with my beautiful anniversary roses displayed in a special vase, given to me by my hubby, centered on my kitchen table. “Hubby and I celebrated 27 years of marriage Tuesday…” Two coffee cups sit at my place…one with espresso and one with Special K with berries. There is room at the table for guests…and I have more Special K and of course espresso and coffee! Any takers?

With my son healing, finally, I can escape the four walls of my home today. I think I will get my nails done. Timing is everything…I broke two yesterday and have been chipping and picking at them all night.

Precious Princess climbed off her spot on the couch to lay at my feet. Her heavy breathing will soon become deeply relaxed snoring. “I sure would like to have that ability…falling asleep that fast, anytime…anywhere!”

A simple morning filled with typical routines:
Nail salon
Grocery list
Coupon gathering
Menu planning
Grocery store
Fix dinner

Wow!…it is a light day!

My semi-invalid son is awake and moving around upstairs which translates into…I can get out earlier today than originally thought. Maybe I can find some inspiration, while out and about, for dinner. I have to confess that I have hit a brick wall this past week when it came to planning dinner. My family have enjoyed my dinners….but I saw them as plain and lacking creativity.

I hope you can find time to enjoy a little quiet today. Enjoy things given with love…flowers, sunshine, family and friends. And from my kitchen table…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Happy Facebook Funnies!

I just loved having my world organized on my desk…Now who needs a desk!

Welcome and Happy Facebook Funnies! I hope you are ready for some tickling of the funny bone. I only ask one thing…Please do not take a sip of your coffee, or favorite morning drink, as you read the funny…I am not responsible for the clean up of snorts and spits.

Aww…I guess she finally forgave “Samuel”! ( sorry…inside joke!)

The look on your face when you just can’t seem to find the right button to change the channel.

(drum roll….) Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:
This brought tears to my eyes….from laughing so hard!

See what I mean!

Even a Grumpy Cat needs a fluffy place to rest.

True life “Nana” from “Peter Pan”!

Please…no raising your hands if you know someone who has done this….

That dog should renovate and expand…he would be rich!

(drum roll…). Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:

“You should have seen it dude…Mom was looking at this picture and started grinning and crying at the same time…it was freaky!”

Sorry to interrupt the flow…but I was just informed, while sharing my laughter with my youngest, that he does NOT laugh because he knows every joke. Wow!

Note to self…don’t climb trees!

True “Reality TV”!

Translating the look on his face was harder than I thought…
“Do you have to yell?”
“Breath mint?”
“She needs a new medication!”


Insurance cards on your phone…now tickets…

Poor guy…Do you think he will ever figure it out?

Now that would be a fun topic to cover…and I would not have a problem finding examples.

Is anyone allergic to the tree?



Just because of the quotability…(drum roll…) Blog Worthy Award Winner #3:


Have a great day…share the humor and please pass on the drinking and snorting warning to your friends.

Peach State

Peach State says: The Post-Op Shuffle Has Me Tied In Knots


Thankfully we have not been given this report from my son’s surgeons. However, we have another appointment this morning making three since last Wednesday. It takes my son quite a while to load himself into the car and then prepare himself for the curvy and somewhat pot-holed ride down two interstates. I really wished we could qualify for a “frequent flyers” type of rewards program as many times as we have parked at the hospital.

An issue arose yesterday causing my son to contact his surgeon. Within 20 minutes of the call we were on our way out the door following this oh-so-familiar-path for a stitches check. The Post-Op Shuffle Has Me Tied In Knots…well the stitches are tied in knots.

“This won’t do…I need to replace and add stitches to this area.”
(says the surgeon)

My son was just besides himself with glee! Yeah right!

If today’s appointment is successful we may have no drainage tube to worry about and one of the two incisions can be closed for healing. “I so wish this was over!” My son is the typical strong-athletic-outgoing-20 year old usually yet this experience has taken control and showed him he is not all that. His grumpy demeanor is radiating through the family. BUT…There was a small shinning glimmer of politeness from this situation last night. I was the target of a Migraine Attack yesterday and with all of the driving required I avoided medicating myself. My son offered me one of his oxycodones…”No! I was a good mom and reached for my regular semi-drug-inducing-sleep meds.” No more pain this morning…so far!

