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Peach State says: Aging Gracefully…I Hope!

We hate to be reminded of our age…

Actors on TV we grew up watching are old and gray
Political figures, no longer in office, are seen in wheelchairs or using canes
Children we knew when we were in our teens are…complaining of their age
Personalities, such as politicians and news anchors are looking younger
Senior Citizens discounts are applied at the grocery store without asking for ID

Sadly, I have finally reached an age I hate. “I am not a Senior Citizen…yet!” I have my Grandmother’s genes and I am Aging Gracefully…I Hope! “I know I don’t look my age…well I don’t act it either!” I am careful with how I look…and try to look natural with my layers of age-defying make-up on. Okay…I don’t look like a clown but, I have two types of moisturizer and then a foundation…the colors are a coordinating ensemble matching my mood and clothing.

This renewed fear desire to look younger came about the other day when a young mother, I used to babysit, was complaining about her age (38). My poor hubby about fell out of his chair. “She can’t be that old…That makes me…Old!” I must admit…I laughed!
Then…this morning, as my hubby and I were watching the news during breakfast, a familiar face came on the screen. This gentleman played a doctor on the TV show MASH…and seeing him now blew our minds. He had a shake as he walked…and elderly shake usually seen in people in their 80’s with health issues.

Sometimes we laugh at the way we see the world and relate to the world. “Oh…we must be getting older!” 2012…2013…Good grief, we never thought about this time…it was too far off! My 19 year old son recently ran into a child who actually seemed surprised to find out that he was born in the 90’s. (The child was 10 years old.) I hope he doesn’t find out that his parents were born in the 70’s!

I have also come to the realization that if the grocery store cashier wants to give me the Senior Citizen Discount I will not argue. The first time it happened I was destroyed and told the cashier I was not in that age bracket. Now…I save money where I can! (insert major laughter and smirk) It has only happened about five times and no one asked for my ID. Three of the five times I was not even aware until looking over the register receipt. Does this make me a bad person for not taking this matter to a manager? “Well I hate to bother the poor manager…he seemed really, really busy.”

But!…I do feel a little bit better about going to my youngest’s school. I went for orientation and there were mothers who looked older than me. Two of them were awkwardly insulted when the teacher confused them as the students grandmother. “I can understand making that mistake once…but twice within two hours…not good!” I have since learned that only one of them is older than I am and the other mother is…to be polite…not aging gracefully. . I have a warm, fuzzy feeling when I visit the school.

What makes you feel old…”ER”? I would love to hear! I must run and get a few things done before the day gets away from me. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Crossed My Fingers!


I asked and almost pleaded…My son just looked at me and headed out the door. “I will look at it when I get home from work!” he said. Well that makes for a long day. I tied to keep myself busy doing little things in between spending time with my hubby on his day off. Do you realize how hard it is not to be able to surf the net because of little or no Internet Connection?

So I did my few OCD chores in the kitchen this morning [the counters and stove top that still showed signs of use from dinner last night] and prepared the commuter mug for hubby’s drive to work and I Crossed My Fingers!

I logged on and went through the process…I pressed the picture choice and waited with baited breath. SUCCESS!. Now to share with you what I could not yesterday.

My boys think they are reading the instructions…I think they are just looking at the pictures because the directions they are referring to are in French. I turned the page over for them! I am such a wonderful mom!

My friend should know…she is in Law School!


But I always wanted a puppy!


Thankfully I have never been in that position…awkward!

Well it is almost December…and the Christmas humor has been increasing on my Facebook…for example:

I don’t know why a cute little elf following you through every room in the house…watching you at all times of the day…without you knowing it….Stop! That is why I don’t have any elves in my house!

(drum roll…) Blog Worthy Award Winner:

I have been warned…I will have to take my empty wrapping paper tube with me to choir!

And…last but not least…

Now who could resist that precious little angelic face?

I am off to restock my candles and various scent providing decanters. “I know it sounds lame…but someone has to do it…they won’t change themselves.” Don’t forget to smile!
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Friendly Facebook Funnies


My friends have been busy this week…shopping, cleaning up from Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas, returning to work and, of course, filling their free time with Facebook…and adding loads of new Funnies.

Welcome to this week’s Friendly Facebook Funnies!

Let’s start with Thanksgiving Leftovers:

…just 10?…



The cat may be watching the turkey…but who is watching the cat?

