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Peach State says: What A “CEB”…Clever Easter Bunny!


The Saturday before Easter…Boy, do I remember those long drawn out days of my mother putting finishing touches on the Easter outfits and preparing our hair for the perfect hairstyle. The rigorous battle with my tangled bird’s nest to part and separate then apply curling gel and curl. The afternoon excitingly standing around the table, covered with newspaper, as vinegar scented color stations appeared for coloring our allotted hard boiled eggs. Once dry these splendid artistic masterpieces, with designs specific to the creator, would be place in the fridge to magically appear in the Easter Basket the next morning with a collection of Easter confections surrounding the unique Chocolate Easter Bunny. We knew which Easter Basket was ours by the decorated eggs placed strategically in the basket. The Easter Bunny also knew our likes and needs providing just the right non-food item next to our treasure.

What A “CEB”…Clever Easter Bunny!

Little did I know that one day the empty basket would be passed to me and I would be the “CEB” for my own children. And as you know…I took it a step further! I will prepare the meal in advance today except for the baking portion. I am looking forward to a day with my family tomorrow and do not want or need the added stress of cooking and cleaning. As for the baskets…we have downsized this year. My youngest announced that there was no Easter Bunny. His brothers told him he would regret that…and I just smiled! What a cost-cutting Easter this will be. The decorating of eggs is a thing of the past and the elaborate staging of the baskets and gifts…vanished like the infamous Bunny himself. The family Easter bowl will be the centerpiece with various chocolate bunnies present for each family member.

I will begin the mixing of the casseroles and the baking of the cake today…after a meeting. The stage will be set and I will be able to enjoy my family! What A “CEB”…Clever Easter Bunny!

Whatever your traditions…I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Death By Chocolate…Recipe

Well today is the day! I finally bought the ingredients and set aside time to bake this yummy sounding-chocolate explosion.

“Death By Chocolate…Recipe!”
1-5oz box of Cook and Serve Chocolate Pudding
1-Chocolate Cake Mix
2 cups of chocolate chips
2 1/3 cup of milk

Cook the pudding using all of the milk
Dump the cake mix into the pudding
Spread the pudding-cake mixture into the 9×13 pan
Spread the chocolate chips evenly over the top
Bake in a Pre-heated 350 degree over for 40-45 minutes.

First of all: I may have made a minor oops…I picked up instant pudding instead of you-cook-it pudding. I adjusted the preparation and followed the directions on the pudding box…using a little less than 3 cups of milk. As for the recipe I altered the ingredients and used a sugar free pudding…a sugar free cake mix, non-fat milk…and the whole bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Here is the original recipe I used!

After preparing the 9×13 pan I mixed up the pudding:


I then mixed in the dry cake mix:


It is very thick! I placed it evenly into my prepared 9×13 pan and topped it with the chocolate chips


Well…this is before baking…


It has 20 more minutes to cook and already the chocolaty scent is wafting into the living room. I will show you what it looks like and let you know how it tastes. After all…taste definitely matters. If it is half as good as it smells it will be delicious. This is a good thing because I planned on taking this dessert to a friend who just got out the hospital.

“Our mutual-cat-loving-friend and I are providing the meal tonight.”

Back in a few!
It is done! It looks yummy…


It tastes…wow…the pudding and the cake mix are merged and provide a scrumptious gooey-cake texture. I must confess. This will be added to my family’s favorites list! “I know it is on mine!”


Try this one it is great! Now off to start the Easter Cake! Here is a hint:


Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: My Turn!

Well it is not this bad…or organized for that matter. But it was finally My Turn this morning. Time to charge the iPad! Unfortunately it is still charging and the cord is not long enough to reach the kitchen table or my chair. I will have to wait a little while longer before actually using it this morning. The poor thing was barely showing red…2% left…“Oops my bad!” I am hoping that it will charge quickly before the replacement chargers come downstairs and steal my cord. “That never happens…does it?” Lol!

In the meantime: Waiting to hear from my son’s surgeon about the upcoming surgery schedule.
Talk to you soon!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Time!

Can you believe Easter is Sunday? Not to mention that but Sunday is the last day of the month…already!