It is time to get this train on the track. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: What A Difference A Week Makes!

I have finally settled down…for a moment…to enjoy some quiet solitude before the rest of my day kicks me in the behind. My constant companion sits on the table next to me with the remaining few sips of my first morning coffee. The blinds are open allowing me to view the vibrant green backyard. No longer am I looking down into the neighbors backyard as the full green growth has virtually exploded this past week. The bright morning sunbeams filter down through the tall brown and green columns as the cheerful morning song fills the air. But don’t go outside unprepared…this pleasant picture will draw you into the chilled-you-got-to-be-kidding air. “It is in the 30’s this morning…and I have turned the heat on once again!” WOW!

“What A Difference A Week Makes!”

This week has been a wild ride filled with nervous anxiousness and schedule juggling routines. Last week, at this time, my 2 younger sons were already up and ready to begin a weekend project.

Paint the deck!

This weekend project was supposed to be a shared time between Father and Sons…BUT…the weather was not going to cooperate. Needless to say the deck was completed while hubby was at work. The freshly spray-painted deck furniture was put back onto the deck. TASK COMPLETE!

Son’s Surgery!

The surgery was performed on Wednesday and went well! The second surgeon found the hernia to be a bit more than he thought…but he resolved the issue! Now we deal with a lot of pain as the healing begins. As surprising and unplanned change has occurred! A unique and almost bend-over-backwards mentality has infected my four sons. They are helpful and doing things without being asked and…no bickering! Chores belonging to my 20 year old have miraculously been done and the biggie…my youngest was asked by my 20 year old to bring down his dirty clothes. The interesting part is the fact that not only does my 20 year old not like anyone to touch his stuff he expressed appreciation for the extra effort from his younger brother. The youngest brought down the clothes and even started the clothes for him. “NO complaints!!!” I came downstairs to fix breakfast this morning only to find the dishwasher had been started last night. Someone had brought down the dishes from the pain ward and actually put them in the dishwasher and started it. As funny as this may sound to you I find it quite unbelievable and relaxing… “Is that a light at the end of the tunnel?”

Me and my pain!

While still hurting…the main limping pain has not bothered me as it did before. I have done a great deal of walking this week as well as many trips up and down and up and down (hehe) the stairs. I have been slightly focused on other things this week and well…you know me! I do tend to work through the pain even when I am not supposed to. ( Stop shaking that finger at me! ) The throbbing legs have not slowed me down as I fall asleep at night…and I have not had to take anything other than the plain Tylenol two days ago. This is very good news!

My Oldest Son’s Job Hunt!

According to my oldest…he is now employed and starts work Wednesday as a shift leader. I sure hope he can hold on to this job and begin his walk down the right road.

It is almost 9 AM and time for the rest of the house to wake up…Time for me to prepare!
Thank you to those of you who offered well wishes and prayers for my son and his surgery this past week. They were greatly appreciated!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: A Mother’s Surgical Precision

As the darkening clouds move overhead and the stiff wind rearranges the empty pollen husks on my deck I prepare!

(Empty Pollen Husks)

Time for an update:
My 20 year old had surgery Wednesday and came home with a 7-8 in incision and a smaller incision holding a drainage tube. The larger incision was to repair a hernia and the second to remove and/or drain a hydro cell. He has never had to experience this type of healing pain before…BUT I HAVE! Being my independent son he has tried to refuse my help…yet I have stepped into the role of nurse…using stealth mode naturally!

How? A Mother’s Surgical Precision…that’s how!

The routine prescription dosing
The semi-forceful reminders to drink fluids and eat something
The occasional arm and shoulder for balance
The peeking in to check on him as he lays in bed watching TV and sleeps
The adjustment to schedules dictated by surgeons
The simple presence in his room to watch a movie with him
The running to the store when a special request of food when he finally realizes he is hungry
The providing of straws to assist in fluid intake due to lack of movement

Moms…you know the drill! The things we do for our children often go unseen. He was on the phone yesterday and I heard him say “No!…she has not had to lift a finger. I can get in and out of bed and walk down the stairs already.” ( with someone right there to maintain balance and talk softly to him as he pauses against the wall or doorframe from the pain) This morning we are going to one of the surgeons to have her check the drainage tube. “Goody!” This means I drive up to the front door and help him out…get back in the car and go park…walk through the parking deck and maneuver through the catacombs of hallways and elevators to retrieve him and help him to the surgeons office…then reverse the procedure to get him back in the car and home. “Oh! Did I mention the thunderstorms this morning?”