And we move past Thanksgiving…


(drum roll)… This weeks Blog Worthy Award Winner Part 1:

This sweet little cat is between the ages of 18-25…I know because of the familiar glazed expression and sarcastic tone.

Aww…a little sibling challenge.



If my grandmother knew anything about text messaging I would need the following for translation!

# 6 and #12 are my favorites.

Creative juices just stalled due to lack of Internet connection…I am hoping this will load and save…maybe publish! Have a Humor filled day!

Peach State

Peach State says: His Foot Is On My Coat-Tails!

The picture was taken last year the day before Back To Bethlehem started. This year…I will not be able to walk the streets of this seasonal reminder! The city gates welcome modern day visitors to stroll amongst costume clad people recreating Bethlehem. The street, lined with shops, winds through scenes of daily life. But this year I will be lucky to attend as a visitor…my hubby has put his foot down and stood there…His Foot Is On My Coat-Tails!

I understand his reasoning! He has gotten very protective of me, in the past year, in regards to my health and well-being. He has realized that the wife of a year ago has become a limping-hunched-over-pain-filled-try-to-hide-it-push-through-the-pain-nightly-pill-popping-maniac. Oops! I left off Coffee-drinking-enthusiast! (insert chuckle) I do try to hide how I am feeling and I used to do a great job of it when it came to my hubby. But…he has changed! It is not that he dotes on me…that is not his style; instead he is aware of the world around him and in his own unique way shows a deepening love for me. “Okay, I agree that is a bit sappy! You have to realize my hubby of almost 27 years has grown up and is finally learning to appreciate what he has instead of constantly out-doing the Jones’s.” I have told you about the little things he does for me…Right? Now he is tenderly, with no room for compromise, recommending I not participate. How did he put it? Oh yeah…”I do not want to hear you moan and groan every night about how sore you are or that you don’t feel good because of the constant smoke from the fire pits in the city. You need to take care of yourself and if you won’t I will make sure you do!” (aww! Isn’t that sweet?) Sadly…he is right! It takes a toll on everyone who participates but, we do it for a heart-wrenching-tis-the-season-reason.
I can understand where he is coming from and based on health issues, that have recently reared their ugly heads, it is best that I not participate. No need making things worse! I get enough finger-shaking-you-should-not-be-doing-that from my friends. (I know it is from the heart!) Maybe…just maybe…if I behave myself…I can help a certain friend set up her shop Saturday like I did last year. “I will need to bring my own step-ladder!”

I will muster through this difficult time at-home-where-it-is-cozy-and-warm-inside-out-of-the cold-night-air-enjoying-my-dinner-in-a-relaxing-fire-pit-smoke-free-area. BUT… I want to go, as a modern day visitor, this year…maybe I can convince my hubby to go as a family…after all there are cookies and hot chocolate after you go through the city and it is FREE! We will see! You never know! My hubby has developed a desire to do more as a family just to irritate the boys. I think this is just the activity to achieve this. This means they would not be able to be with their friends that night or do what they want to do. “Oh how awful!” After all, according to the boys, we are parents whose sole preoccupation in life is to destroy the lives of our children. Hehe…mission accomplished? Yea Right!

So as I close, on this chilly rainy morning, I will rest for a few minutes and finish my coffee. I will straighten the house as I putter around before heading out and about with one of my sons. “I have so much to do today…couldn’t I just stay home and out of the rain?” I need to watch the slow-cooker as it prepares the pork-loin for dinner, I need to fluff the pillows on the couch, I need to make sure the decorations are where I want them on the tree, I need to finish watching the movie I started last night so I can make room for more Christmas movies on the TiVo…What? Those are important things to do…and I don’t have anything else to do. I cleaned the kitchen already this morning and the laundry is done…bed is made…dry cleaning was picked up…groceries have been bought and put away…
I should call my hubby…he will let me stay home and take care of myself…hehe!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Will Keep RemindingYou…So You Will Notice!


“Do you want me to sent you a picture or just surprise you when you get home?”
I asked my hubby as he was leaving this morning. He paused and said “Surprise me!” and then he turned and said…”Picture of what?”. I had to laugh and reminded my hubby of my FREE haircut/color/ style appointment today. “Oh yeah! I knew that…” he said.
I chuckled and said…”I Will Keep Reminding You…So You Will Notice!

It’s a guy thing…RIGHT? With my schedule full of exciting things today I will be short. “Wait..I am already short!”. ( Those of you who know me…quit laughing.)