Time flies when you’re having fun!

My friends have put a few Easter friendly funnies in Facebook this past week…let’s take a peep:

One of my favorite “Star Trek” episodes!

Uh oh…my kids ate these all day long!

Sorry…I have friends who hunt on my Facebook.


Carrot cake has been replaced…by cheesecake. “NOOOO!”


Just for men!

Mind went blank…”It’s too quiet!”

Yep…all in how you look at it!

Sounds familiar!

My way…or my way!

Bossy…yea right!

With all of this emotional-mind-bending I need some coffee!


What…I just had a sip or so…

I follow the doctor’s instructions very carefully…every hour!

Drum roll…. This week’s Blog Worthy Award Winners are:

I guess Snoopy can’t talk with his mouth full!

One of my “Peas in a Pod” posted this…according to the post the cat is a coke head.

Have a great day…and share a smile!

Peach State

Peach State says: Don’t Stop…There’s More!

Saw this as I was doing one of my many jobs around the kingdom. “Intelligence Officer” It caused my brain to revolt and protest. The “unseen brainiacs” (the little protesters in my brain) held up protest signs and began their little march.

“Don’t Stop…There’s More!”

Well I would like to think so! Let’s see:
Intelligence Officer
Garbage man
Loan Shark
Undercover cop
Park Ranger ( male teens/bears…get it?)
Disc Jockey
[the next several should not be read out loud if children are in the room!]
Blue Fairy
Tooth Fairy
Easter Bunny
Mrs. Clause
Weather Forecaster
Creative genius
Drill Sargent
Jet pilot ( only on days we are running late)
Race car driver ( same days…lol)
And my favorite…”Mother Fear”

I know there are more…but I need to move the laundry. What would you add to this list?

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: And Then He Said…”I Love Mondays!”

Mondays…we know the drill! We all have the exceptions but still tend to dread the first day of the week. I guess it is all in how you look at it…glass half empty/half full. Me, well I don’t dread it as much as most because I am up before the “butt-crack of dawn” everyday. But this morning I was dragging a bit when it happened. I had just finished putting the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher And Then He Said…”I Love Mondays!” I chuckled under my breath as I continued with my little routines. My youngest, a uniquely challenged 12 year old, blurts out something profound in a manner quite unlike the normal under-the-breath murmurs.
I quickly swallowed my heavenly brew to avoid spewing it across the room. “What a revelation!” As if I did not already know the truth in his statement. Down deep he longs for the routine of school…a bell driven schedule…that moves him through his day. Sundays are semi-routine with church in the morning for him but Sunday afternoons hold unknown activities and destinations. Me..well I am back at church about 4 until 7 most weeks. My youngest stays at home with his daddy and occupies himself with guy stuff.

Cleaning bedrooms
Yard work
Shooting ranges
Home improvement stores…

I am sure you have a similar list!
Yesterday was filled with fixing dinner before going back to church for the Easter Musical…when I arrived back home my 22 and 19 year old sons were in the middle of switching rooms. Now that was exciting…and quite the mess. When I went up to go to bed last last night the hall was filled with an assortment of crates and baskets holding the prized possessions of the two boys. Yet between the time I fell asleep, to the sound of drills and bumps, and the time I woke up this morning the hall was clear and the rooms were amazingly organized in true Houdini fashion. “I wish they would undertake every chore this way!” My youngest…well He Said…”What Was All The Drilling?”

Just like any child…continuous string of questions!

We the time has come…I would much rather sit here and write while I finished my coffee this morning. BUT alas! I am off to get dressed for my early errand to the imaging facility. Yep! The rescheduled CT Scan…the doctor forgot to give him the required barium for the scan and he just finished drinking the last dose. He almost threw it back up! It was a sight but kudos to him for holding it down. I want to leave you with one more thought…

HeHe! See it is Heavenly Brew!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: The End Of Another Week…Finally!

Oh the joys of waking up ( with the alarm ) this morning know it is Friday!

The End Of Another Week…Finally!

