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Peach State says: Just Whistle While You Work


I have tried and tried to keep up with the daily routine. Oh, well…some things will just have to be placed on the back burner. “Good thing I don’t need all four burners to cook dinner.” What is a girl to do when she can’t do it all and there is no happy tune that can help the situation much less strong and willing bodies. Just Whistle While You Work!
I guess I need to wake up and realize I am not living that “Fairy Tale”!


So what should I dream about now? What would you dream about?

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Dreaming of Fall!

I know, I know…Summer still has a few more days before…but a girl can dream.
Driving down the winding highway as colors burst from each tree…leaves that playfully trickle down to their final resting place after a gentle ballet in the breeze…what a dream!
I love the Fall! It is, by far, my favorite season of all weather wise. A crisp coolness in the air as cooler temperatures replace the hot and humid air of Summer. I am so ready…I just can’t wait…I am Dreaming of Fall!

Walking through the woods on a fresh carpet of fallen leaves as they crunch beneath my feet…the smells of woodsy scents. The cozy times at home with family as the daylight fades early and homes glow through the windows. Candles flicker as wisps of cinnamon and leaves rise filling the house with memories of Falls past.

Casually taking in the outdoors, as I sit on my backyard swing, with my oversized sweater and a cup of coffee. I will lift my face towards the sky and soak in the warm rays as I feel the cooling breeze blowing across my face.

Comfort foods like chili and chicken and dumplings fill the tables as menus change. I do love my comfort foods! Baking of goodies to warm the senses of family members as they come home for the day.

OOO…and College Football! But that is another day’s blog!

I love Fall and I am Dreaming of Fall! Aren’t You?

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies…Yea!

No crying allowed unless it is from laughing too hard!
We have finally come to my favorite day…blogging day…and I have some interesting, LOL, to share with you. Welcome to Facebook Funnies Day…Yea!

I think we will start with a performer and the producer…


Producer…Don’t you wish everyone was that easy to impress.

Children’s book comes to reality TV.

Shark Week…to close to home!


Animal Parade:




This one was walking the edge a bit…but I had to share it!


Blog Worthy Award Winner:


Of course!

Well…there you have it! Hope you found a smile to share.
Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Just Another Flaw At My Doctor’s Office

A doctor’s office can be the most aggravating place in the world when you are sick, much less when you are just needing information. The bee-buzzing-method of seeing each patient leaves no room for making a connection. No Personal Touch! I was trying to tell my hubby the time had come to seek out a new doctor about three years ago…did he listen? With this new round of doctor visits he is beginning to see what I have been talking about. I will give you 2 situations that have began to open his eyes. Just Another Flaw At My Doctor’s Office!

Remember when the ER Doctor told me to follow-up with my regular doctor? I did! I called and did not reach a human. I left a message as directed and waited…and waited! Two days later I called again and actually reached an actual person. “Don’t ask me how I managed to talk with a nurse…I guess she drew the short straw.” She got the personal information and asked why I was calling. “Uh…I don’t know! Maybe because I need to see the doctor!” No I did not say that…but I thought it! I told her about going to the ER and that I was to follow-up with my doctor. There was no concern or investigative questions as to why I went to the ER in the first place. The nurse said she would get with the doctor and if…IF?…he wanted to see me they would call and set up an appointment.

Okay…moving beyond that. The appoint that I had with my doctor was after my hubby called a week later and set up the appointment. My doctor set up two appointments, with specialists, for me and I went to the first one this past Friday. The results are back and I got the phone call yesterday about the treatment plan. “I will give the prescriptions to the script nurse and she will call them into your pharmacy” said the voice on the other end of the phone. “Check with your pharmacy later today.” I gave my thanks as the phone sounded a disconnecting click. About three hours later I checked with my pharmacy for the cost of the script…they had not been contacted. The pharmacist said “I hope it is covered by your insurance…it is expensive!” I chuckled…”My doctor would order the most expensive!” I was told to check back later in the day. At 4:50 PM I checked back and the scurrying and shuffling of papers and excuse me’s came through the phone as the pharmacy tech searched throughout the pharmacy for the prescription. Winded she told me there was not prescription. I called the doctor’s office before the closing time of five….guess what?…I got a recording of the hours and location and directions to leave a message.

After relaying this newest story to my hubby he is seeing red! I told him I was scheduled to see my doctor in 8 days…I WILL TELL HIM WHAT HAS HAPPENED! If this is normal…well then we will make the call at that point. If he is unaware of the difficulties…well I will be happy to supply names of the people I spoke with.

I know there are hurdles and many red-taped-mazes in the medical industry today. How sad that a service oriented business is best known for their lack of bed-side-manner. Oh well…I’m just thinking out loud! Has this or something similar happened to you and the medical professionals you deal with? Then you understand…Any suggestions?

Have a nice day!

Peach State

Peach State says: The Monday Routine…Yuck!

Here we are again! The day of the week that pulls you from the comfy-cozy-confines of peaceful slumber by your hair. “My inner voice screams when realizing the alarm clock has not even reached the predestined wake-up call.”

Not yet…just five more minutes…please! There is no reply as I rise and begin The Monday Routine…Yuck!

Fortunately I have friends who have left me some furry-funnies to give me an early morning smile!



What great friends I have! They share my deepest-darkest feelings…The Monday Routine…Yuck!


That’s the way to start the day…
I will finally be able to use that insulated bag and keep the IV bags hot and ready. It may be a long day but I will get through it…like a heavily caffeinated trooper!

Now go…start your Monday, hopefully with a smile, and Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Topsy-Turvy

Pain, of one fashion or another, has struck those near and dear to me in the past few weeks. The way we deal with the pain has remained constant and true. Laughter and prayers! We offer and accept hugs of support from each other understanding the Topsy-Turvy change of life’s order and the effects it brings. This pain-filled existence limits the continuance of normal activities…for instance!

