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Peach State says: Happy Halloween Facebook Funnies!

Talk about weight gain during the holidays…

Welcome to Facebook Funnies…oh and Happy Halloween!

I have quite the collection to share today…You may want to prepare yourself….


(drum roll…) This week’s Blog Worth Award Winner!



A little off the sides!


Unemployment Rates may fall during the holidays!


For those who don’t have a sweet tooth!


“I put a spell on you…and now you’re mine!”

Scary Movie Anyone?




Happy Halloween and make sure you give out more than you eat! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Conflicting Schedules

I know it is no surprise to parents of older children, children in late teens and early 20’s, to see these lovely-roll-of-the-eyes-looks. Unfortunately, I have three such children who depend on my ability to transport them to each of their different locations that are nowhere near each others.

“I think I will start charging for gas usage…”. OUCH!

Okay…so one of them may not be able to pay due to he is only 12…but the others most assuredly can. Forgive me if I sound a bit heartless and cold! I am sure you are aware of the rising price of gas…I literally filled up my car and within two days was down to 36 miles till empty. Take to work, pick up from work, take me here take me there…time for TKD and then to basketball and then back home. So I have put my proverbial foot down…and today when I go to my doctor’s appointment one of my sons will be getting off work…”Oops…my bad!”

Well…I must get ready for my appointment! Out I will go into the brisk breeze filled with swirls of brightly fallen leaves. I will then return home and plan a tummy warming dinner. Any suggestions?

I will let you know how the appointment goes…seeings how this is the first “Pain Blocking” appointments. Wish me luck!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: No Use Crying Over Spilt Coffee!


As I sat down to write a quick morning note to you…my phone rang!

“Mom…can you bring my birth certificate and other shoes down here…I got the job!”

I quickly got up and knocked my coffee off the table next to me…No Use Crying Over Spilt Coffee!

At least my oldest is employed now…Right?

The mess is cleaned up now and I am off to stir the rest of the house from their peaceful slumber and get them ready for a new day. Basketball and work…yep! I will need to make another coffee and hopefully not spill this one!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: T.G.I.F.

The activities of this past week’s busy schedule have bombarded my defenseless body. I move gingerly as the constant pain sends reminders of my medical condition. “I really hate this!”

So today I will take a little me-time! i will enjoy my coffee and relax and later this morning I will get my nails done. And it is a great day to do it…T.G.I.F.!

Grocery shopping and cleaning of house completed yesterday…but cleaning is a constant and on-going up-hill battle daily chore. The good news is that the house was not as bad as it could have been and I will have sons home today…”Oh Boy!” ( said with a smile as I rub my hands together sneakily)


It is going to be a great day!

Hubby is almost ready to leave for work…youngest has just climbed onto his school bus and well…the other three are sleeping away. (“Rest well…you’re going to need it!”). My 19 year old did tell me he had to go somewhere today but his 22 year old brother was taking him. “I am so thankful for older sons who drive!”

It is going to be a great day!

Can you blame a girl for taking a me-time day? What would you do? Of course I have a list of “Things I would like to do” that could fill the Grand Canyon, but who doesn’t? And seeings how the Money Tree did not bloom this year I am limited in my get-away funds. You understand this…I know you do!

The only thing I really want to say is…Do something for yourself today! Would you do that for me?
Then we will have a wonderful me-time day!

Happy T.G.I.F. and Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Today Is For Chocolate!


Mmm…I am craving Chocolate! “Today Is For Chocolate!”

So I went to my favorite source to find the perfect recipe…Something different that would embrace every dessert craving taste bud. Rich, chewy, sweet, salty, smooth and…well you get the idea.

Here it is:


I know you will love this recipe. Just fix and enjoy!
There is a Brownie S’more recipe…but I will try it first and share later…

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies…Finally!

Now that’s a new way to look at it…Balanced Diet!

It is Wednesday and I have been looking forward to sharing a smile and a chuckle with you.

Facebook Funnies…Finally!

Let me tell you…the Halloween Funnies have been eerily creeping into my Facebook. But that is next week…so back to normal humor! “Well…maybe not so normal!”

I don’t have this problem…we are all broke!

Having a bad day?

Wow!…another weird diet plan.

Can I get an AMEN?

Still dealing with Mondays!

Quick…skip to the end! I can’t bear the tragedy.


Cockle Doodle Meow…nope doesn’t work!



(drum roll….) This week’s Blog Worthy Award Winner is:


We all have those friends…right?

Last but not least…

Where? OOO…There it is!

Share some humor today…check in with your friends (with non-human pics please!)… And Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Rearranging Tuesday!


Dear cuz,
I have chosen to write to you today in hopes that my dear friends will not find out about my activities today. Rearranging Tuesday!