It has been a over exhaustive-confusing-political run around-red tape-medical jargon filled week.
Just a couple of hurdles left to jump today…(doing the dance of joy!!!)
With all the hurdles jumped this week it is a wonder I am not in more pain. Okay…virtual pain!
The everyday routine multiplied by the square of pi ( just trying to sound oh so smart ) have all been accomplished…with the minor exception of the dusting, cleaning the fridge, vacuuming. Yep! My house has suffered. One extra choir practice left for tomorrow morning, CT Scan today for my 19 year old son, a red tape phone call handled today in a uniquely and surprisingly timely manner…my checklist is shortening by the second. TKD classes were attended this week as well as the myriad of doctors and surgeons. Mom’s Taxi Service has been utilized far too often for the out of network errands. “Sorry for the insurance pun!” Speaking of insurance…because we have still not managed to reach our wonderful deductible…my 19 year old son was told the CT Scan would cost him $1800-$2000 out of pocket if he filed with our insurance. (By the insurance company) Yet the imaging lab said if he chose to not file with the insurance he would have a one-time payment of $350…guess what he decided? Why is this situation, with our healthcare providers and insurance, even allowed to happen?

[Climbing off the Proverbial Soap Box before the wagging of fingers begins for climbing up and down off the box!]

Taking a moment to settle down and gain control…assured that $$$ needed for surgery will be found!

Grumpy Cat to the rescue!

With all this spare time on my hands I think I will sort through my growing stack of recipes and coupon before the chair they are stacked in collapses. I can even finish my warm-vitamin rich-stick to your ribs oatmeal as I wait prayerfully for my grocery $$. Just another day in paradise!

This is going to be a good day…
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Late Facebook Funnies-Part 2

Facebook helps keep me in contact with dear friends now in Europe. The above picture is proof of the strong bonds between us. Well…we always found the humor in things.

I would like to continue with the Facebook Funnies I started this morning. Are ou ready?

Frustrating when reality slaps you in the face…

Honest officer!

009…get it?

It’s closer today than yesterday…crud!

First Nemo now the poor “little bird”.

Good to hear…because every time a Carnival ship cruises out it has one malfunction or another.

No truer words…

I was going to try a new recipe…I put an egg in the middle of toast but all I can see is cat starring back at me.

I would like a Extra-Tall-Grande-Venti Frapp to go!

This song holds a special meaning for a special group of us…but you already knew that!


Okay…this next one might remind some of you of a certain someone, who shall remain nameless,and is known for her constant pushing of the proverbial envelope…LOL
(drum roll)…Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:


(Drum roll) Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:


Do you feel better? I know I do!
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Late Facebook Funnies-Part 1

Rolling over to look at the clock was a good thing this morning…No Alarm! I am happy, however, to report that breakfast was made, coffee was made, school lunch was made, youngest did not miss his bus and the first two members of my family are gone. I know what you are thinking! “How strange that Peach State should miss the alarm!” I can explain…yesterday was hubby’s day off and my 19 year old got up with his younger brother for me so I could sleep a couple of more hours. I did not set my alarm Tuesday night…thus I forgot to punch the alarm button last night resulting in no alarm going off! I am still shaking…

Boy…I am glad he made the bus. That would have thrown my schedule way off track. I need to be getting ready to leave…I am traveling with the Senior Choir from my church, along with our mutual cat loving friend, to sing with them. One of the sweetest ladies came up to me Sunday and asked if I was going and I told her that I had not been asked… (She took care of that and went right to the source!) Within 5 minutes I was told about today! “This dang clock is ticking away too fast!”
I want to leave you with one more thought before heading off to get dressed.


Have no fears…I will present Part 2 later today, if Grumpy Cat has his way!
Till then I hope this sweet little dash of funny will help you through the morning.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: My Job Is Done!


I wanted to share a smile with you this morning…so I have tried to upload a video. I know it might be early for some of you so please take heed of this warning before clicking on the video. You may laugh, smile, remember and even sing along. If you are under doctor’s orders to avoid abrupt emotional experiences please Do Not Press the Play Button…
What can I say after that?

De peeps de peeps…

My Job Is Done!
If this video did not upload correctly I will try again. Oh the joys of modern technology! If you can’t wait the video is on YouTube under The Muppets “Oh Danny Boy!”

Have a great day!

Peach State