I actually left choir practice early Wednesday night. It was just to uncomfortable to sit there and participate in an activity I love, with all my heart, and be anywhere near normal.

I could not take my heating pad with me and not draw attention to myself. I could also not take my pain medication and function at full capacity much less drive after about 45 minutes. “The numbing buzz is not the best thing to experience behind the wheel!”
I have a friend whose husband recently had surgery and the pain he is experiencing during this recovery is not normal. She is worried about the intensity…as she should be! Her husband is a strong and athletic man who is accustomed to normal pain tolerance. The changes in our normal routines have changed dramatically….except for one thing! We are still there for each other…offering support and help…praying for each other and laughing with each other. “Oh and meeting each other for coffee!” Yes we did…right before choir this past Wednesday! It was a wonderful time and just what the doctor ordered!


As for my test results…I will find out next week sometime. Until then I am to relax and take it easy. No lifting or exercising and no strenuous activity. Hummm! That could be fun if I was not a mom and wife who loves to have a clean house and fix home-cooked meals. Yep! My life is a bit Topsy-Turvy…Wouldn’t your life? I will finish my coffee (IV) and float away on my pain-med-induced-numb.

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: You Want Me To Drink What!

Today is a day of new experiences…oh goody!

Fasting since midnight…”Which means No COFFEE!”…Check
Mid-morning appointment…Check
You Want Me To Drink What!…
I will post back and tell you how that went!

Wish me luck and Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: How Could I Have Left Out The Cats?

I was ask last night…How Could I Have Left Out The Cats?

I know you must have been wondering what I was thinking. “How could she have a Facebook Funnies without including all those common-sense-whisker-wearers?”
I have no excuse…so, without further delay…

So glad I found something this morning…COFFEE!

I recognize that glazed expression…Me at Starbucks last night!

20120823-071432.jpgMake it a Vicodin…



Too bad all disclaimers are not this to the point.

Coffee..Chill pills…I see a pattern.

A medical nap!

A good cup of Coffee always impresses!


(drum roll)
The Whisker Wearing Blog Worthy Award Winner:

This has become a quotable saying this week!

Are you referring to a specific someone or the pain?

Nothing comes between me and my coffee!

I hope you can face the day now…and with a smile on your face. I guess I don’t have as bad a case of the “dumb” as you thought. Share the humor and Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Time!

The calendar does not lie…it is Wednesday and that means…time for another round of Facebook Funnies Time!

I can understand the emotion being shared by this feline. The older boys in my house think they are stealth during the early morning roaming and leaving before sunrise…NOT!

Hear are a few desk slapping tid-bits of humor!


Kinda makes me want to stop counting calories…yuck!

If you don’t know there s a problem!

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “I’m on that!”

I thought I took my mascara off before going to bed last night.

This next one has made the rounds…we all want one of these.

(drum roll)
Blog Worthy Award Winner:

The FDA have finally realized there is a problem with the high cost of pharmaceuticals but the influx of revenue for baby shampoo offset the loss making everything balance out. That is government for you.



Nice to know he’s got your back!
I know you found something that turned that little corner of you mouth up. Which one made you giggle or smirk? Let me know and pass it along. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: This Thing I Do!

The ability to string words together in an ordered manner is a talent I have long held near and dear. I have maneuvered my way out of many sticky situations, with cleverness, as I parade various adjectives and adverbs ornately amongst the facts. Many of my teachers and college professors would side-bar my writing with favorable comments.

“The ideas shared on this topic were creatively unique!”,
“The familiarity you shared with the main character gave this paper a quality unseen in previous students!”
and my favorite…”Did you read the book at all?”

😉 I was literally handed my paper as the professor in my 500 level English Lit class asked me this question. I simply smiled and asked if I could see my grade first. He turned the paper over to reveal an “A”. The professor asked again if I had read the book…and I promptly responded yes…”Most of it!” He immediately inquired about my methods. Maybe it was my love for reading or the understanding of subject matter. Maybe it was my ability to tell a story. Whatever the case…I love doing This Thing I Do!

I have found that by seeking a positive and often humorous approach in my writing I enjoy a vast range of topics. My friends and I have some of the best title concepts which lead my brain to quickly explore subject matter connected with each of the Blog Worthy titles.
I had the opportunity to write my blog last night with a little help from a dear friend, often referred to in my blogs as Mutual Cat Loving Friend, while I was at basketball practice with my youngest. We squealed and squawked with the creation of the post. Of course it may have been the fact that we had both had very hard days and really needed to release the emotions quickly rising and ready to explode with the strength of a volcanic eruption.


Whether therapeutic or just a plain-old-love to write…my blog is satisfying. “I sadly watch my stats but not like I use to.” I have also found that this is another way to connect with my friends. We laugh and discuss daily topics often losing ourselves in conversation with people around us staring strangely at us. We stop and explain…”Peach State writes a blog and we are talking about something she recently wrote.” “You should check it out!” The funny thing is most people have no clue what a blog is much less how to google for one.

“Does that mean I am higher on the geekdom scale than most?”

The therapeutic writing style I use gives me the chance to share my failures and successes with my family and friends. BUT…if someone else can read what I write and use it to better their pain or situation I am all for it. I only hope the information gleaned, while not valuable to most, assist someone who may have reached the Proverbial End-of-the-Rope. After all isn’t that what writers typically want?

Speaking of end-of-the-rope…my coffee is not working well this morning in keeping my eyelids open. Well it could be the pain medication…hehe! I better stop before I fail to make sense.

What would be your reason for writing? Have a great day!

Peach State