My day out and about starts early this morning with a trip to the bank and dropping off of a son then running to get gas…COFFEE…then to the salon. I will then head to the grocery store for the needed non-turkey-and-all-the-trimmings food.

I will let you know how things go today…BTW…my house is almost complete as I have spent the past Friday and Saturday decorating for Christmas. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Here…Happy Thanksgiving!


The children are all snug in their beds…wait…rewind…wrong holiday. But, the family are still sleeping away upstairs as I take a moment while the traditional orange cinnamon rolls bake. “It’s Here…Happy Thanksgiving!”

Traditions start for many reasons…our traditional cinnamon rolls originated with my mother. No huge breakfast…no time to cook it or room in the kitchen for anything else. My mother would cook everything but the pies on Thanksgiving morning so unless you were called to duty you avoided the kitchen. She would bake the cinnamon rolls while preparing the turkey for the oven early in the morning. “My turkey will be in the oven in about 15 minutes.” According to the time charts I will have approximately 4-41/2 hours till the turkey is ready. Dinner should be on the table about 1PM at the latest.

I must go and prepare the turkey for the oven…Have a wonderful day! And for those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving…Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Peach State

Peach State says: My Thanksgiving Menu

As promised My Thanksgiving Menu!

Mashed Potatoes
Squash Casserole
English Pea Casserole
Sweet Potato Casserole
Mixed Fruit Salad
Cranberry Sauce ( lots and lots)
Pumpkin Pies
Carrot Cake

Homemade Chex Mix
Sausages in Crescent Rolls

Okay…the casseroles precooked and ready for a re-heat tomorrow. The pies are almost done and the cake is sitting in the fridge…a beautiful decorated masterpiece that was sent home with my hubby (It looks yummy!), the turkey will be started in the morning. Everything else just before we get ready to eat. My family can’t wait! I am glad they will be in charge of cleaning…of course maybe I should quit cleaning up behind myself. Hehe!


Time to take the pies out of the oven. Have a wonderful evening!

Peach State

Peach State says: Pre-Turkey Facebook Funnies

The next two days are going to be very full of cooking and cleaning and eating and family…I need coffee just thinking about it! Time for a pause in the preparations and enjoy some “Pre-Thanksgiving Facebook Funnies!”

Speaking of coffee:





I’m just sayin’:










Turkey Talk:



(drum roll…) This week’s Blog Worthy Award Winner is:


I am off to start my day of preparations. Talk in a few once things are started! Oh and…

What…the stores had their decorations out before Halloween was over!
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Got This!


The art of thawing a turkey I learned from a necessity to Pre-plan, Pre-pare, Pre-clean, Pre-schedule…yep! I have an issue with organization, but you know this about me and still accept and love me. So with the fridge cleaned out, in preparation of the needed space, I placed the the turkey in last night. ( For those of you getting ready to shake those proverbial fingers at me for lifting and carrying heavy items…please set you hearts at ease…I delegated the placing of the turkey to my son.) I have taken precautions this year…it will be okay… “I Got This!”

This is a 15 pound turkey…Do I have time to thaw it in the fridge? Well…

I have overnight, today and tomorrow and it will be ready for a lovely Butter-Basting Thanksgiving morning. “Now this is one of my favorite memories…my mother would get up early and start the turkey so that by about 8 am we were awakened to a mixture of cinnamon rolls and Turkey. This also meant time for the chopping, slicing, mixing…I don’t know how she did it all the same day.”
Pre-planning…I will prepare several things tomorrow and place them in the fridge and then put the final touches on them Thursday. After all I want to watch some of the parades and not be chained to the kitchen. Organization down to a science…Yep! “I Got This

That memory I just mentioned reminded me to put cinnamon rolls on the grocery list. That is what I am doing today…shopping! Check back tomorrow and I will give you the menu! For now I will gather my supplies and extra hands ( coupons, store advertisements and one or more of my sons)…see I told you “I Got This!”

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Getting Ready For Thanksgiving!

Tis the week…rearranging the refrigerator to hold the many supplies I will need to make Thanksgiving Dinner. Okay…so maybe not that many but what items I do have will make a couple of casseroles and I need room. Decorations are being set out ( specific for Thanksgiving) and by Thursday night…will be gone. But that is for another discussion!

School is out and step by step things will be accomplished…cutting, measuring, baking…you get the idea!


It is the little things I love to do…When Getting Ready For Thanksgiving!
So off I go on another quest and chore. I know you are busy too…Have a great day!

Peach State