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Peach State says: “PT”- Physical Therapy or Pure Torture?


There I was…sitting in a chair across from my new PT (Physical Therapist). He began listing his goals for me as he discussed, in length, my Epic Fails!

“Wait a minute! I am not here to find out what you think is wrong with me!”

No…I did not say that out loud…but boy was the thought bouncing around my head like a high-scoring Pinball game. He said “Here is what I see:”

You limp and tend to put you weight on the right side of your body. (genius!)
You slump over a bit when sitting…possibly due to upper back pain. (wow…really)
You don’t exercise! (I had finally had it!)

Have you read my chart?
He gave me this look and it was at that point I began to wonder what this physical therapist really knew. “PT”- Physical Therapy or Pure Torture! Pure Torture…obviously! With a syrup-dripping sweetness I offered the information he had missed when reading my chart. “I love to walk and was walking 3-4 miles a day 4-5 days a week…then I fell!” He began flipping through the chart and finds the information. Excited he then moved to the diet portion of the discussion. “Diet…portion…hehe!”
You will need to watch you calorie intake because you are OBESE! “EXCUSE ME!”
He began telling me the ways to cut calories and how to choose my carbs and avoid sugars…or and portion control.

“Have you read my chart?”
His blank stare and quick shuffling of the pages told me, once again, that he had somehow missed that information. So I filled him in on that…I told him about being diagnosed with Diabetes and overcoming it with diet and exercise. I also told him I had been “OBESE” when I weighed over 300 pounds but lost almost 145 pounds when I cut my carbs and sugars. The color began to drain from his face. He re-grouped and said…”I assume you have cut out Alcohol and Caffeine?” With a raised eyebrow I smiled and sweetly responded…”Nope!” “I don’t drink alcohol that often and as for caffeine…well…I probably drink more coffee in a year than the population of a small country.” I knew what was coming next as his “Cheshire Cat grin” slowly crept onto his face. I beat him to the punch. “I was told by several of my doctors year ago to continue with my caffeine due to migraines and asthma. Caffeine is readily the best method due to moving the blood at a faster rate and opening the blood vessels. The main problem with both migraines and asthma is the contraction of the blood vessels.” He nodded in agreement and said he wanted to perform a strength test. After that he seem surprised and said I was stronger than most 30 year old women. I then laid down on a table and he asked me to breathe in and out. I did! He asked for me to take a deep breath…go ahead…”I did!” The problem was he was waiting for my shoulders to move…”How do you breath?”

“Have You Read My Chart?”
“I am a singer…trained…long-time singer and learned a long time ago to breathe using my diaphragm.” As I laid there I could hear the flipping of pages. I sat up and smiled…”I am here to try and find relief from this pain so I can return to walking and loose this weight I have gained back. I am not your average person and have overcome many obstacles. Can you help me?”

“How about we try and find out why you started falling and work on balance and re-strengthening of your weaker muscle groups?” We shook hands and set up a plan.

I start next week…we will see how well this goes! As for today…more pain management injections and a visit with the chiropractor. Goody…Goody! I am off to start my day and what a day it is. Wish me luck!

As for you…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Look Who’s Talkin’…Facebook Funnies

One day we will see her smile…
Let’s see what my friends had to offer this past week! Look Who’s Talkin’…Facebook Funnies!

Time for a shoe change…Yuck!

Humm…no more “fat finger dialing!

Time to Name That Tune:

I can name that tune in 5 notes!

(drum roll…) Blog Worthy Award Winner #1:

Eek…took 6 notes for this one!

“How about the theme song from “Chucky”?

Silly Animals


“And the Oscar goes to…”

Waiter…I found a hair on my chicken!

“If I get 100,000 likes today I will get to sleep in the bed again tonight!”

Tough Love


I need a new box of Kleenex!

Grumpy Cat!(no need for explanation!)




Good Morning!


Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:


Do your cheeks hurt from grinning too much? Did you enjoy these Facebook Funnies? I hope you did…make sure you share your favorites!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: The Windy Howl!