I have been sitting in the same room arrangement for almost 2 years now and I just wanted to scream. My chair has been moved to the point that I sit sideways in it to see the television. “And not very well at that.” Well you know me…and even though I received harsh-finger-shaking and oh-no-you-can’ts from friends, when I was moving a couple of chairs this past Sunday, I took control of the situation and put my foot down. “Not that anyone was listening…they were all gone!”. Wait my 22 year old did move my chair from the middle of the living room floor to a spot by the window…yep he sure did…then he left.

I took my time and was careful…but I am beginning to feel…PAIN! Granted I probably should not have been participating in this refreshing and organized activity with a Herniated Disc and I will pay for it later as well as Now!

Please be a dear and do not speak of this to my dear friends…they will shake their fingers at me and ask me why I did this by myself. I can tell you one thing…if I didn’t do it it would never get done…Can I get an Amen!?

Thanks for listening cuz…I knew you would understand!

Well time for TKD so I gotta go…Have a great day!

Peach State

To bad this guy was not available to help me with Rearranging Tuesday!

Peach State says: A Great Day With Friends!

What a day!
It started about 8:40 yesterday morning and ended last night about 8:30!
We, however, did go home after the first service but gathered back together 2 1/2 hours later.
Sound checks, singing, quiet whispers during the service….oh and the Candy Buffet!. (The “Candy Buffet” is a term a dear friend came up with as the cough drops, mints and gum circulated the row where we were seated.)

All in all it was a wonderful day…A Great Day With Friends! We all flowed in and out of the church membership during the fellowship after church last night. Sometimes together and sometimes individually. Yet somehow…we all ended up sitting next to each other. “What a cute gathering of the “Peas in a Pod”!” I am truly blessed to be a part of such a great group. ..but all good things must come to an end. As I walked out to the parking lot last night with “Our Mutual Cat Loving Friend” and her husband we had a realization!

Tomorrow…We giggled thinking that we would be back at the church in less than 24 hours for basketball practice. Who knows…we may come up with some more wonderful “blog titles”. We have a great time together and to be honest…we speak “blog titles“!

Sadly yesterday did not include one of our favorite thing. We were unable to sit and visit at our local hangout. (Starbucks) Due to the schedule and two of our little group moving into a new home this laughter filled session will have to be postponed until next month. (You know who you are…and you realize your commitment to this activity…set the date now!).

The above picture is one I made of our little group. I had each of my friends in mind as I chose the pictures and interestingly enough…they knew which one was theirs.

I wish each of them a fantastic day and all the coffee they can drink!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s The Weekend…It’s The Weekend!


Just your typical Saturday…everyone has a mixed up schedule filled with errands, basketball games, quartet practice…all in the morning and early afternoon. Why? Because of the football game at 12 Noon silly! The sad thing is that my quartet practice is at 1:00…it should be a short one.
Then home to football games and feet up (maybe a nap)…and later I will start dinner.

It a great Saturday! It’s The Weekend…It’s The Weekend!

Hope you can enjoy the day the way you want to.

Enjoy your coffee and Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Paper Work and Barking Dogs Do Not Mix!

What a Glorious Day!

What a glorious day! The sky is a true blue and there is not one cloud in the sky…at least from my office window. I am sitting at my desk completing the daunting task of making a doctor’s appointment to get the (proverbial) ball rolling on my pain treatments. I have my trusty cup of coffee with me and will need to fill it up soon. It has taken longer to do the locating and printing of a few oh-so-wonderful-time-consuming-waiting-on-hold-listening-to-elevator-music-no-one-has-heard-before-new-patient-forms-and-paper-work due to my Precious Princess barking at every Tom, Dick and Hairy creature out the front windows.

Paper Work and Barking Dogs Do Not Mix!

Yelling at her and closing the blinds did not do the trick. I gave up and let her go out into the backyard. Things were beginning to click right along when a distant and oh so familiar sound reached my ears. This time it was the neighbors dog barking at my Precious Princess. It seems my Precious Princess was flirting with the big dog next door by running up and down along the fence. It is a good thing I was no longer on the phone. HEHE! It takes forever to get her back on the deck and in the house.

I am glad to report I only have one more piece of Paper Work left to complete the old fashioned way…with black or blue ink. It is a whopping-want-to-know-everything-about-your-third-cousin’s-next-door-neighbor’s-car-salesman 10 page form. I think I had better stop procrastinating and just do it…It has to be completed by Monday! HEHE!

I shall refill my Coffee and head to the kitchen table. I will need the extra space for the dictionaries and address books, colored pencils to shade in the diagrams, and a needle to prick my finger when signing the forms…”Well maybe I can get away without signing in blood!” But I better hurry while my Precious Princess is quiet…No Barking Dogs = Paper Work completed in a timely manner. Wow, it is nice and quiet without the constant Woof-Woof Woof-Woof.

Paper Work and Barking Dogs Do Not Mix!

Have a great day!

My Precious Princess

Peach State