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Peach State says: I Can Name That Tune…


So there we were…gathered and ready to sing. But wait! This song won’t do…
What about ______? slow
What about ______? so-and-so is working and won’t be here
“I got it!” What about “Mirey Clay”?

That’s was the one…everyone agreed…and the nod was given to retrieve it from the Choir Room.

“The only problem was the fact that there is no song, called “Mirey Clay” in the filing cabinet.”

We had a momentary lapse in song titles and had sent someone to pull the song with the wrong information. I ran to help and the only thing to do was sing the song, over and over, as I looked through every title in the filing cabinet. Give me a chance…I will get this…I Can Name That Tune…

Shortly after I arrived and began sorting through the files of music another member of the praise team appeared to offer her help. The wafting music came through the door as the instrumentalists and our fearless leader continued, completely abandoned and neglected by our three voices. We giggled in giddy, boisterous laughter as we combed through the files of music. We found a couple of other songs that might work when…what to my wondering eyes did appearFound It!

“That’s it!” How could we have forgotten?”

We headed, victoriously, back into practice with the file in hand. Rehearsal paused…as the song was passed out. Our fearless leader looked at the title and laughed. “There is nothing about “mirey clay” in the title…but that is what we call it…” He just shook his head. The funny thing about this renaming of a song is this is not the only one. You see…we find a phrase or word from our favorite songs that sticks in our heads and that is the way we refer to the title. “I do love the way our unique personalities find everyday truths in the words and phrases of the songs and hold them in our hearts.” It makes these songs sing…HeHe!

Why didn’t we just Google the song? Well…we are a techno-geeky savvy group and truth be told…the signal was too slow to wait and I have no battery left!

I do love singing…and singing with my dear friends…well it’s Priceless!

Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: Soggy Day Facebook Funnies

Blog Worthy Award Winner #1

I am not ignoring you…just a little delayed today! Rainy weather just slows my pace but here we go…Soggy Day Facebook Funnies!

Keeping with the Soggy Day tone:



I just had to include this one…it fits the occasion!

My “Precious Princess” found her a warm cuddly place to sleep the day away…my bed!

Time to dry out…here is some music to help!:
Let’s begin with Blog Worthy Award Winner #2:


Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down!

“Sorry honey…making it right now!”


Did someone tell me to go back to bed? I’m so there!

Great…now I am tired! I hope you found something to make you smile! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I’m Not Cold!

What a thought! What if while dusting-vacuuming-sweeping-moving laundry and shaking you could simply vibrate the weight off! The visible shivers and cold nose tell me it is chilly in the house…so being “Normal” I will make myself another lovely oversized-cup of coffee…well espresso! Well now that I think about it…this makes three this morning!

3 cups x 6 shots of espresso= ?

I guess “I’m Not Cold!” Caffeine induced shivers…not the shakes because that would mean I might be drinking to much in a short period. Back to work! Sip…sip!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Wish I Were Here!


If your first thought about me, after reading my title, was the fact I feel invisible or was going to whine and have a pity party you could not be farther from the truth. I want my pillow…which is on my bed! I Wish I Were Here!

The dreary day amplifies the desire…BUT!…not today.

Important visitors are coming tomorrow and every nook and cranny needs to be cleaned. The good news is the fact that I am having a party Saturday morning and will not have to kill myself for my guests. “Always thinking positive…yep!”

I have a couple more corners to tackle and then the basic dust, sweep and mop. All in all it could be worse…I could have fallen last night and be hurting and out of pain pills! “Good thing I have pain pills!” So if I can tackle those corners and successfully hide (I mean) put away those items stuffed into the corner by my loving sons I might be able to cuddle up with my pillow.

“You should never waste a rainy day…especially when it is a Monday!” Amen?

Well…tackle-time…I hope you accomplish all you need to accomplish. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Are You Ready For Some Football?


What a season this has been…and the fact that our two favorite teams play each other tomorrow is…well..a dream!. The Atlanta Falcons host the Seattle Seahawks! “Wish we had tickets but, that was not in the cards.” With two playoff games today and two tomorrow our house is in NFL Football Heaven. Are You Ready For Some Football?

There will be no silent cheering, as my hubby sleeps.
There will be no headphone in our iPads or iPhones listening to the game, as my hubby watches what he wants to watch.
There will be no need to ask “Siri” for score updates…
And the biggie….no texting between my son and I talking about the game.

This has been a season that will live forever as The Year Dad Watched Football! “I think my sons are placing bets for next season…Will dad be this into the NFL and other games next year?”

Well I have a lot to do before settling in for the proverbial cheering-raising-our-voices-coaching-from-the-livingroom-spitting-out-plays-and-yelling-about-the-choice of players on the field. NFL Heaven Pre-game hoopla begins at 3:30 today. I hope your team wins unless you are playing my team. “Oh sorry! Did I say that out loud?”