There is a gentle swaying
as the bare naked limbs stretch across the sky.
The tinkling tones sound
as the helpless chimes compose new melodies.
Constant and unchallenged the steady breeze blows…

But wait!

A new sound finds my ears
as the leave-less giants quiver and bend.
The melody is mashed
as the confused chimes crash together.
The fury of The Windy Howl!

Gone again is the gust
roaring through the shivering trees.
The clanging chimes quieted
as the furious breath becomes a whisper.
Returned is the gentle sway, awaiting the next Windy Howl!

I just wanted to share this visual picturesque scene. I am truly enjoying this view…as I finish my coffee in the solitude of my chair. It felt like a poetic morning so I wrote what I experienced. Yesterday went well and almost everything was accomplished. The only thing that was left un-checked was completing my grocery shopping and attending the extra choir practice. “Sometimes we have to choose family!” As you know…I am always at some practice or another! But this week is a different week…too vague? All will be explained…promise! I will take this rare time to enjoy the sights and sounds provided by the forceful wind…before my day is taken from me.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: K.I.S.S…Keep It Simple Sweetie


What? Speaking to your cat is fun and you will find that people will leave you alone…not to mention give you some very funny looks. Don’t you ever have one of those days when you call in sick and take a family day?

There is no normal to this week…so I have decided to K.I.S.S…Keep It Simple Sweetie! My plans are to be ready for anything and NOT make any other plans that could keep me away from the house or my family.

“Confused…all will be made clearer at a later date!”

For now I will enjoy my coffee and solitude, as the garbage trucks roar up and down the street, as I wait for the arrival of the postman. My day would go a lot smoother if the postman came early today!

I was treated to this, yesterday, on my Facebook and it begs to be shared:


Happy Monday! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Time To Breathe!


A cloudy-overcast day helps to set the tone for the day….rest, relax, and more important
Time To Breathe!

A slight return to normal with the vacation mentality safely put away until April. I will bake a cake today for my oldest, who is turning 24, and hope that I have all of the ingredients for his favorite home-cooked dinner. “I hate this time of the month…no money!”

My number 2 son is running between 3 jobs and working out…“I told him to complain when he was responsibly keeping up with and managing schedules much less doing as much as I do a day!”

My number three son will head off to the final step of enlistment Monday morning…“I think I am ready!”

AND… The youngest…will he will be back at school Monday! “Can I get an AMEN!”

The starving masses are gathering. So until Monday…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Crossing My Fingers As I Clock Watch


Okay…I have had some coffee but I will be in withdrawals at the rate I am going!
I have just a few minutes…And I am Crossing My Fingers As I Clock Watch! I will be heading out early this morning (about 8:15- 8:30) with many complicated and separated missions to be accomplished. I hope to reach my Doctor appointment with a few minutes to spare.

Take a look:

Leave and head to Kroger…
Get cash and put gas in the car,
Race off to the Army Recruiter for final weigh in of 19 year old son,
Back on Hwy to local Wholesale Warehouse to return the leaking Kuerig coffee pot,
Turn into the main drag and off to an hour long PT Session and then a visit with the Chiropractor,
Back home…check the mail for monthly $$$ and to eat lunch,
If the check comes…back out for needed supplies and then to the nail salon,
Back home for well deserved NAP!

Well I am off…wish me luck! And hope the replacement Kuerig works…
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Wednesday Facebook Funnies


Do I understand the fact that it is morning…the good news that I did sleep in 2 hours!
Hubby is off today and the schedules of my four boys did not begin until about 8:30…I am so lucky!
So now for the good stuff! Join me for Wednesday Facebook Funnies!

Time for a Coffee Break:

Coffee…check Thinking…well kinda sorta

Can I get an Amen?


If animals could talk:

Must be a teenaged cat…

Yeah right!



Reminds me of my youngest!



What a sweet friend!


Music to live by!

Can I have a show of hands if you have done this? Don’t look at me…I will never tell!

All together…“I will survive! Hey Hey! “

I’m just sayin’:




And here is what you have been waiting for…This week’s Blog Worthy Award Winners!