I counted the trips up and down the stairs yesterday and…well… I stopped counting at 25 sets. After a day of walking the halls of the hospital and the stairs yesterday I figure I have walked quite a distance. “My poor legs throbbed last night!” My son is to stay virtually quiet…in one place…with no activity. This medical demand has been placed on the son who has always been on the go…a social butterfly of sorts…going to the courts to shoot hoops, helping friends move, landscaping and minor construction… “Yep! Being still is real easy for him!”

My favorite remark came from him yesterday when he told me I did not know the type of pain he was feeling… His brother quickly jumped to my rescue and said…”Hey Dude! Mom had three c-sections I think she understands.” ( Someone stands up for Mom…’bout time!). just kidding!

I hear movement upstairs and I checked my clock. I need to get myself ready so that I can quietly, behind the scenes, manipulate my son into the car. This is going to be fun! No really! “I can’t seem to convince myself of this fact.” I do know it hurts and how your body in stiff and painful all over because of trying to move without pulling the incision areas. “It ain’t easy!” I have had to hide my tears for my son as he holds his breath in painful gasps. I truly know that feeling. I am hopeful to hear some good news this morning.

So as I close my number two son has just checked in and is upstairs to help his little brother. I mentioned helping him change into a pair of shorts for the trip to the doctors. I am off to initiate stealth mode and begin my day as a practicing nurse and help my son heal using “A Mother’s Surgical Precision”!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Waiting Room Facebook Funnies

Finally got an Internet signal…let me make this quick. My son is half way through his surgery so are hanging around waiting. I will fill your in on that later. Now for the important Waiting Room Facebook Funnies!

Saw this yesterday I finished my post…it fits!

Crying children…screaming fits…pleading parents… Fortunately no Smurf eating children!

With the day we have had…I think several of us share the same sentiments.

Putting the stick back…now that is a new trick…hope the dog isn’t old.

I am going to,have to cut this short…I have already been called up to the desk for an update. The second part of the surgery is almost done. I also need to apologize for the scattered presentation…my mind is not focusing! Well it is focusing but not on Facebook Funnies! Sorry!

When watching the local weather forecaster during a storm we do learn so much about our lovely state. Sadly this is a true statement.

Uh OOO…did I say that out loud?

Put your hands down…I was not asking if you have ever done this!

(drum roll….) This weeks Blog Worthy Award Winners are:

Every group has one…and this is a good thing…otherwise we might not be able to sit together.

Well this is one idea I can honestly say I will NOT use when redecorating… Would you?

Well thank you for hoping around with me…I will make it up to you! Promise! Share a smile!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Need A New Magic Wand!


This is officially the “end of my month”…at least financially. I do so abhor this time of the month…but this month especially.


I have a follow-up appointment with the surgeon…
Don’t forget money for parking at the hospital…
I need these two prescriptions filled…
I need a new razor…
I want this type of cake…
Can you take me here…
Can you take me there…
I need a ride…
I have a field trip…
Do you have a couple of dollars…
Drop off the cleaning…
Pick up the dry cleaning…
Pay through the nose for the dry cleaning…
Can you take the UPS package…
Dad wants you to go get the supplies for the deck…
Dad called and he said go ahead and get the stuff for the lawn…
I need a green shirt…
How about something that is not ground beef or chicken for dinner…

and my favorite..
You want a coffee? Can you get me one too?

My poor Magic Wand is depleted. I wave it and swoosh it…I flick it and swish…I talk nice and sweetly to it…I even tried throwing it across the room. That didn’t work either! With all the extras thrown into the mix this month I am amazed I didn’t run out of $ money $ earlier. “Speaking of running out…My car’s dashboard tells me I have 9 miles till empty.” GREAT!! I am usually very good at Stretching the proverbial buck but this month has me a bit…overwhelmed! to make matters worse one of my auto-withdrawals has not been withdrawn yet and they are 6 days late. At the first of the month the other auto-withdrawal came out before my deposited went in to the account. [Notification…a fee has been applied to your account…] “Oh no you didn’t!” The bank refunded the fee…after I told them it was their fault for not applying the deposit early enough.