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Where Did The Day Go?

Whew!!! I was tired before and now I am really wiped…Mentally!
Where Did The Day Go!


Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Need to Smile…Facebook Funnies to the Rescue!


At this point…I need to find something to tickle my ribs anywhere I can get it! Yep...I Need to Smile…Facebook Funnies to the Rescue!

I can honestly say I have never gone out in public in curlers…a housecoat…well maybe!

This came from the Parent’s Handbook on “List of Most Often Used Phrases”!


I won’t argue that point.


They were not available last night.

Yeah…but now I am having an anxiety attack as I run screaming from the bathroom to get the broom.

I would be a wealthy woman if this was an accepted policy.

Ya’ think?

Careful…I am a MOM!

The long awaited drum roll please….
This week’s Blog Worthy Award Winners are here:

Did the monkeys take all the scary little hats?

Everybody dance…

Hoping your face experienced some form of stress-relaxing humor. If not please take a moment and SMILE! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Surfing The Big Wave!

Surfing The Big Wave!
Oh the thrill of the ride! The smooth paddle out, the wait for the perfect ride…that special wave made just for you. The wave sweeps you up and offers the ride of a lifetime…as time passes slowly by in true slow motion.


Occasionally…without notice or warning…the worst thing happens…


Quick…breathe deep…and pray…
That’s all we can do sometimes!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Yep! It’s Monday!


The day has finally arrived…I was so stoked that I watched the clock for the last 30-40 minutes. “Great!” The gentle reminders of all that needed to be accomplished today began to flood in about 5:45am…like a continuous childhood poke!
Fix coffee
Give medicine
Put juice in the freezer
Wake up hubby and youngest son
Let Precious Princess out
Unload dishwasher

Yep! It’s Monday!

I am happy to report that I am actually ahead of the game. I cleaned out the leftovers from both refrigerators and managed to have them taken to the garbage can already out on the curb. “I am soooo good!” (No! I did not lift the heavy garbage bag…you can put that ever-shaking-finger away…for now!) The dirty dishes have been loaded into the dishwasher allowing another check mark on my list of To-Do’s.

“I must confess that I have been anxiously awaiting this Monday…!

I need some normal routines, as I told you last week, to wrap my head around. My poor ADHD is on overdrive and I am lovin’ it! The downside to schedule is the two sickies in the house. I did not ask for this…hack, sneeze, hack, talk back, and repeat! “Just hush and drink your hot tea!”
(No awards for being a nurturing mother this week…nope!)

I am working on my second espresso of the morning and the shifting-multitasking-mind of mine is moving me around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

multiple espressos+routine chores+multitasking=exercise…RIGHT!

Okay, well at least I know I am burning some calories…hehe! I just put some groceries away and straightened the pantry…my oldest son picked up a heavy box for me and set it in the chair so I could easily reach the items I needed to put away. I just adore checking off those lovely To-Do’s!

I started doing a re-organizing clean after New Year’s in preparation for my new business. (Yes, I have decided to try something new!) My “Launch” is a week from Saturday and the house must be beyond clean. “I have a reputation to live up to!” Sadly many of my friends have been to my house and have always commented on how clean it stays…hehe…secrets of the trade. I know what your thinking…”slave labor”… Nope! The boys may help but there are a good many things they just don’t know how to do. Think about it…boys and organization equals stacks and stacks of uniquely mixed items. I do not need that right now…do you? If I could just get my number two son to remove all of his gadgets and their boxes the kitchen area would be a much cleaner open space. “He has been buying unique kitchen accessories, for when he moves out, and they are…well…not your average accessories.

Cotton candy machine
Oversized exercise ball

The house is slowly emptying…my 19 year old just left leaving my two oldest sons here. One is leaving in about an hour and the other one is sick…sick…sick! “I am staying away from him…no tempting fate!” I will put on some music and swiftly putter around the house before heading out to the store and then TKD this afternoon. It will be a wonderful day…for a Monday!

I hope you can accomplish everything set before you today…as for me I am off to check off the rest of my list.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Yummy Homemade Soup


Inspired by recent recipes and the fact of two left over ham bones I had in the fridge I had to act. It is time to share a recipe for a Yummy Homemade Soup!

It started with a Hambone and diced onion:



I brought hambone and onions to a boil in a large pot of water.

I sorted and rinsed the split peas</em.

HINT) Once boiling…reduce the heat and simmer for abut 30 minutes.
Also skim the foam off the top of the peas.

I drained the split peas once they tender. I removed the hambone leaving the soup base/broth in the larger pot. I poured the drained peas into the soup base/broth and stirred.

The soup has taken on a wonderful smooth, creamy texture and the aroma is to die for. I dipped a spoon in and tasted the delightful soup. It is wonderful!

I will enjoy this tonight with a lovely grilled cheese sandwich. I hope you enjoy this recipe…my family will!

Have a great day!

Peach State