Peach State says: Just One Sip!

I am just so thrilled…NOT!
Yesterday was the day for my medical-induced-starvation to begin. Clear liquids all day…and Coffee with no creamer or milk and NOTHING after midnight!

Well wasn’t that just a bowl of cherries?

There I was…right up until 12:00 and taking my last sip of my heavenly brew all the while wishing the tests were earlier. Yeah…like doctors don’t get a kick out of seeing their patients squirm.

Wait…it is beginning to make sense. With no food or drink for this period of time the chance of my escaping the test is lessened. No energy to run! So that is why they do it this way! Hehe!! I am so funny…No, I understand the reasoning but couldn’t we have at least cornered off an earlier time in the day. It will be close to 2:00-2:30 before I can get something to eat. “I am counting the hours!”

This is going to be a Looonnng Day!

I hope that the day laid out before you flows easily. I will keep you posted!
Have a great day!

Peach State


About justbetweencousins

We are first cousins who live farther apart from each other than we would like. We thought this blog would give us a chance to visit with each other as well as maybe share a few insights about life. We are both middle aged and until recently both of us had kids the same age (nearly grown). But then the Peach State cuz adopted a son, so she has four now. Heart of Dixie cuz has two daughters. We have a couple of things which are prominently in common (although I'm sure there are actually more): We vacation at our Mema's beach house in Panama City Beach, Florida - until recently, we did so with all of our kids. We both sing - although Heart of Dixie cuz is not currently singing anywhere right now. We both write. We are both Christians, although Peach State cuz is Baptist, and Heart of Dixie is currently floating about between the Anglican church, the Methodist church, and the Episcopalian church. Long story.

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  1. Praying for you today, my friend! And yes, you are so funny!

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