I also caught the dry cleaner in a $4.50 mistake and she gave me a credit…but when I went to pick up the clothes last night, and paid through the nose, she whacked me for $28.55 for five shirts and four pants. She then took the tags, showing the cost for each article of clothing, off the plastic coverings and waved them in my face…I reminded her of the credit and she took it off…but after getting home I added up the prices and it doesn’t jive…I guess I know where I will be going before heading to the doctor’s office this morning. [swish and flick!] “Come on Magic Wand!” More Gas…I need More Gas!

I wonder if my $$$Money$$$ Tree is blooming yet?

Yeah right…Money doesn’t grow on trees! Oh well! Maybe next month!
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Reality “Karate’ Kid” or How To Stain A Deck!


My hubby got an itch in the “household project” part of his brain…what does this mean?
A trip to the home improvement center for supplies and my sons doing all the work.
The “home improvement project” was originally going to be tackled and knocked out on Sunday…BUT… the weather forecast said rain. Hubby called our 20 year old son Friday afternoon and told him to pick up the supplies and get started.

This is Reality “Karate’ Kid” or How To Stain A Deck!

We, my 20 year old Black Belt and 12 year old Yellow Belt and I, rushed off to get the supplies…deck wash, a new color of stain, steel brush for cleaning the deck, and the needed paint brushes.

Home we came for the fun to begin. My two younger sons began by clearing the deck…after just getting the deck all set up from giving the furniture a fresh face lift with a new coat of spray paint last weekend. Once all the furniture and miscellaneous planters and removable lighting was cleared the deck was steamed cleaned and deck wash was applied. A follow up sanding was then performed to the railing and floor…

“Sand the floor!”:

Granted…my son did not look like this! He was listening to his music ignoring his younger brother as he worked like a maniac. (Rain is coming!) Once this is done I was called out to survey. “I think this was just an excuse to rest…yep!” I noticed a couple of things and was quickly reminded that I had no clue… Maybe he did look like this…with that OMG! You gotta be kidding! look in his eyes. “Twenty year olds!” It was time for the next step…

“Paint the fence!”:

This step was not as easy as in the movie… The railings, as you know, are waist down so one must be on the floor to properly apply the stain. Once the railings were completed around the main portion of the deck my son began staining a suspicious portion of the deck floor. Curious! I thought so! I asked and was informed that because of the oversized Bar-B-Que Grill not being moved off the deck he would apply the stain to this spot and let it dry…allowing him to place the grill there Saturday and stain the rest of the deck floor. I smiled and said “good idea” as a crowded stadium of excited fans did the wave in my head. Creative problem solving…you gotta love it!

Well here it is an overcast and moist Monday morning…I am looking out my kitchen window at a partially done deck. The deck floor is almost completed…the railing down the steps is done…and it is drizzling. Hubby and son worked on it again yesterday morning before the rain came leaving the portion right outside the door and a path leading down the steps. There are puddles on the deck and chance of more rain either today or tomorrow. “This will have to be completed by tomorrow due to 20 year old having his surgery on Wednesday morning!” We have already been informed that his activity level will be non-existent to low. Yep…this job will not be something he could do after surgery or for at least 4-6 weeks. (Time Crunch!).

Time for mom’s balancing act…I have somewhere I need to be this morning about 10:00 AM and 20 year old will be with me…if we come home about 12 and he eats before getting started…he could actually finish before TKD tonight. That is if there is no rain! I may also have to bribe 20 year old with a coffee! I think he would take that bribe which is good news…I would get one too!

More Coffee!!!

Coffee is always a sustaining part of my morning…who am I kidding?…daily routine!

Off to complete the few chores before “the waking of the troops”! “It is likely to be closer to a “Zombie Apocalypse” as the groans and complaints pour from the dragging bodies.” I sure hope the rain holds off!

Have a great day!

Peach State