Cookies…brownies…what DIET?

Hope you found something to smile about…if so share the humor!
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Winter Break…Yea?

It’s the second day of my son’s Winter Break…Yea!
A glorious five days of doing the normal while working my schedule around the presence of my 12 year old. I usually do not plan any appointments for this weeks because of the children being out of school….BUT….some things could not be helped. When my sons were younger we would do something different and fun each day. They would help plan the week! Yet…my youngest prefers to do nothing! He just stares, sits, rocks back and forth, and refuses to use his imagination to creatively preoccupy himself. He could be outside… playing with friends or shooting hoops…but noooooo! “In his defense it is raining today.”

I wake up bright-eyed and bushy tailed, ready to face the day. He…well he mumbles and sits hunched over. When asked what he wanted to do he just shrugged his shoulders.

It is going to be a wonderful week!

Well I am going to go to the dry-cleaner and to the bank…come home for lunch and get ready for my doctor’s appointment. Then the Fire Marshall will be here for another visit with my youngest. I will prepare dinner early in hopes of my hubby getting off early as scheduled.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Snow Flurry Tease

I love my state and have been born and raised in the south. I am a GRITS! (girls raised in the south) I just have one suggestion! Weather predictions containing any mention of snow should not be aired. Don’t talk about the event…don’t mention the chance, no matter how significant, because you jinx the snow falling.

For example: Last night as we finished watching our last show and prepared to turn off the TV…the weather forecast came on.

“I will tell you when to expect the snow flurries and who will have a chance of accumulation…when we return.”

Jinx!!!. And thus began the next Snow Flurry Tease!

Being the techno-savvy mother of a techno-geek I reached for my iPhone and checked my weather apps. “All three of them!” (Stop laughing…) They all showed snow flurries with no accumulation. I looked at my hubby and shrugged my shoulders. “Oh well…no chance of snow once again!” The weird thing about the local weather, good or bad, is that it typically goes right around our fair part of the city. We also live in a large county in North Georgia where, when it does snow, it is primarily in the northern part of the county causing the schools to close for our children too. Snow day?

“Sorry..I am babbling like Tennison’s Brook.”

All of this to say…from the time we locked up downstairs and went upstairs last night…my weather app forecast went from snow flurries to cold and clear. Jinxed!

So this morning as I started my early morning routine…I wistfully gazed out the window…nothing…nada…nope…! I continued to the kitchen to make the morning lattes’. I have said goodbye to my hubby and number two son…time for me to get the rest of the house up and ready to leave. Saturday Morning Easter Musical practice at 10 am! ( Those of you who I personally know and sing with…this is your reminder…hope to see you there!)

One last thing…I am not asking for a foot of snow…BUT! then again…
I am just a Georgia Peach who longs for a bit more than a dusting of snow and the pure enjoyment of seeing the peaceful snow fall.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Catching Up With American Idol!

I am really a sight right now! Let me open the blinds and give you a peek!

I am sitting in my recliner with my green-overly-fuzzy-socked feet resting up in the air. My comfortable baggy-paint-splattered pants and oversized sweatshirt finish the ensemble. By my side, in the cup holder, is my commuter cup now empty and desiring more coffee! What am doing?

“I have been Catching Up With American Idol!

I refill my Coffee and resumed the viewing. I finished the last day of the guys in Hollywood and have settled in to watch the girls. I am thrilled to see the amount of talent among the “Idol Hopefuls” and am anxious to see how many of the talented will get to move through to the final judging. I like to keep count of all the notes sang when these “hopefuls” play “find the note” or what some call..doing runs?

“I am one of those viewers that judge from the couch, or in my case the recliner, and was seriously blown away last season when the true talent was sent packing.”

Have you heard the American Idol sing without any voice and recording manipulation? Well…I was not a fan! I know there are fans who adore this “American Idol” but, I am not one of them!

Well the show is back on…gotta go!

Oh! How I love group day!!! HARMONY!!! Yea!

Have a great day!

Peach State